Sore Scalp | What Causes Sore Scalp?

Sore Scalp | What Causes Sore Scalp?

hi everyone welcome to discovering
natural today I’m going to tell you what to do about that Sore Scalp that you’ve
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put out a video where my dad came on and he was in our live chat and yeah it happened just before I came here so so let’s get started with today’s video which is
about what to do about your Sore Scalp so what actually causes Sore Scalp some
people their scalp is sore because of the way their Scalp is it is just the way their
scalp is some people have tender scalp making it sore when they do styles some
people encounter sore scalp when they do tight hairstyles I mean tight hairstyles can cause soreness also if you have product buildup on your hair do you know that’s
product build up on your hair and especially product build up on your scalp
actually can cause your scalp to be sore do you know that yes when you have product
build up on your scalp its will cause your scalp to be sore because you
have all those things caked in there and you’ve not taken care of it properly
you’ve now removed the ickyness from it which can make your scalp sore now another
reason why your scalp can be so can be tight scalp issue some people actually
have tight scalp issue it’s a condition I was like my dear
what is tight scalp issue when I was studying and I was researching all this
I was like what do you mean tight scalp issue something I just born that way
that even if you just do there here just a little bit they they have a headache
and that’s cup almost recessive it’s all in knots and so what they do and what
can help can be like doing massages on the scalp and things of that sort
another stuff that I know that causes scalp to be sore is also over
manipulation if you’re constantly in your hair all the time constantly
pulling your hair and pulling it into styles that make you look like you know
that kind of person it can actually cause you to have sore scalp so what
are some things that you can do when you have a tight or sore scalp and I’m going to
share that with you soon but also know that at the end of this video you have
to watch it yeah you have to watch it to the end because I’m going to tell you
some interesting facts that you don’t know about sore scalp now what are some
stuff that you can do when your scalp is sore? first of all if your scalp is sore
because you tender headed or you have tender scalp or you have sensitive scalp
then you really want to be careful what you put in your hair what you put in
your scalp some people that allergic to some kind of oils or some kind of
products you might be mindful of it and try not to put it in your hair now what
else can you do if your scalp is so because you are doing tight styles that
one is a no-brainer stop doing tight styles okay so it’s as easier that
reduce doing these styles. some people say oh But I love that style, I love that ghana weave, I love this, I love that well if you love it and you love sore scalp okay keep doing it what I thought is is not worth it to me, having a sore scalp it is absolutely not worth it what are some other things that you can do
when you massage your scalp don’t over massage
people are going a-wire massaging for 20 minutes I mean I beg 20 minutes I
mean doesn’t your fingers get tired really doesn’t your finger get tired
people what you want to do is you want to massage it gently okay
like a baby’s scalp okay massage gently you don’t have to not until you do like
this your hair grows almost when you do that actually actually damaging your
hair so be very gentle when you massage your scalp now if your scalp is sore yes
and you still live it away you have that tight style you know that Tight style
that causes your scalp to be sore and you’ll be like oh but I pay $200 for this hairstyle
I will manage the soreness if your scalp starts bringing out out pores yes it sounds nasty
turns red is bleeding take out that style because what can happen is that it
can cause infection and it will not be worth it at the end of the day you’ll be
spending so much money that you used to then what you used to pay for the
hairstyle so be very careful remember sore scalp shouldn’t be a
problem sore scalp should be something that when
you notice it you take care of the situation I do hope this video helps you
out and I want you to know that if you have any questions for me you can always
contact me on my Facebook page Discoveringnatural thank you so much watching and
let me know if you ever encountered Sore Scalp before? thanks for watching I
will see you guys in the next video thanks for watching bye


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  • Black_Dove says:

    Hey Sis! At this point, I'd like to ask you if you use or have tried a heat tool which is a ceramic brush? I have not used heat since my big chop in May 2016 but I'm getting a silk press tomorrow.
    (Sore scalp + heat tools = more pain and damage!)
    I've seen you and the girls use cool air for stretching, would you ever invest in a tool like the Philips Procare Air Styler or does that type tool appear to you to be more for convenience because it's a flat brush/blow dryer combo?
    Thanks for reading!

  • Arrey Loveline says:

    wow, never knew. my problem is itching scalp, immediately I finished washing my hair the itching beginnings. what can i do.

