The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From LeAnn Rimes Anymore

The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From LeAnn Rimes Anymore

In 1997, at age 14, LeAnn Rimes became the
youngest person ever to win a Grammy. Her career skyrocketed and she quickly rose
to be one of the most popular country singers of all time. Considering her early fame, one would think
Rimes’ star power would linger for years, but that wasn’t the case. Here’s what happened to Rimes’ once-bustling
career and high-profile lifestyle. Real Housewife drama Rimes and actor Eddie Cibrian met as co-stars
on the 2009 TV movie Northern Lights. “We’ve been shooting now for about a week,
and she’s fantastic.” “We’ve become really good friends. He’s a very sweet guy. And um, he’s my pool partner actually, off
of set. We’ve been playing a lot of pool.” But a real-life romance reportedly bloomed
while they were both married to other people. Cibrian’s other half, The Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, is currently still struggling with the situation. For Halloween, in 2017, Glanville dressed
up as Rimes for a “Scandalous Celeb Couples” party theme. As for Rimes, she’s been keeping a low profile
through it all. And considering Glanville’s volatile behavior,
as they say, silence is golden. Dirty laundry Rimes’ 2009 divorce from her husband of seven
years, backup dancer-turned-chef Dean Sheremet, was explosive. “Keeping a low profile is almost impossible
when you have paparazzi sitting right outside of your gate.” Sheremet was supposedly blindsided by Rimes’
affair with Cibrian and discovered that something was amiss in his marriage while Northern Lights
was filming. He told Nat’s Next Adventure, “There was this bar that everyone hung out
at […] and I remember coming down the stairs and seeing [Rimes and Cibrian] shooting pool
together. I could just tell by the body language that
everything had changed.” That account was not only embarrassing for
Rimes, it also earned her negative attention from both the press and her fans. “No one can quite understand why you hurt
so badly. But, I’m not gonna cry.” Considering Rimes’ affair took a toll on every
aspect of her life, it’s no shock that she retreated from the spotlight. Netflix and chilling Since Rimes and Cibrian got hitched in April
2011, Rimes has shifted focus from her music career, to being a wife and step-mom. “I think I’m a really good wife, I’m a really
good friend, I sing… that’s like the least of things that I think people that know me
think about me.” She told People, “We respect each other; respect is a big deal,
and once you lose that, you’ve kind of lost everything. He’s a wonderful father and a really good
man. He’s kind to me, and I reciprocate.” Rimes reportedly keeps the spark alive by
planning romantic vacations to gorgeous locations across the globe. In January 2018, the couple jetted to Cabo
San Lucas, Mexico. Reality show bomb When Rimes’ VH1 reality show with Cibrian,
LeAnn & Eddie, was cancelled in June 2015 after just one season, the news hit her hard. What made things even more difficult was that
the show was intended to rehab the couple’s post-affair image. Rimes told Hollywood Life, “We had this idea of poking fun at almost
everything. […] The situation is not laughable, but
at the same time, everything that has been written about the situation is hysterical.” “It’s more of a comedy than anything.” “You have to be able to laugh at yourself
and take the p— out of yourself.” But audiences weren’t feeling it. According to Deadline the show premiered to
a mere 374,000 viewers. Rimes has not appeared in a major television
project since. Kids first There’s no denying that Rimes adores her stepsons,
Jake and Mason. And that may be why she’s doing less “Tinseltown,”
and more “stay-at-home-mom.” She told Refinery29, “It’s been really rewarding to see them grow
up, and know that I have a part in that. […] They bring so much joy to my life, and
it’s a new experience every day.” In April 2017, Rimes wrote a touching wedding
anniversary tribute to Cibrian in which she described herself as Jake and Mason’s “co-soul
protector.” Letting go of her ego In February 2017, Rimes gave an emotional
interview about what she has “let go” of in life, to achieve a sense of well-being. She told Billboard, “Well, my ego. That is something I’ve gratefully let go of. I started in the industry so young. I look back and I don’t even know how I am
alive at this moment.” Long gone are Rimes’ days of selling out arenas
and touring around the world. And she says her new perspective has helped
her artistically, telling the mag, “Once it wasn’t about my ego anymore, I became
human. To be able to create from that place is incredible.” She’s blogging it out Launching a blog can be a big undertaking,
and that’s a lesson Rimes learned when she launched her website, Soul Of EverLe, in May
2017. According to a statement, the site aims to,
quote, “awaken and heal the spirit through connection, community, joy and Love.” Rimes told Refinery29, “I didn’t realize how much work a blog is. But it’s so fun to be creative in a totally
different way.” A different kind of music In 2017, Rimes released her new studio album,
Remnants, in the U.S. She told Rolling Stone Country, “What I hope people get out of it, is some
sense of healing. I’m not attacking anything; it’s from a settled
point of view. And, yes, it is vulnerable. I’m scared to death.” No doubt the project touched some listeners,
but by the numbers, it hasn’t measured up to her past releases. Perhaps she’s swept up the remnants of her
music career and packed them away for now. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  • Nicki Swift says:

    Are you still a fan of LeAnn's? Why or why not?

