The Regimen Step 1: Cleanser

The Regimen Step 1: Cleanser


  • lutiewan says:

    ….me too

  • dathanlo says:

    you see, what you want to do is just see the first step in a multi step process and say it doesn't work. thats not totally stupid or anything, in fact its very smart and makes tons of sense >_>

  • jsts22 says:

    I think BP should be avoided, it stains your clothes and the long term effects are not known.

  • REDDRAKON says:

    what are some good gentle cleansers to use? what kind is being used in the video?

  • heydanbud says:

    i love the cleanser so much, it's the only cleanser ive had that actually leaves my skin supple, not dry

  • heydanbud says:

    @REDDRAKON cleanser

  • luke says:

    @dathanlo haha agreed! I think I sense some sarcasm there :p

  • namch1988 says:

    you are really handsome!!

  • sahree says:

    how do you dry with a dark colored towel?? Doesn't it get bleached??? i can only use white towels with the Regimen, as well as a crappy sleeping tshirt.

  • tasha mak says:

    Hello, just wondering does this product still work over the course of 2 years, thinking about giving it a try?

  • HitStep08 says:

    Look at this mans skin… he's obviously doing it the RIGHT way….

  • EverythingCupcake says:

    Good God man your skin is beautiful im so jealous!

  • Ruth Houston says:

    But if you only pat your face dry doesn `t it make it easier for dirt and oil to get into your pores? Explain this to me im confused.

  • dathanlo says:

    @sooparsoup well, sarcasm is my native tongue after all :p

  • Kurd says:

    whats that product which u put it on your face

  • NsrSince01 says:

    is the cleanser alone enough to get ride of my mild acne?

  • Faris says:

    @CR9Razor Lmao

  • EpicReviewsable says:

    Like a bawce.

  • ISA1 says:

    hi, can I use this cleanser with clarisonic at night? is it ok? thanks 🙂

  • Fractal Lad says:

    I havent given this a try yet -I'm starting the regimen tonight- but I feel like you just washed your hands better than your face.
    Does leaving it on for only a few seconds like that work?

  • F a e l e i a says:

    I wasn't able to follow it EXACTLY like you mentioned 500 times, but i noticed just treating my skin really gently like a hissy queen's foot servant made it a lot calmer. And less break outey. I've also gone hardcore into reading ingredient labels for EVERYTHING now.. everything including non related items, everything including things I don't even want to buy..

  • F a e l e i a says:

    I behave like a man when i wash my face. 🙁 Seeing how gentle you are puts me to shame.

  • BDSandM says:

    According to his regimen, a Clarisonic would be irritating to the skin.

  • Money Limo says:

    why some of the step say i shouldnt use washcloths?

  • apusama says:

    it's too rough on acne-prone skin and can irritate it, especially if you're doing it in conjunction with using benzyl peroxide.

  • Maisha Haq says:

    thank you Dan. I will owe you forever. my skin used to be such a mess. people used to call me UGLY. I lost all my confidence. after following The Regimen just for a month my skin is under control. thank you so much <3

  • Eduardo Amaro says:

    where can I buy that cleanser he's using ?

  • djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

    why you must buy online??? im not even old enough to hold a credit card..-_-

  • Don Park says:

    is this the Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser?

  • says:

    You do not need to spend a lot of time rubbing and scrubbing to get the surface of the skin clean. Many people over wash and end up irritating the skin which can worsen acne. Just wash gently and briefly to prepare the skin for your acne medication. In this case that's the benzoyl peroxide. -Brandy

  • HerbalistGoesPvP says:

    Which brand do you use?

  • Brandon says:

    Do i have to use the cleanser 2 twice a day eg. morning and night. Or can i just use it in the morning?

