STOP STRESSING OVER YOUR ACNE! I stopped using skincare products I only wash my face with water

STOP STRESSING OVER YOUR ACNE! I stopped using skincare products I only wash my face with water

Hi guys, thank you for tuning into another episode of no makeup conversations. My name is Trelana my name is trelana and I wanted I am
currently right now on my menstrual cycle I know it’s a lot of TMI personal
information but I wanted to show you all something I started my cycle yesterday
morning and I just wanted to come on here and show ya’ll I still break out like I
am NOT not prone to acne like I still break out it’s not a lot now on my
cycles I’ve noticed that my breakouts are very minimal but I did
want to come on here live and just show ya’ll like I’m still human just like
y’all I don’t have perfect skin I still break out so right here I have a pimple
and then right here I have a pimple and it’s cool like the whole purpose of this
video is for me to come on here and tell ya’ll to stop stressing and
overthinking on y’all acne because it can cause more acne and it can cause the
healing process to be delayed I believe that one of the this is just my personal
opinion cuz a lot of people be trying to come up on here and tell me about my the
information that I’m getting giving you all which is all based on personal
experience I’m not a professional I don’t know everything I just can only
share with you all the experiences that I have lived for myself okay I believe
that stress is one of the number one causes of acne and like I said this is
my personal opinion in the video where I talked about the two supplements that I
use vitamin A and zinc and I have on my thumbnail where I really broke out
during that time I was going through a lot of stuff I had lost a child I was
in a relationship that where I was taking on so much weight from the person
that I was dating and it was just causing me a lot of stress just trying
to you know deal with all of these emotions and it was reflecting on my
face and I had never broken out like that
before because normally I try not to let a lot of things get to me like I know
that life is not perfect you know life we all go through things
but I try to not allow my situations to really get the best of me emotionally or
even mentally or spiritually or even physically but around that time I
noticed my skin was really right we was we were it was it was a battle okay and
I want I want to say like even just from I’ve been getting I’ve gotten acne for
years okay this is not something new I’ve struggled with acne since I was a
teenager since I hit puberty it wasn’t really nothing too crazy but as I’ve
gotten older I noticed that my skin has just been really fluctuating going
through so many different cycles but I really want to say that one of the
number one things that has been helping me on my journey is not stressing or
overthinking my breakouts because I feel like when you are when you become
obsessed about trying to prevent acne you cause more acne because you’re
allowing your thoughts and the your blood and your causing it to go to your
brain which did this is just me making this shit up okay then it goes to your
face and then it did it comes out because you’re stressing like take deep
breaths y’all just take a deep breath let’s take a deep breath together you
are not sure acne okay and we can’t always control what goes on as far as
our hormones you know but we do we can control what were eating we can control how
how we allow things to stress us and a lot of y’all that’s looking up these
acne videos cause I’ve done it too you are overthinking your acne learn to
embrace the acne because once you learn to embrace your flaws they begin to heal
okay your flaws begin to look begin to look at your flaws as beauty
marks and they I’m telling you from the inside out once you release that stress
and you release that burden of oh I’m suffering with acne I’m telling you
you’re gonna see a huge improvement in your skin you have got to give you your
skin time to really breathe and you know I had another young lady comment on my
page and she was like well just know that when you get older you’re gonna
need more than just water if y’all listen and watch my videos okay
I have said it multiple times that this is not a miracle worker you have got
there are steps and levels to this you’ve got to make sure you’re eating
right you got to make sure you drinking your water you got to stop stressing
okay you’ve got to stop touching your face you got to stop sleeping on
dirty pillows you got to stop you know putting all these chemicals on your face
which are causing your pores to be clogged there are so many causes for
acne but I will say that if you are not only thinking it you’re living a
stressful life regardless of what is going on and I’m not talking about I’m
talking about stress in general okay not stressing about your circumstances
not stressing about your acne but I’m talking to right now I’m just talking
about stressing about your acne we’re not talking about other life stress
stresses or stress causes we’re talking about stress acne acne caused by stress
and how can you allow yourself to not be stressed by acne when you look in the
mirror tell yourself I’m beautiful I’m beautiful cause even with these imperfections I
still think I’m beautiful I still think that I am the shit okay I’m not gonna
allow pimples or bumps or red marks or dark spots define who I am as a person
or what I see and when I look in the mirror these are temporary this will be
gone this will be gone in the next couple of days acne does not define who you are
as a person only if you give it that much power if you feed into it then yes
it can overtake your mind it can overtake your confidence it can overtake
you know you living a bound life like some people won’t even go have fun and
go do things or even date because of what is on there what’s going on in
their face with what’s going on in their face it’s like you have got to release that
bondage you have got to release that low self-esteem you have got to release that
lack of confidence and the only way that you can do that is by stop the
overthinking stop overthinking stop stressing over your acne and just
realize that there is something that you have to learn about yourself before your
acne can honestly begin to heal because I this is the best my skin has been in
years but it was once I stopped stressing and overthinking the acne once
I stopped and once I released the the pressure that acne or that my skin was
giving me once I released that my skin started healing once I begin to embrace
my skin and speak life into me and look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m
beautiful regardless of what I got going on
that is when I began to see a major improvement in my skin so I really want
y’all to work on that this week I want y’all to stop overthinking your acne and
stop trying 50 million different remedies just I’m
telling you just allow this routine just be simple do try something simple we
have given to much money and invested in to much time and products that are
not working for us the only products that you need right
now is this water in this note in the stress free hashtag stress free life
that you about to live okay so just in ways that you can do that is
affirmations just looking in the mirror regardless of how much acne you have on your face regardless if you don’t feel like you’re beautiful I want
you to tell yourself I am beautiful I am handsome I look good my face is
flawless even if you have a face full of acne I want you to continue to tell
yourself this because once you continue to speak life into yourself that shit
comes back to you okay let me tell y’all I meditate every single day and one
of my affirmations is I have beautiful clear skin point-blank period my skin is
not perfect but my skin look a lot better now then his ever in my life okay
okay maybe not as a child but I’m talking about as an adult okay let me have my moment but yes like I don’t care a how like crazy it sounds if you need to
speak affirmations I am acne free I have clear skin I have blemish free skin okay
I have flawless skin speak that to your self believe that and I’m telling you
your skin will begin to heal alright this was just like a random video it just
came to get up on his camera and speak some life into y’all cuz I love y’all
and I just the whole point of my channel is just to make I just want people to feel
good about themselves and when you feel good about yourselves everything around
you feels good regardless of what’s going on on the outside your spirit
feels good your mind feels good your body feels good so yeah I’m about to im ending this video but like I always tell y’all remember that ya’ll are fearfully
and wonderfully made and do not allow your acne do not allow what you see in
the physical realm try to define who you are as a person on the inside okay and
embrace yourself every single day speak life into yourself every single day I
don’t care if you don’t believe it still say it both still speak it into your
spirit and into your soul so that the universe and the atmosphere and God can begin to allow it a shift to take place into your life and if you begin to start
seeing things change you begin to start seeing your face clear up
you begin to start seeing them acne spots heal up okay
yes alright I hope you all enjoyed this video I love you guys so much and I will
see you all in the next video stop stressing alright y’all bye


