The Best ACNE Care Tips for Clearing Pimple (with Eunice’s naked face! XD) | Wishtrend

The Best ACNE Care Tips for Clearing Pimple (with Eunice’s naked face! XD) | Wishtrend

hey guys it’s me Eunice with EuniQ
hi I know what you guys are thinking why isn’t she wearing any makeup what’s up
with her skin and yes yes yes I’m here today without any makeup because I
wanted to show you guys my SsaenUl that’s you know in Korean means you have
no makeup on at all I right now I don’t even have bb cream or anything um
I wanted to come out here you know just being real in front of you guys and I
wanted to talk about acne today EuniQ, my question today is about you know
how to take care of my acne of my pimples of breaking out and for those of
you guys who have never breaked out or you know who has never had a pimple in
their life you wouldn’t feel me but you know for those of you who have problems
and who have worries and who gets stressful because of the pimples I know
you guys feel me you guys are nodding with me right um I personally had never
used to break out when I was a teenager um you know going through puberty uh I
didn’t really break out at all so I thought I would never really break out
but when I turned 26 in Korean we call it adult pimples so
it’s already been you know 2 to 3 years and I’ve been to so many clinics and you
know I really I just I even you know cried because of you know breaking out and I
mean so it was very very stressful me and I know that you guys fill me too
right so for today I really want to show you
guys how I take care of my acne and I wanted to give you guys the tips that
I’ve been using for 2 to 3 years so I hope that this helps so number one I think the most important
thing is cleansing so that’s why I’m gonna talk about cleansing in the next
episode I want to go in details about you know exactly how to do it I want to
actually show you guys like me you know getting the soap ready and putting on my
face so please wait up for me and what I really wanted to mention this
time is that what I’ve learned from my um the clinic skincare is they said to
touch your skin as if it was a baby’s butt like I know that sounds weird guys
right you guys are like what but what it means is basically um when I touch my
skin sometimes um I see some people that just you know puts on their skin and you
know just like slaps their face and stuff like that but you have to be
really really sensitive I mean um some people might say no if you don’t do
it hard it feels like it feels iffy like all the makeup doesn’t didn’t come off
or all the oil didn’t come off but you guys you have to be really careful and
you have to be really soft when you touch the skin and you cannot touch your
face with your hands because your hands are dirty especially for me because I
break out so easily for example at night if I touch something kind of dirty
if I just you know touch my phone and you know just text someone and then I
kind of rub my eyes and I rub my face and then I go to sleep I get a pimple on
that spot it’s so dirty guys so you really have to be careful not to touch
your skin if you want to I guess do your makeup over or you want to put on
more BB cream on top of what you’re wearing
then please wash your hands and then do your makeup okay thanks so what I wanted
to talk about in this episode is when I do get a big pimple like that did you see
that I’m going to give you guys a close-up very soon but um if I do break
out and I have a huge pimple and you know have a blind date or I have
something really important and I need to cover it up and I know that it’s really
bad to pop it but you know it’s just can’t really stand it and you need to
pop it and do you guys feel me on that I mean I know I shouldn’t pop it but it’s
just I need to get rid of it and I think the best way is yes to go to a skin care
or skin care clinic but let’s say you know that you know I can’t afford that
right now or no I have no time to go there then the best way is to get a
needle and pop it and then use a q-tip and you know squeeze out the pus and
make sure you get kind of in a rubbing alcohol and you know um just you know
put it over and stop the bleeding right that’s one of the tips and I’m not going
to show you guys that and I don’t recommend that because you know it can
leave scars we’re not professional so definitely it’s kind of dangerous so I
don’t recommend that but I do have to be honest on when I do get pimples I do
have some tip ok guys I’m gonna give you guys three tips today and number one I
don’t know what you call it but I’m going to call it spot products you know
the the products that you put on your you know spot the on your you know
pimple I’m going to today call it spot products I wanted to share two today the
reason why I like spot products is because it gets rid of the redness and
it gets rid of the infection and yes that’s why it makes the pimple a little
bit I think it calms it down and it makes it smaller so I wanted to share
two products today and number one is I never really actually tried it to be
honest with you guys but a lot of my friends have tried it and they have
recommended this for me because I told them now I’m doing this episode today
and this it’s in French so I’m gonna make sure that it goes out here I don’t
know how to say it but in Koreans la roche posay effeclar a.i.
la roche posay effeclar a.i. the spot product and the second one it’s gonna be
easier it’s called spot repairing serum skinmiso and it’s also a spot
product it’s made from natural resources and tea tree oil so it helps with the
acne and also the redness when the pimple becomes really red so
when I tried it on what I really liked is that it kind of it’s a clear gel type
but when you put it on and it when it dries it kind of forms like a cool a
very thin layer so it felt like it protects my pimple from you know dirt
or the you know it anything outside and you know for the price I mean there’s a
lot there’s a lot of amount to it so I think it’s really good okay before you
put on this um acne product I wanted to show you guys a little tip from me and
it’s tada it’s green tea green tea has really good
really really good resources but it has such resources as EGCG and it has so
many vitamin C’s more than even a lemon has so this is really good for your body
especially but for your acne this is really good and I wanted to show you a
way that you can use this before you put on your acne all you need is green tea
the powder or green tea bag and cotton and just some water and you know
something to steer the water that’ll be nice and what I’m gonna do is basically
just put the green tea powder the water I’m gonna put a lot just to be able to
show you guys well usually I don’t put that much water or powder in there but
just for now I wanted to really show you guys then mix that up and tada when it
becomes green like this all you’re going to do is make sure that you know you
wash your hands I’m going to get the sheet of content and I’m
to fit in and for those of you who are gonna try this in the long run I
recommend not the green tea bag but the powder because it has more of the
you know green tea itself so it’s I think it’s better than the tea bag okay
so what you’re gonna do is just make sure you know it’s not dripping and just
put it on you know I have a big pimple right now on my forehead so just going
to put it on and you’re going to leave it on for just 10 minutes okay and the
third one is patches patches for your acne and a lot of girls in Korea we use
this um you know when we have to go out and when we have to go to work when we
have to go to school and you know you have something like that a big red huge
pimple then you kind of want to hide it so what this works how this works is
two ways first way is when you put it on it helps with the scar and make
sure that it doesn’t really leave a scar and it helps um the acne to heal itself
so it’s really good and number second number two is it’s really good
because when you put it on it kind of um how should I say camouflages your pimple
so you can’t really see the redness so yeah um I recommend the ones that um you
can find it at the pharmacy but you can get patches in the pharmacy you can get
it at Missha you can get at the face shop you can get it anywhere but I personally
recommend the ones that you can get it at the pharmacy okay like I said I
recommend the ones from the pharmacy but right now all I have is Missha’s so I’m
going to show you the patch you guys see that it’s clear and I’m going to get a
smaller one my big forehead okay voila oh I have so many things more
to talk about especially you know in the topic of acne and breaking out so next
episode I’m gonna talk about the how to take care of your scar and the redness
and especially I wanted to show you guys me actually going to the clinic
because I do often go so I wanted to take you guys with me so I’ll see you
guys next time bye take care


