The Truth About Clint Eastwood’s Longtime GF Who Died In 2018

The Truth About Clint Eastwood’s Longtime GF Who Died In 2018

Though her longtime love affair with Clint
Eastwood largely defined Sondra Locke’s public persona, she was a creative force who struggled
in her paramour’s considerable shadow her entire life. An actress and indie film pioneer, Locke died
in December 2018 at 74 years old. This is her untold story. Oscar-nominated debut Sondra Locke burst onto the Hollywood scene
in her first feature film by earning both an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination
for her portrayal as teenage Mick Kelly opposite Alan Arkin in 1968’s The Heart Is a Lonely
Hunter. Based on Carson McCullers’ acclaimed novel
of the same name, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter stars Arkin as a deaf-mute who rents a room
in a small Georgia town to be close to his institutionalized friend. Once there, he begins to change the lives
of all those around him, including a young girl, played by Locke, who lives in the boarding
house. Locke said in an interview: “I dreamed of being an actress in films, and
then one day WB held a nationwide talent search for an unknown actress to star in The Heart
Is A Lonely Hunter, and I was swept away from a small town in Tennessee to Hollywood and
an Oscar nomination.” Enter Clint Eastwood Sondra Locke worked with Clint Eastwood for
the first time in 1975 during the making of the Civil War revenge thriller The Outlaw
Josey Wales. Shortly afterward Locke and Eastwood, who
was married to Maggie Johnson at the time, began an affair that would last until 1989. “There’s one too many women in your life.” The couple would go on to make five more films
together with Warner Bros., The Gauntlet, Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy, Any
Which Way You Can, and Sudden Impact, until creative and personal differences drove them
apart. Directing shot When Sondra Locke made her directorial debut
with 1986’s Ratboy, her relationship with Clint Eastwood started to unravel. Locke told The LA Times in a 1996 interview: “I was beginning to develop, maybe a little
bit too much, and it changed the dynamics. He was Daddy, you know, and I guess that was
no longer the case. When you’re a director, the job itself forces
you to take charge.” Reflecting on her experience in an interview
with Coming Soon, Locke admitted that Eastwood seemed to be against her decision to direct. In fact, Eastwood’s Malpaso Company produced
Ratboy through his deal with Warner Bros., despite objections from Locke. “So, not only did he put his name on it but
then also, he felt that he was in a position to tell me what to do all the time.” “Well I’d argue with you but-” “Don’t argue with me, that’s the only
way we’re doing it. I teach you all you need to know, and then
you go off and you make a million dollars.” Exit Clint Eastwood Sondra Locke’s sophomore directorial effort,
1990’s Impulse, was a psychological cop thriller starring Theresa Russell. Clint Eastwood was not involved, and according
to Locke, quote, “that’s really when it started to unravel.” Per Locke’s autobiography, she alleged that
Eastwood attempted to sabotage the film from the start. She claims Eastwood tried to make her miss
production meetings, and whenever producer and longtime Eastwood collaborator Al Ruddy
would call to discuss the project, Eastwood hopped on the piano, quote, “banging out Scott
Joplin tunes as loudly as he could.” Tensions rose to a boiling point when, per
the The LA Times: “Eastwood changed the locks of their Bel-Air
home and called [a moving company] to pack up and store her clothes while she was away,
directing.” “Get off my lawn.” Fighting back Sondra Locke filed a lawsuit to return to
the home, but according to the Los Angeles Times, she later settled for “the home Eastwood
had bought her husband, about $500,000, and a three-year, $1.5-million development deal
at Warner Bros.” When the Warners deal turned out to be an
alleged ruse, Locke sued the studio. She also sued Eastwood in 1994 after discovering
that he’d allegedly bankrolled the development deal with Warner Bros. and then made sure
that none of her film pitches were approved. The suit against Warner Bros. was dismissed,
but Locke sued Eastwood again for attempting to crush her career. Eastwood eventually settled with Locke for
an undisclosed amount in 1996. After the settlement, Locke explained why
she persevered when many thought she should quit, telling the LA Times: “Since everything in my life collapsed in
’89, I was just determined that I wouldn’t cave in. I wouldn’t just go away or become a basket
case. I knew the value of me as a person.” Over before it began 1997’s Trading Favors was the third and final
feature film Sondra Locke directed. According to an interview, she hoped to transition
from acting to directing as she felt “felt very at home” behind the camera, but it just
wasn’t a future she saw herself in. “I was emotionally devastated from the years
of fighting my legal battles, and had become somewhat jaded about the whole Hollywood political
game. […] Also, I realized that all scripts which
interested me were not the films the studios wanted to make. My tastes were more geared toward the smaller,
independent film.” Not an Eastwood fan Clint Eastwood’s unorthodox directing style
is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Locke was not a fan of Eastwood’s workmanlike
efficiency. She said: “Clint never really gave direction to the
actors, certainly not to me. I was very much on my own. I always wondered how much better my performances
might have been, had I had a director who really ‘worked’ with me.” Locke went on to say that Eastwood doesn’t
really “direct” his films, but instead just, quote, “‘shoots a script.” She explained: “I would say it is not so much directing as
‘covering’ the script. By that I mean he will ‘cover’ a scene with
all shots required to know what is going on, but doesn’t express an opinion or guide the
audiences’ emotions or eye.”