  • hudna1 says:

    Lee ann is a boy.

  • Jill Stover says:

    I'm big fan of hers get back in there sweetie, n do what you do❤️

  • Sophie Boisvert says:

    Not a fan of you Nicki Swift But I sure am a fan of Leann

  • Meelis Matt says:

    LeAnn screw the haters, come to Estonia! #not everyone hates you

  • Pami Perry says:

    I hope LeAnn comes out with a face lotion line and body bar line, also would like to see her do a Christmas CD with Dolly Paeton, Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle.

  • Marley Butler says:


  • Michael Wilson says:

    Prime Creator applied the 2 Lightworker Healing Protocols in perpetuity to LeAnn and everyone like LeAnn and everyone in LeAnn's life past, present and future. Good luck to all.

  • Dwight Arnold says:

    Oh boo who little Rich girl?

  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band] says:

    Netflix and Chillin' Is fine by me!!! 😎😎

  • Frank Brown says:

    Warning: comments below are computer generated by someone with an axe to grind re this talented lovely lady.

  • Yin Mong says:

    Well they are only human.

  • baggywhiskers says:

    She was almost cast as Beth on The Walking Dead.

  • Klarissa Rodriguez says:

    Always a fan no one is perfect but God himself God bless her and her family

  • Richard Cranium says:

    An affair will follow you forever regardless of how popular you are. It’s not worth it

  • Shaun Mattice says:

    Coming from the son of a marriage of cheating. Love how everyone in the comments is acting as they've probably never done the same.

  • laurie sanborn says:


  • laurie sanborn says:

    yes i am

  • Ask The Pro DJ says:

    SLUT, she deserves to be unhappy!

  • longbranch11207 says:

    she is amazing

  • ChristianYuisMYBoo says:

    No sympathy given for this woman and her 💩 husband. I have absolutely no respect for a puta who KNOWINGLY sleeps with a married man. Idc how much they “bonded” or fell in love. If he cheated before, what makes anyone think he’ll be faithful to her?! How you get them is how you lose them. And please move along if you do not agree with my comment.

  • Mr. Kenworth says:

    Garth brooks-Trisha yearwood. Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert. Famous people cheat all the time what different about lee Ann rimes.

  • John Wright says:

    My makeup @ 0:17.

  • Keko Sunny says:

    how she get famous ummm taking songs from county singer's some one told her she could sing so they went with it smh lot of ppl can keep a tune

  • Keko Sunny says:

    let her do her own song sing it wright it

  • Harry Dietrich says:

    Yes fan

  • Deloris M Threet says:

    Doesn't know, she'll always will be known as "his dirty little secret" before their affair was found out!…

  • william laureano says:

    She is a he and I don't like deception

  • Antoinette Webb says:

    Because she's found a new married man

  • lesliesmile2 says:

    Dont judge someone else, cause they dont do what you do.
    I love Leann, I dont live her life, or in her bedroom.
    Thinking non of y'all do either.
    I'm not in your relationship, so if something happened, I couldn't judge it anyway.
    They arehappy, and God puts people in our lives at different stages for a reason.
    Looking at Eddie's Ex, watching her on TV. I would have dont the same, just saying.
    We will all meet upstairs someday. Watch, judge what you do, not others. I never walked in their shoes, know their soul, or what God has in store for them. Neither you any of you. So do you boo, and hope that you Judgemental attitudes dont come back to you. Also these things have been going on since B.C. not anything new, so get over it.

  • hut sails says:

    I am a big fan.

  • pt1980 ptt says:

    I love her songs, God Bless Her!

  • scott albert says:

    Adultery is one of the most karma assured activities anyone can ever undertake. It's fruit of a poisinous tree…..'nuff said.

  • Marianita Bustos says:

    Seems like she has a thing for taken men, in the 90's she slept with Jessica Simpson's boyfriend at the time….

  • Felony Strutter says:

    She began as the Cowboys National Anthem singer

  • Wait, not so quick says:

    She desperately needs a boob job .

