Things You Need For California Conservation Corps

Things You Need For California Conservation Corps

– What’s up everybody, OG Blue Hat here. And today’s video I’m
gonna be talking about the things you need to buy
with your first paycheck or before you arrive to your CCC center. (upbeat music) Okay, so guys what I have here is a list of all the things
that you guys need to get before you arrive to your CCC center or at least buy with your first paycheck. They’re gonna get you this same list when you go through training,
which is called Comet. And it basically just says, things you need to get
with your first paycheck. So, the first thing on
the list is wool socks. So yeah, you definitely need to invest in a pair of wool socks. Cotton is rotten, you’re gonna hear that term
a lot when you go there. The reason why cotton is rotten is because cotton is a fabric that holds moisture and when it does that it grows bacteria, that’s why when your cotton socks get wet they feel heavy and they
start to smell really bad, that’s just fungus and other bacteria. And you also don’t wanna
get wool socks because, I mean you don’t wanna
get cotton socks because they’re not really
gonna protect your feet, they’re not that comfortable when you’re having your boots on. Another thing is, the wool
socks will protect you from getting trench foot. They’re much more warmer, so
when it snows out there… Well I don’t know, if you go to Tahoe, you probably wanna get
some wool socks, definitely because it does snow out there and sometimes that snow will
melt in your boot or whatever, and yeah, you don’t wanna be having cotton socks on for that. So, wool socks is your best bet. They’re really thick, they’re comfortable. I got these off of Amazon. They’re called Fun Toes,
they come in like a bundle. And it’s a pretty good
deal for how many you get, they come in different colors too. So, definitely invest
in a pair of wool socks. Next on the list we have a hydration pack or a liter of water. Now, a liter of water, that’s ridiculous. A little water is… Let me show you guys right quick. This is a liter of water. They want you to carry this around. However, it’d be kinda ridiculous carrying a big thing like this, right? So, what’s gonna happen
is they’re gonna give you these little, or they’re not
little, these water bottles. And they’re pretty cool, they’re plastic. They come in different sizes, there’s some that are small,
they’re probably half of this but they’re wide so they’re
equivalent to the same as this. Three of these totals out to this right here. So, they’re just more
compact and no more portable. So, they’re gonna give you three of these. And if you lose ’em, not a big
deal, you can get some more. They’re only like two bucks to replace. And everything that you lose, all this gear that I’m
gonna be going over, if you request it then it
comes out of your paychecks. Some things is really cheap, some things are really expensive, so you don’t wanna lose your stuff, try not to get it stolen. The hydration pack. Yeah, they don’t provide
those at the Tahoe Center. I’m not sure of any other CCC centers, but you can go out and buy
your own hydration pack ’cause they’re not gonna supply that. But they will supply these
water bottles to you. And about the water bottle. Some C1s ones are more lenient, some C1s don’t care if you
carry one water bottle on you. Some don’t want you to
have all three on you, but they don’t care if
it’s all the way filled up, it can be halfway. Some do trip on you. So yeah, it’s on C1’s discretion. But me, I always kept mine filled up. I always carried three on me. So, just do it just in case, ’cause a lot of your friends
are gonna get thirsty or theirs gonna forget there’s in the room and you can always hook ’em up. Just be like, here have some of my water. ‘Cause the work you do is
intense, especially on a hot day you’re gonna go through these
bottles pretty damn fast. And since I’ve been in the Cs, I’ve been drinking a lot more water. I don’t really drink too much soda anymore or other types of fruit
beverages or anything, it’s mainly water for me. Every once in a while
I’ll have a type of juice. But yeah, it’s really only
water and Gatorade for me. Even now since I’m back at
home, I really only drink water. So, some benefit from being in the Cs. Next, set boot insoles. Yeah, so they will provide
you insoles for your boots. They’re not the best ones,
