Tinnitus and Candida: Is There A Connection?

Tinnitus and Candida: Is There A Connection?

Greetings! New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakker. Thank you for tuning in to my video today. I’m going to talk about the connection, which
I think is very powerful, between tinnitus and Candida or yeast infections and ringing
in the ears or sounds in the ears. Many people I’ve seen over the years present
with problems with their hearing. Let’s not get confused with loss of hearing
or dizziness or Meniere’s disease, which is an entirely different thing. Moving the head and getting all dizzy. These will have different causes, but if you’re
saying you get fluttering sounds in the ears, or ringing sounds that have come out of nowhere. If you can’t relate to industrial deafness
or if you use really powerful tools around you. If you haven’t been to wild rock concerts. If you haven’t gone to one of the concerts
in America like Guns and Roses or AC/DC and heard all that head-banging music around you. Or been to wild parties and come home and
your ears are ringing; if you can’t relate to that, which I can’t, but you can relate
to tinnitus or funny sensations in the ear, start thinking about a connection of the gut
and the ear. Now you’ll be thinking: “This guy’s nuts. He’s gone way too far now. What the hell’s the ear got to do with the
gut? Those things are well apart, no connection.” There is a connection. In fact, it’s only recently been discovered. The connection between the vagus nerve-or
the biggest parasympathetic nerve in our body. That connects the gut up with different parts
of the brain, the base of the brain, but it has very small branches called auricular branch,
which connects to the ear. Having literally some gut issues or problems
with bacteria, yeast infections, and antibiotics can cause ringing in the ears. Some antibiotics like
Tetracycline are actually linked up with ringing in the ears. There is a connection, and that’s because
receptor sites get affected in the gut, prohibiting the uptake of neurotransmitters. This can cause things like anxiety, nervousness,
depression, ringing in the ears, or weird types of sensations. If you’re on antibiotics and you’ve got ringing
in the ears and you can relate to that, you need to get your gut checked out. Maybe do a stool test and find out what’s
wrong with your digestive system. Correct that and often the tinnitus will improve. It’s amazing how I’ve seen tinnitus clear
up and improve once the digestion improved in people. There’s definitely a connection. Thanks for tuning in. Appreciate it. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you very much.


  • quistuhpha says:

    Is vegetable glycerin problematic with candida? I've been taking anti-fungal oil extracts and found them to be sweet tasting- for which I then discovered glycerin to be a sugar-alcohol compound!

  • SeriusB says:

    Thanks for the info. I've been suffering from tinnitus for the last 3 years 24/7. Started out of the blue, however when I was younger I worked in a wood shop and went to many concerts, but hadn't in years and then bam. Ive read many articles on how to cure it and this is the first gut/tinnitus connection if heard of. Thank you!

  • 5586703 says:

    Is there a lab in NZ that does the CDSA tests or do you have to send the sample OS?
    Also what city or town are you located in?

  • aqnostic says:

    Hello doc! I have candida and during my infestation I've lost hair on my entire body. My doc told me that I have inflammation on my hair follicles. And he gave me Predinson and Diprophos, wich I think made my candida worse. Do you think that my hair fell of because of candida? Is it possible?

  • Relytia says:

    A couple years ago, I went on a parasite cleanse. About halfway through I was an idiot and ate fast food with a huge soda. For 2-3 weeks after that, everytime there was silence, my right ear would get this really low, deep vibrating/buzz noise. I could literally feel the intense buzzing, it hurt. Any slight noise made the tinnitus vanish immediately and then silence would bring it back instantly. It took almost a month of in-ear remedies, dietary change, and cleansing to get rid of it. It was horrible. I absolutely believe in a gut ear connection. Thanks for sharing this Eric.

    Just curious, is there a similar connection with eye problems, specifically a large influx of floaters not caused by a PVD? Is there any way to get rid of them in your clinical experience? Been struggling with these blasted things for four months. Was going to try Dr Christopher's herbal eyebright eye wash tincture and hope it works, but I'm open to any other suggestions.

  • Richard Byrne says:

    I have recently contracted guttate psoriasis but formerly had plaque psoriasis. I pinpointed that it may have come from inducing to many supplements in a short space of time that are usually advised for psoriasis. When i took the supplements correctly along with a clean diet my psoriasis was in a good state and my skin was clearing up nicely but overuse may have caused a guttate flare up which I never had before. My dermatologist wants to put me on methotrexate but I do not want to take these type of pills and am more in favour of the natural route. He told me that there was no cure and that topicals or pills were the only way to manage it. Should I continue on your psoriasis programme or follow my derms instructions? Thanks for your time

  • Shadow of Juniper Hill says:

    You are the first I have ever heard to say this! When I first began getting ringing and buzzing in my ears, I had no clue I had a gut problem (but now I know I did) and thought it was hereditary since my father always complained of it. But he had good reason with industrial noise and I did not. Then a couple years later, I went to my GP for heartburn symptoms, sore throat, cough, was given antibiotics and omeprazole which was a toxic combination that wrecked my gut and health completely. I spent 3 months going to 10 different medical doctors, more drugs, more tests and getting sicker. The Naturopaths I saw focused on my "food allergies" (which was just about everything), even though I was only eating 3 or 4 things and so malnourished. Anything I ate caused me so much pain. I had dysbiosis, SIBO, Reflux, etc. I ended up in the hospital treated for colitis. Long story short, almost 1 year ago, I changed everything I was doing and began to slowly get well. When my reflux went away, the ringing in my ears went away. Until now, I believed it was the acid that came up at night getting into my eustachian tubes or something like that had caused it. I was just trying to figure it out on my own, but knew there was a connection. During my time with constant reflux, I slept sitting up and when I recently thought it was safe to try sleeping lying down again I have had some slight ringing return. I don't have reflux so I didn't understand it. I also had bad vagus nerve dysfunction symptoms along with the gut problems so the connection makes sense. But those symptoms are mostly gone too. Learning the connections helps me know where to direct my focus. I look forward to any of your videos and would love more on the Vagus Nerve.

  • innosiannos says:

    Hi, great content, watched half your videos in one day! I've got a question, are floaters in the eyes related? and if so, is that curable?

  • justme smith says:

    will probotics help and multi vitamins would help me ?
    i found an article where a guy had tinnitus and he took OTC meds and he's much better .

  • Ying Moua says:

    When you said check my digest out. What's wrong wit it? What specific should I ask my doctor to check for? Please let me know. Thanks.

  • Ying Moua says:

    Thank you so much for replying. Make me feel I still have hopes. Will be gladly appreciate if you can give me points here. So I took azithromycin for five days. Day five my ringing started. Dr. Gave me doxycycline to take I took halfway thru it and stop because it got louder. Are these two antibiotics causing my tinnitus permanently?

  • bethguitar says:

    Hi candida crusher. I've had candida problems for a couple years now due to a past antibiotic use to treat gastrointestinal problems that became chronic. As a last resort I started taking an antidepressant approximately 2 months ago for really bad anxiety. When adjusting the dose (3 weeks ago) for a few days, which made me have massive abdominal pain, my ears started ringing a day or two after. My ears have been ringing for 3 weeks now. I'm mostly weaned off the medication, as tinnitus is a rare side effect. Is it still possible to heal tinnitus even from a medication use? I'm 31 and so worried I'll have to live with another chronic health issue. Many thanks.

  • maya q says:

    Hi Candida Crusher. I got ear buzzing and constipation some months ago, at the same time. I just knew there is a connection and your video confirms it. I can hear perfectly fine according to professional lab tests made a week ago, so there is no damage. I will go thru your channel, but some advice here would be much appreciated.

  • Omoayena African Girl says:

    hello, he is very right, I've had candida for several years, I started fasting to eliminate Candida I had tinnitus immediately. thank you Doctor

  • Candida Crusher says:

    Check my range of candida supplements here: http://www.canxida.com/

  • Harris 05 says:

    Little late to the party but i can also confirm the gut-tinitus link, im 20 and have been living with tinitus for 8 months now but it got 50% better since i cleaned my diet and did some psychological work. But its still really annoying when i go to sleep

  • UcantC TheB says:

    So tinnitus which is caused by sudden hearing loss has definitely nothing to do with candida, is that right?

  • Sunflower Girl says:

    I am definitely living proof that tinnitus can clear up completely when the gut heals, I went thru Dr Eric's cleansing process by merely watching and applying the counsel in his videos, in changing diet/eating habits and within a few months I was feeling better than I have in years, with absolutely NO more ear ringing. I have to be careful still on what I eat and get plenty of rest, and i have fallen off the wagon a few times and had symptoms return, but I know the connection now and his counsel works.😊

  • JesSica Lynn says:

    thank u for sharing this. i looked it up because i have fluttering in my ears when experience yeast infections. lately, under stress i have been eating more sugar and notice both are prominent together. Taking note and adjusting my diet.

  • winky phillips says:

    Well I got Giardia then I got a yeast infection and now tinnitus.

  • Serge Campeau says:

    If a link exists, is it possible that a Herx during treatment worsen it? I am on diflucan and other natural anti-fungal since a few months and recently my tinnitus has got much worse. It was mild and intermittant before and now it's loud and constant.

  • Night King says:

    i get horrible tinnitus when i detox, iv had it for 2 years now, and some days i eat full crap like cookies pizza soda and the tinnitus is gone, dont know whats up

  • Athenesucksass says:

    Why is fruit + yogurt never mentioned in issues like this, in the Ayurveda combination of foods this is a big no no apparently its suppose to cause allergies, diarrhea, indigestion… I notice every time I eat a live culture strawberry flavoured yogurt my allergies to fruit etc… gets about 5 times worse and so do my stomach issues… and then also the dreaded tinnitus starts up… Apparently its a very yin combination combining fruit with milk products and its too high in sugar and most of these are low fat fruit yogurts which arent really helpful to your health. yet I never had this problem with Vanilla yogurt… even the beneficial bacteria in these yogurts hardly benefit u when the sugar and fruit is gonna defeat the purpose if u have candida today's non organic fruit has too much pestisides in them anyway… soon as I stopped eating the strawberry yogurt a week later my tinnitus went away, coincidence I think not.

  • Orestis Gaides says:

    This question is for tinnitus sufferers who resolved their issue. Please let me know what kind of foods did you eat to fight the bad bacteria and candinda to stop your ringing in your ears and how long did it take too see results?

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