  • Nicki Swift says:

    RIP Sondra Locke

  • jeffrp14 says:

    Very one sided review

  • Oppressed Media says:

    Clint Eastwood directs successful, iconic movies but according to Locke he cant direct because he doesn't do it the way I think it should be done. Typical female bullshit.

  • Iris Bloom says:

    Thank you for sharing this film, and letting the truth be heard.

  • George Burdine says:

    There is two here, I'm sure it's a fifty proposition.

  • Scott Bruns says:

    Clint is one of the last Icons still existing today! He's one of the greats and his movies are always entertaining!

  • eva magnusson says:

    There was only one thing that Clint Eastwood was terrified of The Truly Talented. Believe it or not that is a quote from Eastwood. Lock was correct about his direction. He only hired talented actors. They made him look good. Yeah… Another quote. Eastwood simply had no right to throw such violent hussy fits and kick around someone who was more talented than he and one third his size. Don't worry Clint we knew haw talented she was. Too bad she had to suffer your wrath to share her talent with us. Rest in peace Sondra.

  • Carol Gardner says:

    Her name is Sandra Locke. Not Clint Eastwoods former girlfriend. That wasn't necessary to title this article. Yet again he has overshadowed her. RIP Sandra. You were more than his ex girlfriend.

  • Andro mache says:

    Typical male. They always were the weaker sex and they always will be. Little do they know they are on the verge of extinction. Soon women won't have to deal with men at all. Penis size, sperm counts & testosterone levels have dropped by half since 1973. Before that makes died at birth 3/1 over females. Why, because they are weak. Man made neonatal advancements in the 70s to save the weaker of the sex now nature is back on tract to their extinction.

  • ironpyrites says:

    It sounds like she dumped him and it wasn't easy to take. Surprise, celebrities are just folks after all. She says he was "Daddy" in the business, but it sounds like he was "Baby" around the house. Relationships are complex. It worked for a while. For some couples it never works.

  • Pulsar Stargrave says:

    THANK YOU for making this video. Ms.Locke passed away in November and I didn't hear anything about it in the news or my favorite "retro" TV station's website, virtually nothing! I LOVED her performances and she was one of my favorites!

    And yes, I was FURIOUS at how Eastwood wouldn't marry her and then tried to get out of paying any kind of common law "spousal" support! Sondra deserved better…from Eastwood and the Hollywood media!

  • Millard Thompson says:


  • trfma Murphy says:

    RIP SONDRA. There's many of us out here that appreciated your roles in movies. Why her death wasn't made public when it happened is baffling!

  • Per Ardua ad Astra says:

    How terrible that Eastwood behaved so ungallantly. I am shocked. I hope Eastwood has felt great remorse.

  • Paul Letchworth says:

    Go after the guy who gave you your start , really smart !

