The Worst Day of My Life (MY ACNE STORY)

The Worst Day of My Life (MY ACNE STORY)

– What’s going on everybody. Welcome to another Monday acne video. Today’s going to be a little
bit of a different video than you’re used to. It’s not going to be any
advice or anything to fix your acne, but rather
just something that might be able to connect with a few of you, make you feel a bit more at ease and comfortable about your own acne and hopefully bring you a
little bit of confidence and motivation to attack the day. Even with the cysts or acne or blackheads that you have on your face. Now this first part of the
story you might have heard in another video of mine called, The First Time that Acne Made Me Cry, but there’s more to this. So, I’m just going to go
through that to kind of give you guys an understanding of
how I started getting acne and that was at fifteen years old. I’d started getting
those little red marks. I started getting those whiteheads, just the typical, normal acne that you’re expecting to get. You know even sometimes you’re excited. You were waiting for the
time that you were going to hit puberty and get acne, and then over the months after
that I started developing very large, nodular cysts on my face. I would have three or four
at a time, legitimately, at any time I would wake
up, go to the mirror and there’d be two, three,
four cysts on my face and they would stick around
for an extremely long time. One, two, three months. I’ve certain little cysts
that would stick around for six months and leave a
very discolored area around it, but I remember one of the
worst things people would do was they would call
you specific nicknames. I know a lot of you guys realize this and a lot of you guys have
been called this before, but the one that people would
always call me was Rudolph. And the reason they called me Rudolph was because I would get cysts and
it would be in the very same, specific situations and places. So, for me, I would always
get a big cyst on my nose that would be very pressurized,
very large, and very red. So, obviously it was very easy
to come up with that nickname and I’m sure a lot of you guys
have dealt with them before. Also, pizza face and crater
face and a couple of other ones, but Rudolph was my name. Now, the most difficult day
that I dealt with my acne ever was junior year in high school, and I remember showing up on campus and as soon as I walked
onto campus the first thing that I heard, the first
person that spoke to me just immediately called me Rudolph. From there I went to my next
class and I was supposed to give a speech in that class. So, I remember walking up
to the front of the class and as I was walking up I
could already hear people whispering about my acne
and as I’m standing there, in front of 35 kids, about to address them and try to connect with them and say what I’m supposed
to say for my project, I remember looking at
people whispering about me and I can still hear them. I have great hearing so I could hear them saying things about zits or
cysts or look at his blackheads, and I remember it was just so difficult because it was so heartless. I understand now that people
just didn’t have perspective. They didn’t have something
they were going through that was hard, so it
was very easy to pick on somebody else, but I
just remember at the time I didn’t understand that and I was, it was very difficult I remember. I remember after that
class, after I got through that speech I was so
excited to finally be done with that class and get
out of that environment. So, I was excited to see
my friends for lunch. I went over to my little
group and my best friend at the time, I remember
my best friend came up and just booped me
right, right on the nose, right on the cyst, just flicked it. I don’t know why he did it. I’m sure it was just to be funny. It was just like a joke or whatever, but I don’t think he understood
what that meant to me because I just got through
the rest of the day. I was so stoked that school
was over and I went to my car and I wasn’t expecting any of this stuff. I just went to my car
and I was like, finally, the day is over.
(soft instrumental music) Let’s go home and I
remember sitting in my car and I just started balling. I just started tearing up and
I couldn’t even control it. It was just like, involuntary,
you know what I mean? And I remember out of all of the days that I’ve dealt with acne or all the days that I’ve dealt with certain
situations that were really difficult where you’d have a cyst that was leaking or something
and people pointed it out to you or whatever it was. I remember that that was the
day that resonated with me the most, that stuck with
me, and was so difficult, and it was something that I could retell and even right now you can
tell I get emotional about it because I can relive it so easily. So, as the months and the years progressed after that situation my
acne was getting more and more severe. I was getting more and
more cysts to the point that my face was just covered. The entire thing was
pressurized and those of you who’ve actually dealt with severe acne know what I’m talking about. Your whole face is so
pressurized that laying down on a pillow hurts. You know what I’m saying? You’re washing your face
like you’re supposed to with a pad or with your
hands in the shower, whatever it is, that hurts. Things would be bleeding
because you’d smile, and I remember I was hoping
that as I was getting older other people were getting
older, we were all kind of reaching an adult age so I was hoping that as people were getting older
they’d become more caring and empathetic and understanding
or at least more reserved when it came to making fun
of it or speaking about it or telling me that I’m doing things wrong, but I remember it just
got worse because people were more opinionated. They had more things to say
and I remember people would constantly inundate me with you’re dirty or you don’t wash your face enough or your hygiene’s not good
or you’re not changing your pillowcase enough or
you’re gross or whatever it is. I remember people would legitimately, and this was the difficult
thing is I’m a young man and I’m trying to develop my passions, and so I’m trying to develop
the things I want to do for the rest of my life,
so I’m body building, and I’m personal training
and at the same time I’m making videos to help
people with their fitness and I’m making videos to
help people with their acne and the entire time, the
whole thing is centered around my acne.
(dramatic instrumental music) That’s not what my intentions were. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted people to pay
attention to the videos about fitness and how to lose fat or I wanted people to pay
attention to my body building or I wanted people to pay
attention to my stories about acne to help other people, but I remember everything
was about how my acne was so bad and what I could
do and what they thought I was doing wrong and I
remember a lot of people, this is the funniest thing