  • Den mark LAgoy says:

    timeworks classic

  • Den mark LAgoy says:


  • Den mark LAgoy says:

    altagracia abs-cbn

  • Dayton Coke says:

    How did Eddie end up with custody of his 2 sons and not their mother? That's unusual.

  • Scott Moore says:

    Thinks she is a doll, but is a puke!!!

  • Meredith Wilson says:

    Because now she's really old

  • Hummingbird Warrior says:

    I still love you Leann!!!

  • Theonlyonestanding says:

    LeAnn Rimes is so beautiful ….Like a star

  • jrb37300 says:

    I'm a fan of her as a recording artist, but not her as a person. As a cute young bubbly teenager, she was very likable and appealing to fans. Not so much, as a 30 something anorexic alcoholic homewrecker.

  • Jeanette Aldan says:

    Nikki Swift is a sheeiiiiit starter

  • Darrell Somers says:

    She is a home wrecker ,and it cost her all her fans

  • LEUT AN Gage, RAN says:

    Not a fame.

  • cathy smith says:

    Adultery…it ruined your career ….Was it worth it!…Just a matter of time until its done back to you.

  • Gigi Valentin Persaud says:

    Definitely not the victim so stop posting shit like this….

  • Rudy Palma says:

    She is an amazing singer. That’s all that matters. I’m happy she’s in love and content, but their personal life is really not my business.

  • tiffany curtis says:


  • Margaret Burton says:

    Its bad enough she cheated on her ex and helped break up a family but she tried to exploit and profit off the affair by producing an album. Lost total respect for her.

  • Glenn Hubble says:

    Great video on LeAnn

  • Phil Harden says:

    Or why not to sleep with a married man.

  • Lin Ro says:

    If she would go back to her country roots and leave all that other crap of hers out of it, she would still be a mega star. I quit her when her music changed, as well as everyone I know. You just sometimes cannot forget what made you famous and leave it all behind you. If you do, it will leave you as well!

  • Leann Nguyen says:

    I don’t know who this is but my real name is also Leann but my dumb brother or dad spelled me name like this LeAnn wow I didn’t know their was someone else that has the same name and I’m not Leann rimes I’m 11

  • Nancy Pujol says:

    I'm always will be a fan of LeAnn Rimes she's awesome

  • Mariajose Chavez says:

    I love leann …shes the country music bomb.

  • george alvarenga says:

    iwas body guard for this amazing young lady,she is absolutely awesome and a beautiful person

  • sicDaVid says:

    The institution of marriage is medieval. It was designed to stabilize the workforce for the rich and religious leaders. Human nature isn't as narrow minded. The fact that simple minded gossipers are so quick to point out the failures of others is to cover up the grief they churn up for their lovers. So please STFU and let people be people and not your fucked up cookie cutter bullshit versions that make you so comfortably ignorant of real life.

  • Justin Gates says:

    Everyone knows – "Eatin' aint cheatin' !"

  • Tony Ashford says:

    Her problem is and was she pissed off the country music people when she started screwing a married man and they never forget

  • mimi so says:

    I am not a fan of either of them. A lesson learned: If you are attracted to somebody married to somebody else wait until they are available before you act on it. If he/she cheated with you they will cheat ON you. Karma will bite you on the a$$ every time.

  • Vickie Phillips says:

    I love your beautiful songs and you seem like a very sweet lady

  • Greeneyed Gemini says:

    What Leanne put out into the universe ,is what Leanne got back from the universe.Wake up darling, your ego is still alive ,and well if you dont realize that you purchased a husband, and children that are not Yours .

  • jimmie Roan says:

    i don't follow gossip about any venue so i missed all this, she is a great singer, and to some, especially the newer generation of anything goes, or only me counts, a good person. but i can't respect cheating not matter how you word it or explain it. yes i realize if we are not party to the couple involved then we can't judge fairly. but having been on both sides i see no excuse or reason and no possible way to justify. and the one remark or little story line about the step children, i'm sure from the sounds of it she does enjoy being a part of their life, but the mom might have enjoyed it more and deserved it more. it's not the cheating per se that, to me anyway, is so bad, its the total degradation the other spouse is subject to, humiliation of knowing the public and/or friends see them together and know he is being made a fool of, never knowing for sure if this has been happening before and with who, so i'm sorry for being so old fashioned, but i just don't think marriage should be treated like going steady or just an arrangement until something better comes along. so to me she is no different than any other slut with no morals or standards, my money is on her changing again, either he cheats or she cheats, unfortunately the children are probably going to grow up with the same lack of respect for themselves.

