Survivre au Cancer #4 Le Kit complet avec explications et lien Google Drive. PAS sans ACCORD

Hello again my friends here we are in the heart of the subject The list that you’re going to find in 3 parts I’m not done here is what you need to take in the morning it can be morning “and” or morning “or” evening I personaly take morning “and” evening then there are some that you don’t take at all for example artesimine I told you why… So for the evening there is all the minerals like potassium etc… magnesium iron then there is what I take in the morning like vitamins, plus turmeric ginger apple cider vinegar ashwagandha etc.. So, why evening and morning ? because knowing that cancer develop during night I take these to block it while I sleep all my minerals knowing that cancer can use the vitamins for itself that’s why I only take them in the morning because then my normal cells can benefit too and not only the cancerous cells in the evening the cancer is more active it will benefit I think more… but it’s only my personal point of view that’s my feeling and that’s why I do it this way And see…It looks like it’s working.. for now I don’t know for how long I always said and I repeat my survival cancer kit it means what it means it’s to survive not to heal I want to be very very very clear on that all these products you can find them on Amazon or else without any problem everything is in free sale so normally not dangerous or else it will not be authorized so now I’m going to show how I buy them on internet see for example here I bought bitter apricot kernels so this I wrote no because it’s something that can be dangerous and that I don’t put on my cancer survival kit here it was a mistake I bought plums this is smart 🙂 You see the packaging is the same and of course I will send it back unless my wife wants to eat them then pomegranate extract I don’t remember in french small red berries inside a fruit I don’t remember I can’t speak french anymore neither english so this I take it in the morning or or in the evening or only in the morning but usually I prefer to take it it’s difficult because in the evening it fights cancer too so I tend to take it in the morning If I have to chose I prefer all these elements that fight the cancer I prefer to take them in the evening knowing that when I eat I reduce all this in powder too garlic turmeric ginger etc etc… then ashwagandha this is also preferably in the evening but if you want you can take morning and evening it’s supposed to avoid cancer cells to eat glutamine to absorb the glutamine Artemisia you know that I don’t put it, not knowing if it’s going to be or if it’s forbidden in France or not personally I take it but it’s only about me here is another brand of ashwagandha and sometimes on my purchases not on my list you will see them in double in my purchases of course because one time I buy a brand then the other brand the potassium this of course is a mineral I take in the evening the tablets are only 99mg it’s not a lot and I often take 2 how do you adjust ? between the vitamins and the minerals ? I think that the best solution is the one I apply if you take a blood test every month you look at the results and you see your vitamins deficiency everything that is not needed of course no need to take and everything you need of course you must take I don’t know how it is in France but here in the United States I ask for the complete vitamin panel to see which vitamins I need it’s not automatic here so I specifically ask for it Garcinia cambogia morning noon and evening with Lipoic acid is the metabolic treatment this metabolic treatment is used in all the countries of the world in the US there is a lot of doctors professors, researchers that say it’s good in France I found only the oncologist Laurent Schwartz then I go to page 2 in the same time morning noon and evening I take the CoQ10 in fact I take 3 things morning noon and evening peppermint is the mint in french that as you know for me I repeat again is for me only I removed the zytiga because of the side effects with the agreement of my oncologist in Strasbourg he did not prescribe it for four months and he’s going to see in four months according to my condition if I need another prescription of something similar or not for now I have nothing I take peppermint leaves and I drink mint leaves in my tea in my water and all I want the ginger I take it in the morning morning and evening turmeric exactly the same morning and evening ginger is another box garlic morning and evening it is certainly the most powerful antioxidant against cancer garlic like all others ginger turmeric I forgot in french this (garlic ginger turmeric) I take them in a natural way in powder that I add to my elements and in tablets who can the most can the least so we go on another box of lipoic acid alfa lipoic that I take as you know morning noon and evening with the garcinia cambogia and the CoQ10 I don’t eat the battery I don’t eat here is the CoQ10 that I was talking about that I take 3 times a day too so this is to save money ashwagandha in powder so I mix it with something and and I take it instead of the other one not in addition nettle is ortie (in french) morning and evening