The hidden brain in your skin | Claudia Aguirre | TEDxUCLA

The hidden brain in your skin | Claudia Aguirre | TEDxUCLA

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven So, take a look at these behaviors: Does Math Gets High Gets Stressed Out And Rocks Out To Music What’s the first that comes to mind? Does it sound like – I heard “college,” yeah. (Laughter) I was thinking more of a teenager. It does sound like a teenager. But what if I told you that your skin – take a look at it, that very colorful sheath
covering your body – that your skin can perform
all of these behaviors. Now, before I give you the “skinny”
on the teenage-like behavior of skin, I want to show you how I got to examining
the radical behavior of skin. It started during the economic recession, which is where I found myself
in my first job – an unlikely time for a first job. So how did this happen? Well, there was an alarming trend: There was a rise in skin sensitivity. And that meant more people
in the dermatologist’s office and more people in the facialist’s chair. And there was a rise in skin conditions
like inflammatory conditions, like eczema and psoriasis. And we didn’t know exactly why, but a lot of people
in the industry thought maybe it was the rise in stress; maybe it was a lifestyle thing;
maybe it was pollution. But I wanted to know how. So when I started working
in the skincare industry, I asked myself: How does something
as globally extreme like the economy, how does that translate
to something like a skin rash? You see, I’m a neuroscientist,
and in studying the skin, I found that there was just as much
neuroscience in studying the skin as there was in studying the brain. And that was actually surprising to me. So I want to show you some stories today
that are going to explain how this connection
between the mind and body interact and hopefully surprise you
with some of the ideas that came about in understanding the connection
between the brain and the skin. So I want to share with you first
some examples of the curious ways in which our minds
are represented on our exterior. This is Jack. Jack is a veteran pilot. He has been through it all. He’s been through wind gusts
and locked landing gear. He can keep his cool
in just about any situation. But every time he flies
over a particular canyon, his forehead breaks out
in herpes blisters, every single time
he flies over that canyon. Naturally, he goes to the doctor,
gets a medicine, and it treats his symptoms, but it just keeps coming back
every time he flies over that canyon. And this is Sophie. Sophie is a senior in high school,
and she’s a dancer. And, of course,
as any senior in high school, she’s trying to decide
what she’s going to do with her life. “Am I going to go to college?” “Will I continue to dance?” “Will I dance in college?” “What college am I going to go to?” So as she battles with her indecision, she develops a wart
on the bottom of her foot. Of course, like Jack, she goes
to try to get some medical treatment, and it does treat the symptoms
here and there, but it always comes back. She can’t get rid of this wart. And in the end, the wart
makes the decision for her. She can no longer pursue dancing
because of the pain in her foot. And this is Danny. Danny is ten years old, and he was born with eczema, so he was used to the medications, he was used to the rashes
that came and went, but the medications always kept
his skin rashes at bay. But one day, they stopped working. The medicine was no longer good. The medicine stopped working the day his mother
tragically died in a car accident. Cases like these
are not few and far between. In fact, they simply highlight
the interdependence between our emotional state
and our body state. A blush inadvertently
reveals our mind’s secrets. Goose bumps warn us
when something is wrong. And we feel crawling skin
when we’re paralyzed with fear. Our skin has the machinery,
the same machinery as the brain. And it’s only been a decade or so
of research that shows that the skin has the most intricate
and sophisticated systems that were once under
the sole domain of the brain. So for instance, the stress axis – the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis – found in our central nervous system
is also found in the skin, and it’s theorized
that this stress pathway actually evolved in the skin first
to avoid pathogens from entering the skin. But stress is more than skin deep. You don’t have to know
anything about this man to know that something happened to him between the first picture
and the last picture on the right. This is a photograph from a series
by photographer Claire Felicie, who took picture of Dutch marines before, during, and after
deployment to Afghanistan. You can see the changes from
the first picture to the last picture, and this is only in one year. This is not due to the effects
of normal chronological aging. So whether it’s war, divorce,
losing your job, any stressful situation, this often shows up on our skin first. But we so often dismiss that
as unimportant and superficial. And when we miss these cues that our bodies are desperately
trying to tell us, it’s tantamount to repressing emotion. So I want you to close
your eyes for a second and imagine that you’re blind. Okay. Now you can open your eyes, and plug your nose, and imagine that you can’t smell. Okay, I think we can all kind of do that. Now, sit there with your bottoms
firmly pressed against the chair, feet flat on the ground, and imagine your can’t feel. That’s pretty tough. So what is that? Our sense of touch begins in the womb. It’s nearly impossible to not feel, even when you try. So touch began in the womb;
it’s the first sensory system to develop. And as psychology has taught us,
Maslow taught us that monkeys, in fact, baby monkeys preferred mechanical mothers
covered in terry cloth. But today we know
that scientific research is showing that this particular
mother’s touch, this caress, actually changes
her child’s epigenetic programming. So that kind of research shows us that there has to be
something more to this touch, in particular, this gentle touch. So recently, Swedish neuroscientists discovered a new set
of nerve fibers in the skin that respond to only
the most gentle of touches. To give you a little bit of perspective, in the body, the nerve impulses
can outrace a Ferrari. That means they can travel at speeds
faster than 250 miles per hour. That’s pretty fast. But these touch fibers in the skin,
they’re slow, they take their time. They travel at a leisurely stroll
of about two miles per hour to reach the brain. And, unlike their quick signals
that reach the somatosensory cortex and tell us what we’ve touched,
the details of what we’ve touched, these slow signals travel
to a different part of the brain that processes emotions and tells us what we feel when we touch. And this part of the brain is called
the posterior insular cortex. And so we know that this gentle touch gives us a sense of who we are, and it also gives us a sense
of who we are in the greater world. So if you stimulate
another part of the brain called the angular gyrus – this part of the brain
is also stimulated by gentle touch – if you stimulate this in somebody, you will trigger an out-of-body
