The Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza


  • Hunter Entrepreneur says:

    It's undeniably the powerful effect that the mind has over our body. We should learn to use this power to create success in every area of our life.

  • Paty Moon says:

    The mind is the highest level of technology.

  • Scepticul says:

    The most amazing man on earth, I cured my self of serious heart problems and epilepsy using his teachings.

  • McDonald Trump says:


  • al videos says:

    Is there a vid where he actually goes into what the meditation is?

  • London Real says:

    Watch ALL our full episodes with Dr Joe Dispenza for free here: 🙏

  • Bishal Neupane says:

    I have pure o ocd but my compulsion is gone without SSRIs it ain't gonna work it is not a placebo effect

  • Jay Edenfield says:

    I wish I didn't. I have a major chemical imbalance…

  • Delkhwaz Rasool says:

    Hi Dr Dispenza, 'we would like to see a few of those people who healed themselves and stood on the stage explaining everything' can you show us few videos please.

  • Colorful Codes says:



    This marvelous man and marvelous teacher has been a favorite of mine for many years. I think it will take us making a decision to start to live in the awareness of our own power. We just seem to be SO DISTRACTED we don't often have time to just sit and think WHO WE REALLY HAVE THE POWER WE HAVE. We will have to pull away for a moment from the distractions and go within and make CONTACT with our true nature and within that nature is a HEALER. Didn't mean to say so much but I just love this so much.

  • Sprint Rollingon says:

    Loved your message could not stand that nerve-wracking music in the background sorry

  • areeba rahim says:

    100 % true. I healed my 10 years depression by this. Alhamdullilah I left all medicine. Now I am living a very healthy and successful life which seemed impossible before.

  • areeba rahim says:

    It's not new for Muslims because 1400 years ago Islam taught this.

  • Thushan Mahendran says:


  • Adri Maartens says:

    The Bible says : If you do the will of God, you will NEVER get sick…

  • SVin says:

    I just remember getting a viral fever in 8th or 9th grade and being able to survive without the docs. It was totally intuitive; I had no idea I was healing myself, just that I had it then and not anymore.

  • Zetetic Eye says:

    Love Dr Joe but his incessant stroking of his upper lip is distracting 😕

  • Matej Cernicky says:

    And AS we Can save milions we could use IT for somthing what will make AS Happy All 😉👌👌👑👑👑

  • Mezmerized4Life Jay says:

    This is the type of Information they should teach in schools growing up

  • TheEnd says:

    6:22 – 8:07 Wow this explains a lot about my health problems. I'm thankful I found this on YouTube so I can make the necessary changes

  • anna osentoski says:

    Your absolutely right. I have healed myself twice.

  • Brotha Macky says:

    Thank you doctor dispenza for teaching us a natural healing god bless us all..amen…

  • Anne Briggs says:

    There was a time when people had more control over the environment than they do today. I need something to compensate for the negativity that I have no control over. I'm not brave enough to move to a new country with no money at my age.

  • Pulling the Strings says:

    I don't need them but I want them.

  • joseph uzamere says:

    Not sure 🤔 how I got here from revising for my law exams but glad I did. Gosh he nailed it. Spot-on. That big pharmaceutical companies are only after profit is not a novel situation. The only cure against it is the liberation of the mind. It has to be a way of life. Merely acknowledging that it has to be done is not enough. Practice what you have just heard and you are a step closer to freeing yourself from mental slavery. However, like he said, stay away from poison ☠️. Even if your fate is at its peak. Seriously you will end up kicking the bucket sooner than you had anticipated.

  • Janel Sara says:

    The Word of God heals me

  • yen yen says:

    So never question someone who is a very happy, independent, satisfied introvert who's so connected to her senseful and lovely different world. An introvert who trust her guts and always choose to stay away from so many stressors and toxic people.🌷🌸 spend your time watching videos like this rather than wasting a second of your life pleasing unworthy people to validate your existence and you will see how great you will feel and how much stress you will wipe away.

    Less stress=Better health

  • paaji8 says:

    Fuckoff 7up ad😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Sophie J says:

    I need this to Gain weight ❤

  • Inge says:

    You are right !!

  • Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez says:

    "I don't have high blood pressure anymore" (while eating a double cheeseburger with large fries)

  • Jaimetv Vivir Sin Jefe LyF says:


  • aman rathor says:

    Background music? Specific name…

  • Doug K says:

    This has been the practice of evangelical preachers for decades. Producing disastrous results.

  • reg4321 says:

    We don't need medication anymore? Try telling that to my asthmatic lungs.

  • Inam Khuffash says:

    What you are saying is great. But why the stupid music? It is only disturbing. Please take turn in off.

  • Inam Khuffash says:

    I couldn't concentrate because of the music. What a waste of valuable knowledge.

  • Karan Verma says:

    Which intelligence??

  • Divine Wisdom1111 says:

    I'm listening to this message at 1:44…Magical! Not only the power of the mind but the heart is even more powerful! Believe and know in your heart it is.. and so it is!

  • Keys To Life says:

    Great video! As a cancer survivor how do we DEFEAT cancer with our body. Just how?

  • C. van den Berg says:


  • Andrea Hurtado-Mejia says:

    🙏🏻 💜

  • Codiac_ 16 says:

    Yeah right. I won't need medicine anymore. I'll tell you what. Prove it to me with the medicine I take and I can promise you will make hundreds of millions of dollars and you won't even need to try. The medicine. Methadone. It has a very long half life. Meaning once you stop cold turkey. You will have the exact same thing as a herion withdrawal with one exception. Instead of only lasting 5-7 days. Methadone will put you in the worst possible state for 4-6 WEEKS. Yeah. So, figure that one out and you'll save millions of lives. Sometimes that crap works but the trials don't work if the person is on a SSRI and you completely stop the treatment and add a placebo.

  • Lee Francis says:

    Where have you been? I take 10 different medications, and would love to stop.

  • Runkay Hayward says:

    Please lose the music. Very distracting for the positive hopeful content

  • paul sawczyc says:

    And if I wish really, really hard – a pile of money will appear right in front of me.

  • jason royale says:

    hey, joe. does this work on autoimmune disease? I have graves

  • Light Bearer says:

    This isn't new knowledge

  • Vera Polanscak says:

    Thanks Joe for reminding me what I learned so long ago and forgot it, thanks again, so be it

  • Siminthesky says:

    Sorry but placebos are addictive too..its just a new cashcow..

  • Gee Hee says:

    body is projection of soul not other way, so soul has power to heal, change the genes, to get more awareness, power to know need to eat vegan but pure food but in moderation, make self more compassionate less atttached to religion or nation or color

  • Bryan the Yoshi says:

    "If your doctor prescribed you with certain medication, you should follow his advice"

    We stop a problem, but we do not prevent the problem from happening.

  • Höher wertiger says:

    i can heal myself easily but not in this big madhouse.

  • General Mosquito Spray says:

    I first became keenly interested in the placebo effect when I read Why People Get Sick: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection. The case studies in that book, of people's illnesses disappearing after going through some mental/psychological breakthrough, are fucking amazing.

  • Mimi lovehealth says:


  • Judy Dunlop says:

    I love the message from Joe but why add music when his words alone are so transformative? Terribly distracting.

  • Paul Baker says:

    Can u heal from lung disease

  • willy's life says:

    This is awesome and true …

  • ferrygirl100 says:

    Most people have blockages that prevent them from self healing. It is very difficult to do it alone. I have listened to and read many videos and books. I still cannot heal my animals, my own aches and pains. It comes naturally to some, like a gift, when their natural electrical energy is higher than the rest of us. I have listened to all the experts and I am still not able to heal anything.

  • sandra kelly says:

    On BP meds for over 15 yrs can this be turned around also these meds cause weight gain!!

  • sumljivi says:

    How do you cure recurring cavitation infection, even after surgery! Amoeba and spirochetes detected. Took metronidazole for 10 days with limited success after surgery. Infection is back!

  • luke bristol says:

    the truth is becoming clear, but knowing and walking the path are two diff things….we are human after all..a contradiction of existence.

