The EFT Basic Recipe by Founder Gary Craig

The EFT Basic Recipe by Founder Gary Craig

Now it’s time to demonstrate the basic recipe for you. Before we begin, I’m going to assume that you’ve already read the tapping tips, the tapping points and the 5 steps to the basic recipe that preceded this video. The first thing we’re going to do is identify our issue. In this case we’re going to assume it’s a sore shoulder, just for demonstration purposes. And then the next thing we want to do is make a before assessment on its intensity. A 0 to 10 number for it. And so I’m going to assume, let’s just call this an 8. We have a sore shoulder at an 8 intensity. The next thing we do is the Setup, and the Setup is simply to tap this Karate chop point while we say a phrase. And the phrase goes like this: Even though I have this blank, I deeply and completely accept myself. The blank you fill in with whatever the issue is. In this case it’s a sore shoulder. It could be this inability to shoot free throws while playing a basketball game. It could be these nightmares I’ve been having for years. It could be any one of a number of things. We’re just going to choose to fill in the blank here with this sore shoulder. So the process looks like this: First of all, let’s identify the Karate chop point. You’ve already seen it on the tutorial. It’s that fleshy part of the hand that is on the outside of the hand. It’s a part of your hand with which you would do a karate chop if you were to do it. We just tap there with 2 or more fingers while we say the following: Even though I have this sore shoulder, I deeply and completely accept myself. It just takes seconds, and that’s all there is to it. Now, from there we go to the sequence. A little more involved, a few more tapping points. I’m going to go through each of the tapping points for you now. You can just tap along with me if you wish. Identify them, touch the points yourself as you do this. That will just help you memorize it more easily. We’re going to combine tapping with each of these points, with what we call a reminder phrase. A reminder phrase is just a very brief statement that reminds our system what it is we’re working on. In this case it’s going to be “this sore shoulder.” The first point is going to be the top of the head. I usually take 4 finger tips like this and put them at the top of the head. I tap around in there. I usually cover a larger area to make sure I got everything. While you tap the top of the head, you say “this sore shoulder.” Some people will just take the flat of their hand and pat like that. You could do that as well if you want to. The next point is the eyebrow point. It’s actually the beginning of the eyebrow. If you put your finger at the top of your nose and go up a little bit and over to one side. I went over to my right side in this case. That’s the eyebrow point. You could have gone to the left side and that’s also the eyebrow point. These are the twin points that we discussed in the tutorial. You only need to tap one of them. So we take 2 fingers and we cover a nice large area there. Just tap right there while we say “this sore shoulder.” We’re saying the reminder phrase. The next point is the side of the eye. It’s not back here where the temple is, it’s on the actual bone, on the outside corner of the eye. It’s right there. So we’ll tap that with a couple of finger tips while we say the reminder phrase, “this sore shoulder.” The next point is under the eye. It’s located about 1 inch below the pupil on that bone underneath the eye there. We’ll take a couple of finger tips and we’ll tap there and say “this sore shoulder.” The next point is under the nose, easy enough. We tap under the nose. Let me turn this way so you can see it from this angle. As we tap we say “this sore shoulder.” The next point is the chin point, and that point is located midway between the bottom of the lip and the tip of the chin. I’ll turn this way so you can see that. That’s the chin point. As we tap that we say a reminder phrase, “this sore shoulder.” The next point is a little more difficult to describe. We call it the collar bone point. It’s not actually on the collar bone or the clavicle. It’s right at the beginning of the collar bone. I’m going to pull my shirt down and get the microphone out of the way if I can. There are 2 points here and they’re located right there. The way you find those is you put your finger tip at the base of your throat, where that soft spot is. It’s also at the very top of the breast bone. There’s a U, you feel it in there. From that point you go down about an inch, and then over to the right, or to the left, either side. I go over to my right, and that’s the collar bone point. You tap right there. You’ll see me tap that point a lot on the companion videos, if you have those. But I’m going to show you an easier way to get to it as a beginner and you can use this if you choose. And that would be to take your fist and to thump at the top of your breast bone, about where a man would knot his tie. That’s easy to do, easy to remember. You’ll probably cover both points as you do that. As we do that we say our reminder phrase which is “this sore shoulder.” The last point we call ‘under the arm’, but we have to be clear. Under the arm doesn’t mean here. That’s under the arm, but we mean under the arm on the rib cage. The way you find the point is to go down from your arm pit towards your waste about 4 inches. That’s where the point is. I like to tap with 4 fingers there, but some people just slap it like that, while we say our reminder phrase, “this sore shoulder.” Another way to locate that point, is for the men it’s right even with the nipple, going around from the nipple there’s your point. For the ladies, where the bra strap goes across the rib cage, right in the middle of that is where you would tap. So, that’s simple enough. We’ve now got the Setup, we’ve got the Sequence. All we need to do after we do a round of this is assess now, how is our issue? How is our sore shoulder? And for this demonstration I’m going to say, “that’s a little better.” Because that’s typical. What number is that on a scale of 0 to 10? Let’s say it’s a 4. OK, we went from an 8 to a 4. That’s about a 50% improvement. Yes, that feels about right. But we’re not down to 0. So what we do is we repeat the whole process, and we assess again. Maybe now we’re a 2, or maybe we’re a 0. We keep going until we’re either 0, or we plateau at some level. If we’re 0 of course, we’re done. If we plateau at some level, that simply means we need to learn more about EFT, other things to do with the basic recipe, and that’s covered in part 2 of this tutorial. This video is educational and is not meant to replace proper medical or therapeutic treatment advice. Although EFT is widely used as a self help technique it is still in the experimental stages. Users should seek the advice of qualified physicians and health professionals regarding its use.


