The Real Reason People Stutter

The Real Reason People Stutter

Prince Bohemond the Third, King Louis the
Second of France, and the Byzantine Emperor Michael The Second all had stutters so pronounced,
that they were each referred to as “The Stammerer”. So, even if you have a stutter, you could
be an emperor one day. Hey there stuttering stallions, Jules here
for DNews. A stutter is a type of speech disorder, when
your speech is involuntarily broken up by repetitive sounds, or blocks where you can’t
quite say the sounds you want to. More than 70 million people worldwide are
believed to be stutterers. Some develop a stutter in childhood, and it
goes away. Others can develop it later in life. Boys get it more often than girls, and they’re
more likely to have it persist into adulthood as well. For a long time, it was believed that the
disorder was psychosomatic, meaning that it wasn’t related to a physical cause, but
rather, a mental block, like stress.. Well it turns out, that’s not quite true. A new study published in the medical journal
Human Brain Mapping looked at 62 people with and without stutters, focusing on blood flow
in an area of the brain called “the Broca’s area”, which is located in the frontal lobe. They found that in people with stutters, there
was less blood flow in this region, and blood flow in the brain is related to neural activity. The more severe the stutter, the less blood
flow in the Broca. So, what is so important about this part of
the brain that it causes stuttering? Well, the Broca’s area is associated with
speech formation, alongside another part of the brain called the Wernicke’s area, in the
temporal lobe. They are part of the “neural language loop”,
and are both necessary to produce clear and concise speech. The Wernicke’s area is the part where you
choose which words you want to say and in which order. It’s like a behind the scenes blueprint
or a storyboard for your speech. This information is then fed into the Broca’s
area which produces those words out loud, like a word factory. For stutterers, their Wenicke’s area is
able to put together the sentences, while the Broca’s area struggles to produce it. The worst part of this is that in society,
people with stutters are often thought to be dumber, simply because they can’t get
the words out, when in reality, they are no less intelligent or eloquent than their non-stuttering
counterparts. Another study, recently published in JAMA
Psychiatry looked at the brains of 94 stuttering and non-stuttering children and adults. They found that the baseline brain activity
— the way the neurons fired signals — was different for stutterers in the regions of
the brain associated with the regulation of speech production, attention, and emotion. So, the root causes of stuttering could be
differences in brain circuits and blood flow. But stress and anxiety can also take a toll,
making stuttering worse, because the parts of your brain associated with attention and
language processing interact with the parts of your brain that regulate emotion. Stuttering is a complicated condition, without
any easy fixes. Those who suffer from it may be able to curb
the tendency with the help of a speech therapist, and for others, like children, it may go away
on its own. But these new developments certainly help
point to the parts of the brain in question, and may help scientists develop new solutions. Have you noticed that when you record your
voice and hear it back, it always sounds awful? Why do we hate the sound of our own voices? You can find out why in this video right here. And do you have any other language processing
questions? Let us know down below in the comments and
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  • Phil T. Duck says:

    I'm 51, and have stuttered my entire life. At times it was absolute hell. But I've grown to embrace it. My stutter has become part of who I am, and that's okay. But you couldn't convince teenage me of any of that.

  • Støñëd Lêgëñd Lâvã says:

    I stutter the most while talking to phone & when i am in the middle of something stutter starts & they hang up!! 😔
    And When i sing, there is no sign of Stutter ☺
    Happy to see a lot of brothers & sisters who stutters just as i do!! 😌

  • Bobal Raging games says:

    I I Do DoNt Stu Stu Stutter So Shu shut the fu fugk U Up

  • Freddie 10469 says:

    I hate my stutter, I can say things perfectly in my head but when it comes to actually saying it I just started.

  • THE ALL ROUNDER Cool Man says:

    I stammer but I'm intelligent.

  • ˊpαtrícíα2ˏ says:

    i think being quiet since the start of school until now where i’m starting to speak up has caused me to not pronounce words properly, i just got to get used to talking more often….