  • khr13 says:

    you kinda look like choi ji woo 🙂

  • Danica Mendoza says:

    I've used everything on my face. Nothing 🙁 Help me

  • Vhon Deric Borbon says:

    noona do you wash your face after applying green tea?

  • Rohaya Tifani says:

    you look like 최 지 우

  • Areej says:

    was rubbing ma forehead when she said "you cannot touch ur face with ur hands cuz they r DIRTY!!" XD quickly pulled ma hand away

  • annabelle7123 says:

    I had a spot product from Koreana, I don't know if you can buy it, but it was really great and it totally reduced my small pimples!

  • Biên Doãn Hữu says:

    Eunice can you tell me how often do you use the green tea tip, can i do it everyday ? thanks :))

  • Yasmine Aouiby says:

    I feel you

  • Wonderer Wonderer says:


  • Mercedes V-Z says:

    Ohhh i have tried the la roche posey one and it was really good but the skin gets used to it really fast so it is not a product that you can use forever but i guess the skin gets used to every single cream so stops doing what it has to do in your skin😢

  • Claire Bernas says:

    omg youre so beautiful!!! i love your skin. you look more gorgeous without make up

  • Claire Bernas says:

    lol i got acne since i was 9 years old. and know im 14 and still have acnes. 😭😭😭😔😔😔😔

  • Maria hos says:

    Sub in spanish please!!

  • Abdo Chghaich says:

    I Used To Have Clear Skin But I Started Breaking Out Really Badly Since The Beginning Of This Year But Now I Can Definitely Tell That My Acne Are Almost Gone (Exept For The Breakouts I Get From Time To Time) But I Still Have Scars That Are Slowly Fading. My Recommendation For Those Who Suffer From Acne Is To Stay Away From Overly Oily/Spicy Food Especially Butter And Fried Eggs Ect….And To Drink Lots Of Water. Also After I Wash My Face I Like To Go Over It With An Ice Cube Gently (It's So Refreshing And Gives My Skin An Instant Glow). Lately I Started Using Aloe Vera Gel As A Night Mask And What I Do Is To Apply A Decent Amount Of The Gel All Over My Face And Let My Skin Absorb It And I Can Definitely Tell That It Refreshes My Skin And Makes It Look And Feel Healthier.

  • aznfangrl612 says:

    looool its pronounced like this: La Rosh Poh-zay (thats as phonetic as I can get). It really does work, The whole Effaclar line is for acne and it works well

  • ANIS ALIA says:

    does these tips work for small pimples?

  • Jenny Pinelo says:

    so is it bad to use the green tea bag?
    because i dont find any powder
    and i really need help because ive been breaking out more now

  • Madeline T. says:

    My tip is, since I have the tendency to sleep with my hand on my cheek, put on hand sanitizer before going to sleep. My skin has gotten so much better since I've started doing that.

  • Mark says:

    I'm a 37 year old. I've had adult acne since I was about 30. I used all different kinds of products & was never able to clear my face up. I also had blackheads all around my mouth. I've been trying this for not even a month & my WHOLE face is clear. The blackheads are now gone. I HIGHLY recommend it. You may follow here >> to discover the path of acne free life.

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