The Most Powerful Strategy for Healing People and the Planet | Michael Klaper | TEDxTraverseCity

The Most Powerful Strategy for Healing People and the Planet | Michael Klaper | TEDxTraverseCity

Translator: Katrin R.
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Once, my awakening happened
while putting people to sleep, actually. I was working in Vancouver,
British Columbia, in 1981. At the Vancouver General Hospital,
I was a resident in anesthesiology – as you can see, I have not changed a bit – (Laughter) and I found myself on
the cardiovascular anesthesia service. Day after day,
I’m putting people to sleep, and I’m watching surgeons operate on arteries in their neck,
in their heart, all over their body. And from their arteries, their surgeons
are pulling out this yellow greasy gut called atherosclerosis. This is nasty stuff;
this stuff will kill you. This stuff will set up
formation of blood clots and stop blood flow
to your brain, your heart, will kill you with a stroke
or a heart attack. One day, I’m watching a surgeon pull out a particularly slithery, rubbery
piece of yellow material out of an artery, and I think to myself, “Man, that stuff looks like chicken fat.” And the little voice in my head says, “There’s a good reason
why it looks like chicken fat. It is chicken fat – and cow fat and pig fat and the fat of every other slow animal walking past this man’s table
when he had a fork in his hand.” (Laughter) This really resonated with me because I was eating lot’s of chicken,
and my cholesterol was through the roof. And my dad was already showing
signs of clogged arteries, and I knew I was going to be laying
on that operating table with that Stryker saw going up my sternum, and uh-uh, I didn’t want that. I saw those people when they woke up. I began getting these flashing lights saying you should change
what you are eating, you should stop putting all
that animal flesh through your arteries. And that duly registered. But the real clincher
came several weeks later. I was having dinner with a friend
in a restaurant in Vancouver, and, actually, the seeds of this incident
had been planted years ago. There were already literature reports
in the medical journals that people could reverse clogged arteries
with a plant-based diet. This one was published in 1977. Dr. Dean Ornish had
already published studies showing that you could reverse
this plaque out of your arteries with a plant-based diet. As these were resonating with me, I remembered something
that happened ten years earlier. When I was a fourth-year medical student, I would spend my Saturday nights
in the trauma unit at bad old Cook County
Hospital in Chicago. And every Saturday night, I would see the worst of what human beings
inflicted upon each other. I saw the shotgun blasts
and the machete chops, and by Sunday morning,
I would walk out of that trauma unit shaking with what I had seen
humans do to each other. I knew I couldn’t get rid of
all the violence in the world, but at least I could try and get
the violence out of my own life. So I started making a serious study
of living a life of non-violence. I read the works of Gandhi
and the Indian saints about living a life of ahimsa,
of non-violence. So one evening
in a restaurant in Vancouver, I am pontificating to a friend
about living a life of non-violence, but I was doing so while polishing off
a 14-ounce porterhouse steak. (Laughter) He looked at me with great compassion
and said, “That’s all very nice Michael, but if you want to really get
the violence out of your life, you might want to start with
that piece of animal muscle on your plate because in satisfying your desire
for the taste of their meat in your mouth, you are paying for
the death of the animal and for the next one in line
at the slaughterhouse. Well, when he said that, all the old rationalizations
jumped into my head: “Well, that’s what they raised them for,”
“The animal is dead already,” all of those came up, but before the words could pass my lips, that little voice in my head said, “Try it! Try it.” I had done a lot of my growing up
on my uncle’s dairy farm in Wisconsin; I saw the old dairy cows
who weren’t being milked shot in the head; I had chopped the heads off chickens; I had seen calves
taken away from their mothers to keep that milk flowing
so my uncle could sell the milk: I knew the cruelty and the violence that were inherent
in all animal flesh products, all meat, all dairy products. When I went up to pay
for the state dinner, I felt complicit in
a violent act, a violent crime, and at that point, I knew that my days of eating meat
and dairy products were over. If I was going to be a man of integrity, I could no longer deny the fact
that in paying for this meat, I’m actually paying
for unspeakable cruelty to be delivered upon
these innocent animals. And I could not deny
my complicity in that act. So I adopted a plant-based diet. It wasn’t a big sacrifice. I had oatmeal and fruit in the morning
with some rice milk on it. Lunches and dinners: big colorful salads,
hearty vegetable soups, Oriental stir fries, Indian curries, big plates of steamed
green and yellow vegetables, lots of colorful fruit for dessert. It was a joyous way of eating – still is. No calorie counting, no portion control,
just eat till you get full. And my body loved it! Within ten weeks, a twenty-pounds spare tire of fat
melted around my waist, my high cholesterol sank to normal, my elevated blood pressure went to normal, and I felt great waking up in
a nice lean, light body every day. At that point, I realized I was six months
away from finishing my residency, but as much I loved anesthesia, I knew I didn’t want to be
an anesthesiologist and spend all my time putting
people to sleep, literally. What I really wanted to do was to go back to general practice
and help them wake up. Because I left general
practice as a retreat because I couldn’t handle,
