The Tragic Real Life Story Of Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter

Beth Chapman, the former star of A&E’s Dog
the Bounty Hunter, has experienced her fair share of ups and downs throughout the years. But her story took a life-threatening turn
in 2017 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. This is her tragic real-life story. “So the news was bad, and the guy just sort
of blurted out, it’s cancer” Beth’s fight for her life began in September
2017, after she was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer. She wrote in a letter to friends, Vowing to fight the disease “like hell,” Beth
put up a strong front. But in November 2018, the cancer returned
after a period of remission. Duane admitted to The Blast that Beth was
not doing well after emergency surgery, a heartbreaking update given how hard she’d
been fighting. Beth made the decision in December 2018 to
return to her home state of Colorado. Duane told Us Weekly, “I’m gonna come back from this. And if not, then I want my children to be
able to see what a fight their mother put up” We’re wishing Beth the best in her recovery. Amid Beth’s cancer battle, she filmed a special
for A&E titled, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. On the show, when Beth asked Duane’s daughter,
Lyssa, to spend time with her in L.A. while she recovered from a surgery, and Lyssa couldn’t
make it, Beth told her oldest daughter, Cecily, “A family member in this family was in need,
right, and some true colors came out.” What probably made matters worse was that
Lyssa took to Instagram to vent about the matter after receiving backlash from fans. She commented: “I feel a little bit bitter about the older
kids not coming.” “But I do expect them to be there for their
father when he’s going through a very rough time.” No matter whose side you’re on, many of us
can probably agree that no one should have to deal with drama while battling a life-threatening
disease. Before Beth found love with Duane, she was
married to Keith A. Barmore. The exes share a daughter named Cecily. And although Beth hasn’t said much about Barmore
on the show, she might have revealed a troubling allegation about his life via Twitter in 2015. She wrote to a fan, Adding to the plot, Duane, who was childhood
friends with Barmore, talked about his pal’s addiction in his book, You Can Run but You
Can’t Hide. He wrote, If Duane’s claims are true, it sounds like
Beth escaped a dangerous situation. Things took a particularly scary turn in 2012,
after Beth and her family received death threats via email from an unidentified perpetrator. According to Radar Online, the emails were
explicit in nature, with one letter to Duane reading: Even worse, a few messages alluded to harming
the couple’s then young children. Beth, who isn’t typically unnerved by threats,
given her bounty hunter background, admitted on Today, “Yeah, you know over a 30 year career, ya
know, I’ve seen a lot of threatening messages, and things that are disturbing, but this really
sent a chill down my spine” Beth and Duane handed the emails over to the
FBI, and revealed in a family statement, via E! News, Losing a parent is never easy. And Beth suffered the loss of her beloved
dad, Garry Smith, in 2006 when he was 68, according to The New York Post. Smith’s death occurred only two months before
Beth and Duane’s 2006 wedding. Beth used to do everything with her dad, giving
him the title of “best friend” in a 2016 Facebook post. She wrote,

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