  • Darius Sarrafi says:

    I knew Eastwood was a redneck politically. What I didn't know was that he was an asshole in his personal life too!

  • Marie Smith says:

    Several comments here that Eastwood was a ''great'' actor. I don't think so. He had charisma on screen and good looks, of course, good movie scripts and crew and great pr …. pretty much everything great except his acting.

  • Mike Oxlong says:

    The Orangutang had better stage presence she was an mediocre actress at best.


    Sondra is remembered for being Clint Eastwood's girlfriend, and not for the roles she played.    She was never a good enough actress to give any memorable performances to set her apart from Clint.    Sondra simply became bored living under his shadow, and stopped maintaining her relationship with Clint.

  • Joe Morrow says:

    Her ass in the gauntlet was Tight in those jeans👍👍🇺🇸

  • Allan Peda says:

    She was hot, also bad news for Clint.

  • M.J. Leger says:

    Every time someone from show business dies (or some other noted celebrity) they always start filling up the web with things about them, both good and bad! They just want you to subscribe so they can make money off of you — so they'll show (or make up) anything to that end! They embellish the truth, sometimes twist things to make it more sensational, that's the name of the game today. Let them rest in peace. They're gone, but you could affect their families negatively.

  • Sheila Bloom says:

    Frances Fisher continued her own career after hooking up with Eastwood. She never depended on him.

  • Diana Williams says:

    I never cared for her. Bad actor and singer. I never knew what he saw in her.

  • duberdurm says:

    Sounds like every other jaded ex-girlfriend that just won't go away. The take-away is don't put your junk in crazy.

  • Roberto Acosta says:

    Now let’s hear his side of the story. For fairness sake.

  • Bebe Swift says:

    RIP, Sandra.

  • Liberty says:

    As James Brown would say….. "It's a mans world."

  • Johnny Depth says:

    She was a beautiful lady.

  • Rob Lord says:

    Her Only Claim To Fame Is She Was Eastwoods Slutt Butt…🤔🤓

  • angela manning says:

    I love Clint Eastwood and sorry for his loss.

  • Cynthia Haley says:

    I read her book. She became competition to him. The movie Impulse was really good (she directed) but Clint wanted her to keep playing the damsel in distress while he played the hero.. He didn't want her making movies at all. She grew up and he stayed the same. I loved their movies together tho. She died November 3rd but that news wasn't released til December. RIP Sondra. 💜

  • Sandra Mullikiin says:

    Come on now, we all know there's 3 sides to every story – his, hers, and the real truth! This only tells her side. It does not tell both sides or give any third party eye witness accounts of anything. Therefore, it's not informed and legit enough to form the real truth. No one knows what all she did to him, either. I recall the entire world laughing at Clint Eastwood for constantly for years for catering to her every whim and giving her rolls in his Movies (even singing ones, LoL , when she couldn't even carry a tune to save her own life!) and her acting was bad, really bad!!! A lot of people were seriously upset about it because, they caused his once great movies to seriously suck. He made great movies, when they were ones that did not include that woman who was using him to try to make a name for herself. So be real people and tell the real truth! I'm old enough to remember all of that going on. So, I know what I'm talking about here.

  • CM Laki says:

    Internet – you have no idea what when on in this relationship. So stay away from it, for gawds sake.

  • Scott Murphy says:

    Zero acting talent.

  • Michael Hamm says:

    Locke did herself in ALL on her own in my opinion..all her problems were "claims" from her…she was a tiny woman w a black heart!

  • Gus Jackson says:

    Old Clintie was pretty ruthless. Multiple kids by a dozen or so mothers and he chucked them all out like trash whenever he felt that he needed a fresh one.
    But popularity solves everything in America. Just don’t ever lose at anything. They will stamp on your face.

  • thedragonlee76 says:

    The odd, but real story…Clint Eastwood had her blacklisted.The two of them had a nasty break up.She was directing films, but Eastwood made some calls and had her blacklisted.

  • Gary Tesla says:

    I like Clint Eastwood movies. But if anyone thinks he is an asshole, then prove it with a video.

