The Seacret Product Line

The Seacret Product Line

The human body contains 5 liters of blood,
40 liters of water, 70 organs, 206 bones, 600 muscles, 100 billion neurons, 100 trillion
cells and at the center of it is a heart that beats around 2.5 billion times a year. The only thing protecting all this is your
skin. That’s what Seacret is all about, protecting your skin. Our skin is so valuable. Caring
for it is not only a luxury but a necessity and top priority and the secret to great skin
lies here. Kings and queens would escape here over 5000
years ago. King Herod built the world’s first spa on these shores and the beautiful Cleopatra
used these waters for her ultimate body rejuvenation. This place is known as the Dead Sea. It’s 1388 feet below sea level, making it
the lowest point on earth. The unique formation of the Dead Sea allows water to only escape
through evaporation, leaving an abundant replenishment of salts and highly concentrated minerals. The Dead Sea contains over 26 unique minerals,
12 of them exclusive to only this sea. These salts and minerals are what give the Dead
Sea its healing ability. The entire environment has been therapeutic for so many people with
skincare problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin or those simply looking to stay ageless. It is the ability of the Dead Sea’s minerals
to rejuvenate and revive our skin and that is the secret behind our amazing products.
We understand your skin is extremely important and this is why Seacret’s products nourish
your skin with the highest quality ingredients including essential oils, vitamins, plant
extracts and of course our Dead Sea minerals. Seacret’s mission is to offer superior skincare
products, which provide remarkable results you can see and feel. This is why we have
and will continue to use the newest technologies and advancements to revolutionize the skincare


  • Grace De La Forterie says:

    The body is THE most amazing "machine" created by the Universal Mind. I am in love with it. This video is great, except for the end of it – the picture of a scrub jar. It is a NO-NO! Your skin protects your organs from the environment… what protects your skin? A film called Hydro-Lipidic film – HLF for short. Sticking to my knowledge of anatomy/physiology, this film is NOT to be removed by scrubs, peels, dermabrasion or the likes for reasons I can't explain here for lack of space. Please ask.

  • Sylvie Jeansonne Yvan Routhier says:

    j'ai m' écouté de vidéo ne doute pas juste raison soin santé merci

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