Sweet Almond Oil Benefits for Hair

Almond oil is made by pressing almond nuts
and extracting the oil that comes out. In a lot of ancient
cultures, almonds were valued because of their health and healing benefits. They are also a great source
of vitamin E, omega-9 fatty acids, and protein which can be beneficial to hair health. For hair use,
sweet almond oil is the most recommended and sought-after type of oil. Hair Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil
1. Almond oil makes hair soft. Being an emollient, almond oil is capable
of filling in hair gaps at a cellular level. This property results
in softer hair, and long-term use of almond oil makes hair softer. Using almond oil in your hair regimen
can lead to softer hair that is easier to comb and style. 2. Almond oil repairs and strengthens hair. Using particular oils for hair treatment can
lessen breakage and split ends. Nut oils that act as
lubricants, such as almond oil, can reduce friction when styling hair. A study done on Brazilian nut oils
(a lot of which contain linoleic acid and oleic acid, such as Trusted Source sweet almond
oil) showed that hair becomes more resilient when treated
with just small quantities of these oil ingredients. 3. Almond oil promotes hair growth. Although there is a lack of clinical trials
to prove almond oil’s efficacy in promoting hair growth, it is
proven that almond oil can make hair stronger and less likely to have to split ends. This promotes hair
growth because you won’t constantly lose hair due to damage. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that
almond oil is a great source of. Antioxidants can reduce the stress surrounding
the hair and make it look healthier and smoother. 4. Almond oil treats scalp issues. Almond oil is also used as an effective treatment
for scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis that
causes scaly patches on the scalp. At this time, there are no studies to support
how almond oil helps with these conditions. However, in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional
medicine, almond oil has been beneficial in treating dry scalp. Simply rub a small amount directly on the
scalp to stimulate blood flow and introduce potent antioxidants to the scalp. Before applying almond oil to the hair directly,
it’s ideal to rub a small amount between your palms
first. If you want to increase your hair’s softness
and shine, you should concentrate more on the tips of
your hair. Massage a small amount of oil on the tip of
the hair and leave it on after styling. Another way to use almond oil for hair care
is as a conditioning hair mask ingredient. Combine 2 parts
room temperature (solid) coconut oil as carrier oil and 1 part sweet almond oil along with
a natural conditioner, such as avocado. Mix it well and apply the resulting hair mask
to dry and clean hair. Leave
it on for about 40 minutes. Potential risks and side effects
In general, topical application of almond oil is safe. However, people with a severe nut allergy
should never use almond oil for hair care or any
other purpose as the allergic reaction could be quite serious. Before heat styling, never put pure almond
oil on your hair. This could burn the scalp or the hair itself
because the oil will heat up around the hair follicle.

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