TATTOOING ON SCARS ★ TATTOO ADVICE ★ by Tattoo Artist Electric Linda

TATTOOING ON SCARS ★ TATTOO ADVICE ★ by Tattoo Artist Electric Linda

Can you tattoo on a scar? What scar can be covered in tattoos and how does that work? I’m gonna tell you and I’m gonna
talk a little bit about tattooing on scars – coming up! In this video I would
like to talk a little bit about scars. Can you tattoo on top of scars?
How can you tattoo on a scar? What will work? What will don’t work? What kind of scar can be covered with tattoos and yeah I think that’s what I’m gonna talk
about. Tattooing on scars is possible yes. I do have one requirement before I
tattoo on top of a scar and that is: the older a scar is the better, but if you
have a scar, if it is less than three years old, I would not recommend
tattooing on top of it unless: it’s covered in a solid field of one color.
Because. You have a scar. Here. Let’s say you have a scar, like this size, and on top of this we tattoo a straight black simple line. We tattoo a line,
it goes over this scar, okay? If this scar is less than two years old, it has not set yet. That is that the scar tissue in here, the skin inside of this scar, is kind of moving around and twisting and it will take about three years before this skin has found its place so if you tattoo a straight line on top of a scar that is not set yet that is less than three years old, the straight line will maybe
be shaped as an S or a C, or some shaped form
inside of this scar and then straight again on the sides. So if a scar is less than three years old but healed enough to tattoo on top of it, you can tattoo a solid color just to cover the whole scar with one color then that doesn’t matter. You know what I mean? When you do some kind of details and straight lines or something inside a scar, it can twist and it can change, but that doesn’t matter if it’s a big, solid, just a splat of colors, if this is the big chunk of colors, and in this size, the color will move around, that doesn’t matter, because you won’t see that, because it’s all the same color, so at least have your scar be a couple of months old before you cover it up in ink whatsoever, because it needs to be healed, the skin needs to be not like an open wound anymore it needs to be healed skin. Even though the scar tissue hasn’t set yet, you can cover it up with ink, but as I said, if you want details and crisp lines and it’s a big scar that you just you can’t cover the whole scar with one chunk of flat ink then you have to wait until it is like three years old. Another question that people often ask when it comes to scars is: Will it be gone? Will you still see my scar? Can you cover it up? Can it just vanish? The scar is gonna be it there always. But if it is very bumpy like
it goes up or down from the skin, in a certain kind of light you will get a
shade, so if a bump is going up like this, and you have light coming from one side, you will get a shadow from the other side. So what you can try is to put makeup on, use an eyeliner or something, you can use makeup or you can use pro markers or something, just not those typical permanent markers, but use some markers or makeup markers in some way, and just draw something, doodle something on your scar, cover it up and fill it. if you fill up a big circle of just blue paint, you can use paint as well, just like water paint or something, and you paint the skin around your scar
you will see that the scar is still visible. If you just put a big blue circle on it. But as soon as you take out that eyeliner or some tight fine black
marker and you do some details, as soon as you do that, that scar is not that visible anymore because you focus on the pattern and stuff and details that are
going on and they are kind of camouflaging the scar so you don’t see
that anymore, but as I said, the more details you put
on there, the more focus you will get on the tattoo and not on the details and
you won’t even realize that there was a scar under there, but that’s the artist’s
responsibility go to an artist that knows what they’re doing, that you know that they have tattooed scars before, they may have done some
cover-ups, so they have experienced with this. Make sure that their quality
is good in their portfolio, that you like their art which is one of the most important things and that it is a hygienic studio that does all of these
important hygienic routines and cleaning and the needles and you know what I’m saying, so tattooing scars is very very possible
and it’s all about; how old is the scar, the older the better,
and if it’s a very bumpy scar it can be camouflaged with details so you make
the eye want to focus on some other things going on here instead of the scar
that is over here, you know what I’m saying? Yes. I think you do, that was it, I
tried to answer the question: What about scars? If you liked this video, please, you
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blog, Instagram, snapchat, if you’re into that. and yeah, I’ll see you later then. Bye bye.


  • 7mrugo says:

    What about tattooing on top of a partially lasered tattoo? Do you have to walk around with a shapeless blob for three years before incorporating it into a new tattoo? Or are scars from laser removal not that deep?

  • Nina says:

    How about stretch marks?

  • Riley B. says:

    I just watched your entire playlist of tattoo advice and this is the biggest question I have, since one of the tattoos I want to get is to cover up a scar on my shoulder that holds really painful memories for me. Thank you so much for your videos, you have a new sub! 🙂

  • Sharifa Nakawooya says:

    Can you tattoo on stretch marks?

  • Randal Savage says:

    Linda should be a model too! Just part time of course because don't rob the world of your ink skills. What a stunning woman. Talented too. A keeper.