experience in that person. And that means that the gentle touch fiber is somehow reflected
in our personal sense of self, and our sense of culture
and who we are in the community. And so we wear our culture on our hands. And on to my final point – and I saved this for last
because I thought it was a cool story. So, let me tell you a little bit
about touch and sound. The story started about 15 years ago, and there was a mixer
for new faculty at Rice University. And at Rice University,
there were new faculty, some of them were from all departments,
and there was a neuroscientist. And the neuroscients struck up
a conversation with a philosopher about things like
the fallability of science and the way that the brain
organizes and orchestrates all of the flood of sensory information
that goes into the brain and puts it into a coherent perception. You know, simple things like that. So it turns out that the philosopher
had suffered a stroke, and that had left her
with a strange mixing of her senses. And at this point,
the neuroscientist said, “Yeah, let’s look at your brain.” So in one experiment,
she sat with her hands on the table and two rings, and the rings were dotted with electrodes. And these electrodes
were transmitting some electrical pulses that followed a beep or a tone. And she had these
in each of her middle fingers. So she had her hands down, and she was to hear the tone and then feel a little tingle
on either hand. And she was to say
which hand she felt the tingle in. But here’s the rub: She kept feeling tingles even when they didn’t deliver
any electrical shock. And so, of course, the neuroscientist
was very confused and said, “We shock; she feels. We don’t shock; she still feels. What is going on?” So after a while, and I mean a while,
I think it was over a year, he kind of had an idea: Could she possibly be reacting to the tone
that came before the shock? And so he did another
very scientific experiment. He simply asked her. “Do you feel sounds? Can you feel and sense sounds?” And she said, “Oh yeah. All the time. Ever since the stroke.” (Laughter) So, fast forward ten years, and Dr. Rowe’s research found
that her mixing of senses was due to the fact that her auditory area
had gone over the somatosensory cortex, which was its neighbor in the brain. And so her sound
and touch senses were mixed. And so that shows us
that, of course, there’s brain plasticity, but that there’s a very deep connection
between sound and touch. In fact, some scientists today believe that the sense of hearing actually evolved
from the sense of touch. Think about the hair cells
in your inner ear. So, imagine what it feels like to sense so many sounds
in such a loud and busy world. How did she deal with it? Well, she took up the bass guitar. Because the soft, deep sounds
felt like a massage over her body. Not too long ago, we thought that the brain function
was hard-wired, localized, and that damage to the brain
was pretty much permanent. We know that’s not true today. The paradigm shift that occurred
was neuroplasticity in the brain. And skin is this very thin
and seemingly disposable tissue. But I want to flip this inside out. If the brain has plasticity,
and if the skin is like the brain, could the skin also have plasticity? And does that mean
that the skin has untapped potential that we are not aware of? Could we sense extrasensory
things like infrared through our skin? Actually, mouse research
suggests that we can. And could we maybe get superhuman hearing
by sending vibrations to our fingertips? Forget the Apple watch;
your skin has a clock of its own, and it can keep time. We actually have
an incredible, wearable sensor that can tell time, and it’s a shield and a communicator, and we don’t even know it. So, how did these stories end? Now, they all came
from different walks of life, and they did share one common theme: They had one problem that was unresolved. So their unresolved emotion
led to something on the skin. And fortunately for these people,
who are real people, by the way, they’re patients, some of them are patients
of a psychologist in Boston, Jack, for example,
went to see a hypnotherapist. And in that, he revealed that his friend
had actually died in that canyon. But his friend was a pilot, and Jack was supposed to be
the one flying that day, but he called in sick, and instead his friend
flew over that canyon, and he died. So Jack felt extremely, extremely guilty. And it wasn’t until he was able
to speak about his feelings in this way that his breakouts on his forehead
never came back. Sophie also underwent hypnosis and revealed that her wart
had been giving voice to something that she was afraid to do herself, which was to say,
“I no longer want to dance.” And after she understood that,
her wart went away for good. And Danny went to see
a psychodermatologist, and he also had
a different form of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and through this he was able to battle
with the fact that his mother had died and that made his skin worse, and after the therapy,
three weeks later, his lesions healed. So conventional medicine did not
treat these people in the right way, in a way where
they fully, fully recovered. Conventional medicine
treated the symptoms for a little bit, but it did nothing for the long term. Now, we can continue
to put out little fires here and there, but it’s not until
you find the source of the problem where you can really
get rid of your issue. So, I love the idea
of the hummingbird effect. The hummingbird effect
is something where an idea in one place strikes another idea,
completely unrelated sometimes, in a totally different field. And in this case, do ideas
and innovations unfold in this matter, and if they do, does the idea
that the skin has a brain of its own unfold in this way, and could that trigger
new discoveries in other areas? Especially if we know that the skin
could have untapped potential that we know nothing about yet. And so imagine how
understanding these discoveries could change technology and medicine. Twenty years ago, Dr. Michael Gershon revealed
that there was a brain in the gut. Today, if you go to a grocery store, difficult to find a grocery store
without probiotic drinks or probiotic supplements. And today, I’m telling you
that the skin also has a mind of its own. And so, for decades we’ve known
that the brain controls the body, but if we now know that the body
greatly influences the mind, and we see these in cases like the person that develops an actual
clinical depression or anxiety due to a very visible disorder, or the anorexia patient that gets better
after wearing a tight body suit, or the power one feels
when they’re wearing a white lab coat. Embodied cognition is not a new idea, but it’s finally gaining steam in ways that doctors and therapists
can finally implement. And so many people
live disembodied nowadays. They tell you that they
disconnect themselves from the body. But when we mind the body,
we know our sense of self. And so, as these ideas unfold, it’ll take some time
for them to reach an everyday life. So I want to leave you with this: to listen to your skin. Thank you. (Applause)