so if you guys wanna go out and buy your own, go ahead and do that. I mean the ones that they give me, I don’t know, they were okay, they were brand-new and everything, they’re not like the top-of-the-line ones. Moleskin, oh yes this is a big one. You guys will definitely need moleskin, ’cause when you’re out there working, you can be working on steep hills, you can even be working on flat-level. When you’re on your feet all day, especially if you haven’t
busted in your boots yet, you’re gonna get blisters and calluses. So, you’re gonna want some
moleskin to protect that. The moleskin I have,
there’s different types, there’s waterproof ones. You basically just wanna cover it up so you don’t get it infected
or anything like that. So definitely invest in some moleskin. Next is a small first aid kit. Yeah, so you guys don’t have to invest
in a first aid kit like me. The C1 is always supposed to carry a first aid kit with them. They’re usually located in
the CCV or in the trucks. So if you guys ever injure yourself, first aid will be provided to you guys. I always kept it on me because
sometimes the C1s will leave or we’ll be working deep in the trenches or on a mountain somewhere, and the C1 was like a mile
away or two miles away. And sometimes it was just too much to be walking all the way back. So, I invested in my own first aid kit. This one wasn’t expensive, I think it’s like 12 or 15 bucks, but it has everything in here. This one is like legit. It came with medicine, it has thousands of different
types of band-aids in it, ointments, bee stings. Yeah, it just came with all
types of crap, it’s huge, but it’s compact. If you ever buy one of these people are always gonna
be coming up to you, so many people came up to
me and was always asking me, do you have a band-aid, do you
have this do you have that? And I was always treating them,
I was like the medical guy on every single crew that I was on. So, if you invest in one of these prepare to patch people up all the time, or be bugged all the time. Even for little things, there’s people that get little minor cuts, and they’re just babies. But anyway, moving on. White Ts. Yeah so, you guys are definitely
gonna need some white Ts. Get a lot of them because they don’t last, especially for the type
of work you’re doing. They’re gonna get hella
stained, which is not a problem because you’re white Ts are never shown, they’re always underneath
your long-sleeve uniform. So, you don’t have to worry too much about them always looking nice but, you guys are gonna have to
get a lotta white Ts actually. ‘Cause you’re gonna need some
for your class A uniform, so a fresh white T, that doesn’t have no pictures on ’em, no
symbols or anything, just a clean, plain white T. And then you guys are also
gonna want some white Ts for grade, for your class B. Your class B is basically your uniform, it’s your uniform but
it’s your work uniform, the uniform that you do
work in and get dirty in. Your class A is still your
uniform that you do work in but it’s for like volunteer events and going to the college and
just doing more clean work, you’re not supposed to get
dirty in your class A uniform. So definitely invest in a lot of white Ts. Don’t get the ones with
v-neck, you cannot wear those. Get ones that are round. Next on the list is boxers and underwear. Self-explanatory, you shouldn’t be coming to the Cs without those, honestly. Next we have kit and… Okay, so like a sewing kit. They do provide this when
you get there, to the Cs. It’s gonna be like a
small cheap sewing kit. The needle always breaks, and it’s only enough thread to sew on one of your
patches, I should say. So, if you guys wanna invest
in your own sewing kit just check the link in
the description below, there’s all different types of sewing kits that you guys can invest in. And the cool thing about
knowing how to sew… Like me personally, I
don’t know how to sew. Every time I needed things to be sewn on, for my uniform or whatever, I
always had someone else do it. I didn’t pay for it because I would always hook up people, so it was kinda like an IOU thing. But if you know how to sew it benefits you because people will pay you to
sew on their stuff for them, like the patches, ’cause some
people just don’t wanna learn. It’s not that I didn’t wanna learn, I just didn’t have a lotta time, and I didn’t make time either. So, a lotta people
would pay certain people to sew on their patches, so it’s a good skill to pick
up when you join the Cs. Next, they want you to have a pocket pad. Yeah, I have a pocket pad. Let me show you guys. Pocket pad. Invest in a pocket pad, these are pretty cool because
