The Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Treatment

The Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Treatment

Hi Russ Curran here from epigenetics and
nutrition dot com and today I just want to spend a little bit of time on one of the best kept secrets when it
comes to curing the the flu and colds and ear infections and a
whole host of other things and it’s from something that actually
cost pennies however most institutions and doctors don’t want
you to know about it for the simple reason that
they can’t make money on it. Big Pharma can’t make money on it and a lot of doctors don’t know how
effective it uses are and that is something called hydrogen
peroxide I know everybody has heard of it because everyone tends to pour it on the cuts or spray it on their cuts especially our children when they get
nicked up or dinged up right with a cut, burn or abrasion or whatever
because it’s such a great antibacterial right hydrogen
peroxide so I wanted to talk about how effective
this is in the ear how it works in the ear canal to whip out colds and flus before they ever get
started okay especially when the onset of symptoms is just
starting to show I’m gonna show you how to do that but also I can tell you from personal experience with this this amazing product hydrogen peroxide which cost just
pennies has helped me as I had chronic
sinusitis my teenage years into my early twenties and it was because of a lot of different things combined
number one I used to drink milk not excessively but I drank enough of it and what milk does is it builds and forms
mucus colds feed on mucus and it goes to work in the ear canal ear infections the whole thing kinda
comes together and I used to drink lattes from
Starbucks all the time with milk before I knew any better this was many many years ago twenty years ago and that fed to the chronic sinusitis
when I found out about the amazing benefits of hydrogen
peroxide a lot of people don’t understand you can actually get this intravenously
right into your veins like a vitamin C drip and there’s all kinds of different things you can put directly
into your veins intravenously but you can actually get this and I’m gonna
share a week with you below the video for one of the doctors that has pioneered this and I actually want to see him he’s in Scottsdale Arizona doctor Gordon
Joseph’s and as a result of ten quick treatments one a week I wiped out the candida in my gut which is a result of antibiotics which is a result that taking them over
many years for sinusitis gone. What this will also do
treatments of this is bring your lungs back to what they
were when you were a kid so nice and pink and healthy and remove tar and gunk and all that
kind of stuff of the lungs it’s amazing okay so back to the original intent of the video is for you or your child when you first start feeling the onset of a cold or flu here’s all you need to do go get some
food grade hydrogen peroxide I think everybody has this in their house and or go to CVS Walmart 3% percent hydrogen peroxide is all you need and and get yourself a little glass dropper a little dropper like this okay because all you need is about three
drops simply tilt your head you can lay down on the
couch on a bed have somebody or yourself put in three drops directly into your
ear and let it sit there for five to ten minutes and you can hear it’s going to sound
loud and kids could get a little nervous with that the the bubbling sensation in the ear
it’s not going to hurt them not gonna do anything you know do any
harm to them so worry about that and it’s gonna work extremely well after
five or ten minutes and then maybe a little slight stinging I’ve never felt that myself but you may
have that once it’s gone away just simply drain the ear on a tissue and do it on the other
side that’s it and what you’re gonna find is those
symptoms for the cold in for the flu are going to be wiped out for eighty to ninety percent of the cases by the next morning It’s proven it’s worked for over 100
years it’s amazing so the next time you start feeling
onset of a cold or flu I urge you to go get your peroxide a little
little dropper get them in your ear canal because
that’s where it happens and most people don’t understand colds don’t start from what gets in your nose you know as
our filter or in our eyes generally it starts from the ear canal
and ear clogging and ear infections so when you get peroxide in there peroxide goes to work on attacking all kinds of
viral bacteria and viruses and knocks it out
completely and very very quickly so for me it wiped
out sinusitis and candida in my gut and I don’t get colds anymore okay and for for thousands of others that
know about this treatment they’ll get colds or the flu anymore so stay away from flu
shots you don’t need it here is something the cost pennies and can do a whole host of things for you so
hope that helps if you have any questions the leave me a comment below the video
call me directly I’d love to help you but this is going to save you a lot of
pain, aggravation and a lot of antibiotics and keep you feeling better year round so thank you so much cheers to your


  • Donna Jean Biggs says:

    Will Foodgrade Hydrogen Peroxide work in the ear too?

  • Donna Jean Biggs says:

    Also, can Foodgrade Hydrogen Peroxide help with an ulcer? I know the wonderful benefits of it, but have been unsure whether using it for this purpose is ok.