  • Greg Shuffield says:

    I hated to see this woman in a movie she just ruined it for me.

  • steve9007 says:

    yep she was horrible but had a rockin body.

  • Orion6699 says:

    Eh… .she wasnt that good of an actress and she didnt have the supermodel looks. I doubt she would have done that well if it wasnt for Eastwood.

  • Pace Yrself says:

    Even my gruff old Dad once observed that Eastwood 'wore that poor girl out' making all those movies of his without much compensation, and then dumped her. I think he felt sorry for her which surprised me.

  • Erik Rogers says:

    This seems to be more of a Clint bashing video, and stories from a jilted ex lover. Sorry she died but without Clint she would have never had a career.She was awful in every movie she was ever in she couldn’t act. An no wonder why Clint tried to help on Rat boy I mean have you ever seen it, it’s terrible so obviously she couldn’t direct either.

  • Dr.Scorpiopus says:

    Dont care.. goodbye sandra..

  • Andy Roid says:

    This is strictly my own personal opinion… but she always gave me a Lesbian-ish vibe (kinda like how, deep down – I always felt like Jodie Foster may be gay – and this was when I was around 10 years old).

    Again, just my opinion (and FWIW & for those who give a rat's arse, I'm in no way homophobic). Anyway, always sad to see folks die, but it is good to know that, like Sondra, lived a long life.

    R.I.P., Sondra Lock (aka: Lynn Halsey Taylor!). : )

  • Andy Roid says:

    Back then, what woman could've resisted the 'Clint Squint'?

    BTW, a highly underrated movie C.E. started in/directed (& is the original 'Fatal Attraction'): Play Misty for Me

  • Bill Louis says:

    He is an icon a mans man
    She at one point slept with him
    And who cares

  • TheGranitePerson says:

    That's Hollywood, they hate woman, minorities, and love being hypocrites. Doesn't matter right or left they only care about themselves, sounds familiar.

  • Ian Rivlin says:

    I thought she was a poor, uninspiring, unconvincing and boring actress.

  • TJ Vincenzi says:

    Probably his blood sacrifice

  • Alfa Mail says:

    Wow, since her passing just a few short weeks ago, the media rags have propelled her to sainthood. Odd how the same media rags haven't bothered with her for the last 20 years.

  • peter papadimitriou says:

    I'm sorry for Clint Eastwood's loss

  • johnny mays says:

    she will not be missed.

  • SafeSpace Post says:

    He sounds like a tyrant. Whatevers your feelings about Clint, it's obvious he was a control freak and couldn't share the limelight. He should have let her go and fail or succeed on her own merits. Great actor and filmmaker, but it isn't the first story about him being a prick.

  • Greg Penny says:

    what a load of crap, they were over 30 years ago. lets do something a little newer.

  • Camille b says:

    No respect at all for Clint Eastwood! he is a piece of Garbage! He should pack it IN!!!!!! He is so old!

  • chris batten says:

    Always two sides to every failed relationship. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. Maybe she wasn't as sweet as reported.

  • David Lee says:

    Million dollar kitchen……in a tent bg

  • forrallofus plenty says:

    wouldn't "her" untold story be that she has a male skeletal structure?

  • Curtis Price says:

    A handout is what you get from the government a hand up is what you get from a friend. .!!

    Seems he was all out of hand ups

  • Matthew Neff says:

    She was a fox

  • Jimbo Baggans says:

    I always thought she was a knock out. Those big doe eyes. She was a hottie.

  • joseph siano says:

    Sandra was some actress. to bad she got mixed up with eastwood. if she didn't die there would have been good parts as a mother or grandmother to those over rated actors etc's

  • Bradford Ramm says:

    In short she wanted to be baby sat but wanted to be in charge of the sitter. Typical dingbat.

  • Jesus the cool says:

    I thought her title was actress so doesn't that mean she read the script then act it out.

  • Daniel Kleinmeier says:

    Don’t know y good lukn males in Hollywood take ugs

  • Richard Conner says:


  • blacksultan85 says:

    RIP to one of the best underrated actress of all times Ms. Sondra Locke!