if your C1 one tells you to do like 50 things at one
time, you can write ’em all down and then you can go off and do that, instead of trying to
remember it off of your brain and then you forget one thing or you can’t remember everything, you have to go all the way back. ‘Cause some C1s, they’ll get annoyed if you don’t remember
everything you told them. Some are chill, some will repeat it back, but just to get rid of that situation just invest in a pocket
pad, they’re really cheap. And this one was like four bucks I think, only ’cause it’s a Snoopy one. I read past my bedtime. And yeah, the next on
the list is writing pens. So, definitely invest
in some writing pens. You guys are gonna need those for this. Yeah, you’re gonna need watches. Yeah, you wanna invest in
watches because some C1s will not allow you to have
your phone when you’re working. They claim there’s a rule in the core member handbook or wherever that it’s C1’s discretion
to take your phone away. I’m still looking into that, I haven’t come across
anything like that yet. But yeah, some C1s may take your phone away. If so, invest in a watch. Next on the list we have sunscreen. Yes, you’re going to want
to invest in some sunscreen. You light-skinned people
and fairer-skinned people need this stuff. My melatonin skin protects me
from the sun’s harmful says, so I don’t really need that stuff. I did buy it though, just
in case my friends… We’ll be out there working sometimes and my friends needed it, they would get like crucial
sunburn, my girl needs it. So yeah, I invested in it. Foot powder, yes this is a big one, this right here is a lifesaver. This helps with trench foot, stinky feet, it absorbs moisture. And that goes back into
the wool socks too, when we talk about moisture, remember cotton holds moisture
so that creates bacteria and it can really mess up your feet. So, when it’s raining or it doesn’t even have to be raining you can just put this in your sock or our put this in your boot and you’ll be well off. It relieve itch, absorbs moisture and it controls foot odor. $20 worth of quarters. Yeah, you guys don’t really have to bring quarters to your center. This is a problem that I had to deal with, I did have to bring money
when I first arrived. And they want you to bring
money because of the laundry, but the washer and dryers are
now free at the Tahoe Center. I’m not too sure about any other center, but I think for the most part, most of the centers
they have free laundry. But I do remember
bringing money or whatever and the washers were expensive, the washer and dryer were both small. Well the dryer was a little
bit bigger than the washer, but it was still a ripoff,
it was like a dollar fifty, and it could even really
hold most of your clothes and then they were always broken, and the dryer never
really dried your clothes. It was just expensive and a ripoff, but we were kind of at their mercy because the laundromat was… In Tahoe, the laundromat was at the Y. And if you’re in Kame or whatever
you have to wait two weeks before you can even go wash, before you can even go leave a center. So yeah, we were at their mercy. And then even so, people
that don’t have money to get around town or whatever, you know, you’re just you’re there. But that’s all in the past, we don’t have to worry about that no more. The washer and dryer are both
free at the Tahoe Center. And the washers there
are legit, they’re nice, and the dryers too. So I’m hoping that you know, they’ll remain free forever and I’m hoping that they don’t get damaged or I hope a core member
doesn’t do anything dumb to revoke you guys laundry privileges, because it’s always that one person that ruins it for everybody. For all you immature core
members out there, just stop so no one has to suffer. What’s next? Shampoo. There’s shampoo and soap, I
won’t get too much into this, but right here, doesn’t really matter
what type you get, Dove, what is this, Dial? I mean there’s a Olay, all different types of soaps and shampoo, you know what’s best for you. Please bring soap. Toothpaste, yes yes yes yes toothpaste, toothpaste yes, you guys will
need some toothpaste next, that’s on the list. And then right underneath
that is a toothbrush. So yeah, toothbrush. You guys are gonna need a toothbrush. I mean yeah, you guys
shouldn’t be going anywhere far away for some time
without a toothbrush. I also suggest investing
in these travel ones. These are really cool because you can take these with you if you go on an emergency or a spike. These are pretty cool, they’re compact. I would suggest investing in