  • These Truths says:

    Shabbat shalom. Great verbal communication about how lifestyle and events can negatively affect us as humans. Another scientific reason to have a day of rest, thankfulness, and contemplation! The Creator prescribed it after our rebellion of freewill tainted our DNA and self perpetuated through procreation.

  • Michelle Heegaard says:

    This made me think of the rashes I would have as kid on various parts of my body. I received different creams for it and light therapy and it soothed but it never fully healed. I just so happened to have a bad childhood as well and as I got older and was able to take more control over my life, the rashes went away by themselves. Food for thought.

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    The body is the living soul and fullfilled with clean water the cells working for the whole whirled!
    Great words have the greatest time in the universe!

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  • Jane H says:

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    In my country we often say, teeth and eyes are not connected to the rest of the body. The reason to this is, we pay lower prices to the doctors when we have other issues than dental and eyes.
    Thanks 🙂

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  • Erik Meyer says:

    Read the works of L. Ron Hubbard for a more complete discussion of this subject.
    Leaving his work out of the discussion is like rejecting Fermat's last theorem. It doesn't matter if you can't develops the proof of the principle is usful for finding new primes. Likewise – finding healing.
    Or keep searching one grain of sand at a time. Eventually you will have your day on the beach – if there is any beach left, that is …

  • wizetiger says:

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  • Joe N5000 says:

    I treated in past many cases of skin conditions using hypnotherapy and NLP combines with 100% success, when years of treatment via medical methods before me brought nothing.
    That's the typical problem of most people who study and stick to the books. They become brainwashed with the limits of existing scientific methods and lose the open-minded and inquisitiveness that humans are born with by nature.
    They just become some restrained machines within frames they were trained not to bypass, when it is relevant.
    Too sad, because humans are missing a lot of development and solutions for a better life, just because of this.

    Everything that appears on skin without a viral or microbial reason goes back to the mind. Fix the mind, and the skin symptoms will be fixed.
    The mind can't be fixed with drugs. It can only be fixed with communication.

