Symptoms and Treatment for Rosacea — Michelle’s Story

Symptoms and Treatment for Rosacea — Michelle’s Story

I didn’t know it was Rosacea at first it started just with like a red nose. I’d cover it up with make-up and I didn’t really think about it and it was only then that it started getting progressively worse, it went
to my cheeks and then my chin and above my eyebrows. It was really stingy and I’d wake up in
the morning with little white pimply spots. So once it started doing that, I thought right, I’ve got to
get this seen to so I went to the doctors. At first they said oh no you know, try this cream, it’s fine. But by the time I went back the third time and I said look i’m
getting these little pimply spots and he said oh, ok well perhaps it’s Rosacea? The doctor gave me a few different products to
try, different medicines, which none really worked. I just felt at the end of my
tether, I did’t know where to turn I didn’t go out with my friends as much as I used
to so it was really a push if I went out. And If I felt that my face was a little
bit bad that day then I wouldn’t go. My sister in law was in quite a famous chemist, she came across Derrmalex, was reading the back of
the box and saw that it treated Rosacea and the phoned me and said check this out,
you know, look it up, so I did. I found their website, I started using the product, I put
it on morning and night time and it was fantastic. I was waking up in the morning, I still had the little pimples
but they weren’t hurting, my face wasn’t sore, it wasn’t as red and I actually get up in the morning now and I look straight
in the mirror and think ok, it’s not too bad today. Just one layer of makeup is fine! My confidence has just gone through the roof. I feel that my skin is great now, it’s so so
so much better and that’s all thanks to Dermalex.


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