‘The Cleveland Strangler’: The Story of a Brutal Serial Killer & His Forgotten Victims

‘The Cleveland Strangler’: The Story of a Brutal Serial Killer & His Forgotten Victims


  • Loner VII says:

    "I dont believe in God but for their sake I hope I'm wrong"
    You dont know. What a stupid thing to say

  • Estrada603 says:

    It looks so hard for him to relive it all in court. Pour piece of shit

  • Estrada603 says:

    "theyll believe a small white woman over a ghetto black woman thats just the way it is" EXCEPT YOURE THE DETECTIVE WTF

  • Christina M says:

    Watching Sowell speak, it seems like he has some sort of speech impediment, a common trait in serial-killer profiles. Maybe speech impediments are just common, and if one already has schizophrenic tendencies, the burden of having an impediment (being teased, being extra frustrated in communication you so badly need,) can push one over the edge into depression, which can lead to schizophrenia.

  • Jon-Paul Miller says:


  • EGstill85 says:

    It might be true that people hooked on rock can act in bizarre manners that would make anyone think twice before taking them seriously just at their word. It might also be true that cops patrolling urban, poverty ridden environments will understandably get run down from overtime hours clocked due to understaffed departments and desensitized to the human plight after having to enforce the same policies aimed at punishing addicts year after year, especially after most veteran officers have long ago come to realize they have become a large part of the problem, doing more harm than good by further demoralizing people suffering more than most will ever know possible and turning the community into a police state.
    What strikes a cord with some of the accounts described between victims of Sowell and police is that the officers didn’t simply act complacent, rude or judgmental; they seemed to exhibit an attitude towards terrified, critically wounded, sometime fully nude females that would only make sense for the average person to understand if looking from a viewpoint of hatred. If a terrified, bloodied, nude female is flagging you down, or attempting to reach emergency services for help only to be met with apathy, snickering or disdain, I don’t really see how there could be a understandable explanation for that behavior from any human being, let alone someone who has trained and worked years in a career aimed at serving those in need of help during times of an emergency.
    The fact the Cleveland (broke as the city may be) has done nothing to change the culture of their police after the handling of a serial killer case where more than a dozen women were raped, tortured, murdered and the few survivors that had encounters with the killer were treated so despicably the department became nearly on the same level of culpability as the killer himself is a testament to the now over abundantly clear fact the an independent oversight council to act as a watchdog for out of hand police tactics and corruption is more needed now than ever before.

  • Selfinflicted G says:

    OMFG…..the lady in the beginning. My heart goes out to you lady! May God bless you dear .💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Selfinflicted G says:

    R.I.P to all the women and prayers to the family of and EVERYBODY else affected by this. God bless you all. 🙏

  • Selfinflicted G says:

    R.I.P Chrystal Dozier and the rest of the victims.

  • Shawn Messick says:

    How is this possible. Democrats run the city of Cleveland and that is supposedly the party that cares about black people. The Democratic party sucks, and they let us down over and over.

  • Matt Byam says:

    So sad, that pople of color get this treatment. I wish I was a millionaire so I could help, this is so sad . God help the family that are left behind…..rip

  • Laura Scholer-B says:

    It doesn’t matter your case load or burn out level: the evidence is obvious, people were chosen to be ignored and evidence overlooked

  • Christina Penner says:

    I truly hope that the officers who didn’t do their job, couldn’t live with themselves. It may sound harsh but if you knew that lives depended on you to do ur fucking job, my God fucking do it! Piece of shit cops always have a mother fucking excuse. Oh I slipped and killed that guy, I’m burned out so many more woman were killed. Fuck you, you biased piece of shits, everyone of you that let this happen.

  • Melanie Baxter says:

    I was reading about the settlements and some are still not paid and those that have been are disgustingly less than one would imagine. 6 families split $2 million. So 166,666 thousand dollars pre taxes to split between the entire family? some of the victims had little kids!!! One family settled for a lowely $2000. You can get more than that for a slip and fall… It really shows how little Cleveland thinks of these women.

  • Mark Miranda says:

    The people of Cleveland of shit holes. Imagine a woman begging you for help naked and bleeding saying she’s been attacked and you say get out. What wastes of space.

  • Aesthetically Feli! says:

    I found out a month ago that I am related to this monster I am so disgusted.

  • nick wilson says:

    Sorry, but I got bored, so many wannabe documentary makers on youtube!

  • Wynter Cunningham says:

    I'm sorry but the system fail these women and I think its because they were on drugs & black I pray they find peace☮ in the afterlife that they didn't get here on 🌏 Earth ❤️

  • Let me get this straight. Prostitutes, and drug addicts spend 100% of their time avoiding Police. They find areas where they can commit crimes in an place where people don't care about their own community, and then wonder why no-one reported it? C'mon y'all stop placing blame on the Gub'ment, and take accountability for your own living situations/conditions.

