The Novartis Commitment to Patients and Caregivers

The Novartis Commitment to Patients and Caregivers

When is the right time to consider the patient? When we’re developing clinical trials? Or meeting with our healthcare partners? When we’re pricing our products? Or planning our access strategy? We say all of the above and more. As you think about all the different disciplines that are involved in developing new medicines we really need to bring those together around the patient perspectives. Talking to patients deepens our understanding of disease. We use these insights to guide our research programs at every step of the process. We design clinical trials with input from patients and caregivers to balance risks and benefits and to select the endpoints that matter most to patients. Patient associations have a strong opinion and if we work with them, if we listen to them if we’re committed to picking up what matters most to them I think we can really make a difference in clinical development in the future. In technical development, we tailor our products and devices to the patients and caregivers that rely on them creating formulations fitted to patients’ needs and packaging tailored to the impairments of their disease state. By fostering patient engagement in developing countries we can ensure that neither geography nor medical need are barriers to access. Putting the patient in the middle from our access perspective is really important very early on to understand how can we actually better understand the patient suffering to come up with access solutions that help them. Our patients expect us to be honest, open, and respectful. We do too. That’s why we are committed to transparency both in our interactions with the patient community and with healthcare professionals. My greatest wish for what we at Novartis could achieve is to be true and tangible partners with the patient community. Really targeting their needs in a way that ultimately makes most sense for them their physician, their care plans, their families. Patients and society have a high expectation of Novartis and how Novartis will behave. And I think the new Commitment will further strengthen our collaboration with the patient community and help us be recognized as a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine. At Novartis we are committed to working side by side with patients and caregivers as only by listening to their preferences and needs will we truly deliver better patient outcomes and change the practice of medicine.

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  • Nicholas Brooke says:

    Like how Novartis people mention several times the high expectations of patients and patient organizations and how Novartis explains they build from the patient perspectives

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