  • says:

    The Regimen works best when done twice daily, so you will wash and use the bp and moisturizer twice per day for best results. During the first week though, just use the bp treatment once per day. After that, use all three twice daily. -Brandy

  • says:

    The cleanser gets most makeup off fine, but if yours doesn't come off easily you can remove it with jojoba oil first then follow up with a brief washing. For more cosmetics tips please visit and use the "contact us" link to email us. -Brandy

  • says:

    The brand is what is shown in the video. Please visit and click the "store" link at the top of the page to see the products. -Brandy

  • says:

    You may order and pay with check or cash or money order too. Please use the "contact us" link from to discuss payment methods if you are interested in ordering the products. -Brandy

  • Demetris Sheppard says:


  • Demetris Sheppard says:

    Should I be using. It three times daily? I thought u had to use it, 13 hours apart. .. I'm on my second month an two pumps doesn't absorb it leaves. Streaks. Also when I cleanse make up I usr jojoba oil then prewash. With gentle cleanse the I use

  • says:

    The Regimen works best when it's followed twice per day. Three times isn't necessary and may lead to excess irritation. It takes a few minutes to fully massage the bp into the skin well so that it disappears. If you need some help with The Regimen, please visit and use the "contact us" link to send us an email. -Brandy

  • Jessica Ward says:

    As an alternative to the cleanser is it safe to use vitamin c avalon organics cleanser and moisturizer? The only ingredient it has in it is ceatyl alcohol that he said is not a great ingredient. All the other ingredients are fruit extracts . Thanks

  • 1954telecaster says:

    BUT HOW DO YOU GET RID OF BLACKHEADS?! this does nothing for clogged pores…

  • RIP SpeakerKnockerz says:

    Hi dan! I just started using the regimen it's day 2 only so i don't apply the BP yet but when i apply the moisturizer it burns and dries up fast is my face just getting used to is?

  • Iffath Nela says:

    Hi dan I got this product but I'm wondering if I can use simple make up wipes before using the cleanser ? Please reply

  • Isha Noelm says:

    What water tempeture should you use?

  • Nur Aliyah says:

    are these products available all over the country?

  • Phát Huỳnh says:

    Dear Dan,
    Can I use the cleanser more than 2 times a day ?
    Thank you !

  • Oviri Clarke says:

    what if I was to use Cetaphil as a gentle cleanser, 2.5 BP and Cetaphil moisturizer?

  • Cyndi Brown says:

    Hey I've notice that I'm having a lot of irritation redness and itchiness around the inner corners of my nose the middle of my forehead and my brow area. What should I do? I just ordered the system 2 weeks ago but I just started using it 3 days ago plus it burns please I need the best advice

  • Cyndi Brown says:

    Am I suppose to see a lot of white heads after using this step? Is this normal? Please respond

  • shan ban says:

    how much times on a day do i have to use it ?

  • Helen Huang says:

    I know that you're supposed to use these products twice a day, once in the morning and one at night, but what if I wear makeup to school and when I come home (3 pm) I want to take my makeup off? Is it okay to use a makeup wipe since the regimen should only be used twice a day not three times?? Please reply ASAP

  • Tania Prudencio says:

    This is my first week using this product do I use it twice a day too? Or just one
    And do I have to be more gentle than u in this video?

  • Manthan Jain says:

    Too much of rubbing like 30 sec or more actually cause red rashes and itching on skin?

  • Piink Dumbbells says:

    So I'm guessing it would be best to remove make up before doing this? I don't think 10 seconds or less would remove all my make up lol

  • etv says:

    my douct is this face will remove pimples please replie

  • Maria Solorzano says:

    ive been using it for about 5 days now and my face isnt getting dry or flakey should i be worried?

  • Baidawaii hai says:

    is it okay to use different cleanser or moisturizer and only use bp, or is it essential to use all 3 products in the regiment?

  • Muhammed Mehraj says:

    I use acne face wash some month but acne face wash I can't budget I bought nevea face wash how is it
    but it is good compared to acne it's removed my pimples

  • Zymrix says:

    hi I have been on this regimen for about 3 weeks and now my skin is really dry and flaky can I use regular lotion to hydrate my skin ? please help.

  • Jayanta Akki Gaming says:

    will it work for oily skin?

  • Eldho shaju says:

    Please Suggest best face wash for men.. ?

  • celtic knight says:

    Anyone from 2019

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