  • pip honnef says:

    i have stuttered since i was young. a lot of people laugh because they think it’s funny, i can’t laugh about. for me it’s very frustrating because i want to talk and just tell my emotions or something else, but i always stutter. i’m always terrified when i have too read out loud in class, or have to answer a question or ask something in general. even ordering is terrifying for me.. so for the people that stutter, you’re not the only one. i know how you feel 🙂

  • James melendez says:

    I talk really fast, but when I read it feels like I don’t have a tongue nothing will came out on my mouth even a single word, I hate it. People think I can’t read I stutter a lot I suffer. From this anxiety since I was a kid

  • Yusuf Ali says:

    I too stutter but i have overcome this now…

  • jay frat says:

    Speed and monotone are 2 main reasons I stutter. Get a therapist, read out loud daily and never hide it. In time it will improve. Smart people stutter.

  • - Overkoze - says:

    I stutter at my first job but phone call and the red rooster manager hanged up…. I couldn’t speak

  • R L says:

    I noticed most stutters are good looking people.

  • YnochTG says:

    I stutter all the time, 1 out of 4 of my sentences involve stuttering.

  • Lord Aniolist says:

    It's weird because I've stuttered most of my life, but I had one teacher in high school that I almost never stuttered around. This was the case on a couple of other occasions, but not so strong. So I talk with different accents (cause I like to be silly anyway so it helps some), but I wouldn't mind to talk normal and tell the jokes I want to tell, say what I want to say, but instead I keep it to myself of email/message someone if I really wanted them to know, which is typically anywhere from a few minutes to hours later.

  • Darius Lezama says:

    I dont know why but when I was younger my uncle used to tickle me alot and I started to stammer after that. Explain

  • Dep Lam says:

    I had this from 5yrs old until 13yrs old(now)

  • a Positive person says:

    It is very cruel to me when i get in a bus and i cannot say anything to the
    God protects us 😢😭😭

  • asif ali says:

    Go and watch "the king's speech" movie……. It's OSCAR awarded movie….. It's about stammering

  • No name No name says:

    I smack myself almost everyday when I get back from school

  • sophia martin says:

    There was a time in my life for like 2 years where I barely talked to anyone besides my best friend because I was nervous that I would stutter. 3 years later, I actually kinda like my stutter, it does annoy me sometimes though.

  • michael nichols says:

    I want a woman that stutters

  • javi says:

    Anybody who stutters, we don’t stutter when speaking to ourselves i think its just mental

  • lamfilipos says:

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  • Hm Comps says:

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  • rosalia muñoz says:

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  • Sub for no reason says:

    Sometimes my stutter so bad I am like mom can you pass the b,b,b,b,butt,butt,bu,b,,b,b,,b,butt,but,but,but,but,errrr

  • Sub for no reason says:

    I get the worst stutters when I am doing a presentation

  • Cutted Scenes says:

    My teacher laughs on me

  • Petak Zametak says:

    This is just superb, been searching for "how to get over stuttering" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  • Jomana says:

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  • Ricardo Ortiz says:

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  • Vendi Vukelic says:

    Winner of a video, I've been looking for "dealing with stammering" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  • Ilafar _ says:

    If you stutter and want it to slow down a little when you talk inhale then speak slow when you outhale

  • louis arrington says:

    I have stuttered my whole life and I hate myself for it. I need to figure out how to stop

  • John Smith says:

    i listened to eminem so now im a verbal warlerd

  • Robert Michon says:

    Cheers for this, been searching for "why do i stutter sometimes" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • What the duck says:

    I stutter a lot, talk really fast, and I say s with my tounge out and it's just really hard to deal with it everyday

  • Imthirstae says:

    My friend stutters a lot, but, she stutters by repeating the same word over and over

  • Yobabydaddysdad says:

    It's so hard finding a job when you stutter…

  • StormNinja says:

    I only stutter when im nervous

  • Joaquín Bernales says:

    If people would be more open and kind and less mean and trash stutterers will be a very little bit group in the world

  • KatnissPlays says:

    I never used to stutter. When im stressed or having anxiety i stutter or when im having a postural orthostatic tachycardia symptoms. When going to the er for my symptoms I stuttered so badly i couldnt say my name or date of birth at all

  • FàTé Malice says:

    I have a stutter from disconnections between neurons caused from brain damage. Kinda questioning myself now UwU

  • Megalodon64 says:

    When I stutter my brain seems to go 100 miles an hour and I have trouble focusing.