  • Robert Athickal says:

    Impressive! I know Jesuit psychologit Joe Kunnu S.J in Patna, India treats chronic cases of Asthma by helping people to get in touh with their bodies. Persons suffering from really bad asthma for 20 plus years goes home completely healed after one or two sessions of meditation. i have seen it working. Buddisht monks did it for centuries.
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    It came on LOUD when i started the car, it took two minutes to find the volume and how it worked.. And i realized in that 2 minutes, pain was less and overstim was way less… So i kept that station on and drove my errands with that volume.. And it lasted after about a day n a half..
    Ten years later after 3 / 4 nights, and hour and a half or so.. I go see live music.. And STAND AND DANCE.. in front of the Bass Amp..and my bf is a Bass player.. Go figure!! Lol..
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  • Sam Fitz says:

    Thousands of years ago the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates theorized that all disease begins in the gut, signifying a premise for future understanding that our gut is so intricately connected with the brain so as to be considered to have its own brain by many scientists.

    Three decades ago we got proof that the heart has 40,000 neurites, essentially it's own brain that is separate but does coordinate with the core brain. In this talk we learn how even more recent findings suggest that the skin too is so intricately connected with the brain that it could almost be considered part of it.

    Perhaps we are all just discrete walking, talking brains with the sensory perceptions that feed consciousness, which in turn fuels unconscious patterning and contributes to the fluctuating energy matrix that we are all apart of.

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  • Kembot kembot says:

    My skin says “ i love you”.

  • Sabrina C. says:

    That experiment was Harlow, not Maslow

  • Cherokee Blue says:

    That story about the boy with eczema is a reality in my life. My mom and grandmother tragically died in a flash flood my eczema actually went dormant somehow, I do recall losing my desire to medicate when the Tylenol tampering occurred and a little boy was hospitalized in the Midwest. Suddenly tamper proof packaging was implemented…
    I appreciate your enlightening speech. Good luck and thank you.

  • Richard Bailey says:

    She's kinda boring

  • Rayana says:

    I always subconsciously knew this to be true: that our skin is a mirror to our inner selves. This was because I was never someone who was good at having a poker face, whatever was going on in my life, my skin always, always reflected it. So when I was touched with skin trouble recently, my instinct told to go within and heal my inner wounds. And sure enough, after beginning to address many of my past issues (among doing other things) my skin now reflects health and stability once more. I believe the content of this lecture to be true because it has always been true in my own life, I just didn’t have a scientific explanation of what was going on. Thanks for this new insight.

  • Jody Goodman says:

    Almost 20 years ago I was taught in my massage course that pimples, warts, cysts, "birth" marks, and more, are all trying to get your attention. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is serving us grandly by telling us where the issues are. Look at meridians. Do the regressions and hypnotherapy. Consider reflex areas and points. Our body doesn't lie. Love this talk.

  • Tiny House Girl says:

    The skin evolved before the brain? Then why is the brain and nervous system the first to develop in the womb? If each of your body parts and senses developed one at a time over time, then interdependence systems make no sense. The entire human body was made together and functions as if it were an entire interconnected universe in and of itself. It had to all come about together with the purpose of functioning together and with an understanding of timing, cycles and systems function on time. Problem with Theory of Evolution is it is simplistic and ignores the intelligence of design. Intelligent thinking is the only way to bring about intelligent systems. I know this because my computer didn't just appear out of thin air because someone dreamed about it. Everything we buy is made by someone. Nothing we think we need or want evolves. That's why there are Trade Wars.

  • Tiny House Girl says:

    The skin evolved before the brain? Then why is the brain and nervous system the first to develop in the womb? If each of your body parts and senses developed one at a time over time, then interdependence systems make no sense. The entire human body was made together and functions as if it were an entire interconnected universe in and of itself. It had to all come about together with the purpose of functioning together and with an understanding of timing, cycles and systems function on time. Problem with Theory of Evolution is it is simplistic and ignores the intelligence of design. Intelligent thinking is the only way to bring about intelligent systems. I know this because my computer didn't just appear out of thin air because someone dreamed about it. Everything we buy is made by someone. Nothing we think we need or want evolves. That's why there are Trade Wars.

  • Tiny House Girl says:

    The skin evolved before the brain? Then why is the brain and nervous system the first to develop in the womb? If each of your body parts and senses developed one at a time over time, then interdependence systems make no sense. The entire human body was made together and functions as if it were an entire interconnected universe in and of itself. It had to all come about together with the purpose of functioning together and with an understanding of timing, cycles and systems function on time. Problem with Theory of Evolution is it is simplistic and ignores the intelligence of design. Intelligent thinking is the only way to bring about intelligent systems. I know this because my computer didn't just appear out of thin air because someone dreamed about it. Everything we buy is made by someone. Nothing we think we need or want evolves. That's why there are Trade Wars.