    Rich places stay rich, and protected because they actually pay property taxes to the city, state, and country. Pretty simple in all reality.

  • 33 Thousand says:

    East Cleveland still got serial killers

  • Inthe Cards75 says:

    Police ignoring a rape claim is just as disgusting as being raped.

  • JC Visuals says:

    I've had a rat die in my parent's AC unit in the roof… it the smell was worst in room the AC unit is over. The decomposing body we couldn't get out, smelled to freaking bad. Idk how this guy could handle the smell of multiple decomposing bodies.

  • Numba Juan says:

    I feel so bad. The fear those women felt and physical torture they went through before being killed was horrendous. The ones that lived still suffering as well.

  • Numba Juan says:

    We need better training & psych evaluations more frequently. Fucking Cops dropping the ball left and right. The public does a better job then most police.

  • J.K Fitz says:

    Ohhmygoodness !!! The Cleveland cops dropped the Ball !!! Thankfully Billips spoke up or the loser would have kept killing ….Prayers for all the women that lost their lifes and their families. So sad

  • Dria💜 says:

    This is bullshit, and an absolute disgrace! The city should be sued, the department should be sued and every officer/de textile that decided to look away, not help, and not give a shit should be sued! The LEAST they can do is make that lot into a beautiful place for the families of those who were lost, give them headstones, and offer consulting! This makes me so mad on so many levels!

  • John QPublic says:

    So in other words people, these folks wouldn’t pay for their own family’s grave stones! Instead they place blame at the governments feet and talk about how the “government” didn’t get her buried! And her dislike of Cleveland!!!??! Really!!??? What about all the TAX PAYERS money spent to bury your kin folk? Get the fuck outta here!

  • Hyun Joo Kim says:

    Sending love and light to the beautiful sisters who are resting in love of God

  • Eternal Love says:

    Heartbreaking💔 she said “it says beep” and that’s her saying goodnight😢

  • Necro Orcen says:

    Could you imagine trying to escape that house and theres bodies decomposing around every corner??..

    that's an actual nightmare scenario

  • Living the Life says:

    What bs. If someone so much as dare mention the serial killer could possible be black the whole black community cries racism. Look up black serial killers.
    They aren't reported on because blacks want to say only whites are serial killers. A town ran by blacks filled with black cops and yet it's not the black serial killer's fault it's the fault of the white boogieman.
    The family not getting a tombstone for their mother is disgusting. Get a brick or a large stone chisel at date on it. Place it there so you don't have to dig to find the marker.

  • King Melo says:

    Vedy stink

  • later nerds says:

    Greatest nation on earth…..smh

  • Stoli Blue says:

    I'm sorry but God..
    . Ain't gonna do fa for anyone there'll be no judgment . I don't want to offend but this kinda thing is gonna keep going
    All about $$"%$$$$$$ used for educating 50
    To protect and Serve . False advertising.
    Kudos to the journalist. Peace and love to you all.

  • scratchnandsurvivn says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to our fallen sisters. Thank you for helping us remember them. ♥️

  • roger mccollough says:

    cops are like that every where you have to throw them on the crimes before they see them but many times theses intercity kids kill like 11 people in like a month easily its much worst than many serial killers

  • growlinghands says:

    "Unseen" [2018] is a great documentary on this, as it features many of the local women, victims who escaped. No matter if you've never been in their situation – poverty, drug use, sex work, desperation – you feel so much for these women and those who didn't make it, and their grieving families left behind. It was so cathartic to watch that human garbage's house be torn down…

  • Megan G says:

    I have that same potato cutter and can attest it’s no easy feat. That thing always puts a whopping on me.

  • Ash Gold says:

    29:54 my reaction to this case..

  • Adel Almasood says:

    Thank you Vice for shedding some light. I am also from Cleveland, but I moved away. Hopefully I will come back home someday.

  • fromtheptothab says:

    kool aid

  • seateg12 says:

    The ex-sex crime retired black man was more honest than I have seen in a long time. God bless him for his service, yet, lack of service??? Tough questions

  • Eatme Douche says:

    Lol, after talking about poor blacks being marginalized, his own mother calls that meal "something out of the ghetto". Then goes on to say his parents moved to a white neighborhood so he wouldn't face the "challenges of urban life" lol – too fucking funny.

  • Eatme Douche says:

    Who would have thought that agreeing to smoke crack and drink with a stranger at their house could lead to bad shit?