  • susana rodriguez says:

    Muy interesante

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    The man is giving it away and there are plenty of testimonials. That does it for me.

  • Duy Nhat Bui says:

    It's good for your health.

  • Elenaroy says:

    Didn't he forget the wrist point?

  • Foxy Lee says:

    Please, anyone…i just need someone to tell me that this voodoo face tapping crap isnt bullshit….ive suffered 2yrs now with an unknown digestive disorder and I've cried so much because I've spent thousands trying to figure out what the issue is, on medications, on different doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, therapists, and hospital bills….ive become depressed because I have this problem that prevents me from eating normally and I dont know who to turn to anymore because everyone that I've been to has claimed they could help me, but they only wanted my money cause I was willing to listen to anyone to feel normal again. I just need SOMEONE who's done all of this holistic junk to tell me if it works. Please. I cant cry anymore…

  • combandpaper283 says:

    What's with the eyebrows? ?

  • Bekindtoanimals says:

    Instant results, this is quite extra-ordinary, I look forward to more study on it and perhaps incorperating it into my counselling practice with clients. Thank you Gary.

  • Corduroy66 says:

    I cannot believe this works but it did. My knee pain is gone. I'm hoping it was from this technique. Unbelievable!

  • Brandt McCall says:

    I use EFT regularly I find it very supportive and helpful to change patterns to new ones I wish to create. It is enjoyable to do too, that I can do at home with friends as well. I use it along with several other personal growth techniques including positive affirmations and uplifting quotes, meditation, regular exercise, acupuncture, positive thinking, a very healthy diet largely vegan, staying hydrated, volunteering as service helps us grow too….and others. EFT helps I noticed to release blocks that I am aware of and am trying to change such as low self esteem blocks which can interfere with many of goals.

  • i. zak says:

    i have a fear of success. I can manifest money easily – only if i need it for everyday living. As soon as i start thinking of getting ahead , the fear pops up and i self sabotage. been in this state for years. Nothing seems to work .
    what should i do?

  • me me says:

    the collar bone point is the area called the "manubrium".

  • Celia Sequeira says:

    Please help me with the exact phrase as I can hear ringing sound in my ears for a month now.

  • Anastasia Damou says:

    I dont now English only Greek

  • Elmari Lohmann says:

    Usualy when I get to the collarbone and tap on it, I begin to yawn a lot. DOes it mean something? Great explaniations. Tanks for the help!