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    Do help with candida overgrowth does this need to be taking orally with water in right dosages or can be taking as you said putting few drops in your ear
    I am talking about intestinal candida
    I have multiple symptoms in my body especially my gut

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    Thank you for reply
    I would never go to conventional doctor as i know there is no help there..
    Is it possible to do it on my own if not maybe alternative doctor would help me
    Can you just give me more response in regards candida
    How long it take you to get candida back to normal
    Did you follow any diet
    Have you had any liver gallblader flushes? Doctor A.Moritz says if liver and gallblader not flushed from stones candida most likely to comeback
    I really appreciate your answer as i had various symptoms over last 2years very long list and every test i done at the clinics its all always just fine
    But trust me i am not fine
    And i strongly believe i have candida overgrow

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    I really appreciate you communicating here with me
    Last thing i will ask you
    Have you heard of mms sodium chlorite
    It is all over internet and also claims to allow body to heal itself from candida
    Just trying to figure out what one i should try HP or MMS

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    Thank you very much

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    Hi again
    I start reading on the matter and got confused
    Some say if HP administered on its own could even die? They claim that one day vit c next day HP
    Was this what you done also in what dosages
    Thank you very much

  • Romas Pasukonis says:

    Alright thanx a lot for sharing your expierence.

  • ras 47 says:

    Yea I've been doing this but I never let it stay in for 5 min. I'm going to try that

  • A Google User says:

    Thank you for the video! You mentioned that you used hydrogen peroxide to clean your gut. I have been fighting acne ever since I was 13 (about 7 years now) and I heard from others that cleaning out the bacteria in your gut can help with acne. I will soon be taking Accutane, which I'm not too excited about. How did you use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean out your gut? Thanks! -Julia K

  • Jordan Morales says:

    hey hows it goin names jordan morales if u can contact me somehow or maybe i can contact u im 23 been dealing with some agrevating feeling in my ears for atleast a year now on n off more so on please id love to talk to u maybe u can help explain or help fix wats goin on thank u so much love to hear from u can be life changing for me

  • nedu appu says:

    put it iv ?

  • nedu appu says:

    can I use it to cure constipation

  • Visage de Cara says:

    this gave me an earache in one ear any tips?

  • Isabel H says:

    Hello Ross, how did you get rid of your Candida? Did you put the Peroxide in your ear?
    Also, can you use Hydrogen Peroxide in a Neti Pot as a sinus wash?

  • Amit Mahajan says:

    I am suffering from sinusitis for long years…Can you please tell me how i can use h2O2 for removing mucus which i keep getting thru out day sometimes or night mostly. Your help is appreciated.

  • GangsterA johnson says:

    will it help clean out earwax to

  • Derma Tube says:

    hello doctor , I am Egyptian woman 53 years old , about one month ago I scratch hard my ear (the left one ) and I think it is infected , then day by day I felt it is closed and can not hear from it , somebody advised me with OTAL ear drops , it is ok for just a little time and then my ear closed again , somebody again advised me to use LUCASTIN DROPS , same conclusion … and after this great video Iam going to buy Hydrogen Peroxide ( don't know if this product is available in Egypt or not )..
    I just wanna know ,,, is it H2O2 ??? we call it in Egypt " Oxogen water" .. or your product is different ???
    one more question ,,, after cleaning my ear , how do I use it regulary to maintain my ear ( once a week — twice a week — once per month ) ???

  • Jason Madonia says:

    how do you use it for treatment of lungs.?

  • Joahan Castaneda says:

    Does it have to be a certain temperature?

  • Gods Eye View says:

    I cannot thank you enough for making and sharing this video. My cough was getting so bad that i was having breathing issues. I did the treatment only once and not only did it take care of my cough, my hearing got so much better. Thank you brother, sending a bundle of good energy your way. Peace 🙂

  • Helen Elsenpeter says:

    Russ, thank you for the information. How do yo use HP to get rid/balance Candida?

  • w p says:

    Hi Russ. First off, very good video… Thank you.
    Just a personal gripe though …. whenever I hear the "doctors don't want you to know" statement, it is usually followed by the "snake oil" bit.
    Do you really believe that the average family doctor is that shallow ?

  • seeamerica1 says:

    I've had chronic ear wax build up for years. Have been advised to put peroxide in by many doctors but it doesn't work to actually remove the wax. It only softens the wax; so then after doing this every day for a week I still have to go to the ENT doctor to have the wax removed by suction. Of course I've been told I have very tiny ear canals which prevents the wax from just falling out. It seems no doctor knows the actual cause of ear wax build up. I wish I didn't have to keep paying $ to the doctors so if you ever find out what the cause is please tell me! I gave up drinking milk a long time ago after finding out I was allergic so that's not it. Is there a way to clean out the body of candida without doctor visits?  Actually I don't know if I have that. Oh well, Thanks!