  • Dawn Louise Appel says:

    I am a living testimony that if we believe we are well and healthy, we can heal any illness or operation. I invite you to watch my story

  • nisa0909 says:

    If you’re so right why do I still have my tumour.

  • Inga Pevzner says:

    Absolutely brilliant and beautiful!..

  • mandeep singh says:


  • Sarah Brunskill says:

    Tαke the fırst step ın fαıth. You don’t hαve to see the ɯhole stαırcαse. Just tαke the fırst step. -Dr Mαrtın Luther Kıng Jr. – Hoɯ To Use The Lαɯ Of Attrαctıon >

    දැන් මම මුදල් ආකර්ෂණය කර ගන්නවා
    බොහෝ මූලාශ්රයන් දිගටම අඛණ්ඩව සිටීමෙන් ලැබෙන

  • Arsenio Buck says:

    Music is trash

  • GEORGIE GEO says:

    My God!! You are the Einstein of the human body and the NOW! I am grateful to live with and know your work. Namaste.

  • Jibesh Shakya says:

    Can someone give me a brief explanation of this??

  • Mischi2k says:

    Actually God gave us all to be and stay healthy. It's the devil that poisons the mind with bad thoughts, bad entertainment, doubts, stress, bad habits and all that stuff, so we forgot our roots. Instead of believing in bad things we should believe in the good and God.

  • Janet Leone says:

    Just as I was about to share two pretty amazing things that have happened since beginning to follow Joe's work, some really effed up shit started happening. Hoping some of you will take a minute to reply and give me your opinion.
    I'm about 6 weeks into this, having stumbled onto him completely by accident. It was like finding a missing puzzle piece to my life. I literally have found myself smiling for absolutely no reason more times than I can count! I've scoured the internet looking for as much Joe Dispenza as possible, and until yesterday, I'd never noticed ONE negative piece about him.
    OMG. Since then, it's as though his critics have me in their sight and every where I look, there's another one.
    So, what is this anyway? Has anyone else ever had a similar experience, and if so, how did you handle it? I don't know Joe Dispenza or any of his critics personally. There are several people who claim to have worked within the ranks and watched very frightening things occur at the conferences. Bold claims, no doubt. Who's telling the truth?
    I was feeling so positive about everything that I thought it would have taken more than some negativity to send me plummeting back to where I was. Apparently, doubt is a tenacious little ass!
    Anyway, experience shows there will always be people ready, willing, and able, to mess with the happiness, contentment, fulfillment, etc., of others, so I'm not sure why I didn't see this coming. And, it really doesn't matter…just have to decide what to do with it.
    My life certainly wasn't great before Joe, but not horrible, either. I could put all of this information in the virtual trash and go back to the status quo relatively easily. F that! This episode, or whatever the hell it was, is going to serve as an unexpected gift. Had I not been so inundated by criticisms of him in such a brief period of time, it may never have occurred to me how duplicitous and close to the surface doubt remains. It could have eaten at me little by little. Joe talks about the importance of never letting a thought get by us. Maybe this is what that means. Doubt could have gotten past me so it had to hit me on my head? It makes sense, right?
    I'm going to continue on this journey because I believe great things are unfolding. Isn't today's world the ultimate example of what happens when we've been almost programmed to give away our power? At day's end, I want to know that my focus, my energy, my power, whatever you want to call it, is productive. Over the past 6 weeks, I've found energy, happiness, fun! There's just such an abundance of excitement that I can't even explain it. I've come to believe that the life I thought was never going to be…IS GOING TO BE! So, where do I want to live?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. As I finished that last sentence, tears started falling. I literally felt every bit of doubt and ugliness that's accumulated over the last 24 hours…leave me. And I know it's true because the smile that's been such a constant over the past 6 weeks, is back.

  • ferrygirl100 says:

    All disease is environmental. Not genetic!

  • Jen Has Bananas says:

    Is he saying you can heal anything with just your mind?