  • Eatme Douche says:

    So, it was black cops who overlooked all of this shit and kept letting him go and you're trying to make this racial? Lol Fucking liberals.

  • Laryl Lassie says:

    The koolaid needs more sugar

  • Kevin Jabroni says:

    Fuck those crackheads, we need more people like Sowell out here.

  • Love All says:

    He is innocent! I know him well.

  • Jack Budge says:


  • Todd Pasteur says:

    Is it Def row or death row? Asking for a friend.

  • Grace Gonzalez says:

    This is so sad :'( I hope They jail every person that murders struggling woman.

  • Heavy D says:

    I just cant understand something..there is absolutely nothing linking him to these murders except for d.n.a. Nobody or nothing puts him at any of the crime scenes. Example, nobody seen him or his very rare Mercedes. Leaving his house or work around the time of the murders, nothing. 0. But yet somehow his d.n.a. is on the bodies….ok so he was at a fish market purchasing fish a block away from where one of the bodies was found at the time it was found.. and!? How is that incriminating at all? This one physically makes me sick to think he was actually set up. So my freinds arguement was "well the murders stopped after he was arrested!" Yes I get that. But if you were the one committing the murders and someone else took the fall would you not quit? You got off with murder, literally! It only makes sense to me. I dont know man…this one seems off…way off!

  • Aidan Husa says:

    look at that guy doing Wheelie 8:40 it cool trust me

  • Open Door Games says:

    "We are terrorists in our own communities against ourselves" — I pray that all communities in deep struggle, see this… and stop blaming others. It's so sad.

  • Open Door Games says:

    Wow….. idiots at Vice manage to make this a black lives matter white racist cop issue. These cops are both black and white! EDIT – That's the only part of this video I didn't like. Cleveland is a very diverse place and the freaking politics of victimhood troubles me.

  • Senorita Evanita says:

    I researched and apparently that case against the sex crimes detective was settled this year with an undisclosed payout and last year the city of Cleveland agreed to pay $1 million to the families of six of the women Anthony Sowell killed.

  • hatchdog02 says:

    Fine example of very lazy cops! And very bad at their job. Wow how many times did he get reported. This is so sad they could have saved so many. Oh blame the system that’s what everyone does. Well then who is the system.

  • Africa Renee says:

    This documentary was very well done.🦋💖🦋💖🦋

  • James G says:

    Who was in charge of this precinct? Where is the accountability? In 2007-2009, there were procedures on handling rapes, rape victims, and SVU; the chain of command should've charged. Mr. Cooper, great job on this story.

  • Beast says:

    My hometown… Cleveland is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. East Cleveland is a nightmare. I hope that the city is annexed or wiped off the map…

  • smoka joka says:

    Lord have mercy

  • NiteRida says:

    Never knew this monster existed.

  • Silvia Araujo says:

    Oct 3

  • Fluentinshittalk says:

    Prostitutes are often victims that don't get listened too. Not just black ones. You race vultures, Vice.

  • Torchy Brown says:

    In the HBO documentary the shopkeeper said Sowell was a nice guy who was taking out the “trash.” Fuck him.

  • Marcy Mark says:

    This was sad and beautiful. What a disgraceful joke of a system people are born into. Im moved by all the life that has been lost completely avoidably. People literally died because of apathy and negligence. I want to cry

  • Marko Lovrenc says:

    Don`t tell me you had a hard life. That doesn`t excuse you. Many people had a hard life i had a hard life. Yes sometimes i can be violent,and honestly i think most of us can murder,but don`t blame others,or your life. I used to be pissed off on the society,like they are guilty. No that`s bullshit,of course people are jerks some of them,it plays a part . But it`s on you,your choice,you were born that way. After you get older you realize,that`s life and you need to take advantage of all the awful things that happens. I can understand a murder in some way,i can almost justify some. But how can you kill so many innocent people ? People you don`t know shit about,and even worse people who have harder life then you. Unless to help them. Help them just a little help,means a lot to the homeless. You kill them that`s awful that cowardly predators attack the poorest among us. You are a coward pure and simple. Yo`re not sorry so i would respect you more if you just said that. Fuck you,i hope you will die slowly. Btw people help those who need it,dont be selfish,okay we all are,but even a little thing that means nothing to you,can help. Help them not because others,god,what ever,but because its the right thing too do.

  • DAVO 0315 says:

    I find lt interesting that they talk about if it was white ppl lt woulda been different but yet all the cops on the case are black..

  • Beast says:

    This case has a few parallels to Jack the Ripper. He targeted prostitutes. Only he got away and killed all his victims.

  • pearler uanir says:

    Pour concrete over the whole lot with plaques of memory of each victim .