  • Chris Castaneda says:

    Russ, I appreciate your video and the information, what an eye opener! I will try this from now on, and even the peroxide IV you mentioned, my only hope is that there is someone here in LA that does it. Cheers to your health Sir!

  • KGB says:

    drinking half a tea of sodium carbonate in 6-8oz glass of water 2x day, prevents a lot of issues as well and had cancer preventive properties due to increase of bodily alkalinity, which bacteria are usually not found of ( they like acidic environment)

  • Jilly Gibson says:

    Thank you Russ, going to try this tonight!

  • Jilly Gibson says:

    Ear ache subsided considerably but throat worse today. Any suggestions?

  • Jilly Gibson says:

    Will give it a try. thanks

  • S G says:

    I've suffered with ear infection since I was really young my mom told me that an old lady one of our neighbors in Florida I believe she was Hispanic cured meat one day because the doctors wanted to put tubes in my ears when I was 2 years old the neighbor told my mom to bring me over there because I wouldn't stop crying from the ear infection and my mom said she took me from her and put the ear drops hydrogen peroxide in my ears and in less than 3 days the ear infection was gone I still suffer from ear infections in chronic ear pain and sinus problems to where I have drainage in the back of my throat and one time I had to be hospitalized for a few hours to get breathing treatments because the resume a straight answer my ears and my throat that it caused by popular tubes to swell and started to restrict my airway every time I tried to speak I couldn't breathe I was like that for almost three months until one emergency room doctor figured out what the problem was because not even an ENT two different specialist that I went to told me my ears were fine when they weren't and they still aren't I still haven't been properly treated by do do the peroxide treatment when I need to that's the only thing that seems to help I'm at my wits end with the ringing in my ears and no help from any

  • S G says:

    my body is immune to all antibiotics they had to put me on prednisone for two weeks this is didn't tell you about happened almost two years ago from January all the way through March when they finally treated me with pregnazone in the emergency room after I couldn't breathe and my airway was being restricted I'm starting to feel like that cold again is coming on or I don't know what it is

  • Michael Dufour says:

    Russ – Is hydrogen peroxide also effective at removing ear wax buildup? Thanks for your help.

  • Palex24 says:

    Does that work to clear symptoms of cold that have been there for about a week ?

  • A Last says:

    hello Russ I wonder can you give me some advice I suffer from tinnitus. and once a year or so I find if I am under the weather a bit the tinnitus gets worse. do you think this could be due to an inner ear infection. I went to a doctor and he really wasn't much help I don't think he knew. hope you can help me and get back to me thank you.

  • natasha l says:

    Tried H2O2 for my ear canals and it works great. Does it also work well as a mouthwash or for teeth whitening?

  • Ioannis d says:

    I have been told I have a hole in my right ear and it hurts if I get water in it. can I still use the peroxide in that ear

  • Michelle Lilly says:

    Wow. Is all I can say. I have been suffering with sinusitis for five days. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics. Only problem was they were making me so nauseous I couldn't keep food down and it caused me to feel worse. I tried this and my left ear crackled so much I let it stay in until it finally subsided. I am feeling so much better. My sinus are not near as stuffy as they had been. Wish I would have tried this earlier.

  • Sausage Cream says:

    I just did this because my ears felt clogged for a while and now they're clear and I can hear perfectly! Thanks dude!

  • Manuela Muller says:

    This sounds so good, what if I have a hole in my eardrum?

  • Bilal Kanj says:

    is it good for people with tinnitus

  • Darlene Oldcorn says:

    Will this hydrogen peroxide treatment interfere or cause any damage to the ear, if the person is using ear drops and antibiotics already.

  • MultiMicelle says:

    you mentioned that you have used hydrogen peroxide for treating gut yeast. I have been suffering for months with anal and vaginal yeast infection, doctor gives me fluconazole, and cream, but doesn't seem to be working. how have you administered H.P for yeast?

  • M. A. Malcolm says:

    +Russ Curran, I saw that this should be done with an equal mix of warm water and Hydrogen Peroxide. What's your take on that?

  • Susan Popham says:

    Are all hydrogen peroxide equal? I am afraid of buying this product from the dollar store or Walmart. What brands can I be sure of and where are they sold?

  • Princess Loomis says:

    I have an ear infection with a whole in my eardrum and was prescribed to tale some antibiotics . today is my 4th day of taking. my question is how long before I can use this method for that dry pus coming out from my ear. thank you a lot.

  • badlandskid says:

    Will this work on yeast infections in dog's ears?  My Lab battled this type of infection his whole life.  All the vet wanted to do was throw more antibiotics at it.   I felt that was a severe conflict of interests because in our state the vets prescribe AND sell the pharmaceuticals.