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  • Ebony King-McPherson says:

    Thank you so much for this vid because I have noticed getting sore scalp in the middle of me head every once in a while (sparingly, not often). I know for a fact I'm not tender headed because I have stlyled me hair in box braids since 12/13 yrs. old, and no I dont braid tight or if someone else braids it I will let them know if they are braiding it tight, and I make sure my styles are not pulled tight so…..the only other option is the product build up/overmanipulatin. Now sometimes I do go in on the product cause I tend to get lazy sometime from not wanting to moisturize my scalp….I do deep condish and sit under a hooded steamer in between washes and when I notice my hair getting dry, I'll throw in a protien treament. Doing all of this, made me conclude to the build up…..who knew, cause I surely didnt, thats one of the many things you dont learn in beauty school I tell ya….I'm still educating myself to this day because I know when it comes to hair, its a lot of trial and error 😒😒😏 I will pay more attention on the build up and see if I notice the soreness then. Now my question is, as I get older, could I get a more sensitive scalp? I believe I can, but not sure….is this true? Have you heard about age having a factor for a sensitive scalp?

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    No sore scalp really, but I can't wear headbands or tight scarves. Even the slightest pressure can give me a headache. If is touches my scalp for long headache all day. Hair combs, Bobbi pins, anything. Drives me crazy, goody ouch less barrettes have saved my roll tuck pin styles. Great video!

  • Vania Hughes says:

    I've been natural since 2012 and as my hair would grow, i had this sore spot on top of my head. When I was relaxed I used to wear my hair with a center part ALL the time. So much that I didn't have to part it, all I had to do was shake my head and the center part would appear. Now that I'm natural, my hair is very thin in that area and sore. About 10 months ago I started adding pumpkin seed oil to my oil mix. I read pumpkin seed oil helps with hair loss. Now I don't know about stopping or reverting hair loss because I'm just starting to recover from postpartum shedding but the soreness was gone after 3 weeks of adding pumpkin seed oil to my oil mix.

  • Bubs Bee says:

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    I found that deep conditioning overnight make my scalp sore. That's why I do not do it anymore.

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    How you know I had a sore scalp?!!!…lol…I had I high pineapple in the top of my head for 4 and a half days straight, so my scalp hated me and I had to realize I used a string and I sat in the exact same place!!! So my putting them to rest!!! I massage my scalp gently with JBCO and I'm finally getting better!!! I love you for this video!!!! I learned my lesson!!! #puttinghighbunstorest

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    Inversion method, perfect! Worked almost immediately for me. However, it was just temporary.

  • SoHood 2bFree says:

    I have noticed that brushing my hair day and night has helped with soreness. Blood flow might be stagnant and brushing keeps the blood flow moving which increases growth removes debris from scalp naturally and increases moisture and length. A good boar bristle brush morning and night my God as Kanye says 'so AMAZING!"

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    I’ve had dandruff all my life! And it never got so bad till last month when I had all sorts of sores and huge flakes! I literally cried because it was so painful and will always burn until I tried Selsun blue extra strength shampoo. This shampoo saved my life. I noticed getting small braids under my wigs was the cause of my irritated scalp. I’d rather get bigger braids or hold my hair in a ponytail and wash my hair weekly and moisturize with coconut oil. I do agree low manipulation to your hair can prevent sore scalp and irritation

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    I have 2 inches of hair on my head and I don’t use any scarves headbands or pretty much anything that could cuase a sore scalp I just wear my hair “down” everyday cuase they’re really isn’t anything else I can do. When I was relaxed I had a little bit of sore scalp here and their but I wore a lot of ponytails so that may be the cuase but I haven’t put my in a ponytail in over 5 months ( that’s when I shaved my head for the first time) but now that I haven’t had any relaxers and I’m comepletely natural and have been for a while my scalp is feeling tender and sore

  • Tashima Russell says:

    I had box braids they did not seem to be really tighten the back but I ended up getting a red pimple like sore in my head if I mess with it it bleeds forms a scab and then returned what is that and can I get rid of it

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    I was feeling pain in my scalp when I had locs. I recently cut them off (I have a super short twa), but my scalp is still sore. I never had a sensitive scalp before. Please help 😭

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    Thank you! A good washing usually helps me.

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    Ok i figured out what was making my scalp sore. Washing my hair every week was too much on my hair. The heat from my hooded dryers and steamers was making my scalp sore. So i stopped washing my hair every week and stopped using hooded dryers and steamers until my scalp is completely healed. Its been about a month and my scalp feels so much better.

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    I also noticed that any tension on my scalp from tight hairstyles caused my scalp to feel worse. I agree over massaging my scalp made it worse and touching my scalp too much in general made it worse

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