Taking Down My Cornrows + Preparing Pre-poo Rice Creamy Hair Mask Nutrition Treatment (pt1)

Taking Down My Cornrows + Preparing Pre-poo Rice Creamy Hair Mask Nutrition Treatment (pt1)

[Music] [Music] hello my beautiful people my family my friends so I would be back to my hair care Johnny which we all know for those of you that are following me up already so today I’m just doing a measurement of how my head no take a lens in this we’ve just one more so I found that it’s one one and that’s almost 2 inch but I also want to just write it 1 and 1/2 inch so I’m just trying on this side of my so I’m going to try the crown area parts to see the length there so guys I found that my hair really really grow I don’t know you know when you have it loose or you just carried it like that Sweetarts doing any weave or coral and so on and so forth you don’t do your hair growth okay so I just used this opportunity to come and measure from the down so we’re you know how to see if your hair has grown out she’s just just raised the waving up so you will found the lengths from the roots so we au the with ease so I also found that in my cry area it’s also almost 2 inch anyway by us right one and a half inch just not to add and Natsu – from each so you can see him the lengths how it grows so I’m just doing in this form so you can see the growth from the down to that place so now what we are going to do I’m going to take down my my cornrow whatever were you you know is called so I don’t call it we call it weave in Africa so I’m going to take everything down today guys this is 20 with my my girlfriend I have my money jug because she was what I encourage me into YouTube channel which I also talked about her some time ago so I’m just taking my head down one by one didn’t she did his head she was amazed at I have a very fool and I have a long hair then I said wow I didn’t know you know what you have something you devalue so now we are taking it down one by one so I’ll be back here guys there’s something I just want to show maybe most of you know how to do that you know when you have this something like this whitish something that dude you know stock under your weave or when you are taking your weave on okay so I take it out it’s like this I will hold my hand I will just separate each each strain it is strand of hair I will just draw it gently gently gently to remove those things that looks like a wound okay that is what I’m trying to talk about so anyway guys sorry for my voice because guys I don’t know what is happening I have cough oh my god I’m sorry guys I have coffee no this winter people I don’t know it because I did this weave this winter you know I was using my cup often but I always have coffee oh you know flew on and oh so that’s that’s why I was thought of you know removing it because I just want to carry my natural heavy do any twists and sounds as I used to do so now we also put it on my cup but maybe because it’s just flat we’ve no I don’t know anyway but I have fluid you guys should be with me again so now I’ve finally removed all the weaving oh my god guys it took me almost forever so that is my loopy tschappat day so you guys know for those of you dance be following me you guys know the issue of mine my scarf and my hair in this channel bed you-let’s and I want to thank God for is for at least my hair is growing before it wasn’t growing any it wasn’t growing anyway my old Cup was was sick my hair wasn’t growing it to grow and break off so I I did a video about my scar tissue that’s at the beginning of my video ok so maybe for those of you ones who least I will also link it down below I know it’s not it might be interested with my note but I will link it down below as well so now I’ve removed all my weave so guys as you can see now this is the hair that I lost from this order some allocation why is this huge hair you guys are seen in my other hands is the one that I lost from this other side which is my let me say head see paths so great guys I don’t really know how possible is that but well this is what happened so now I think maybe because I gently removed the other side where I have my issue down this order side way I know my scope is okay they may be that what does the reason why I don’t know anyway but this is what’s really hot I was shocked anyway so this is its least my scope rested for one month without disturbing with a manipulation and this was like it it times to allow my scalp to heal from what happened last time but no consigning when I took that drugs for me no dieting so I found out that issue for bring it down my wits anyways so now I’m going to do a I’m going to prepare a mask which is pretty cool mask on so you for deep conditioned counseling for conditioning so I’ll be also using it for conditional met with good reasons to prepare my hair it’s a nutritive as a hair mask to prepare your hair and take care of and treat your hair after a long time so stay tuned so guys before I prepare this is my first time I’m going to do this time I’m just going to do it direct and in the end or in a video okay so normally I do practice it’s behind bitch because it’s the first time I don’t have anything to do for not so my scalp so I’m going to just do it guys with you so this is my rice water which I was using to spray on my hand so I’m going to juice rice water as my water you can use ordinary what I can use this rice what I’ll be doing a video are parts how I prepare my rice water which is good for my hair it’s not making my hair to dry so I’m adding my a loonie powder I’m adamantly Surrey with rose flower and on with a my hibiscus flower Oh Connie I’m I didn’t because doing this maths can add all ingredients together had my hobo or an Amish a boats at my castle or a coconuts or a a mango butter he say nutritive hair mask and he tells me for condition this is my prayer my taxes oil so I’m also adding my cuts to so and so I’m adding this my very soft which also it is I think it’s bit cm I don’t know ready anyway guys everything I’m I used here I will be linking it down below for where you we be able to get them okay so don’t worry for if I’m not listing the measurements I’m going to list everything down below lost a screw down below so I said screw down below there you will see everything so I just met my god man this mask my double hit whele so now I’m going to add my Oliveira Jane some going to add my aloe vera gel I’m using the concert see the content I’ll be linking down the dénouement city okay but what I’m doing guys I’m doubling my quantity because of my does the length of my head okay so the normal quantity the best con city I’ll be listing it down below you in October Yas I call it to the length of your head so guys I mixed it I put it in the fridge for almost one hour okay I just left it there for one hour so now I out and I will start to add my last ingredient which are my air struts so you guys know some air struts are like a goji berry extract I did that so I will be listing down alternative of nuts so I also add man where I’d related which protein my tea tree my my best and Stacia oil guys which most of the girls be following me know that I’m ma normally used good as what is good for my skin so I’m just going to say ladies know preservation because I will be using everything to them but I said this arm mask is good for pre-poo and also for your after washing Paul is so treats your headphones to prepare your hair you know because you are going to add shampoo let’s out only to wash our our hair we look that strip you know strip out or face you know moisture so guys I hope you really loved this video for those of you that little is China please subscribe and follow me up thank you all for watching bye [Music]


  • Sheidat abdurahman aminna says:

    Awesome love it

  • Better Days says:

    Amazing recipe.

  • Yoyo7424 M says:

    Can I just sit in that tub for an hour or so??!!! Lol…u are bomb baby! Your hair can’t help BUT grow with your all natural hair products! Look at that hair grow!alopecia is growing in as well. I’ve tried a rice mask recently from another you tuber and it did great on my hair! Love 💕 the mask dvj😘😍🥰..guess I’ll go soak in tub 🛁..lol.love you my sister and bring the length check on! I’m so ready 🤗😉

  • Valerie Jarrett says:

    Nice what those circles in bath tub 🇬🇧

  • Better Days says:

    I need that bath for this winter honestly

  • maria fisher says:

    IA SORRY I COULD NOT HEAR WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE OIL YOU USED AFTER YOU ADDED THE MANGO BUTTER WAS it catcus oil i may have spell it wron it is the oil in the bottle with the blue papper on it and i dont see it in the description box thanks.

  • maria fisher says:

    HOW MUCH IS THE standard aloe vera gel to use without doubling the amount please thanks.

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