  • Ben Pinson says:

    Hi Russ I'm currently suffering horribly from the flu (day 5) now. I just wanted to know if this is as effective when your already fully infected with it. Also my wife who worked for an ear nose & throat Doc said they saw lots of cases where people were burning their eardrums. What might have these individuals done wrong? I'm absolutely miserable right now and any advice would be appreciated. My symptoms are excessive sore throat. Coughing, severe congestion and nagging cough

  • RAIINZ says:

    What percent should be the peroxide ?Very interesting video.

  • Didi Nova says:

    great info; thanks much! please, share how to clean the lungs?

  • Lev Bobr says:

    Hi Russ, I never hear a bubbling sound when i put peroxide in my ear. I don't think peroxide goes down my ear canal. do you think it is still working?

  • omni crux says:

    the lungs cleaning. how?

  • Joseph plaza says:

    I ringing in my ear, will it stop if use this and is it safe?

  • Joseph plaza says:

    could you recommend one?

  • Gary Faulkner says:

    Doctors dont know shit apart from smoking pot at uni and looking on computer to see what pharma drugs to prescribe .

  • Chris Mendenhall says:

    When I was 8 years old I fell into a pool sideways and slapped my ear off of the water. Caused the ear wax to be pushed against my ear drum causing a lot of pain but never rupture me ear drum. Thinking back, and having used HP to clean my ears for a few years now, I'm pretty sure it was HP they charged my parents an arm and a leg for at the pharmacy….same sound same treatment…used a dropper, tingled my ear, same sound etc….sure it was $20-30 co pay on that one.

  • Penal-T says:

    As a person who wears loud headphones ALL the time, could loud noise possibly contribute to any wax build-up too???…

  • Chow Yun Cajurao says:

    also BOILED GUAVE LEAVES really help me

  • Dwight James says:

    Can it cure Sarcoidosis?

  • Pink John says:

    good vedeo if anyone like to know why this works check out biofilms. the infection organisisms hide ,reproduce and attrack from the safety of the bio film. Hydrogen peroxide creates free radicals that destroy the slim, mucus, which is bio film.. it distroys the bugs safe haven in the body,leaving them exposed and valuable to an attact from the immune system

  • Your toxic Jungler says:

    i cant hear anything with my right ear because of my otitis media will this help me??

  • Said Said says:

    How to drain the or clean the ear after applying the drops.

    Thank you very much

  • 13Gladius 2 says:


  • skidplate123 says:

    Russ,would this still be a safe treatment for people with scar tissue on their eardrums? Thank you

  • Shana Lance says:

    I have been suffering with fluid in my ears for months misery,,,can't hear. I also have a lot of scar tissue from childhood ear infections,,,,help me please with this fluid Doc gave me Allegra been taking. Little over a week and no change. I really just am depressed and want to cry,,I am 70 yrs old And need help with this. I am a believer in peri die. Will this help with the fluid??

  • S. Jones says:

    How should HP be administered to clean lungs and gut? I think my doctor would be hesitant to inject it into my veins upon request. Also I just stumbled upon your channel. Do you have information on colloidal silver?

  • Jämäìcâñ DöllSäm says:

    thanks doc..
    very informative

  • sarrjel says:

    Hi, Russ; I have a question. I have 35% Food Grade Able Hydrogen Peroxide. Do you have a product that I can use to inject in my veins or , if not, how much should I dillude with my FGAHP with distilled water. Please get back to me. Thanks.

  • Lisa Lynn says:

    can it unblock ears with hearing difficulties

  • Brian B. says:

    Great information.  Thank you.

  • Shantanu T says:

    This worked well for me. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Collette Desmaris says:

    I saw in another video about the same thing that it was imperative that the type used must be "Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" – is this true, or can I use the standard supplied in brown bottle? Also, will this work after I am already suffering from a really bad cold?

  • BodyFly Fitness says:

    Great share Russ, thank you!

  • Fionnuala Murphy says:

    brilliant! I'm going to try this tonight because I have a sniffy nose today. Also my ears are stuffed from daily swimming. I did it last year too and it worked! any tips for treating the ears after. they sting a bit. Also what is the percent hydrogen peroxide to use. 5%??? thanks again. You're great

  • Fionnuala Murphy says:

    thanks again Russ. the peroxide was 6% and probably not food grade so while I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver the correct one I'm using this one diluted with water. The sniffle turned into a dry cough cold. so I'm in bed. It's funny tho because I told all my work colleagues I wouldn't get an infection this year as I turned vegan last September hahaha. but I work on the frontline of a busy Library. So open to all! bye

  • James Purdie says:

    I just bought some hydroperoxide from pharmacy but says: "Hydrogen Peroxide 30mg/ml. And "Non mediciinal ingredients include: Purified water, sodium stannate, sodium nitrate, sodium pyrophosphate, methylenicphosphonic acid and Phosphoric acid. Are these ingredients also safe to put in your ears?

