The #1 Master Tip to Help Collagen

The #1 Master Tip to Help Collagen

We all want to look and feel healthy and
vigorous we want our skin to look youthful and vibrant, diminishing the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin due to the aging
process the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure. We want our joints to be
pain-free and flexible and we want our immune systems to be powerful. My Name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and several
years ago I had a female patient in her early 50s walk into my office with two
large bags of cosmeceutical they’re topical agents that she was applying as
part of her daily skincare routine to diminish the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles and sagging skin and dark spots and she was frustrated because she
was spending hundreds of dollars a month thousands of dollars a year and not
seeing the promises that marketing material were saying that she should see
with the anti-aging products and she said dr. Shelton is there something else
that I can do to improve the effectiveness of my skincare products so
we sat down and one by one bottle by bottle we reviewed the topical agents
that she was using and some of them were great they contained well researched
ingredients some of them frankly were just a waste of her time and money and
at the time I knew of the importance of high antioxidants and diet and taking
extra supplements of antioxidants antioxidants like vitamin C and E green
tea lycopene coq10 because those antioxidants at the time we all knew
helped to prevent the oxidative damage of the underlying matrix of the skin the
collagen fibers the elastin fibers the reticular fibers that oxidation causes
in all of us pro inflammatory chemicals causes in all of us I knew the
importance of antioxidants but for her I dove into the research and what I found
surprised me there were so many research articles on the importance of oral
supplementation of cosmeceuticals to promote healthy looking skin and I
always believed that health and well-being
starts from the inside out even for the skin so I started to scour the research
and again what I found was surprising I want to talk about just a few of the
oral supplements that are important for skin health the first is actually oral
collagen oral collagen has been shown to activate stem cells improve skin
response to signals such as growth factors stimulate collagen genes
neutralize free radicals and decrease the breakdown of collagen and elastin
fibers preliminary results are promising for both the short and long term use of
taking oral collagen supplements for wound healing and skin aging oral
collagen supplements also increase skin elasticity hydration and dermal collagen
density and it’s when these dermal collagen and elastin fibers break down
that’s when we start to see the effects of aging the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles sagging skin and of course we need to protect ourselves against
skin damage but we’ll talk about that in a moment
collagen supplementation is generally safe with no recorded adverse effects
and another double-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical
trial conducted on 120 subjects who consumed either a test collagen oral
supplement or a placebo on a daily basis for 90 days
subjects consuming the oral collagen product had an overall significant
increase in skin elasticity by 40% when compared to placebo in addition the
consumption of the collagen product reduced joint pain by 43% and improved
joint mobility by 39% in another study after 12 weeks of taking an oral
collagen supplement visual assessment scores and three parameters of skin
wrinkling were significantly in moved compared with the osebo group in
case of skin elasticity one parameter out of three was significantly improved
in the collagen group from baseline after just 12 weeks it improved also
skin hydration elasticity and wrinkling next let’s talk about the importance of
antioxidants so obviously you can get antioxidants through a diet that’s high
in fruits and vegetables but there are particular antioxidants that you can
supplement and it helps to prevent the oxidative damage that leads to the
appearance of aging fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin
and these vitamins are vitamin C and B Co Q 10 lycopene and green tea so again
I encourage you to consume a diet that’s high in fruit and vegetables and
certainly drink at least a couple of cups of green tea every day the last
item I want to talk about is an herb poly podium really interesting Studies
on poly podium it acts like an internal sunscreen when taken orally I’m not
dismissing the importance of applying external sunscreen to prevent against
the damaging UVB rays of the Sun that causes the appearance of dark spots that
exacerbates fine lines and wrinkles among the most studied herbal substances
that have proven phyto protective activity or green tea extract
carotenoids or carotenes and poly podium in one study the results suggest that
poly podium can potentially be used as an adjunct agent to lessen the negative
photo biological effects from you bb rays the use of polyp odium it’s
actually a species of burn has been reported to be beneficial in the
treatment of atopic dermatitis vitiligo psoriasis and for the Prevention of
polymorphic light eruption sunburns and squamous cell carcinoma so the oral
intake of supplements can help with youthful vibrant looking skin and I’ve
used this in many of my patients that’s why I’m sharing this information with
you I love that you guys are watching from all over the world and honored and
impressed with your time and attention to learn more about your health and
wellness I believe in the original meaning of the word dr. bill Kerry which
is teacher so I’m here to help perform research for you so that you can achieve
optimal health and wellness we’ve actually produced a number of other
videos on inflammation and helps prevent inflammation I encourage you to check
those out and at Zenith labs we’ve created a supplement called collagen
refresh that contains many of these ingredients it’s a lemon berry flavored
so it is quite palatable my wife uses it on a daily basis and she has seen
significant positive effects on her skin health
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achieving optimal health and wellness. Thanks again for your time!

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  • JumpingChi says:

    About 4 years ago, when I was using a very expensive oral collagen supplement, it made my skin look horrible. It looked much older after using the collagen supplement daily. What might have caused this effect?

    Recently, I used the same collagen as a hair mask. I left it on my hair for about 20 minutes and my hair felt wonderful after I washed it out.

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