to me is just that like a lot of people would
leave comments in my videos and would say, your face grosses me out. It disgusts me. You should feel ashamed
or you should feel bad for putting this up because
I’m eating breakfast or whatever it was and it’s, people just, they just don’t have the perspective and the reason I can’t hate people who do that kind of thing, who make fun of you for your acne or for whatever situation is. I understand that not
everybody is there yet. Maybe that person who makes
fun of you for your acne now in four years from
now deals with their own acne situation and then
becomes the most empathetic and caring person in the world. Who knows? So, I can’t just hate
somebody from the start. I have to kind of understand
that maybe they’ll come to that point where they understand and they start growing empathy, and maybe you’ll never get there, but maybe I just don’t like
to hate people very much, but I just remember that
was very, very difficult, that I was putting all
this effort in to try and make myself, but
every single time I was being shot down because no
one was paying attention to what I was doing. They were paying attention to
my face and how gross it was and what I should do to fix it and how they didn’t
want to see it anymore. That being said, at
the same time as having all this negativity
around me I wasn’t just surrounded and depressed
by all these people. I had so many good people as well. I had my family.
(dramatic instrumental music) I had my best friends who
stuck around me for years. Not that best friend who
hit me with the cyst, but my true best friends
who have been best friends with me since six years
old, still best friends with me nowadays. Those people never cared. They really never cared. You know they would offer
advice if I asked for it or we could talk about it
because I wanted to bring it up, but they would never be like, oh man, I don’t really want
you to come out with me on that double date because
I don’t really want to. There was nothing like that. They would just look right past it and actually interact with me, and that’s something that
I think we all get kind of drowned in the negativity. So, you’ll have hundreds
of people telling you good things and being
nice to you and stuff, but then we as a human race tend to focus and magnify the negative one. That one comment, that one
thing that somebody said, that one negative remark,
that sticks with us throughout the day. Not the 10 people that say
you’re looking great today, or I like your new shoes. It was incredibly nice to
have that support system, that very small amount
of people that I knew would just, honestly didn’t care about it, and I was still dealing
with all this negativity and stuff, but what I
will say is that now, now that I’m clear, now
that I’m 24 years old and this started when I was 15 years old I would never go back if a
genie popped up and asked me would you go back and would you live life without the acne that you had? I would never go back and
live my life without the acne that I had and I think that’s
honestly the beautiful thing that has come out of this whole thing. I used to despise, I
used to hate, I used to just wonder why this
acne was happening to me, what I did to deserve this kind of acne and this hardship and
just all this negativity and bullying, but I didn’t realize because I didn’t have hindsight, I hadn’t gone through it yet. I wasn’t able to look at it from afar. All of that bullying, all that negativity, all that everything
that I had to deal with it developed my personality in such a way that I don’t think I
ever would have reached where I’ve reached now because
it built such an empathy and such a care towards
other people with any sort of situation, even in a situation that I don’t understand, especially people with situations that I don’t understand because I understand
that the people who are making fun of me didn’t understand my acne and if you’re going through something that’s not even acne related,
that’s the hardest thing for you in the world,
whether it’s small or big, I understand that it is
the center of your life. It is what people bring
up to you everyday. It is what you think of when you wake up, when you go to bed and having that empathy and having that care has built
my love for human beings, like my love for interacting with people and caring for people and
trying to help people so much and for that I am so grateful. I am so grateful. I would never go back
and take my acne away, and I think that’s also
one of the best ways to not only clear up my acne, but to really beat and destroy acne is that I am appreciative of the acne. Like, if acne was a person
and we could tell that person, you know what I mean? It would be so cool to
walk up to him and be like, you know what? Back in the day when you
used to beat up on me, thank you. I appreciate you and just
watch what acne does. So, that’s the video.
(inspiring instrumental music) I just wanted to go through
how I started getting acne, how it affected me and
then the most difficult day and then how it also
continued on past high school and not in any way to
make you feel nervous about your acne or to make
you kind of scared about what’s to come or to
make you feel like you’re never going to get out of
this whole bullying situation, more so to tell you that
what you’re going through right now will make you such
a rich person inside of you. It will make you such a valuable person and it’ll bring so much to your life that you would have never gotten. So, if anything, take solace in the fact that you’re going to be a better person than
you ever would have been if you didn’t have acne or if
you didn’t have that hardship or that difficult thing that
you’re going through right now. It is 100% going to pay off
even though at the moment it feels like you’re in
a dungeon that you just can’t get out. You’re in a pit, in a dark hole. I understand it’s depressing. It’s really hard, but what I’m telling you is that it gets better and it builds you. As long as you push
yourself to build yourself through your hardship it will
make you a better person. That’s the video. That’s all I wanted to
say and I’m really hoping that this video can help some people out. I think these kind of
videos are very helpful. I remember looking up
stuff like this when I was going through my acne
and a few other things that really, really helped
when people would just open themselves up and
be very transparent, maybe even slightly emotional, but if you liked this video
I would really appreciate it if you’d give it a thumbs up. Let me know what you thought
in the comments below, whether that’s about my
story or if it’s you telling your story or possibly
reaching out to other people who were in the comments below and if you haven’t subscribed
to my channel already, make sure you subscribe to it. Team Beyond the Weak, CT. – Lift heavy or or die tryin’! (upbeat music)
Die tryin’, mother… (upbeat electronic rap music)