  • Diversionzz_ YT says:


  • Emmanuel Manzo says:

    Sometimes I wonder did I always stutter or did pick it up along my childhood days and was perhaps fixable with mental discipline by knowing there was a problem but lacked on pronouncing words correctly so it became a problem ever since.
    I swear I used to think I talked normal before but again when your a kid you don't pay attention to these things.

  • ToXic 187 says:

    I never had stuttering since the day i was born until i was 15 i started stuttering why

  • StormNinja says:

    I stutter when I talk to girls

  • jorge aldridge says:

    What do we think of leos stuttering in qt movie

  • Mehul Bafna says:

    Well, I'm a stutter so to inspire people with some humor I have started with my own page:

  • B.J .Y says:

    I sssstuttered while commmmmenting thisssss

  • Nerf This!!! says:

    Elon Musk also had this issue and now he is billionaire… so don't feel bad about yourselves

  • Kek says:

    I stutter sometimes when I'm anxious

  • Melanated Mami says:

    I only stutter when happy , excited, sad, scared, or mad and it’s embarrassing unless we’re making jokes cause we just add my stutter to the joke .

  • Natalie Vee says:

    It’s the worst when someone asks for your name

  • turbofan ct says:

    Just like a lot of people who commented here, I stutter.
    Since this may I'm following a course based on a method developed by…a stuttering man! Or, better to say, an EX-stuttering man, Giovanni Muscarà. He has been able to develop techniques that allow you to regain control of your body, who doesn't respond to your brain as you wish him to do, just like physiotherapy, and this method is one of the very few in the world to be scientifically validated.
    And, guess what?, IT'S WORKING!!
    I was skeptical at first but then…hey! I'm now getting able to speak where and when I ONLY had DREAMED of just three months ago!!
    For those who are interested, here is their website:

  • Horseman Secretariat says:

    I'm 23. It's only gotten worse as I've gotten older instead of going away after 6 or 7. Today I was trying to talk about the game Uncharted and could not get the U sound to come out of my mouth. I'd say "you know he was in that game–" and I just couldn't get any U sounds out so the conversation just stopped dead in its tracks. I wasn't nervous or anything. I was talking to my older brother.

  • Yasser Ben says:

    When you really want to say something, but never mind .

  • whoizdat1 says:

    I hate being a stutterer stops me from meeting new people and or certain careers and jobs

  • sunil kumar says:

    I am frustrated daily during my attendance in school,and unable to speak a single word-PRESENT SIR …….every second I thought how will be prepare for tomorrow!!!!!
    #need help

  • Akash Rahaman says:

    I also slutter from childhood but it wasn’t too severe & never affected my life that much but after i ended my school and started going to college…I am unable to speak properly and could not express my thoughts into words😖
    Its taking my confidence down and i am not able to take it anymore. 😓
    I have no one to share becz it feels embarrassing 😫…..
    If anyone of u feels like me
    can talk in whats app
    +91 9674497470
    Expecting for a miracle to happen so that we could get rid of this problem and change our lives😞

  • Anand 37 says:

    I studied so much but I am really nervous to apply for job as I stutter… Given chance I can do so much…..

