The Mole Is Revealed – How to Get Away with Murder

The Mole Is Revealed – How to Get Away with Murder


  • Dennis Jose Martinez Antonio says:

    I can whit Usher


    fuck you

  • andrew carson says:


  • Erik Gutierrez says:

    I never cared for Asher

  • charlieb1976 says:

    I'm glad Asher is gone. Annalise could've turned them all in and she didn't. She is THE ONLY ONE that hasn't killed anyone. Were her methods questionable? Maybe, but they should think about the alternative. Though I don't think Michaela would've went with it. She just asked Annalise why does she protects them a few episodes ago. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  • Jay Jay says:

    Oh my god wes is alive!!! This season finale had me on my toes 😭😱😱😱😱😱 was shocked as shit !!! Our girl annalise survives and makes it out 💅 now we watch the rest save themselves! And take down the governor and FBI.

  • Bia Bia says:

    Aster was always a punk bitch

  • Tmob29 says:

    I'm glad Michaela figured it out and on shrooms….bonus points

  • T Nation says:

    Omg I so knew wes wasn’t dead I haven’t watched since season 4 I think lol but i had to watch like tonight’s episode to see if wes is gonna like turn up since it’s the last season it’s like what wes died and the rest didn’t and I was like what if he didn’t die and he’s just hiding

  • Declan Karabo Molatlhwe says:

    I'm disappointed in Asher. I actually liked him. Snitch!😒

  • Cherry Muse says:

    I was rooting for asher. So disappointed.

  • Emmett Harold says:

    Why isn’t this on the app yet?! What do I pay for then???

  • Sally says:

    The ending of this episode just confused me more 😭😭

  • Vali-Lucifer says:

    Frank killed Asher

  • LiwiaGoszynska says:

    All these years I've spent defending his pathetic ass only for him to turn out to be the trash everyone thought him to be? Wow…ok now about Wes what the actual fuuuuuuuck?????

  • Raaachella M says:

    All these yearrsss and this bitch ass fooled us all !! I feel so dumb

  • Husni Wazir says:

    How the hell does he want to pin everything on Annalise when all she is been doing is protect them ,sooo ungrateful

  • jade dennis says:

    Don’t pretend we didn’t know that Asher wasn’t a snitch bitch from the moment we met him.

  • MCMNasty2 says:

    So sad that it turned out to be him. I actually believed him when he said the K5 were his family now. Asshat.

  • queenred12 says:

    God how ungrateful! Annalise has covered for them time and time again. She is literally the only one that doesn't have blood on her hands. They love to say how much she screwed them over, but really they screwed her over royally.

  • Kim Joy says:

    Annalise before she fly told Frank to Kill Asher because she said to the driver to turn

  • Denko says:

    Nothing against Matt McGorry but I never cared for his character on the show. I'm actually happy that Asher died.

  • LiwiaGoszynska says:

    You can all go to jail for murder cause guess what, y’all murdered ppl. Annalise is the only one not involved in anyone’s death

  • Charlotte Smythe says:

    Wow Asher. This asshole! How do you turn on the ppl who have been there for you more than your own family! She preyed on you? Bitch you killed someone! Annalise hasn’t. Omg I’m so sick of his ass.

  • roman efron says:

    I Knew It! I Knew It! I Knew It! from the minute Asher was brought into the murder club I always figured he would do this… I never liked him and not because of the obvious just because as the show expanded I always got the impression of white priveleage … I mean come on she never made Asher a killer but she still tried to protect him and now he wanted throw her under the bus?? he dissevered his fate

  • Ale says:

    I couldn’t wait to see the ep so here I am spoiling myself

  • xtopher says:

    I thought dead asher was going to be the big deal of the episode but seeing Wes SHOOK ME TO MY CORE! OMFG!! I fuckin love this show, there's so much adrenaline going through my body, I cant sleep.

    I hated that Asher & Nate were blaming everything on Analiese. She may be a lot of things but FUCK she never said to kill anyone. Just reminded me of reality and how people always wanna blame others for their actions instead of looking in the mirror. Drives me craaaazy

  • Toni Meter says:

    I hate that Wes is back. I'm already sick of that guy and Laurel. Asher was killed by Wes or Gabriel, there was some kind of a fight and Frank is involved. I don't care about Asher after this, what he did is terrible. I'd hit him without mushrooms, lol.

  • Yến Hạ says:

    I thought Asher is a good boy. 🙁


    I think Asher Sacrificed himself.
    He knew what he was talking about.
    He Did want to be a Judge or DA.
    Also, Where's the money he won from Annalise?!🤔🤔

  • Jessica Wesson says:

    Definitely didn’t see Wes coming back—>

  • Mae says:

    the Keating 5 was involved in murders, so really they got blood on their hands. Wes killed Sam. the others may not have killed him but they are accessories to murder. Oliver almost killed Asher out of anger (i guess). Asher killed Sinclair. Laurel probably killed her mom. well, we know Frank killed people. Bonnie killed Rebecca and Ron (all because of the almighty ungrateful Nate). Annalise is the only clean one here. they should stop blaming her for everything. as for Asher's betrayal, i guess i would've accepted it if he tried telling the truth instead of pointing fingers at Annalise when she did nothing but protect their asses.