I couldn’t face my patients like Ken. Lovely man, funny guy, really love Ken, but his body was
a slow-motion train wreck. Sixty pounds past obese,
on two medications for blood pressure, on insulin and metformin for his diabetes. His lipids were over the moon. He hadn’t had an erection for years
because his arteries were so clogged up. Every time I saw Ken and all his – You know, his wife Karen is
the mirror image of him. On this morning, doctors all over North America,
Australia, New Zealand, UK, where everybody’s got
a waiting room full of Kens because this is who we’ve become
in recent decades. I would feel like a fraud
every time I interacted with Ken. I didn’t know what to tell him. “You’ve got to lose some weight, Ken. Eat little less. You ought to walk a little bit more.” And I’d fiddle with his insulin dosage, and as he was leaving the office,
I would mumble under my breath, “And please don’t have your stroke
when I’m on a call.” And this was the kind of medicine
I was practicing and like so many doctors are practicing, and it’s so disheartening because we know we’re really not helping; we are just presiding over
the slow-motion demise of these patients. Well, after my nutritional revelation,
I knew what to tell these patients. Because Ken and all the diseases
they bring to us – the obesity and the diabetes
and the high blood pressure and all the inflammatory diseases – we were told that these
are chronic diseases, you can’t get rid of them,
you manage them, and doctors have become disease managers: we manage high blood pressure,
we manage diabetes. I don’t know of any doctor who filled out his medical school
application and said, “My burning desire in life is to write
prescriptions and manage chronic disease.” We went into medicine
to relieve suffering and to cure these diseases, and every one of these diseases
is curable, every single one of them. Every doctor who practices
lifestyle medicine has a stable full of patients
who used to have diabetes, who used to be obese,
who used to have asthma. All these diseases go away. But if you talk to the lurid professors
or you open up the medical textbooks to find the cause of these diseases, you’re going to run into two words
that stop all further thought: etiology unknown. We don’t know what causes these diseases. There’s some molecular mismatch
on some genetic issue here. We’re working on it. As soon as the smart docs in the labs
figure out how to make “Amazocillin,” we’ll get it to you, and you can give it to your patients
for 1000 dollars a pill. Until then, you just keep prescribing
your statins and your stents, and don’t get too depressed. And more and more doctors are getting
depressed and leaving medicine. Etiology unknown – nonsense. It’s the food! What people are eating these days. People are eating anywhere near
the standard Western diet. They have eggs in the morning, and lunches and dinners have
burgers and fried chicken and buffalo wings and pizzas, etc. That is the cause of the clogged arteries,
the obesity, diabetes, etc. Every meal sends a tide
of heavy saturated fats, free-radical containing oils,
problematic proteins, concentrated sugars. This injures us on every level. And if you decide, if you choose to put a piece of meat
in the middle of every meal – and that’s how most Westerners eat: Where’s my protein?
Got to have meat with every meal – if you choose to eat in that manner, you are choosing to add a particularly toxic brew
of molecules into your bloodstream, hour after hour – I’ll just just go over
the first four of these. The very act of cooking meat
creates trillions of free-radical ions, and these rip electrons off of your DNA
and your cell membranes – very destructive molecules. Neu5Gc, this is a sialic acid
that only animals make, and it sets off inflammatory reactions
throughout the body, and the meat eaters are eating this stuff
two or three times a day. Endotoxin, this is from the bacteria
in the slaughterhouse, that coat all the meat. They break apart their cell walls, forms as endotoxin molecule
that makes your blood clot, slows your heart,
sets off allergic reactions. TMAO, trimethylamine oxide. This stuff forces cholesterol
into your artery walls, and it’s made from
the bacteria in your gut that are spawned by eating meats and eggs. We are not Homo Carnivorous. We are not the meat-eating ape. But when we try and eat like that,
we spawn microbes that turn on us, and I’m afraid our friends and patients
eating in the Paleo style are going to learn this one the hard way. Even if you are taking
the skin off the chicken and eating wild-caught salmon, you are still putting these molecules
through your bloodstream hour after hour, day after day,
month after month, year after year, and it has effects. We now know that food brings in a lot more
than fats, carbohydrates and protein. Our food is chemically alive. Within minutes of eating anything, molecules of that food are washing
through every cell in your body, where your DNA lies unfolded. Food molecules wash through your cells,
and they play your DNA like a piano. They turn genes on; they turn genes off. They induce enzymes;
they shut enzymes down. Every meal changes us
on a genetic molecular level. In this digital age, we can’t be shocked to realize
that food brings in not only nutrients; it brings in information. The science is called nutrigenomics. It’s how your food
turns your genes on and off, and we can’t pretend
this is not happening. This is where inflammation starts,
this is where cancer starts, this is where immunity resides,
this is where healing begins if we turn on
the right genes with our food. People blame their genetics: “Oh, my dad had a heart attack at age 56.
I’m going to get one too.” Yeah, if you run the same food
through your tissues, you’ll create the same diseases. But in one sentence,
to free you from the idea that you’re genetically
predetermined to get these diseases: Your genes may load the gun, but your diet and lifestyle