  • Jerusalem says:

    I love your video's!! I was thinking about my skin care and how my skin doesn't need all the oils and creams I was using. But I was scared to break out if I stopped using them all at once. So I stopped using the products one at a time. Then I came across your video's and decided to stop with allllll the products 2 weeks ago. I loveeee how my skin looks and feels.

  • Snickers Bar says:

    I love washing my face with just water but sometime I get this real nasty disgusting icky feeling and my face don't really be feeling clean is that normal

  • Snickers Bar says:

    I have dark spots and scarring from shaving as well don't really know what's a good product to fade them so I just been leaving them alone as well but a lot of these products has chemicals and does more harm than good but the rest of my face is clear as day

  • Snickers Bar says:

    Very encouraging video I have an aunt who has the most beautiful skin and all she used all her life was water on her face and some vaseline and she in her 50s I have a grandmother who did the same and she in her 80s her skin looks great my skin hasn't look this clear since I was 5 years old its definitely something to this water thing I used to use products when I was younger but out of all that stuff water worked the best along with dieting and drinking plenty of water.

  • Gina D says:

    Beautiful girly. This is __gj from ig by the way 😬. Simply beautiful tho 💕💕

  • dolly mahtal says:

    I use different products every 2 days and I have kind of Normal skin with slight oily T zone. My skin is look soo iritateedd and it's red and that's what I hate. Does water only remedy works for that? 🙂

  • dolly mahtal says:

    Is using soap bad?? I washed with soap at morning and my skin felt tight and from up close it flaked A LITTLE

  • Mariah Danielle says:

    water is the best thing for restoring balance in your skin. thanks for sharing

  • yung loop says:

    awesome vid but we all know that one person who cleanses and moisturizes and has the most perfect skin lmao! any product makes my face itch though

  • aNtii-EasT __ says:

    Will this work for everyone

  • v6ixers • says:

    hi, is applying rose water before sleeping okay on this regime?

  • Candis Stepho says:

    Hi, please help me I really need answers… my acne is not severe but I suffer from cystic acne mainly around my jawline at the moment. I recently just got off of spironolactone and minocycline on January 19th… I also stopped all topical treatments (benzoyl peroxide) maybe almost 3 weeks ago… I decided I wanna do the whole “caveman regimen” and see how that works for me so I haven’t washed my face (only with water) since January 12. Shortly after I started using organic aloe Vera leaf on my face every night and would sleep with it. While it did wonders for my breakouts (not a miracle) but it does an amazing job with bringing the break outs down I’ve recently noticed I’m getting a new pimple everyday… however, when I apply aloe Vera on them they do seem to go down after 1-3 days. I guess I’m just concerned if I should still be using the aloe Vera? Only because I do not wanna wake up everyday with a new pimple, it’s frustrating… please let me know. Thank you.

  • Noah Thomas-Sneed says:

    Sis your videos be speaking to my soul!

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