  • Moustafa says:

    Can someone actually find a shred of evidence that this guy is a qualified neuroscientist and has some form of secondary education within the medical field? Ive been trying for ages and cant even find a fucking wikipedia page with his details…..
    I have no doubt that people can cure some forms of mental illness with their own brain. But physical ailments with debilitating effects on everyday life, not a fucking chance, go heal your snapped wrist without any assistance and tell me how it goes.
    Its a little bit scary how a lot of people are taking what he says quite literally.

  • Nikki E. says:

    This is great, but it was also purely theoretical. Is there a video on how to actually apply this?

  • Sue Jenkins says:

    Like diabetes? Youre a fool

  • Julie says:

    You have GOT to be kidding. Less than1.5 minutes into this video and obnoxious, long-running ads play? The video is only 10 minutes long. Won't be back to this channel.

  • michael flegel says:

    This just ignorant propaganda. made the NWO to reduce population to 5 hundred million.
    . Masonic mandates coming true until JESUS returns..REPENT NOW.

  • John Callahan says:

    Dr. Joe, has joined an elite group of physicians that have opened their mind to the REALITY of Mind over Matter. Our thoughts have a DIRECT influence over our cells and how they vibrate and operate. This is simple ancient wisdom of natural healing. I've been using this method for over 20 years and have healed many issues in my body. The key is avoiding the many distractions in the world and stay disciplined and focused on your health.

  • Sath Sah says:

    What about sickle cell. A genetic defecr. It was the discussion of tge day on a facebook site

  • Katalin Halom says:

    Could you drop that constant acoustic pollution, i.e. background music??

  • zaf Patel says:

    I suffered from sumat in 1991 yes 28 years ago and just prior to my issue in April 1991 probably few months prior to that I found 5 cigarettes I smoked all 5 in the space of less than 10 mins after that I felt extremely weak all over my body my brain/ mind and body just felt extremely uncomfortable/weak that continued for many months ( I was age 12 wen I smoked the cigarettes) then April 1991 I was still feeling same I recall I stuffed my self eating mums cooking I had just turned 13 I was so so full after the meal all sorts of things started racing in my mind OH I CAN'T BREATHE OH WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN ETC . Then I was in the panic mode and all my body went really warm then it honestly felt like sumat burst inside my stomach then immediately after that I just had no air to breathe I then went to bed being a Sunday night and school next day and I felt the same for weeks and weeks I did visit my doctor and complained I can't breathe but he couldn't find my issue I then automatically healed by July/Aug 1991 .
    I recall whole of 1992 I was perfectly fine.
    It happen again in 1993/94/95/96
    And 1997 and 98 I was perfectly fine I started smoking alot late 98 that made it worse again I was unwell for full 1 year and from 2000 to 2011 full 11 years I was well ..
    Again happen in 2011 and 2013 and I did recover..
    But since June 2018 to now this present day I've been extremely extremely unwell same symptoms but each time its happend since 1991 its gone worse and worse miles miles worse this has been the worse ever ive had to leave work. .
    Ive had umpteen hospital tests / scans and all of the results have been clear. .
    Now that i think back what has caused this i think the cigarettes I smoked made my brain weak and some lose functioning that has all developed in my body the illness really does feel real inside my body. .
    I domt know what to do I suffer endlessly im considering a brain scan!!

  • Michaël Comhair says:

    Feeling grateful for watching videos like these in the early morning 🙂

  • reza salehipour says:

    Who knows the title of the background music of this video? Please

  • amzuel420 says:

    I have concluded that the human body and brain is a biological machine that was designed to give a spiritual being, a human experience. Unfortunately it doesn't come with an owner's manual and most have no idea of the power they've been given with their human body. But I think the real tragedy is that most are not aware that when this biological machine breaks down and dies, they will still be alive, it's just that now, they're gonna have to get out and walk. And you will either walk to the light or to some place you really don't wanna be. Consider that when you begin to change your life and you'll make better decisions. Remember this: Humankind is at it's greatest when it is "helping someone".

  • stoit87 says:

    Nice but there are no "mental gymnastics" for debilitating nerve damage.

