Spot removal with African black soap face wash, it blemish fair and dark skin in mousse DIY.

Spot removal with African black soap face wash, it blemish fair and dark skin in mousse DIY.

hello everybody welcome back to my channel again so today’s video is how to do your face I’ll wash okay so this face wash you don’t you do it with a Rivera gel and I’m a virgin or the one or the fresh one so by the freshener you have to process it are to become gelling okay so I’m also going to do that with how to do always very fresh to become gently not the jet to become jelly like going but at one I’m going to use now so how to do it to your face wash to remove to make your face to look naturally glowing blemish I’d now as you can see that I didn’t use makeup on my face with African soap to wash my face to really really wash my face book clean and it’s in and also clean spots so this soap is good for a skin like for those of you that is fair already never seen naturally when you are fair in complexion make your take care of your skin trees use any cream that is very made for fair people or dark people does depend on the type of skin you have if you don’t take care of your skin your skin we going on evilly if you have spot you will have those face that that is not I’m Claire it is done I have very very clearly not unless in completion I’m on light I’m chocolate so you will have that been skin that’s bright skin so nobody this former people to ask what the cream I use well you have this glowing a shootout glowing up here like this in the soma even my face so this is the stroke I used to wash my face it’s very very very good if you are faint completion is good for you if you are dark in complexion is good for chocolate any kind of skin into it through help yours your face your skin you can also use it to do your body wash but you have to to do more if you extend you have to do more to have much to use all over your body but I’ll only use it on my face okay so because you know this is the party my face and my name this is the part is always exposed to the song different kind of well so guys let’s get to this video okay so guys to prepare this month we are going to need 200 million liter of sterilized water I will go to need 30 gram of african black soap so you will deep inside the water Nam I also need this um my carrots code press oh yeah our needs and ugh want to make it become mousse so I will need at least a Rivera jetta sport on average I was talking about so I also need my glycerine so hard to read so for Moscow so I will need my big cup who needs a soda I will need our true spoon then I also need is my lattic acid if you have the powder one it won’t be seen so now I’m going to face heats are this water in my microwave so I was sown in my hand blender to mix after it meets out so this is my line I will need a spoon of fresh lime juice for this mix so now my soap is meths just have one which was blended my hand and as you see me doing to Jose blend this soup with so number two are my be cabinets our soda into it then I return anything I add I’m going to transfer that’s that they will form long so before I use my lamb I’m going to just roll it on maybe juice to come out easier said me somewhere Tony just is spoon of my name juice I’m going to turn and turn on as I said so I’m going to add my nutsack I see you are going to see it’s going to form a bubble now that is to activate the lemon I pick up on it together here we go so that is why you need less water to do this you go adding more water to pour out everything some we need 2 spoon of my glycerine vegetable glycerine so I’ve also tone as I said anything I add I have to turn in tone so I’m going to add my 5 milliliter now this very small one is one millimeters as I go to our five of its in so my preach job so this is how you arch down one and after you finish adding as I said and it’s you are you have to mix and mix so now I’m going to add 2 TSP of sudden well first I will go with 1 TSP as I pour I have to turn if not is going to form lumps so I’m not going to add the second war now so as I said this is the one is good to make it become booze not as he has any importance in this mixture just to make it to become the most of what we are doing so I’m going to just use my hand better to bring it’s as smooth now so this is how you get your face wash mousse to clarify the skin if not you can also leave without foam that’s giving it soul in this form is very thick I’m going to first add my aloe vera gel add 1/4 spoon of aloe vera gel to also make it jelly not that jelly jelly so that’s just to give me the jelly form and form a mousse so this is how it’s become more I’m going to add 2 cup of this through a cup of water to just lighten it up a little bit so because of the forming that’s the Nauticus it make it to that is why I didn’t put more water and it will start with 200 milliliters so this is how is going to be confident okay guys yeah I am in my bathroom so I’m going to show you how I use this face most wash ok practically if you have these ok if you don’t have this you can use your sponge I used to have it you bet yourself or a foam any foam maybe your cities are very assess with now have this form ladies like I used to also clean your face ok practically if you have any foam you can buy for four minutes to any kind of food maybe they want maybe let me say necessarily you wanna have rose so you can use also to do this very Muslim so I’m going to fix this fix it like so this is there are many one I have left here I put the other ones inside a jar so I’m just going to put it on top these stuff ladies most so I call it a face wash mousse okay so let me not a waste you this ones that remain in my hands I’m going to do it let it that so and it’s also Emily aid why it able yet is because of them the lactic acid the lactic acid no matter use it to as for leads are your face your skin it is done so I’m feeling a little bit Emily it on my face now because lactic acid is very good to Emily it’s asking you can go direct nautical s fully so it also cleans spots most 24 phase spot it blends your face so that is why I said if you are fair already in completion it will help your skin to come out more brighter okay I am chocolate as the only way I know I’m thinking maybe can lights in my face more than which is nice when I use it every day so I’m not going to do this every day so guys I need to wash it obviously is so guys I don’t want to bleach my face and I don’t advise you guys to do this a bit it’s just personal choice I just want to let you know how it feels so when you try you want to fill this empty so I need to wash off my face then you wash up my feet are combats going to show you what I knew is that is helping my face to look more younger and more glowing okay so guys I’m back okay so you just use lukewarm what type to just give your face the wash so it is hum your face will come okay it’s very hydrating mm-hmm so I think this is how I do before I leave you if you not subscribe to my channel please don’t fail to do that I’m also about to take out the bear to receive notification whenever I post any video so guys I hope you loved this video I hope is very interesting to you I hope you try and if you don’t have the lactic acid it doesn’t matter just use already pick up let’s underline is okay then if in the kisser in Nigeria you are Nigeria you don’t have you don’t have any means to get the be carbonated soda you can use potage you know we call account I don’t know if you guys understand me the one we call account they put such just melted in the water use it in deeply or just make it powder use it in alternative or they are be carbonated soda okay so thank you guys for watching my video I hope about this don’t forget to subscribe please also comment don’t sue me guys don’t be shy I know I do the same thing as well okay bye don’t be shy talk to me like some people down okay thank you very much for watch my video bye bye [Music] [Music] [Music]


  • errico cicconetti says:

    molto interessante grazie

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    What the ingredients again I want to try I need to get these acne scars off my face LOL

  • Bola Somuyiwa says:

    Good job!
    What’s name of the powder that make it jelly please?

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    I love this video. I think I need this on my face right now. LOL thanks for sharing

  • Nosa Iyamu says:

    U are jst tooo good. I jst love u. U make everything soooo easy. Since it contains water, how do i preserve it from getting moldy? How long can i store it for? What is that face massage kit called?

  • hoda119 says:

    great video as usual please waiting for your next video about making the jelly aloe vera

  • hoda119 says:

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    please please i need a very light foaming mousse or daily spray form of nourishing oils for growing hair as i want to put t in my purse and use it every day without washing my hair thanks in advance love your recipes and channel

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