  • jimmie Roan says:

    nicki if you don't want honest comments why even have a place for them, does the word bitch remind you of anything, not everyone can agree with your ideas of morality

  • zzgeoergez Dane says:

    Or "shes" just another deceptive MTF thats not aging well…

  • Santina Belly Dance says:

    She'll be back. She is so smart for knowing that family is more important than fame.

  • MsLin1974 says:

    You had an affair with a married man no respect for either of these people. Did you never hear of Divorce first. Your not those kids soul protector either there mother is !!

  • Yvonne Shaub says:

    Didn't she wreck a home not once but twice?..I could have sworn she wrecked a home then broke up with that person anyway then moved on someone else's hubby..

  • Giovanni Socci says:

    She is a very dysfunctional woman,her father and mother real pieces of work…so is she,on the trashy side

  • mike John says:

    O.M.G.! A celebrity has a personal crisis and it's news. Glad to hear she's human.

  • Leon Lee says:

    LeAnn’s personal life is none of our business. She’s a singer, an artist and as far as I’m concerned she’s one of the greatest voices of our time and she makes incredible music.

  • Macto Trucking LLC says:

    I am at her concert in ft worth tx now lmao shes just fine. Great artist

  • Dan Doyle says:

    Big deal who cares

  • Jorge Calderon says:

    Thanks to his music I fell in love for the first time I grew up listening to his music I love his way of being and his songs the good does not last forever but even if it is short I always like it

  • tammyot says:

    This channel is full of lies and honesty. No wonder why everyone gets confused???? I will make sure this STOPS!!!!! TMZ is a far better channel!!!!! At least they are honest!!!!! And go out of the way to research properly. I am the queen of research and I don't like LIARS!!!!!!!!

  • Brent Woods says:

    I love her music beautiful woman God bless her ❤🥰🇺🇸

  • Tex 1 says:

    Eddie is HOT!

  • Tex 1 says:

    I’m no fan of Brandi’s but Leanne and Eddie having an affair while he was still married? No fan of that, either!

  • Dima Wulf says:

    I like how all the hateful comments towards Leann are from women, and yet they blame men for creating a double standard.

  • mycat63 mycat63 says:

    No, TRUST is everything, one's you loose your trust, with your partner in life, that's it!

  • ownerofyourblackass says:


  • Deanna Tangen says:

    I'm on Rims side vs Clanvile's side because at least Leann is trying to do her part where as Brandy just wants to get drunk and famous. She made an ass of herself on the celebrity big brother and didn't have any quins with leaving her kids at least Taymar Braxston had remorse about leaving her son

  • mike John says:

    I don't care why I don't hear from her I don't hear from regular people you show no interest or concern for do some real news.

  • Warren Jackson says:

    Great singer. Affairs happen but to boycott her music. Ashame. .

  • Daniel Snyder says:

    Fan forever!

  • Timothy Buchanan says:

    Love Love Love. U

  • monmixer says:

    I'm glad for her. She did something that many never do. Found a life away from the bus and touring. Especially these days. You have sell tickets to make big money. She won't be riding around in a tour bus supporting her whole family when she is a senior citizen and that is probably a good thing.

  • Neh-Bih Sangbong says:

    The affair ruined her career

  • Jeffery Drew says:

    Now wouldn't base a bag there when so many other women at their claim him to be her Raja want this rabsun tation

  • Tony Oxy says:

    Ohh. that's why she is not as popular. I completely understand . If I was a producer I wouldn't want to hire her either. Sad. I guess the one thing of life you can learn from LeAnn is that DON'T do anything that will come back to haunt you. As the saying goes.. " Once a cheater always a cheater". IM NO LONGER A FAN OF LeAnn. Sorry LeAnn. GodSpeed

  • Rachel Williams says:

    This world is so sick, I figured people would worship them more.

  • maria dolores kate duropan says:

    Leann rimes forever nd ever

  • T Klein says:

    So damn tired of people beating her up. We all fall short people. Get over it. Jesus died for all our sins.

  • D.H. Fremont says:

    She wrecked herself on that man.

  • Mike Miller says:

    Met her in 1997 when I did security for the Phoenician resort in Arizona.

  • wickedphantom24601 says:

    Funny June Carter Cash did the same thing and people seem to love her. In fact they diss the 1st wife. Leann is the opposite. I wonder the reason for the double standard. Cheating is cheating. And let's quit letting the horny scusbag men off the hook. They're just as much to blame.

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