The Autoimmune Disease Cure

Hi guys, Lana Lien here. I wrote The Autoimmune Disease Cure. The book is based on over 20 years of scientific research as well as my own personal experience healing autoimmune disease. The book covers topics such as diet, vitamin and mineral levels, hormone health, mindset… I offer lots of bonus information like how to find a doctor (the right doctor for
you). You deserve to have a partner in your health. You really deserve to feel
supported. When I started this journey 20 years ago I felt completely alone and
quite frankly I was alone, so I think it’s so important that we surround
ourselves with support and it’s one of reasons I wrote the
book. Please don’t hesitate to share your journey with me. That way we can, you know, start a community. Autoimmune disease when I started out… yes, it was prevalent,
but now it really is an epidemic. Every person I talk to… someone’s
affected by autoimmune disease and it makes me really sad but it also gets me really
hopeful because if I can do it, anyone can do it, so I absolutely 100% believe
in you guys. I’m really excited for you to get started and I think because
you’re here, you’re definitely ready so I’m really so excited for you. It’s
an amazing feeling to get your power back around your health. For those of
you who do need a little bit of hand-holding I am so happy to help
if I can. I do offer personal coaching on my website Anyway I
can help I’m really happy to, so all the best on this journey. I absolutely
believe you can do it. I’m really excited for you and please don’t hesitate to let
me know how you’re going. Okay… Speak soon, bye guys.

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