This Is Why You Should Eat Turmeric & Curcumin Every Day

this is why you should eat turmeric and
curcumin every day turmeric and curcumin we don’t know if you’ve heard about
these too yet but they seem to be lighting the health world on fire so
being the experts on health that we are we decided to take our turn explaining
to you the awesome health benefits of both turmeric and curcumin speaking of
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of health fads let’s talk about turmeric and curcumin for those of you who are
like our writing staff and have never heard of these before they wrote this
article let’s go through a quick rundown turmeric first off we’ve got the big tea
none other than turmeric this is a plant that belongs to the ginger family that’s
grown mostly in Southeast Asia because of its geographical location its roots
are often used in Asian dishes imparting a mustard like earthy aroma and pungent
slightly better flavor to foods do you like curry flavored food well then you
probably like tumeric because it’s a principal ingredient in curry powders
curcumin next we move on to curcumin or should we say we move into tumeric to
find out more about curcumin yes just as your crazy uncle predicted it’s all
connected it is the principle curcumin oeid of turmeric and gives the stuff its
distinct color and flavor so without further ado let’s dive into the strength
of the spice strength of the spice number one for
thousands of years the people of India have used turmeric as a medicine and why
not it has a lot of great medicinal properties in fact as recent as 2013 a
study done by scientists discovered what the doctors and medicine men in India
have known for centuries that tumeric makes for a great healer and it can
attribute it’s awesome medical properties to its old buddy curcumin
this Kirke humanoid is a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant properties which in turn gives the curry ingredient its healing
properties sounds great right well hold your horses there buckaroo
don’t start stuffing your face full of curry powder just yet apparently
according to a piece of research done by doctors the curcumin content of turmeric
is not that high it’s around 3 percent by weight so what can you do to get all
those awesome healing properties well scientists are working on a way for you
to buy concentrated curcumin right now as we speak problem solved right well
not exactly in yet another study researchers saw
that curcumin absorbs poorly into the bloodstream unless of course you take it
with pepper then its absorption rate is enhanced by 2,000 percent
that’s because pepper contains peppering a natural substance that enhances the
absorption of curcumin so what we should just start eating pure curcumin and
pepper well yeah kind of obviously eat a curcumin supplement and don’t trust
anyone that tries to give you anything they’d call pure curcumin also remember
the best supplements are always cut with pepper eeen
oh and curcumin is fat soluble so maybe eat it with a fatty meal
strength of the spice number two curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory
we here at bestie like inflammation that sounds strange we know why would we like
inflammation isn’t it annoying and painful well yes and no yes because it
can sometimes be painful no because while it may be painful it’s
not annoying according to the folks at health line inflammation helps your body
fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing damage without
inflammation pathogens like bacteria could easily take over your body and
kill you yeesh sounds awful in three separate groups scientists all
did different studies on inflammation and its relation to modern Western
diseases they found after their research that heart disease cancer metabolic
syndrome Alzheimers and various degenerative conditions all have
inflammation as a major player so while we might not want to fight short-term
healing inflammation we want something that can fight the long term chronic
kind enter curcumin various studies done by specialists found that curcumin is
one of the best anti-inflammatories out there not only does it match regular
pharmaceutical drugs in how good it works it does it all without the nasty
side effects how so you asked after they did a study on the effects of curcumin
on inflammation doctors and experts determined that it blocks and fkb a
molecule that travels to the nuclei of yourselves and turns on genes related to
inflammation nf-kb is believed to play a major role in many chronic diseases what
does that mean essentially it means that curcumin will stop your inflammation on
a molecular level strength of the spice number three want lots of antioxidants
eat some more tumeric hate aging maybe not but you definitely hate getting
diseases oh you have factitious disorder oh well then maybe this video isn’t for
you for everyone who stayed if you hate those two things then you hate oxidative
damage because it’s one of the components of
those two awful afflictions the damage involves some things called free
radicals which Healthline describes as highly reactive molecules with unpaired
electrons they essentially mess up whatever they’re around so what do
antioxidants have to do with this well they happen to protect your poor
defenseless body from these mean old free radicals pretty cool we know and we
bet your big brain has figured out what happens to contain a lot of antioxidants
that’s right our good friend turmeric and curcumin not only did scientists
find that curcumin is a potential antioxidant that can neutralize free
radicals due to its chemical structure but two more scientists discovered that
curcumin boosts the activity of your body’s own antioxidant enzymes Wow
you’ll be so free of radicals your body will be captive and superficial strength
of the spice number four the duo of delightful do goodness also helps with
brain function as well as lowering your risk of brain diseases if you like
getting sick and you like getting old then you definitely don’t want to lose
your brain function yes we know it would make it so you don’t have to take that
commute every day but then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything either
don’t freak out we know talking about brains can’t be scary but we’re here for
you anyway your brains neurons are always splitting
apart and making new connections it’s just how your brain works
scientists tell us that the most important drivers of this process which
in itself is an important process is brain derived neurotrophic factor BDNF
which is a type of growth hormone that functions in your brain you don’t have
this hormone and you might face some trouble a team of scientists found links
between a lack of brain derived neurotrophic factor and a higher risk of
mental illnesses even really bad ones like depression and Alzheimer’s disease
so what does this have to do with our dynamic duo
well another team of scientists that curcumin can increase brain levels
of BDNF interestingly enough this can potentially delay you getting some of
those nasty brain diseases as well as possibly reverse some age-related
diseases in brain function it might improve memory
it might make you smarter all of this is reported by a team of researchers but
what do they know they’re only scientists and so our list of health
benefits of turmeric and curcumin is finished what did you think do you think
you’ll add more of the two into your diet did we forget any of the best
health benefits do you have something you want to say about tumeric and or
curcumin let us know in the comments section below everything you know or
want to know about this awesome new combination enjoyed this video hit the
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