The Dangers of Statins Part 1: Series Overview

The Dangers of Statins Part 1: Series Overview

I saw a – another comment from a viewer
recently. Statins kill. Yes, they do and it’s worth going through that again. I’m
gonna do another series of videos on statins and their side-effects and by
the way, yes I do still use them. In fact, cars kill, trucks kill, antibiotics kill.
Even keto diets can kill and plant-based diets can kill. Antibiotics clearly can
kill. Yet we’ve all or none – most of us have used most of those at some point in
time and sometimes they save lives as well. So I’m gonna do a brief series
again on statins and their side-effects. We’ll talk a little bit about David
Diamond who did a – he actually did a very good series. You see him a lot on the
internet and he’s basically talking about he doesn’t use statins because of
relative risk. I was asked to give my perspective on David Diamond and the
relative risk issue and gave it in a video about a year ago. I’ll cover that
briefly. The Stanton risk benefit ratio by Rory Collins and associates, Lancet
September 2016. These guys are – I think they call themselves the statin trialists
or something like that. Their perspective is like most of us, yes
statins do kill. However, they save tens of thousands of
lives for everyone that they’ve killed. I’ll do another – another article which
is more of a patient-oriented, patient level article. It’s from Mayo Clinic. By
the way, as usual I messed up my – the visual component but that’s a – that’s the
Mayo Clinic. And – that’s very practical I think and hope a lot of you will see the
value in that one. Then I’m going to talk about a brief article, “By The
Statin Liver Safety Task Force”. Their 24 – 2014 update and again most of it’s still
very up today. Basically what they’re saying is look if you have ALT or AST,
and those are a couple of liver functions. If those are less than 3
times elevated, you’re fine. I mean that’s the short and simple version of it. So
again, just a short video to introduce the series and then look forward to the –
to the series itself. Thank you much for your interest! Hey, if you’re interested
in a 2-day boot camp type of environment where you get your CI-MT, you
get all your labs and we spend two days going over the whole thing. Check out our
event! It’s November 8th and 9th at Louisville. Great place to fly into! In
November at the University of Louisville.


  • kbkesq says:

    How do vegan diets kill, choking on broccoli? 😉 thanks for explaining your perspective.

  • Courtnay Power says:

    Plant based diets do not kill, statins do

  • Gina says:

    I am looking forward to this series. I was looking back at your videos and can’t find it, what statin do you take Doctor Brewer?

  • positivedennis says:

    Everything in life is a risk/reward ratio. There is even a risk to leaving the house. But you leave the house anyway.

  • billytheweasel says:

    Statin-hater Crew checking in!

    …and yes, I drive a car.

  • Andrew Wilkinson says:

    Blanket bombing people with statins which is what is happening is in my view crazy. The studies I have seen say there is no effect on mortality at all. I'm sure they have their place in medicine but not at the rate they are being prescribed.

  • kinpatu says:

    The dogma that surrounds this topic lowers the signal to noise ratio to the point that discussion becomes impossible. It’s the biggest blind spot in the low carb / keto community. Looking forward to the series, but good luck trying to change anyone’s mind.

  • Sapele Steve says:

    As someone who has been taking a Statin for the past 5 yrs, I'm looking forward to the series Dr. Brewer. As with any medication there are always side effects. However, there can also be significant benefits. A good example would be the devastating effects related to autoimmune diseases. The various drugs used to sedate the immune system are very potent & have serious side effects. However, the majority of patients derive significant benefits by taking those medications. So, as with anything in this life, it's a trade off for sure. Thanks for your videos………………..

  • Keny Charles says:

    I have quit statins twice. I'll be watching.

    We are not getting out of here alive. But, if possible, I will choose the least painful option.

  • mathfaster says:

    Would you address the fact that long term use of statins increases the risk of Type II diabetes? The other comment I've seen is that the benefit from statins is not from lowering LDL but a reduction in inflammation. Especially true for those who have had a heart event of some kind and who are the ones who could benefit from the use of statins.

  • paul king says:

    Do you have any clinical data that shows statins "save thousands of lives each year"?

  • algo says:

    MEH… Statistics don't matter when it comes to statin side effects Ether you have them, or you do not. I stopped taking simvastatin after a virtually pain-free abdominal surgery:( Two weeks later, a tennis elbow that I could not shake off for ~8 years "cured" itself. Last fall I got a new PCP who put me on atorvastatin (a.k.a. Lipitor). I seemed to tolerate it well until this spring I shoveled some dirt in my garden and ended up with debilitating back muscle spasms:(. The spasms persisted until I stopped taking atorvastatin.

    No more statins for me. I would much rather increase my risks of a cardiovascular event than be unable to engage in physical activities for the rest of my life.

  • Marcus A says:

    Hi doctor, in my country, Pitavastatin´s price is less than Rosuvastatin. Is Livalo better than Crestor ? And what would be a low dose of Livalo ?

  • Joe A7Rii says:

    The standard American diet kills exceptionally well!

  • Shkelzen Nokaj says:

    I guess if we have lived an unnatural lifestyle, then we might need some unnatural supplements.

  • My Healthobs says:

    Ambulances can kill too , but I’d get in one if I needed it

  • John Bundy says:

    I have been taking statins for more than 10 years and it seems that as I age the side effects increase. I tolerated 20 mg very well but now my hips ache and severely limit my ability exercise or even walk more than a couple miles. I wonder what they are doing to other parts of my body that show no symptoms.

    I live in Montana and if you decide to do one of your boot camps out here I’d sure sign up.

  • Victor Da Silva says:

    Anything in balance and moderation is ok. Even liberalism.

  • Suzanne Philllips says:

    Statins started destroying my liver within 8 weeks, two different ones so I cannot take them. I had a stroke 3 years ago. I took 325mg aspirin for 2 and a half years until my skin started peeling off and I developed gastro problems. Now I take 81 mg 3 times a week, and either garlic oil, cod liver oil or flaxseed oil on the other days. I feel insecure about this but, I felt like the aspirin was killing me. And the stains were killing my liver.

  • Arthur 242630 says:

    When I took them for 2 months I lost complete hold of reality and viewed my whole life from a 3rd person perspective

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