  • Christine Walsh says:

    I think I would be happy if all I could watch on YouTube was teds talks…(except for all the "how to" vids….i need them!) I really do learn something drom everyone i listen to and they always provide food for thought. Thank you for sharing all the valuable info with those of us that would never get to hear this type of thing any where else. I think it is fair to say I have changed a few habbits and ways of thinking from watching these presentations. I deliberately watch things I know nothing about and then realise how interesting some of those things are. listening to passionate people talk about their specialties is a great way to learn and understand, their passion can be contagious to many of us. What more could you ask from a talk?!

  • Michael D says:

    What a beautiful woman, intelligent and lovely way of speaking too!!

  • penny miller says:

    super interesting talk!i tbink yur on toit;)blessings

  • Alexis Tudor says:

    We evolved without much clothes and the skin took tons of cues and energy from sunlight. This form of being in communication with your surrounding is severely hampered by clothes.

  • Jeani Nardi says:

    Thank you I have a serous autoimmune skin disorder will be doing more research. Lovely upbeat presentation.

  • Carina Beringuilho says:

    The heart also has a mind of its own. Everything is much more interconnected than institutionalized science knows or teaches about at the moment.

  • Angela h says:

    In addition to our skin I think our hair has sensory skills too

  • Cristian Cioranu says:

    finally the scientists understand what complementary therapies do, for exemple my wife with Theta Healing

  • Mahesh Kund says:

    It was written that the Skin is the seat of Mind in Charaka Samhita an Ancient Indian text related to Ayurveda Almost 3500 years ago

  • Satsavya Mertens says:

    Great! Thank you as a scientist to make the bridge between science and somatic body/mind understanding! In the Trager Approach – coming from Milton Trager we listen to the skin and all the layers beyond and as you describe with a soft touch we invite blockages to evaporate and get into a. alternate experience of Self!

  • Rose Weaver says:

    Love this stuff

  • Alastair Carnegie says:

    Some men, myself included, find cosmetics on men very alarming, other than on a theatrical stage. I just happen to have known a few 'Super Models' from friendship with photographers. The real person and the staged personality, is very revealing. The story of "The Dancer" reminded me of it.

  • C P says:

    Wonderful video. After listening to her I guess no one loves me. Maybe that's why my skin has a lot of issues? I'm not getting happier now. Just have the feeling I'll have to face my troubles all by myself. Can't find someone to love me…

  • Nicola Caminha says:

    Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathic Medicine said this 250 years ago, every disease begins in the mind and then came out to the skin. This is why the homeopathic clinician treats the individual from his feelings, emotions, memories, dreams, so he's the whole personality.

  • Thiền Luận Tâm Linh Học says:

    Many recent scientists have been excellently divided, isolated, and explained the different parts of the human body and soul. In so doing, they have also successfully ignore to explain the entire soul as One entity whole. They would have done humanity a great favor, by explain the entire dynamic and intelligence, from a single embryo cell to manifest itself into a fully healthy infant, inside the woman uterus, before it exited and into our world. Altc

  • Me and My Shadow says:

    In a nutshell each cell is an individual with the brain as the head sector. The skin is the security section allowing and rejecting friends and enemies. The whole body is a world in a world.

  • Sardar Khan says:

    Think youh🙂

  • AR K says:

    3:06 every time i intentionally or unintentionally kill a spider i get a pimple on my face (anywhere but only on face) and i even tested this by killing few poor spiders….

  • A. C. Browning says:

    One of the most remarkable comments I've ever heard … we can reach the mind through the body and we can reach the body through the mind.

  • Golden Sun says:

    Claudia Aguirre will you marry me? 😍😘❤

  • Jim Mitchell says:

    THIS IS SCREAM, only way of success is a little luck, right people, right time

  • Stuart Brown says:

    i have always thougth that humans are a collective of entites not one "creature" as we once thought. PeaceLove and light.

  • Komal Bhansali says:

    Just a thought on the disembodiment part – when you separate yourself from the body, which includes the skin, the job that you just described is performed by the skin, that ability also separates. Reason being, its this separated entity which supports the skin to behave so intelligently. That intelligence is different from the body. Skin by itself, without this entity, cannot display any of the characteristics you described. Same applies for all the senses. However, as long as we are destined to stay within our skin, some expressions of our minds continues to display because of the close contact.

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