  • Manny Harrison says:

    are you saying use it everyday so not to get a cold! And also are you saying it builds the immune system and how should you take it everyday!

  • Tangy Black says:

    We don't have 3% here …is it d same with 10 vol

  • Tangy Black says:

    Hi Russ, m fr d Phil, we have no food grade 35% HP here, but we have HP 10vol, I lost my hearing on my right ear…left ear 15% lost . 3 yrs of working on it but to avail.said my right ear nerve is irreversible I don't believe , I feel it's just clogged due to mucus, allergic rhinitis, I don't want to lose my left ear.also I have tinnitus on d right ear.. for 2 yrs now my both ears becoming so itchy . Doctors cdnt help. What am I suppose to do ,pls help me

  • migg seeds says:

    what if you have 12% h202??

  • Janice Claypole says:


  • Beverly Hansen says:


  • tiborshokus says:

    Do you a video on how to use hp to heal the gut and lungs as you have mentioned? Thanks

  • Notgiven Notgiven says:


  • Veronica says:

    Can you rinse your mouth and gargul with store brand.?

  • Donna Wood says:

    can we use this in our dog's ears???

  • YouDon'tKnowMe says:

    I've been doing this for over 25 years and the information provided is in fact accurate. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Pam P. says:

    I guess I can't call my husband crazy anymore LoL 😉. He has been putting peroxide in his ears for a very long time. He has been using the regular brown bottle kind. I'll have to show him this video. Thanks for sharing. ☺

  • Gooberhamm Trollinski says:

    While it didn’t “cure” me of my head cold, I honestly believe it lessened the impact of it by maybe 70% combined with the following: I also used a neti pot with a little bit of HP and sea salt one to two times per day and I drank apple cider vinegar diluted in water a couple times a day. However, I’d like to know how many times a day it’s recommend one does this with HP in the ears.

    Keep in mind too, when the air is dry the sinuses can become dry, too, and that causes them to become inflamed and swollen. HP won’t help with inflammation directly except for the fact that it’s liquid. I recommend breathing in vapors from warm beverages like bone broth, teas, and morning coffee. And, it helps to snort a little cool water from the fingers to get moisture up in the sinus cavity to lesson the swelling. Honestly, it helps. Keep the snout moist.

  • imawade says:

    thank you for this great information. I was wondering if drinking 35% food grade would take care of candida?

  • Sylvia Kneller says:

    I have had clogged ears for 2 weeks, seen  my GP twice and am on 3rd round of antibiotics for double ear infection. It all started with severe sore throat 2 weeks ago and then laryngitis with total loss of voice. My voice is about 80% better but my ears just won't unclog after trying many home remedies including the neti pot. My doctor said if the ears won't drain may need to see ent for surgery for ear tubes. This seems extreme to me, since I have only had 1 ear infection in my entire adult life prior to this current issue.  I feel like my ears are on backwards. I hear the inside of my body loudly, my heart pounding, my breathing, swallowing but everything on the outside is muffled. I haven't tried peroxide yet but will try it and see how it goes. Hoping for a miracle.

  • Serena Edwins says:

    Thank you 😊

  • Stephen Haude says:

    Hi Ross. Many thanks for this which has improved my hearing. I would just ask how long a shelf life does HP have? Steve, London UK.

  • hipos25 says:

    I have an infection for about 4 months now…i have been prescribed of antibiotics for freaking 4 months…and never cured my infection. There's a liquid discharge in my ear…and it keeps coming back and the doctor that i need to undergo surgery. I am now a little bit stressed and dont know what to do…is this hydrogen peroxide advisable for my ear infection?? I would be glad to hear your opinion about my concern..thanks.

  • chris2crazzy says:

    What about vertigo

  • Roger Alsop says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide (for removing wax) neat or with warm water?

  • Alan Heath says:

    Yesterday I felt terrible. During the night I put HP in my ears and am considerably better.

  • Janette Everton says:

    Could this work for tinnitus?

  • Tabby Callaghan says:

    hi i have some its 6% can i use that if i dilute it down by double ?thanks

  • Stanley Stewart says:

    Hi , I'm in Scotland (UK) would anyone in the states be willing to send me a package of 3% & 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide, obviously I would send $$$$$ beforehand , thank you , kind regards, Stan Stewart

  • Raquelita Regondola says:

    Nice video very informative many thanks.

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