pull the trigger. Whether that disease
actually manifests in your body depends upon the molecules you’re flowing
through your tissues day after day. You don’t have to be a geneticist
to understand that the genes that are going to be turned on
by this this fuel mixture are going to be fundamentally
qualitatively different than the genes turned on
by this fuel mixture. This salad is symbolic
of all the world of plant-based foods, all the green and yellow
vegetables, the fruit, etc. When you eat food like this,
then hour after hour, tides of these wonderful phytonutrient
molecules wash through your cells, and they are stabilizing,
they are antioxidant, they quench free radicals,
they promote tissue regeneration, they give the chemical
message to your tissues: “Shh, calm down. Everything’s okay.” Because for doctors to practice medicine without appreciating what
the patient’s diet is really doing to them puts the doctor in the position
like the blind man and the elephant, where blind men grab
different part of the elephant, each has a different part
of the same elephant, but nobody has an idea
what the whole elephant really is. Well, that’s the problem
with modern medicine: All these specialists
are in their cubicles looking at the body
from all their given viewpoints, and they are trying to figure out
the molecular mechanisms, when the reality is
that it’s what our patients are eating. The Western diet has become so toxic that these molecules bubble up
through all the organ systems. The internist sees
the high blood pressure, and the endocrinologist
sees the type 2 diabetes, and the physiatrist sees the sore joints, and the rheumatologist
sees the autoimmune diseases, and the dermatologist sees the psoriasis, and the gastroenterologist
sees the colitis and the Crohn’s disease. They are all looking at the same disease! It’s what our patients are eating! It’s the food, it’s the food,
it’s the food, and we can’t pretend it’s not. But when’s the last time
you went to the doctor, and he said, “Take me through your day. What do you have
breakfast, lunch and dinner? I’m really interested in your diet.” Anybody have a doctor ask you that? Why not? That’s the real issue. Because if a patient goes on
a whole-food, plant-based diet, then we at least owe them the information. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days
of that fuel mix – the changes are spectacular. The obesity starts to melt away,
the arteries open up, the high blood pressure goes down,
the joints stop hurting, the skin clears up,
the lungs stop wheezing, the bowel start working, and people turn into
normal healthy people that don’t have diabetes,
that don’t have aches and pains, and they don’t need medications
and pills and procedure. You just see them at the
health food store and the bike path, which is really just
where I want to see them. And medicine gets fun again. These fearsome diseases that you’re told never go away
and that food has nothing to do with them, you find, absolutely, food has everything
to do with these conditions, and they get better
as the diet gets better, including the artery disease, the plaques that are in this artery, a whole-food, plant-based diet melts away. How much longer can doctors pretend that food has nothing to do
with these diseases? It is unfair and unethical to withhold
this information from our patients. In fact we are instructed
by the Medical Association to give our patients
this relevant knowledge. Medicine becomes fun again
when that happens; it certainly happened to my patient Ken. The body thrives on
the whole-food, plant-based diet, and so does the Earth. Because the reality is
that our flesh-based diet, the industrial production of animal flesh, is the driving force behind every one of the major environmental
destructive forces we face today. This is why the forests
are being cut down, to make grazing land
and crop land for beef. This is where the water is going;
this is what is polluting the water. Seventy billion animals
raised for slaughter every year are all breathing out carbon dioxide
and belching out methane. Our thirst for flesh, our hunger for flesh is really what’s driving so much
of the destruction we’re seeing. I urge people to go to the website
Comfortably Unaware and educate yourself about how
our meat consumption is really driving this poor bear
onto this melting iceberg, and strip mining the ocean is not a help. But if we change our diet, we will need so much land less
to feed everyone with a plant-based diet that the forests will come back, the soils will stabilize,
the water will get purer. This Earth will heal, and the chances for a livable future
for our kids will increase. I urge each of you to go to, educate yourself,
and especially the physicians – there’s lot’s of good
CME information there. Check out videos like Forks Over Knives,
Eating You Alive and What the Health. Doctors all over the world are waking up. Check out the Plantrician project; you’ll find there thousands
of plant-based doctors now all talking to each other as a new era of plant-based
medicine is dawning. I’m doing what I can,
I’m going around to medical schools and talking to first, second
and third-year medical students and giving them the lecture I wish
someone had given me when I was a first-year medical student. It’s what your patients are eating! Ask them about their diet. You can cure these people. If we evolve our diet as individuals, we will get healthier as a species, we will heal this planet, and the future will get
better for all of us. So I want the public
to wake up to the power that they have available to them
in a plant-based diet. I want my medical colleagues to wake up and see the food that our patients
are eating are key in the causation
and the cure of these diseases, and for all of us
to be aware of the bright future that a plant-based diet offers all of us. I’m dr. Michael Klaper. What’s on your plate? (Applause)