then the dandelion (pissenlit in french) morning and evening selenium, a mineral in the evening vitamin A and K in the morning potassium again I finished the box Garcinia cambogia I finished the box so you know morning, noon and evening with the 2 others Artemisia there is not anymore in the kit survive to cancer we will talk about it when necessary it’s not necessary to talk about it for now it’s not a part of the kit because it’s seems that it is or will be forbidden in France it’s the subject of a Nobel Prize Tu Youyou a chinese woman in 2015 so why do they want to remove it in France ? I have no idea so alfa lipoic another box Garcinia another box you know these are strip tests so you can to know your PH acidity if you take baking soda that is not either if you saw my previous videos concerning my survival cancer kit it began with the number 1 please look at all the episodes it’s important if you want to know everything you cannot avoid it thank you by advance so these strip tests (bandelettes in french) you can use to test your PH your urine PH what happened inside me when when I took every 12 hours 1 coffe (tea) spoon in lemon juice my PH urine was important (high) which means that of course I was losing minerals but means also that there was a lot of minerals so in fact I hope that the environment of the cancer becomes a bit more alkaline second strip is to know if you are in
in ketosis so you know that you need to be in ketosis so it works and that we stop of course to feed the cancer I repeat again that all these advises all this kit is only for cancer nothing else I don’t know I’m not a doctor it works for me in the context of cancer the mushrooms morning and evening then green tea one of the most powerful antioxidant with the garlic I take each time every morning and the evening sometimes I avoid it not knowing if it disturbs my sleep or not, but anyway I use matcha tea in powder in
sparkling water with mint leaves that’s what I drink now then bitter apricot kernels it’s not in the TCC (treatment against cancer) then the vitamin in the morning the ginger morning and evening I said it already turmeric morning and evening I said it too ginger morning and evening and this is was not bad Alba botanica deep moisturizing kukui it’s an oil and when I had my psoriasis on my head I used it on my head it calms the
itching and it disappears quite quickly it has nothing to do with the cortisone that returns what the body wants to reject it returns it inside this (alba oil) doesn’t it calms you and and you let it go quietly so it’s forced out
of our body vitamin C 1000mg of course in the morning again bitter apricot kernels.. it’s not part of the kit green tea another box I just finished it apple cider vinegar euh.. Cider of apples apples cider vinegar this I take in the morning and in the evening it prevents your PH from going down it stabilizes the PH in addition the apple cider vinegar of apples I use it in salads I take it as food too ashwagandha I talked about it already it prevents cancer cells from absorbing glutamine I think we’re coming to the end it’s going to be doubles.. the magnesium a mineral so for the evening… the vitamin K2 that helps to absorb the sun to absorb vitamin D3 which oxygenates your body magnesium again… Moringa moringa morning and evening or once a day it’s your choice garlic again so.. you know I take it morning and evening potassium which I take only the evening euh..lipoic acid it’s done Garcinia cambogia like lipoic acid and then that’s only bits and pieces of my cameras that I like and ginger and turmeric again and the iron I think I need to add it to my list I don’t think I’ve been so far the last time there it is my friends listen here you have one small example very precise about everything I’m doing but in order to simplify it for you I’m going to put on Google drive and I will put under the video the complete file with all the internet links with what it is exactly as regards the quantities I trust the dosage marked on the box you will have another information about this list it’s what I take in the morning noon and evening and what I take only the evening So I hope that now you know everything so you have only one thing to do it’s to ask.. Go ahead! tell me Yes ask your doctor his green light 🙂 without it it can be dangerous I know nothing about it so it can be dangerous some doctors told me that I can have side effects because I take too many things and I don’t want that you copy me without knowing.. so take informations from the doctors as far as I’m concerned the list I just made will be sent to different health professionals biologists researchers and doctors I will have it corrected I will ask them what I’m taking too much what is unnecessary what is is duplicated because I don’t know and they will answer me friendly.. so when I will have these answers I will correct my cancer survival kit I wish you a very nice day what time is it here ? it’s 4.48 am and I think it’s time for me to go to bed euh.. how do we say again ? the friends, the subscribers yes that’s it have a nice day my friends and do not make bullshit 🙂 bye i found the button bye again !!

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