  • Quique says:

    WTF the police could have stopped him long before he killed 11 woman if only they listened to the women cries for help.

    This is pure fuckery and negligence on the part of Cleveland PD.

  • jackie jaune says:

    This is truly disgusting. It’s not a lack of resources, or man power, but it’s how the system strategically allocate time and energy to certain communities. Black women are the most praised, imitated and mistreated. What a combination…

  • Katherine Dorsey says:

    Yes, the true crime is how this creep was allowed to so freely murder 11 local women without catching the eye of law enforcement even AFTER they were told about him. How many women had to FALL out of his SECOND STORY WINDOW before they realized that there was a problem??

  • Karlee Valentino says:

    Unbelievable!!!! so a parole officer goes to see him but nothing?! really?! Man that is the worst county ever. What is wrong with the Police?!

  • King CarRon says:

    Cleveland gets worse can not wait to move out.

  • Tyler Durden says:

    with all the black detectives involved, at least people arent crying racism.
    This came to light under obama…… I don't remember him saying any of those girls could have been his daughters….. but people are fast to blame trump for things completely unrelated because he happens to be the president.

    It's about time to focus on the facts.

    Ghetto neighborhoods don't like to talk to the police. There is no fucking way people walked past that house and didn't smell rotting humans……they just didn't bother to flood the department with calls about it, and the cop that visited the house was most likely a ghetto bitch too who just didn't care about the hood.

    Stand the fuck up and take care of your own neighborhood and be the change you think the white man owes you.

  • Tyler Durden says:

    I spoke too soon. 38:22, what the fuck should the city do for you poor families that you didn't do for your OWN fucking family? I didn't get a pat on the head or sum good ol benefits when my sister was murdered by an illegal alien.
    Fucking entitlement complex at it's finest.

    Some of yall must think I have a white privilege card that makes the city buy me a new lexus every time I hit a pothole.

  • St0w1k says:

    I dont know what is more disturbing. The serial murders or that jheri curl.

  • Corey Fellows says:

    Ive actually drove by this dudes house before…it was bizarre…

  • politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy says:


  • LORDTAI👑 says:

    "He Don't Believe In Heaven" Because He's Gay ?

  • PsyintZ says:

    [14:25] If eleven innocent victims don't make murder "typical" for you, at what point would it actually become typical, for f%ck's sake?!

    I don't care if it wasn't meant for me, your apology is unacceptable sir.

  • Erica Pullum says:

    His dad hair needs to go

  • Nathan hill says:

    Typical vice bullshit, This short documentary is about a "black" serial rapist/murder killing black women but racism is still to blame….. lol

  • spent 1 says:

    It's all white people's fault… If it wasn't for them none of this would have happened..,🤔

  • spent 1 says:

    it sounds like the white man made him do it…lamo

  • Yetta Harris says:

    If you never believed in the devil there you go. Smh!

  • Olwen Morgan says:

    On Noah's Ark, while it was still raining, the boat got full up with animal dung. Eventually, they dropped anchor and shovelled all the sh*t over the side. When the flood subsided, they called the place, " Cleveland".

  • Gregg Designed says:

    My mind is completely blown

  • Roberta Montgomery says:

    Wow very good documentary

  • vacanator stallone says:

    just cuz some one is skin folk dont mean they kinfolk

  • Jae Sease says:

    Heartbreaking but necessary. I’m so glad this monster is finally behind bars. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families. 🙏🏽

  • Mike K says:

    Why would you go into a house that smells like that

  • Mike K says:

    The only thing I can see that's misleading is that sowell operated for a fairly short time in comparison to killers like Gary Ridgeway, maybe the Cleveland police did the best they could with what they knew. God bless those poor families and victims of this scum bag

  • Adhm Salmm says:

    Well this is why some hater country hate USA

  • MIA MINI says:

    love has no color stop the violence of every kind of cruelty happening over the world..spread love over it…as we all should. let he who has never sinned cast the first stone..no stones thrown..so with that being said bless these victims, and survivors, families to continue to get through this day by day give them strength…to the victims rest in peace…predators can rot in jail karma is something else for them

  • John May says:

    That some good sex when you fly out window.

  • andrew simon says:

    Could you imagine all the riots and robbery's that would of went up if Anthony Sowell was a white guy

  • Remedy 4 Reality says:

    It’s crazy…Police miss killers, rapists, etc….They don’t get taken seriously, victims fall through the cracks, & real criminals get away. Yet, don’t pay a parking ticket, Petty retail theft, traffic violations, they’re all over you…

  • voodoo dolly says:

    Awe, her mommy hanging up the phone to charge, when it beeps she takes it as her daughter saying goodnight…heartbreaking. 😥😥

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