  • Vincent Harris says:

    She seemed to be a talent who was forgotten. A lot of people had no idea she died, her death was in November, yet wasn't reported until December.

  • Jack Vanderpool says:

    Locke was a lousy actress.

  • Peter Jones says:

    It’s always a bit pathetic when people make a video and don’t feel it’s interesting enough on it’s own and feel they must add IRRELEVANT IRRITATING BACKGROUND MUSIC!

  • Keith Stapley says:

    Eastwood makes great movies but really picked some dogs to sleep with

  • lucy bond says:

    I loved her as an actress. Totally loved her and Alan Atkin in The Heart is the Lonely Hunter. I don’t think I ever cried so hard at the end of a movie in my entire life.

  • voicegirl555 says:

    She was very good! I love her in The Heart of The Lonely Heart and thought she was wasted in the Eastwood films. He was her big mistake. She should have never linked her career to his. A very good actress who career should have been much more. So sad.

  • Jack Oldham says:

    Looks like squint is a real butt hole

  • Daniel Kokal says:

    she was a minor talent…. Clint is a monster talent.  she seems petty.   her relationship with Clint put her sorry ass on the map to begin with.

  • Davina Test says:

    I remember her telling an interviewer he forced her to get an abortion, he would openly cheat on her and he was aggressive and controlling …so much for being a nice guy Clint.

  • Cool Cat says:

    He changed the locks on their home ? Locke was locked out …in more ways than one.

  • Tom Reed says:

    She was a gold digger!

  • laughinggravy2 says:

    Clint Eastwood was an arsehole

  • Michael Muldowney says:

    Clint would tell a very different story, but always chose to keep silent.

  • roselyn rajoo says:

    Sondra Locke and her gay husband actor used Clint Eastwood. Clint gave them financial help. Later Sondra Locke & husband demand 💰& blackmailed him. That's why he got rid off her.

  • dennis garrett says:

    Gosh real sorry your gone Sondra! Sure did like. Thanks for meeating me when I was a kid! Wish you well in your new life!

  • F125AXer says:

    @ 4:11 That's not Sondra Locke

  • Johan prx says:

    Just saw "the gauntlet" only minutes ago. Didn't know she died until I saw this video. I was shocked. R.I.P. Sondra Locke

  • Johan prx says:

    Why would anyone want to sabotage the career of a loved one? R.I.P. Sondra Locke

  • Discerning One says:

    The truth was she was a he.

  • M???????? A??????? says:

    Sandra Locke diet in November not December

  • Katherine Sampson says:

    I liked Eastwood in all his movies, and it’s difficult to imagine the different persona that emerges from behind the scenes…. well, they’re actors after all, they are NOT the people which they play, while on the screen…! I guess he was old school, a hard-ass in real life…. 😕 Too bad that he was SO mean to Sandra Locke, I remember seeing some interviews that she gave after a break up with him, and she did not speak well of him. May she RIP 🧡💖



  • H B says:

    Wow he packed her stuff up and kicked her out.. I never hear of a guy doing that these days. It's always the women kicking guys out of the guys house now.. I never knew her so can't say if she was nice or not.. I had some GFs that I thought were nice but turned out to be hell on earth.

  • George Harley Rider says:

    RIP , Sandra . You will be missed.

  • Kit Kat says:


  • trevor trapp says:

    Damn she was a beauty

  • Michael Green says:

    Clint didn't want children so she had two abortions and then a tubal ligation. He later fathered two children with another woman.

  • BallymurphyBabe says:

    You never know what really happens behind closed doors. You can’t rely on the media and tabloids to give you accurate information since they’re only in this for gossip and ratings. People fall in and out of love all the time. I always thought they made a cute couple and liked their characters in movies. I’m more of a Eastwood fan than locke though. RIP Sandra. Sorry you’re gone. I haven’t been disappointed with many Eastwood films.

  • Roy Cawthorne says:

    rest in peace sondra.sadly missed.

  • Pleaver says:

    A lot of those shots are of Rebecca De mornay. Wtf?

  • 4 ever says:

    ROT in HELL ..clint eastwood.

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