TENOVATE GN cream uses and side effects, how to use, ingredients, price full review in english

TENOVATE GN cream uses and side effects, how to use, ingredients, price  full review in english

Hello! friends today I am going to tell
about the tenovate GN. Tenovate GN is the band of GSK
pharmaceuticals limited. It is in pack of ten gram tube as you can see and it is available in the form of cream, it is applied topically on the skin. Now friends, what is the active ingredients present in this cream? This cream contains Clobetasol Propinate, which is available in 0.05 percent and new Mizen Sulfate that is available in 0.5 percent weight by weight. Now friends, How does it works?, What is the mechanism of action? In this Clobetasol belongs to the class of Corticosteroids. It works by reducing the
action of certain chemicals in the body, that causes inflammation and friends, if we
talk about the Neomycin Sulphate it is used to treat or prevent infections to
be caused by the bacteria. Now friends what is the use of Tenovate GN? It is used in
the treatment of redness of the skin iching, dryness and swelling of the skin
and scalp, it is also used in the external ear infections cirrhosis and eye
infections. Now friends this medicines has some side effects such as irritation or itching on the applied side, feels like burning then
again dryness of the skin. Friends this side effects are possible
but does not always occur and if you notice any side effects then you should
to consult your doctor. Now friends how to use this cream? You should use this cream once a day or twice a day and friends before using
the cream inform your doctor about your other medications if taken, now friend
you should to take some precautions while using this cream. It is not for
patients who is suffering from parkinsen disease do not use in the conditions
such as fungal skin infections. Which is skin around the genitals, spotty red
rashes around your mouth, it is not in the conditions like acne , athelets foot
or ring worms and friends always consult your doctor regarding these rumors, so thank you friend thank you so much


  • Bharti yadav says:

    Isko use krne se face pe hair aa jate h bhout jyda☹️

  • Neha Khokhar says:

    shodney PR face PR chotey chotey pimples hojatey hai and skin bahut jlta hai

  • Ravi Bhatia says:

    Hi TENOVATE GN mene ek bar use ki pimple k liye pimple thik ho gya but abi ise use na kro to face per aise lgta hai jaise burn ho gai ho skin and dryness hoti hai bhut kuch bhi laga lo no effect ise lagaeo or thik, to ye jha ise lagate hai use ye apna habitual bana deti hai or fer lagane hi padegi, ager kuch solution hai to plz share, means ye product thik nai hai is compny ka so avoid.

  • mohd abuzar says:

    Kese use kre ise


    My doctor prescribed it for athletes foot

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