  • Shorty says:

    I used to be a severe self harmer and I’d love to put tattoos over them on my arms

  • Maya Brown says:

    Very informative. I didn't know about the 3 year rule.

  • Brandy M says:

    Very useful info. I have large scar on my leg I'm glad to know is possible to get tattooed over. Thanks for doing this video.

  • Laura Rebekah says:

    what about acne scars? i have a whole bunch of dots on my chest that i hate and that i'd love to cover with some sort of mandala like chest piece. Any advice?

  • Davo Larranga says:

    You are gorgeous…so attractive…

  • I AM TIITO says:

    hey Linda got a question, and ill be so glad if you answered it, i got some pimple scars , not to many and to deep, but i don't like how they look,I'm thinking of covering with a Mandela style black and grey, do u think is still gonna be visible?

  • Dahlia Legacy says:

    So in 2 more years I should know if I want my appendectomy scars covered or not. XD

  • Dnation Apocalypse says:

    I'm subbing, not only are you gorgeous and tatted but you're also very knowledgeable #InkLife!

  • Desoxyribonucleïnezuur says:

    Hi Linda! I really enjoy your videos, they're very clear and well executed. I wondered if I could ask you some advise, or if you might consider making a video about a certain topic.

    A few months ago, I got a tattoo. Very nice design by a very talented lady. Now I found that, probably due to my sensitive skin and because of the placement (the inside of my lower arm), during the healing process of the tattoo, some scar tissue appeared. I read online that this could happen when the needle hits your skin too deep during the proces of getting the tattoo (also from picking scabs etc, but I don't think that this was the cause here). Now, the artist that got me my tattoo, noticed that my skin is very sensitive, and so she tried her best to avoid scarring or blowout, but it didn't work out completely.
    The scars are subtle, but you can definitely feel them when you run your finger across the tattoo and the black ink is also slightly lighter in these places. Also, I feel that the tattoo still hasn't settled 100% yet.

    I wondered what the best way is to deal with a situation like this as in: what are the best ways to avoid scars or blowout(probably placement of the needle and/or good aftercare, but maybe there are some ways I don't know about?), which locations of the body have more risks to scar/blow out, how to heal it properly to minimize the scars, even after the normal 6 weeks healing process of tattoos, if they can be touched-up and/or how to deal with blowouts. I don't think that you covered this subject in one of your videos yet, but I might be mistaken, so if you did, I apologize and I'll be glad to watch that video!

    From this video I guess the scars have to be a certain "age", or at least at a certain state, before they can be touched-up, but any advice to heal them better so they "stay subtle" or don't get worse, would be welcome. Is there something I could do at this point, except from continuing to moisturize the skin and protect it from sun exposure?

    Thank you very much for sharing your expertise! Also, I hope I don't come of as rude or anything, or that my English isn't too bad, it's not my native language.

  • Logan W says:

    I recently had over half of my collar bone taken out due to cancer. In a few short months I should be deemed cancer free! If everything goes to plan I would really like to get a tattoo underneath my scar. I don’t want to hide it, because it’s part of my story. Part of a huge event that took place in my life, and helped shape me into the person I am now. I do however want to get a tattoo underneath it. I’m not 100% sure what I want yet, but something to make the area look less harsh, and more beautiful. When I had surgery it kinda messed up some of the nerves so in some spots it’s more sensitive and In some spots is completely numb. Am I still able to tattoo over that. I know some spots will be more painful, but I’m wondering if it will mess up the tattoo in anyway. (Might be a stupid question but I want to be as informed as possible!)

  • Es3iya says:

    I believe it similarly works on stretch marks ?

  • Stroke talk with Tim says:

    I have gone to 5 tattoo places here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and nobody would do my scar. It is 6 years old… Love to have you tattoo over my chest scar.

  • jill peterson says:

    Im a recovering addict (I.v. drug user) & have a lot of old track mark scars I really want to cover. I hope I will be able to. I won't even wear short sleeves in the summer I hate me arms.

  • Ashish Chamel says:


  • Anthony Johnson says:

    Hey Linda. I have three thin hyopigmentated white scars on my forehead. One is very long. I wanted to camouflage with permanent make up tattooing. The scars are not keloid scars. I tried three times with permanent make up, once in 1999, again in 2000, and a third time in 2001. Each procedure failed. The color was gone in about a week to 10 days each time. They are just as visible as ever. I might try again, but it's disheartening when you pay the money and get nothing out of it. I see people with tattoos over the whole bodies, yet when I just want a thin little thing covered up, I get no results.

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    Can you recommend any artists in Europe that specialize or are experienced in tattooing on top of scars?

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    I had a small scar, it wasn't even that visible to others but it bothered me immensely so I had it hidden with a tattoo. There's no sign of the scar anymore and I'm a lot happier with it not staring at me.