  • karma police1111 says:

    In my own experience as a person who has stuttered on and off since an early age. I feel like mine comes from extreme anxiety. Drugs and alcohol always helped mine vanish for the most part

  • Chloe Jones says:

    im chloe and im 12 years old and well i have stutter and well……life is hader for me because i get bulled at school and well it made me emotionless and now i listen to music and i think it help me but…..ppl dont thing the same i do go to speach therapy and it dosent help and i have been going ot it for 5 years now and well i feel like my stutter has just gone worse but now i have my emotens back after something happend to me…..i fell off a bulding and well, i gues it helped?.yes i do skip ALLOT of school because of it its my i dont spell right but my mum is gonna try to homeschool me because of the kids at school…… . well thats my life i gues reply to this and telll me if u have stutter bye

  • Rahmath Ullah says:

    My dream is just pending,only for this problem 🥺😞😞

  • Rahmath Ullah says:

    My dream is just pending,only for this problem 🥺😞😞

  • Elré Marrely Van Wyk says:

    I've been stuttering my whole life and I hate it, because sometimes in my class the children make fun of me…and sometimes in class I'm afraid to ask questions just because I don't want to be laughed at. Nobody understands how hard it is to stutter you whole life…I'm even afraid to speak to new people, I'm afraid to speak oral in front of the class…I'm cannot even talk to my best friend or boyfriend about things I did or what happened to me yesterday etc because I'm scared of stuttering. I have so many questions on my mind but I'm just like nah nevermind…I hate it

  • FIFA Prodigy says:

    I got a stutter and most people in my school bully me

  • DAMIEN MILLS says:

    The character of Bill Denborough in Stephen King's IT is a stutterer. And every actor that has ever portrayed him in either the mini series and the two cinematic movies (as a child and as an adult) have done very well in not seeming insensitive in their portrayals.
    Johnathan Brandis did great. The adult version of Bill in the 1990 mini series was good. The kid actor in the 2017 movie was great. And so is James MacAvoy.

  • DAMIEN MILLS says:

    When I was in speech therapy, I was told my stutter was because my brain is too fast for my mouth to catch up. That is kind of true since my brain KNOWS what to say, I just get trouble saying it at the same rate as my brain making it.

  • nicoloco9974 says:

    Haha I don't stutter at all. I'm well versed with perfect speech. I'm flexing on all of you right now.

  • Legolas2Jason says:

    My biggest problem currently is speaking to girls :/, its like I know when to say something and how to say it, but I just cant.

  • Boy Wonder says:

    I used to stutter quite badly but now I speak really fast en people can't hear what hear what am saying cause I speak so fast

  • Cyrus Evans_YT says:

    When I stutter in class my heart sanks bc the kids in the class start laughing at me
    Edit: And my German teacher though I was done saying it bc I kept stuttering it😒

  • Pamela Alvarado says:

    I stutter alot ,, i remember making fun of a kid when i was a in 1 grade then in 2 grade a hade stuter problem and still do who realates????

  • kfsamul says:

    Emperors by blood

  • Iron Cote says:

    I wonder how my mom feels knowing that she's the reason I have bad stutter

  • Deerpoo22 says:

    Unbelievably enough mine went away dramatically between ages 20-25. When I was 15 I was as bad as Ben denborugh now at 25 it's nearly imperceptible. Have hope people!

  • Sathmani Poojary says:

    What is the solution sir

  • Ay Beats says:

    Specially during presentations

  • Tripurari Kumar says:

    Sluttering is deep inside subconscious mind so you have to reprogram the subconscious mind ,as we know subconscious mind is so powerful , so ,you have to do self hypnosis (30 min duration ) before sleeping at night , In self hypnosis ,you have to speak in reality in normal and fluent way ,in 1st person visualisation , During speaking you have to focus only on thought or subject which you want to say Don't be self conscious of speaking , you have to trust your mind that your mind will automatically change my thought to vocal speaking , I have to only focus on subject and other conscious. And FINALLY important thing ,since stammering is deep inside subconscious mind and we know subconscious mind is so powerful , so we have to remove all this garbage from our subconscious mind , so ,for that ,You have to do CATHARSIS MEDITATION (daily 1 hour) which was given by Osho for deep cleaning of subconscious mind , and for piece of mind you have to do WITNESSING and VIPASSANA meditation (daily 1 hour) after doing CATHARSIS MEDITATION

  • Ellz Ebk says:

    ive had a mildly sever stutter since i was 5 years old. I am now 23 and the stress of dealing with it has grown to be such a part of me that I feel like its eating me alive. I constantly wonder if I would have had a better life if I hadn't stuttered.