one of these travel kit ones. What’s next? We have pumice stone. Yeah, pumice stones are good for… They kinda look like bars
of soap but they’re hard, they kinda look like
stones too or like rocks, but they basically just
treat calluses and blisters. So yeah, you guys may wanna
invest in a pumice stone to help treat your blisters
and calluses on the feet. Next are shower slippers. I definitely invested
in the shower slippers. They were five bucks at
Walmart, I had to do it. And they really saved my life. There was a lot of times
when, like on spike we had to use these
outdoor showers or whatever and this saved my feet from
touching the nasty floor and everything, and sometimes
you just don’t wanna be barefoot in the shower when
you’re going after somebody. You don’t know if they’re
gonna pee in the shower, or you don’t know what
they have or anything. So yeah, I never like to touch
the floor with my raw feet. I just went to Walmart and
bought these, only five bucks and you know, they’re cool. So, invest in some shower slippers. Oh, you may also wanna
invest in these because you can have a nasty
roommate you don’t know and there could be hair
all over the floor, in the shower and all that stuff, and you just don’t wanna
be stepping in that or you know, hella dirt. So, I bought me some shower slippers to avoid that situation. All right, let’s see what’s next. Laundry detergent, yes this is a big one. Now at the Tahoe Center. Yeah, they get on people
for having the liquid one, they don’t want you putting the liquid laundry detergent in there because they’re afraid that you’re
gonna break the machine if you overflow it or if you’re not putting
it in the right slot. And I mean yeah they’re right, people have misused
the washers in the past so I understand their concern. They’re gonna want you to get the pods, the little Tide pods
or the detergent pods. So invest in those. I remember when I was president, we were selling the
detergent pods for 25 cents and that brought in a lot of money. So, if you’re gonna the Tahoe Center, hopefully they’re still
25 cents if not free. ‘Cause there was one point when, it was like a month and a half
the detergent pods were free and we also had the dryer… The dryer sheets, ah sorry. The dryer sheets for free as well. So yeah, but then it got abused, so we just started
selling it for 25 cents. And if you really don’t have enough money talk to Miss Tammy, Miss
Tammy is hella cool. She’ll get you some Tide pods for free. Don’t tell her I told you that though. Let me see, what else have we got? Bras. Yeah, invest in bras, invest in good bras, bras are great.
(laughs) Okay, feminine hygiene products. Yeah, definitely invest
in some hygiene products. What I got here, I mean
I got some baby powder, that’s pretty feminine, right? Baby powder. I invest in all types of feminine (bleep) when it comes to that. Some tweezers, nail clipper,
is that feminine enough? Let me see, and then the
last thing on the list is any medication. So yeah, bring all the
medication you need, not sure what you need, but
bring all your medication, you won’t get in trouble. I heard a lot of people say that you can’t bring medication,
but you can bring medication. I don’t think you can bring narc, like narcos or anything like that, but people bring medication all the time. So, go ahead and bring your medication. Let me see what I have on this table that I haven’t highlighted
or talked about. I talked about everything, pretty much. I mean, here’s some poison oak stuff. Sometimes you’ll be working in
location that has poison oak. I bought a couple different
poison oak treatments. This one is Tecnu, removes
poison oak and ivy. This one is Calamine Plus spray, relieves itching and
pain from poison ivy/oak, sumac and insect bites. Yeah, definitely invest in this stuff. Get some Bug Off too, or
whatever that stuff is called, ’cause sometime the mosquitoes are crazy. I always have little bitty medicines like Mucinex and all that stuff. Oh yeah, this stuff works great, the heavy-duty water repellent. Sometimes it’ll be like pouring
rain or it’d be hailing. Like I said, you guys work in
some crazy weather conditions, extreme weather conditions, and you guys go to like
the craziest places. So, this stuff right here works wonders. It’s the Kiwi heavy-duty water repellent. And yeah, this stuff really works. I always put this on my boots. It’s pretty popular. Yeah, I got some Neosporin right here, some hydrocortisone cream. Neosporin, that just helps with cuts and burns and all that stuff. This is like itch cream