  • William Halliday says:

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  • Dee Jay says:

    I had a lot of huge scars from an accident that I got covered. I had to wait 5yrs before I could have them tattooed. So over the next 5yr (after the initial 5yrs) I got 30 tattoos. Each tattoo colouring was dictated by the scar. I worked closely with my artists and I listened to their advice. Best thing I ever did. Yes if I slide my hand over the scars of course I can feel them. But unless you know the scar is there (and you have to really look closely) can't see the scars at all. So happy and grateful dor the artists amazing work.

  • Torie Harris says:

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    Hi Linda, I have a big scar on my upper leg resulting from a burn that I got about 7 years ago…it is both bumpy and flat and some parts look a lil white….am considering using a tattoo to cove it up….but wondering if that's possible…also where am from am not sure if there's tattoo artist here that can do such….do u have any advise that u can give to me?

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    I used to self harm and I recently got one of my forearms tattooed. Being right handed, my left arm is the worst and I was told it would be difficult to get a tattoo there, even though my last scars are 9 years old. My right arm is not as badly scarred, I got a tattoo there and boy did it hurt. Even worse than my ribs. I don't know if it's because of the scars or what but it was so bad. I don't want to cover my other arm though for some reason… I've learned to live with my scars.

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    When can I start covering up?

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    This video definitely made me rethink covering over my surgical scars though because they are fully healed, but very ugly and didn’t heal very flat. I can’t imagine any design would look good after hearing your points!

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  • Storm T says:

    you are totally fascinating very good advice, do you know much about coldburn tattooing? the use of liquid hydrogen or dry ice to cold burn incredible body stencils (white stenciled burn Scarring) etc Be Amazing! i went searching on the net for this topic but nobody knows anything about it. it looks gorgeous on olive to dark skin ( but doesn't work on Asiatic or very pale skin i heard so a off white ink is used instead) i first heard about it from a prisoner in a courtroom who was covered in inkless cold burned tattoos! when i was a wild young lad another world or two ago lol

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    firstly- thank you so much for the video! I looked up "advice on tattooing over scars" yours was the first that. kind of just caught my eye 🙂 Love the tatts by the way!
    note: don't read if sensitive to topics of PTSD & self harm… Thank You. just looking for some honest advice on this one without putting pics on the web LoL ?

    so, brief intro before my question…I've been put through a lot physically to the point many people thought it was just extensive self harm until they saw the actual extent of where and how deep the tissue was damaged when I had enough one day and decided it's hot, I'm tired of long sleeves even on a hot day and threw caution to the wind sense I had finally accepted what happened and how i looked even healed up. Until my friend saw me walking and stopped just to say (not quite exact words as this is a public place haha ) "hey good to see you out and- wait, I thought you did those yourself.. but, just look at your back, chest, WTF did they do to you!? Sorry… I just figured you had some bad depression S— going all this time". it back-tracked me 3 years of working on my PTSD and transitioning back into society after what happened. From there you can likely picture the type of scars I'm talking about trying to go over… it's so uneven and covers about 65-70% of my back and 80% of my arms up to my shoulders even the rest is about as bad too.. just a lot of intersecting scars that ranged from "they healed over about same as my skin" to "they healed up INDENTED" and others "they healed up RAISED" in the SAME fn area… 🙁 it's been 2 yrs sense that mentioned backtrack- I've been home almost 5 years now.. Finally looping back around to getting ink done now that the scars are how they are, I've tried just about everything else while they were still too fresh to get tatts over anyways (and a few more methods even once they were cleared for inking per se), and it's what I originally wanted to do once the skin closed up and I could. haha… ANY ideas on coverage for this or even multiple tatts that just distract from the overall "walking carving board" look? if not it's okay. I know in my case it's more extensive than most could picture normally. I've done tatts on other people with some smaller more concentrated areas that seemed to heal up like mine but, yeah. 🙁 (took a bit for me to type this even but it's the e-net: you don't have to see me and those face to face know this stuff without having to know me just by seeing me… so.. if you read this Electric Linda- thank you! <3 & sorry for the long comment…new to how this works & wanted to be sure you had enough detail to understand why people are finding it difficult to work with. and to others who did- please, no judgey comments or jokes. we're adults here… i would hope… )

  • bellou72 says:

    Great video! Tattooing over scars won't be possible anymore in KY soon. They're trying to pass a law to prevent tattooing over scars, but don't state any further information, not even why. They're allowing people to make comments in May via email [[email protected]] though. I'm not sure if many people watching this video live in KY, but if you have a story or strong opinion about this new law, please help us Kentuckians by sending a brief email to them. 💌 If you don't feel comfortable though, I understand. 🤟

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    I'm also hoping to get a full forearm tattoo to cover the major self harm scars I have and by that time it would have been about 5 or 6 years old for when I want it (around 18) and since a lot are for deep I'm so scared that it'll be more visible than it is now

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