  • Debbie Woweries says:

    I still love Asher. What he did was completely wrong and ungrateful after all that Annalise has done for them but I also get him wanting to protect his Mom and the others. Also, don’t they all do the same thing over and over again?! Like, they‘re always letting someone else go down for what they did, so it‘s not that surprising to me that one of them might turn on Annalise.

  • Antonia williams says:

    I knew he was trash

  • SARA says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they all played a role in Asher's death. They didn't seem too shocked when the FBI told them of Asher's death.

  • Jordan Fleming says:

    I knew wes was not dead i just knew it

  • karli jones says:

    Oliver Pokemon looking ass killed Asher technically. I think Asher bled out.

  • Andrew Saunders says:


  • Hlonipha Mchunu says:

    Cues Tyra Banks "We were rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you Asher" 👏🏼🙄

  • King MAM says:
    Episode 9 ending

  • Doctor Fangshion says:

    I’m not surprised at all. Asher has always been the weakest link of them all

  • Kim Joy says:

    Annalise Faked Wes's Death as She will do to her self Wes indeed her son because she adopted him

  • EL says:

    I always knew had a bad feeling that Asher the mole. This confirmed my suspicion about him. 😒 Who else had a bad feeling that Asher was the snitch?

  • Brandon Stilinski T says:

    Son of gun, Not really surprised🙄

  • Elise Ellis says:

    Whoever left the poker stick near ashers body is a mystery

  • Oscar Asso'o says:

    Wes died? What the actually fuck? It so doesn’t make sense. This show is becoming trash..

  • ᎫᎯᎩ says:

    If Annalise had not seduced Sam into cheating on his wife or found a way to win the Mahoney case without risking Wes’s moms life or if she had not destroyed Bonnie on the stand, Got frank (a sociopathic killer) out of jail, move Wes off the waitlist, chose Asher because of his dad, chose Micheala because of her father, or if she had just turned Sam in as a suspect in Lila’s Murder and not Nate who’s dying wife made him go looking on the streets for love. If she had just not lured in, manipulated and destroyed the lives of other people like Issac, and not taught her students to do the same then NONE and I mean NONE of this would happened. She is at the heart of everything and the FBI knows this. Why kill the henchmen when you can put a stop to the whole mob by taking out the head of the family? They should have all took immunity from the start.

  • KnowledgeGatherer DraftSaver says:

    So who do you hate most now – Laurel or Asher? I don’t hate Laurel, I don’t like that she abandoned them but Annalise is now doing the exact same, so obviously, Laurel and Annalise made the smart decisions. Although, Laurel said that Tegan helped her take Christopher and run.

    I can’t believe that after everything Asher’s been through that this is how his story panned out.
    I think it’s safe to say that we all knew that this is exactly what Asher would have done if he found out that Annalise leaked his father’s corruption to the Attorney General in season 2 which made his father kill himself and prompted Asher to blame Sinclair and kill her. For what it’s worth, Annalise is the only one who hasn’t killed anyone, she’s protected and hasn’t turned them all in for what they’ve done, but some of what Asher says makes sense that they wouldn’t be these people and have their lives like this if Annalise hadn’t hired them for the K5. Remember what Annalise said in the finale of season 1:
    “There’s no TRUTH in the courtroom; there’s just your VERSION of what happened VS. THEIRS!”
    To be fair, Annalise has done more for them and protected them more than they deserved, but she’s now running for her life and abandoning them like Laurel, that doesn’t seem fair because even though she deserves to be safe and happy considering everything bad that’s gone wrong and blown back onto her; whether it’s fair or not, she does kind of owe Connor and Michaela because like Asher said their lives and who they are wouldn’t be as they are now if Annalise hadn’t hired and brought them into her life, even though they are partly to blame for Sam’s murder.

  • Marq Wright says:

    I’m so disappointed in Asher!!! Michaela is my girl for figuring it out, high and all!

  • Pajtas Chili Pepper says:

    Asher didn't deserve to die…

  • Patrick C says:

    This whole episode proved that he should have died instead of Wes. OH WAIT!

  • Maria Annunziata says:

    They did my boy Asher wrong.

  • Nancy Keovongsa says:

    Asher is the mole

  • Hunni B says:

    Soooo I’m guessing Gabriel’s the one killed Asher?? Asher went to see him and must have told him the truth about what happened to Sam so Gabriel killed him and pinned it on Connor and Michaela??

  • Demigod CapMexica says:

    People saying its Frank who killed Asher is too on the nose. What if he just bled out from the wound ???

  • Lady Edith says:

    They are all going to die, but not be dead. I always suspected thats how you get away with murder but the Snow White defence case and the arrival of Wes, WES!!! along with Annalise's departure. Clears that up. Laurel pointing a finger at Tegan. That was interesting, and why is everyone so certain that Asher is really dead? Oliver has lost his damned mind. Je has cracked under the strain with the death and drugs and he cracked Asher with that poker with a quickness. And Connor just looked on. Uninterested as usual. They have all gone mad! WES!!! WES!!!

  • Ognjen Zivkovic says:

    Honestly Nate needs to go already

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