  • Sara Smoothey says:

    This totally works. Thank you so much. Amazing tool. The best xxx

  • Biju Viswanath says:

    thank you so much.god bless you wonderful soul

  • LLoyd Gordon says:

    Wonderful training which we fully endorse at Quantum Organiculture Institute -Online (Offline – Collaborator @/c/o Sir Arthur Lewis Institute -U.W.I.Mona). Most generous of Mr Craig to freely give out this information. May his visitors appreciate it. and show some GRATITUDE.

  • Cath Short says:

    Thank you so much! I have been tapping now for 2 days and my shoulder is really getting better. It has been problem for 4 years! I'll keep you posted. I'm doing it about 3 times a day. Also trying it on my daughter for cystitis. Normally she has it for 4+ days but tapping seems to have sorted her in 1 day. It's AMAZING!

  • arline warwick says:

    this refined the process for me love it!

  • Far Zane says:

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  • ida11 says:

    Lovely, did the karate chop point and right away I felt drainage in my lymphs behind the ear.. are they connected?

  • Kitty Purrnaz says:

    I tried it with my headache and it went from a 7/10 to a 4/10. I feel this cooling sensation by around my head temple area too. This extraordinary

  • Carson Hall says:

    I'm trying to say "this sore shoulder" along with him, but I'm high and I can't seem to get the words out right : )

  • A Grant-Blackwell Muze says:

    Oh great.. now people think I'm a narcissist! ROFLMAO. After awhile, this became a thought process…. I'm a Catholic, Reiki Master, and it really puts things together for me. Outsiders need to catch up to how wellness works.

  • Robin Nicholson says:

    i love it. it works

  • Gary Hawkins says:

    Is there a recommended number of "taps" or duration for each tapping point?

  • Jaclyn Bousquet says:

    What if the issue is something that came observably decrease…like hair loss?

  • Liam lll says:

    I thought eft was really shit

    Why do people keep saying it works?

  • Linda Wagner says:

    Have used EFT for 7 plus years, almost daily. Comes in handy and works most of the time. Still have money issues tho and in 7 years tapped on them all, but with little success. I have released my fear of lack, fear of money itself (i.e. the lack of it hurts ppl, families), belief I can't have it, not good enuf for it, not special, etc. and so forth, but still struggling (yes, that too) to keep head above water. It seems more I work on allowing myself money, wealth, the worse things become, ie, things slow down at work – less hours, less $$, a check unexpectedly bounces and additional charge, there just is never enuf of the stuff and I have tapped and tapped and tapped my rear end off with nothing to show for it. However, I am truly grateful to release the fear

  • Rohitto Rojito says:

    Thank you. So helpful.

  • SheepDog says:

    I used this method to heal carpal tunnel while working databases for 10 hours and then going to night school for 2 hours for two years……thought I was going to lose my job it hurt so bad….
    thanks for the gift of healing…..would also recommend Tai Chi…as a form of physical therapy to gain, keep flexibility and mobility…..presently doing a detox using bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth…we own our body and must work to care for it ….the AMA is about profit$$$$….I'm sure many have that figured out but then someone new may still not get it……try it……proof is in your own healing….!

  • Ujas Ujus says:

    thanks for your science

  • HAR H says:

    My apologies, due to my ignorance on EFT I initially though this to be a hog wash, but now I learned that the tapping points are actually the ending or crossings of meridians presented on Qi Gong and other oriental self healing techniques.
    In Qi Gong you can actually feel the beneficial results immediately by tapping or massaging these same EFT points, so if the body feels good how is EFT producing effects in our life outside our physical body?
    Simple; we are connected with the universe, if we feel good, at peace and happy we feel love and we send this energy to the universe and the same form of energy is returned to us, like a wave.
    "As you sawed so shall you reap"

  • Cash Flow With Independent Time says:

    Thank you so much my pain went 10 to zero. Now I just have to do this over and over and over and over again so it becomes a second nature for me.

  • Caroline Moon says:

    I wondered where you meant when you wrote “the bra strap,” lol.

  • Megan says:

    Wow I had high anxiety before watching this and it has definitely gone down. Now, the back of my head feels funny but I don't mind.

  • Mary Leckie says:

    So only say “This sore shoulder” on all the other points besides the karate chop point? Not the entire phrase? Is that correct?

