The Sqoom concept Device and Gels

The Sqoom concept  Device and Gels

​Hello, I’m Dr. Serene. Today
I want to talk to you about Sqoom. This is a DIY handheld, the world’s first machine which allows you
to put hyaluronic acid and all good stuff into your face so that you don’t age so much, and the wrinkles
can plump again. ​It all started with Helmut Christ, a German
doctor. He wanted to help treat his patients with eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea. They returned
and said, “Thank you doctor, the treatment worked but I have to tell you that my wrinkles
went too”. ​ So, his brother-in-law decided that they
could help people improve their aging skin. He started up the cosmetic line, and here we have the
Sqoom. The Sqoom was initially launched in Harrods, and it’s sold in some airlines like Lufthansa
and Swissair. It’s won many awards. It works brilliantly. Sometimes you buy all this stuff and machines,
and you come home and paid a lot of money, and they just don’t work, but I can tell you this
one does. I’ll tell you how the technology works. Basically,
there are two; there is an ionization and ultrasound. The ultrasound helps to vibrate
the skin a million times a second and when that does, the cells part. It exfoliates. It sloughs
off all the dead cells, and then it allows the entry of hyaluronic acid and everything that’s chemical-free,
toxic free, with no preservatives from the German Sqoom, gel range. The ionization pushes it right
deep into the dermis. ​Hyaluronic acid is the mainstay of plumping
up the skin, because it absorbs 1,000 times its weight in moisture. But, the molecules are
quite large, and it doesn’t enter the skin; it just sits on the surface. So,the Germans fragmented it,
so it’s very, very tiny, and the ionization causes a polarizing effect, pushing it deep into the
skin. ​Both the ionization and the ultrasound
shake the skin so much, it causes a bit of an injury, but very gently. Then the skin improves; not only does
the texture becomes firmer, but everything starts to lift again. So, you’ll find the nasolabial
fold especially the eye hollows, everything lifts. ​Very easy to use. Some people say not another
instrument; it’s so hard, it’s so difficult. It’s very easy. There are just two … one button switches
it on; another button switches the C for cleanser. You put the cleanser on the face, and you
just go round and round. It helps with the deep pores that men often get around the nose, and you
can go right around the eyes, the forehead. And, after 4 minutes, it stops automatically, and you
just wash all the grime off, or you can just wipe it off with some water. ​The next step is the most important step.
You press it again; the second time it goes to M for massage, and that’s when you can massage it
deeply into the face. It’s terrific around the lines, especially in the upper lip, the neck, the
temples, and the forehead. You’ll find it plumps up the lips beautifully. ​Then you press it again, and it goes to
W for whitening. The whitening contains sulforaphane and genistein, which are products that reduce
melanin production. So, it doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly over a one-month period, you’ll find
the age spots diminishing in intensity and size. ​The next function is L, lifting. With lifting,
you don’t go round in circles, except around your upper lip. It’s more like a sweeping motion. Some
people say they don’t even feel anything, because it’s so gentle and safe, and you can trial it with
a drop of water. ​What I love about these German gels – they’re
safe and air extracted. So, there’s no preservatives. You have to be very careful with chemicals
in cosmetics and skincare products, because there are toxic substances like parabens and heavy metals
that should be avoided. ​Firstly, there’s the essential gel that’s
got hyaluronic acid. If you are a really busy person and you can’t afford even ten minutes, the least you
can do is wash your face, get rid of all the makeup.Put your Sqoom machine by the side of your bed,
and just before you sleep, put a squirt on and use M for four minutes, and then leave it overnight
as a real mask and a very hydrating product. You’ll find a big difference when you wake up in
the morning. ​Then there’s a whole medical range. If
your skin is particularly dry, I would try the NE, which is also good for eczema, because it hydrates
your skin very well. One of the best sellers is the AK gel. This is for acne. Now, this is when the
Sqoom really works well. When you exfoliate using the head of the Sqoom, it opens up all the pores,
releasing sebum. Then there’s microsilver, which is antibacterial, and it’s got hyaluronic acid,
which hydrates your skin. ​A lot of products that you use for acne
dries the skin up, but unfortunately, when it dries it up, the skin cells slough off, and then it blocks
the ducts, and you get the whole sequence forming again, to form pimples. ​Now, the RO gel is fantastic too. As you
age, your skin epidermis thins, and all the veins become more visible. So, when you use the Sqoom,
it thickens the skin surface and the veins get buried, and it will be expedited if you use RO gel
with it. ​And finally, there’s a Sqoom moisturizer.
It’s a stand-alone moisturizer. You don’t have to use it with the Sqoom machine. It’s brilliant.
It contains argeline, which is a peptide that reduces the communication with the muscles, so that your
muscles don’t contract so much. And, you will find that your wrinkles will diminish and your
skin will be more flexible if you use it on a daily basis; just every morning.


  • grice rodriguez says:

    los masaje ,sonmuy bueno para lasalud

  • Donia KHAN says:

    Hey drserene thanks a lot for this video, i have a question Where CAN i find it this skin machine would like to buy it 🙂 Im leaving in Paris thank you

  • Donia KHAN says:

    thanks a lot but the link of webside doesn t work….

  • VanityVain1 says:

    this machine will be better that the NuFace machine?? thanks

  • Loudmila A.M says:

    I use Sqoom 3 times a week. It's perfect machine. Really there are not  wrinkle on my face. Thank you, Dr. Serene .

  • fliptthescript says:

    900 bucks no thx

  • Hiro jai says:

    must be very expensive….

  • Sun&Moon says:

    I am a 27 year-old woman and I noticed lines on my forehead and a strong frown line between my brows. I have two questions. Do yo you recommend sqoom for my age? I mean does it have preventive effects and no harm? I have heard that some anti-aging products are not safe to use until after 35 years of age. My next question is about dark circles around the eyes. I have had dark circles under my eyes for a long time. Does the sqoom help with that? Is it safe to use so close to the eyes? Considering that I spend a lot of time doing behind microscopes and computers every day, something that can help my tired looking eyes would be a good investment.

  • Edith Alavez says:

    Espani plis

  • Mystearical says:

    Great review. Where would you purchase this?

  • Te Re says:

    I know this video is over 3 years but i am from the US and bought a tool that sends electrical pulses to the muscles on face to activate collagen over time. I think the device affects my optic nerve. I am unable to find any articles om sqoom. They are all in German. Should I n caucious abloyt purchasing Swoom? Is it safe to use around the eyes?

  • Am trak says:

    Where should i get it and how much is it

  • Serene Lim says:

    The Sqoom device and gels are available on
    There’s currently a sale on. Normally $895 Australian, down to $695. Expires soon. Please note that it can’t be posted to the US as it’s considered a medical device by the FDA, requiring approval. It is a cosmetic device.

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