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    3-exfoliate by gently rubbing a fresh clean towel on your face after you shower
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    I’ve been on accutane for about a year and a half now and my face is finally clean. To everyone who’s still dealing with acne. I know your pain. I know exactly what the place you’re in feels like. All I can tell you is that all of this pain is going to make you stronger as a person <3

  • Done4s says:

    Your a great guy hope you the best in your life .

  • Bailey Gawa says:

    People are so heartless they just don’t understand what others are going through

  • Ahmed Alibaba says:

    Next time, infect the rude and give them even a worse acne

  • krushna kekan says:

    There is pain of bullying in you voice 💔

  • toxic yt says:

    You the GOAT 💰💰🔥🥳

  • dillan skatez says:

    Someday I’ll be able to to talk to a person eye to eye without looking down 🙁

  • Sub To Mereira ._. says:

    Just use Proactiv

  • Dean C says:

    It’s acc sad people are disgusted by fat shaming something you do control but people with acne it is “disgusting” I don’t have acne but I feel u honestly do

  • chrisgamer77755 says:

    People should never judge people because of their looks

  • Wind Star says:

    There is something actually wrong with people. I don’t know why they care about how someone else looks. If you don’t have any thing nice to say not say it.

  • Beck Patrick says:

    Good on you bro. Your such a mature guy. Happy for you.

  • Prangija 470 says:

    Hey there are worse things then acne. But I also have something that is bothering me a lot. I know that it is hard but it will get better. Not only for us but for everybody.😁

  • stefanie says:

    He cuteee

  • stefanie says:

    He cuteeee

  • Edan Alexander says:

    We don’t really talk about acne in my high school tbh

  • johnrey deguzman says:

    My acne ruining my life I'm now fat because I cannot work out because of my acne it's now 4 months but still here I can't go out side

  • Fergus Sweeney says:

    Your a boss bro!

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