  • Ember2460 Harrington says:

    Mr Craig
    I dont get why the standard phrase is "I deeply and completely accept myself"
    It doesnt fit into the scenarios I have.
    In the example you give having a problem with a shoulder has nothing to do with whether I accept myself or not. That phrase feels very awkward to me. I DO believe in tapping and want to share it with others but I feel awkward telling them to say that.
    Why can people do the tapping but create a phrase that suits their personal needs?

  • Donna Mazarac says:

    does it help for anxiety and depression

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    Still have the same problem, even after visiting a practitioner yesterday, not sure how or what to do now:-( just did another three tapping sessions to this video and no change!

  • Perla Braga Cardoso Pinto says:

    like it

  • Ruth Crawford-Fisher says:

    Fascinating correlations to CAM techniques, traditional meditation, and reflexology. Have spent the last decade looking for techniques school counselors can help students master that can be done in the school setting without drawing significant attention to the fact they’re experiencing significant stress. These are life long stress management and focusing techniques that have potential without a need to engage chemicals.

  • Antonio Sales says:

    Thk u

  • Fanny Campillo says:

    Todo un mecanismo invaluable para mejorar mi vida. Gracias

  • John Parson says:

    Hey Gary just ran across this video, Haven't seen you for a long while. Since learning EFT back in 2001, EFT-ADV, I have taught thousands of people how to do it, even taught it at a community college for 2 years. It's been a few years since a I have taught it and I see the EFT is finally coming on the TV news programs and Doctor shows. I even taught it to Indian Medicine men to help them fix their returning war veterans, they said they would use it on condition that they could still use the drums and rattles because they said people did expect a show from them too. I did cure my own PTSD and it took less than an hour. Nice to see you on here, have a good one—-John Parson EFT-ADV.

  • Brian Moore says:

    Thanks Gary!I use it for myself, for my children and whoever needs help – since about 2007.
    You have brought an incredible gift to the World.
    Thank you!

    Brian Moore

  • Kai D says:

    Random but I love his eyebrows

  • Jose Perlera says:

    Thank you. Gracias Ingeniero Gary Craig.

  • Astro Queen says:

    This was recommended to me by a mentor to release negative emotions while I’m going through a divorce. I tried it and felt an endorphin release of sorts .. a calming energy flow through my arms and body. It’s amazing. I’m not sure which endorphin(s) are released but I want to know.

  • Kim Denton says:

    My Chiropractor suggested EFT to me and I am using it for breathing (respitory problems, heart problems). A bit harder to Access the 1-10 scale, however, I know it's working. If anything, it's keeping me positive while I go through this! Thank you Mr. Craig!!

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  • Hamza Saim says:

    Salam thankyou sir

  • Grace Yin says:

    Hi Gary, in your tutorial, you emphasized again and again that " going to specific events". However, in this video, you tapped by saying "this sore shoulder", "this sore shoulder"… obviously this is not tapping specific event at all. Could you please explain that?

  • Frederick Buhr says:

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  • Nibiru says:

    The main problem I have with this technique is that not everything can be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. That is, it can be assessed but it is impossible to notice a change in this assessment. If your shoulder hurts and pain is assessed at 8, after making one round, it is easy to check whether it hurts just as much or less. It is a physical thing. On the other hand, there is someone who sits alone at home, has depression, feels lonely etc. He assesses his condition at 10. After the routine he still sits alone at home, still no one is with him, he still feels lonely. And for him, each time the rating will be 10. I do not believe that a man will say "yes, I no longer feel lonely" sitting alone in an empty apartment. Such examples can be multiplied and multiplied. It is easy to assess physical pain or anger, that is, all that is in the examples on the website, but the most difficult examples to assess are not. I have such an immeasurable problem. It is not something that torments me so much that I can not sleep at night etc. but it would be nice to change it. In a sense, change the situation in which I am. I started with the rating 8 (and still this is probably too much) because, as I say, it is not something dramatic. After the first round, it feels the same as before the start. Literally zero changes. So I'm doing the second round, and the third and fourth. I can't rate this. The situation has not changed so how can my rate change? I absolutely don't understand it and I do not know how to take it.