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    This is the first person able to convince me to become a vego. Lovely talk!

  • Carla Haight says:

    Excellent and inspiring.

  • Kash Corner says:

    Bless you Dr. Klaper, heartfelt thanks for your truly inspiring talk✌️❤️🌟

  • Lilith says:

    He sounds like dr Bergman. Hes great. Dont know why this vid gets many dislikes. Hes right

  • Saint Niko says:

    That's right people – all and every disease is curable – they will tell you otherwise because they simply need you to remain a client, you slowly dying, and them making a little buck off of you. LOL here is one doctor simply telling the truth.

  • mohammad alhamdan says:

    Wow. Thank you. Powerful short talk. I know what he said is absolutely scientifically valid because I live it.

  • Darshan Kumar Suri Suri says:

    The absolute truth about science.Still many don't get it.

  • Byron Mengel says:

    There are no incurable diseases, only incurable personalities.

  • Daniel Lugo says:

    if everybody gets a hundred years old then the earth will collapse…to much demand to much people thats why we have cigarettes meat alcohol drugs…

  • C Jennings says:

    Nightshade vegetables cause HORMONAL imbalance. & Arthritis sore muscles & Slow energy. Low stamina. Forgetful. ?????


    This is just Mind blowing information. Thank you Doctor Kapler.

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