and all that stuff, when you get bit up
that will help you out. Let me see what else we got. We got some Aleve, we got
some shower vapor tabs. Yeah, it has eucalyptus in it. Open up your nostrils and all that stuff. Guys, I think that’s everything, I think that’s everything you guys need. I’m trying to think what
else you guys may need. Let me see. Yeah I had sometimes, it was rare. Sometimes the working conditions had me have like an allergy attack, so I invested in some Zyrtecs. DayQuil, sometimes you’re
on spikes for like a week, so I invested in DayQuil. I got some vitamin C to boost
my immune system, Neosporin. Like I said, this medical
pack has a lot in here. It doesn’t have Zyrtecs or
DayQuil or Neosporin in here, but it does have a lot. It has aspirin in here. Let me see if I can find the
booklet for it, here we go. This is the booklet it comes with. It has emergency phone numbers in here, it tells you what to do
when someone’s choking, it has choking utensils in here, allergic reaction, bleeding, cuts, breathing emergency, burns, diabetes, this thing has it all, it’s pretty cool, it’s really informative so, you guys should invest
in this medical book, or not this medical book this medical kit. Alcohol swabs, antiseptic towelette. Only thing it’s missing is an EpiPen. If this thing had an EpiPen,
damn that would be awesome. It’d probably be like 300
bucks though, to be honest. What’s this? Oh this is some more poison ivy stuff, or it
says skin protectant. I think this is for poison
ivy though, or poison oak. Protects dry skin. You guys wanna get some
Visine or Clear Eyes, that’s what I got. I got a Alka-Seltzer up in here. Does this work? Yeah, lighter.
Invest in lighters. Smokers were always
asking me for my lighters. Not only that, sometimes
you just need a lighter. So, invest in a lighter. Oh man, I always had a
flashlight on me too. So, carry some flashlights on you. This is not even all the stuff
I had in my hiking backpack. Ah that’s what I should show
you guys, my hiking backpack. In an upcoming video I’ll tell you how my everyday go bag was set up. Basically, here’s my hiking backpack. I put all my camera gear in here now but, it has two pockets for
your canteens on the side. There’s hella pockets everywhere, it even has like a secret compartment. I’m gonna do a setup, my PPE setup. Has like a big pocket in here. I usually kept my hiking… I usually kept my first-aid kit in here. I’m gonna say it’s huge, but it just seems like it’s spacious ’cause it has so many pockets. This is everything. It’s legit, I like it, it comes in different colors too. But I’ll do a full review, full PPE setup in an upcoming video of how I will show up
to work every single day with all my canteens,
my pens, my supplies. And yeah, I was just the
guy that had everything, I had scavenger pro on. So yeah, that’s pretty much
it, that concludes this video. If you guys have any other
questions or concerns just leave a comment below,
email me, message me. I’ll get back to you
guys as soon as possible. More videos are on their way. I know this video was… It wasn’t as scripted or anything, I just kind of went with
the flow with this one. But yeah, I’m gonna just
keep the videos coming.


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    Do i need to buy them before i get transport to the ccc? Because i dont got money.

  • Marcos Perez says:

    Hey man. Im actually leaving off to tahoe on Tuesday. Im gonna buy a backpack for the school time but will that be the same backpack ill be using during work? Or would i be getting a backpack from the ccc? Because if they don't them im going to get like a tactical backpack for both. What do you say?

  • The Ump Meister says:

    Make sure to listen to Trae. I can't tell you how many times I saw people getting trench foot in the past 11 months 12 months on July 6th.

  • JSTACKIN94 says:

    I just picked the auburn center for residential I wanted to Delta center but they won't let me do residential there because my driver license has a stockton address so I have to choose either tahoe or auburn an I picked auburn I didn't want be far from my family because I just moved back from Florida . Also how long does it typically take for them to assign you

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    Might not need sun block for your skin tone….but it also helps for the melanoma it's a skin cancer caused by the uv radiation witch no body is immune to.

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