  • Donna Patton says:

    Does anyone know of the other video that he is talking about that comes before this one? Also do you need to say the entire phrase every time you tap?

  • Wellness Coach says:

    Hey maybe you will relate with this article by a Wellness Healer

  • Jess Wright says:

    I cannot thank you enough for inventing this work. It is so simple brilliant and effective I can’t understand why it isn’t going completely viral like everything else is on the night that is of any value.

    And me I got into this as a result of back pain which I have had for two years and after about three sessions was completely gone and hasn’t come back. I have also found it Has addressed insomnia which I have had for around four years plus. I am so grateful that this has been given away To so many people for nothing. It is a wonderful life changing and extraordinary thing.. As a psychiatric nurse, In the spirit in which you kindly gave it to us, I am also passing it to my clients, the majority of which suffer from anxiety and have found it to be very effective and it is lovely to be able to see the immediate effects without using any medication or at any cost at all.. You have been gracious enough to give me the pleasure of being able to see people who are suffering change relatively quickly with using this technique and I am profoundly grateful for what you’ve done. Thanks a million!!

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  • dave varga says:

    I tried EFT years ago, felt nothing, no change. I tried it again a month ago and it worked really well to zap negative emotions. Wow… Will be using this from now on. Thx Gary!

  • hiram abiff555 says:

    I did it with my back.. and felt a cooling ease from the pain.

  • LightWithin says:

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  • Temachyotl says:

    I tried the technique in the video. Shortly after finishing the tapping I felt very sleepy. I went to bed and felt very relaxed, as I was sleeping I started to feel the anxiety in my body leaving, kind of hard to describe, it was as if the body was releasing all the anxiety. I feel into a deep sleep and rested peacefully. I woke about 5 hours later and felt very light and calm. I could tell that my body and mind were more relaxed than usual. What surprised my most was the experience of my body releasing anxiety. I am not aware of anxiety probably because I only experience it in tiny amounts but I bet it accumulates, also I probably perceive it as normal. I experienced the release through the body and not the mind, it was pleasurable. I will look more into these techniques and into Energy Psychology.

  • Azizah Irfany Sarjito says:

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  • Ana Sami says:

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    You are best xx

  • Sec Girl says:

    I took a workshop back in 2007 and now in 2019, exactly 12 years later I am coming back to it via the Tapping Summit and have committed to daily maintenance with EFT. It works. Ankle pain that I have had for years has diminished….

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    thank you SR. Gary, you are great!

  • aicha kermal says:

    حكم تقنية الeft

    والخلاصة : أن هذا العلاج هو نوع من أنواع العلاج بالطاقة الفلسفية (Subtle Energy) المسماه: الكي ، أو التشي ، أو البرانا. وتنبني فلسفته على أن المشاعر السلبية (Negative emotions) التي يشعر بها الإنسان ، سببها اضطراب في حقول طاقة الجسم – بحسب معتقدهم في الطاقة والجسم الأثيري- وأن النقر (التربيت) على العقد والمسارات التي تمر بها الطاقة ، عند التفكير في المشاعر السلبية ، يعيد التوازن إلى طاقة الجسم. وللمعلومية فكل ادعاءات فعالية هذا العلاج لا تخرج عن العلاج بالتوهم ، وهو ما يعرف علمياً بتأثير البلاسيبو (Placebo effect) ، إلا أنه يوقع متبنيه في أوحال الفكر الشرقي الملحد " انتهى كلام الدكتورة . ينظر الرابط الآتي : وينظر للفائدة : جواب السؤال رقم : (219222) . والله أعلم
    اسلام سؤال وجواب بتصرف

  • GotPsi1111 says:

    The original EFT tapping method was changed…. It used to start by rubbing just above your heart…. the intention being "voiced" in three different ways was very effective because it got the attention of your subconscious. Dropping these steps may cause it to be less effective. . Once your intention is set, it probably doesn't matter where you tap.
    Proven by if you miss a tapping point it still works. Your subconscious is either dealing with or causing the issue you are having. Name the intention and don't change it while tapping (like a lot of the videos show). "I clearly and deeply love myself, even though I have an issue with…"
    EFT works if you do it right.