  • Margaret Jaeger says:

    Sorry to disappoint some but this is the Biblical principles too…..mediatating on healing scriptures..belief in the most powerful being ever realized who can do Anything can also do for you….more than philosophy but religion also has philosophy. As you believe, so you shall be…as someone on here already said. Jesus also said the same and disciples tell us the same….your faith has made you whole….

  • tanja lapalm says:

    Ok how do heal yourself from HIV/AIDS VIRUS

  • Voy Borotko says:

    Great video disturbing by fu…n ads..shame

  • najeekah samedi says:

    Ok but what about the pill that the doctors do prescribe and says that it should heal or help with what ever that person has. How come even after taking that pill there still sick

  • Husaberg R says:

    Yeah it's easy to say this but what happens when you need medication for arthritis and Parkinson disease. You can think about it all you want and however you want there's no healing it

  • Stephanie Jade says:

    Thx for the video, but why the weird disclaimer? "you should follow HIS advice" – ?? And, why are you advising people to follow "HIS" advice??

  • Aytan Mammadli says:

    Summary of the video: body cannot differentiate between real experience and fake, it responds to emotions. Body is the mind. So in order to change body change your emotions and in order to change your emotions change your thoughts. Be consistent and your life will change

  • Gustaf Radisson says:

    good luck healing infections and poisonings, crash wounds by thought 😜 talking is cheap..if thoughts were able to heal then we would not be needing vaccines and children in africa and asia would not be dying in droves from malaria and other infections.

  • Med & Music says:

    I can also corroborate this. Around 40 years ago a very enlightened doctor gave my mother a placebo for depression. Two weeks later she was cured. Without a single drug, just the belief she was taking. Thank you so much for spreading the word. Great talk 🌻

  • nivlac Horn says:

    Heres the truth. You are part of the power of three, the holy Trinity. Your mind brain and body makes up who you are. The mind controls the brain from inside of your brain and your brain control your body. Your brain don't care about your child or anything that you desire, it only cares about making your body works like it suppose to. But cause the mind control your brain it prevent your brain from doing its job cause of how weak your mind has become through the everyday way of living in your environment. Think of it this way as a child your mind was strong so whenever you got a bruise or cut your brain was able to heal you quickly but as time went on as you start understand more about your surrounding and the society you lived in your mind began to weaken under the pressure of that system or environment. Therefore with your mind weaken your brain begin to spend more time with creating the chemicals that deal with emotional feelings instead of the chemicals to help keep you strong and properly working. Also cause you don't give the brain the ingredients it needs to create those chemicals you begin to get sick and in pain more often. Water and fruits that has little citrus acid in them are the best ingredients for your brain. Three things you need to do keep your hands away from your mouth nose and ears. Boil your water and then let it sit for ten minutes then freeze it. Wash all fruits in warm water and use an utensil to eat fruit. Never ever use your hands to eat your food. One other thing you could do is maybe write down Brain I believe in you please heal me everyday at least 25 times until you start feeling a change in your out look in things then write it down 50 times and in no time you will have the energy and health you have been wanting for along time.

  • Michael Harrell says:

    Great work great video great production and a great message.

  • zaf Patel says:

    I suffered from sumat that no doctor can understand my illness started from my brain/mind and as dr Joe dispenza says THE MIND CAN CONDITION THE BODY AND CAUSE AN ILLNESS well dr Joe is so so right…
    Ive suffering from this since 1991 wen I was 13 years old..
    I eat a meal April 1991 I was so so full that I felt extremely uncomfortable all my body went warm then my mind kept racing so fast that lasted 5 or 10 mins the thoughts from my mind was so powerful that I kept thinking
    Omg im so full I can't breathe what's gonna happen to me etc then all of sudden it felt like sumat burst in side my stomach/body and that was it I just had no air to breathe I went to bed trying to brush it off but next day I felt same my father took me to the doctor but doctors couldnt find any issues in me I automatically healed many weeks later And through out the years I was perfectly fine and many times wen the same symptoms kept coming back but each time it wud be worse than the previous times..
    And now recent from June 2018 till this present day August 2019 I've suffered worse than everrr it's deeply deeply traumatised me I've had all the hospital tests done and all my results are all clear. .
    The only hope left is to see a psychiatrist

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