  • Parth Goswami hy says:

    How to cure it

  • paperpig says:

    when your a kid and its your turn for the presentation.

    yes thats me.

  • adamFIVE88 says:

    I had to goto speech therapy when I was a child, to slow my speech down, and lose my stutter, now it only happenes when I'm really stressed, I hate it.

  • Suni Sølvá says:

    if you get stutter at 10 will it go away?. My mom stuttered when she was 12, and now she does not stutter.

  • DYLTHEVYL says:

    If anyone is interested in getting rid of their stutter once & for all, email me at [email protected] For a great part of my life, I was a severe stutterer, and have overcome it. One of my goals in life, is to create a program, that teaches stutterers ALL over the globe, how they can do it to. To be one of the 1st to get my program, again, email me @ [email protected]

  • Alex Kim says:

    The words just don’t come out

  • asif ali says:

    Watch the king's speech….a stuttering king story

  • Alfred Fonseca says:

    How to overcome stammer and improve talking without any hesitation?

  • Jermaine C. says:

    But when you speak by yourself and speak in the mirror you I don’t stutter so some of this is true.

  • DarkNightZombie says:

    I get stuck on words for like a few seconds

  • Morris Wilburn says:

    I have no formal training in medicine or speech pathology. But I am a stutterer, and know what has worked for me. I am currently 66 years old, and have stuttered all of my life. As a child and adolescent, I received speech therapy using a behavioral modification approach. It was ineffective. In my early 30’s, I read about isolated instances in which medication helped stuttering, so I explored that. After several years of trial and error, I found two medications that when combined greatly improved my speech: Clorazepate and Fluoxetine. The improvement in my speech was so great that I would say it gave me a new life. I have been taking the meds every day for the past 30 years. So you may want to give it a try. But I recommend that you first try Buspirone instead of Clorazepate because it has fewer side-effects.

  • Simon Garcia says:

    Stuttering is a bot I’ve been stuttering for 12 years and its trash and people ask me all the time to stuttering

  • Rad Activity says:

    Stuttering is the bane of my existence. My "friends" like to call me out on it and I feel sad. It's not funny when someone stutters. It's like you think about what your gonna say but your mouth just dosen't cooperate with your thoughts. It's not rocket science to try to understand stuttering.

  • Abdullah Haidar says:

    Try to say stutterer

  • Abdullah Haidar says:

    Stuttering is ruining my carreer , all employers need someone with excellent communication skills which is impossible for me to achieve.My old boss would make fun of the way I talk and it was probably the main reason they made me leave the company.I am a top student in college and Im very good at my work, even when they let me go i was told that im very smart but i have to work on my communication skills. I dont understand why someone in my position (a programmer) have to be so fluent , I used to love programming because it doesnt require lots of talking.In college my friends dont have a problem with my stutters and they like talking to me and discussing school stuff.
    Also I really hate how people assume that I have a control over this problem. I tried so many methods but without seeing any good results.
    My parents tell me you need to learn how to talk and blame me for this problem.
    Im really embarrassed especially that Im 27 and when I speak I always look shy, scared and unconfident but im not !!!
    I've thought about suicide several times and might actually do it sometime if my stutter keeps getting in my way.

  • Abdullah Haidar says:

    Its definitely a physical problem since i stutter when im alone or when talking with my close friends whom i feel completely comfortable with. However i do believe thay depression , anxiety, lack of sleep and others make it a lot worse

  • SweetClips GL says:

    I don't think it "stuttering" its more like I cant control what I say Its like.. "Life is short dont waste it"
    comes out of my mouth as
    "Wife is shirt don't ate it" its like.. I HAVE TO SAY THE JOKE 5 TIMES TO GET IT RIGHT- i cant even simply say a good joke without saying the words wrong…

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy says:


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