  • RedRock3t82 says:

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  • To Infinity and Beyond Love Trinity says:

    How come the fingers are left out?

  • Akbari Hameed says:

    love you sir

  • Oriana says:

    In the tapping I have seen previously, they go into a whole story while doing the rounds and say you must do it for at least 15 minutes each time. This fellow is just stating the fact of having a sore shoulder (or whatever the problem may be). Is that all you have to do? I would like to deal with my anger and hatred – do I just do the rounds stating that I am angry and hateful?? Am I not reinforcing that belief by doing so? How is it going to lessen this problem by just repeating that I am angry and hateful? I'm really confused on this point and would be grateful if someone could advise me. Thanks.

  • JG Alegria says:

    What happens if you tap when you are positive and light and uplifted? You get tired and negative and lose your brightness and joy. Therefore don't do it unless you have a build up of negative energy. Tapping reduces energy. That's all it does. Take care and if you want to do some light joyful work lean towards creative self care and more gentle energy therapies.

  • Jennifer Seitshiro says:

    Can I do this for breast growth?Please someone respond

  • Guy-Louis Colinet says:

    Absolute BS. this is time waisting. New age crap.

  • Kevin Berkau says:

    It works. if you check the other 2 videos aswell from his website and read everything and do it for a couple of days. second time i did it, i released some traumas that keep comign back. i reduced them for 10 to a 0 through repeating the memory and the negative feeling through tapping, my face got its colour back and i feel relaxed after, some headache and pain when my anxiety releases from my body. it depends how much stuff u got deep down that has to be released, u cant just stack it up and be positive eventually your going to explode. so release it, this works

  • LivDelicious says:

    oh Gary….. Love you so much!
    Helena from Hawaii 🙂
    My love to Tina too

  • lgd works says:

    Why do other EFT practitioners tap om the brows first instead of the top of the head? (After Karate Chop)
    Are they doing it wrong?

  • Marly Fleurival says:

    He’s not the founder of this. He’s being credited for ancient rituals?

  • Amore Psyche says:

    Dangerous!! Dont mess with your energy will imbalance all your meridians points!

  • Melanie Dent says:

    These symbols all over the screen make it exceedingly difficult for the visually impaired to see what's going on. Visual impairment is a recognised disability yet YouTube videos don't seem to recognise this.

  • anil kumar says:

    @gary Craig sir will it cure piles?

  • TheAwakenedINFJ says:

    Yes guys, this seriously work and is scientifically "accurate". Go about healing yourself from whatever isn't homeostasis with EFT. Combine it with meditation, healthy eating and pure water ( distilled ) and gentle movements and mindfulness of though and emotion each day, and all illness can subside.

  • The Inner Traveler says:

    Hi Gary, thank you for uploading this video. I have a question: I understood that this method can be applied to any painful emotional memory. But what to do in those cases where the emotional injuries were inflicted day by day for all your childhood and adolescence? What if there is not ONE single memory or trauma, but many and disseminated throughout every daily experiences? This is my case. I lived in a family where I was continuously bullied, in many ways. For 21 years. I don't have one single trauma, I have traumas all over my young life. every day there was something. I couldn't escape. How should I use the eft method then? Thank you if you answer me.

  • WorthlessDeadEnd says:

    I am very open to trying this, and I've already talked with my therapist about doing it, but I just hope it isn't placebo.

  • trida simone says:

    WOW, I honestly was a bit sceptical but this truly worked for me. idk if it’s mind over matter or really just a rework of energy, but I used this on two different areas of my body. 1) my upper back that’s been sore and tight for weeks now, and 2) my outer right calf that’s been so sore and painful that I couldn’t go into pigeon pose (for any yogis out there) without wanting to burst into tears. I had to go through about 5 rounds of it for my calf — that’s how bad it was — but I’m now sitting DEEPLY in pigeon pose as I type this with next to no pain. this is wild, almost can’t believe it but so, so grateful. thank you! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Libby Mitchell says:

    thanku ..

  • Libby Mitchell says:

    I use eft every night in bed.i have peripheral nuropathy… it always works with in 5 very very grateful♥♥♥

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