Sole Toscana Review | Organic Shampoo & Conditioner | HONEST Hair Product Review | Daniella Benita

Sole Toscana Review | Organic Shampoo & Conditioner | HONEST Hair Product Review | Daniella Benita

Hey everyone! Today I’m gonna be reviewing Sole Toscana’s Awakening shampoo and conditioner on my obviously dirty hair.
Full disclosure: I did get these products sent to me, but I am not being paid for
them, I want you guys to know I will never review something and say that I
like it if I don’t. I will always be honest with you guys about everything I
review. So, a little bit about Sole Toscana; They’re Italian, GMO free, cruelty
free, and certified organic. Previously they’ve specialized in skincare, but
they’re now diving into the hair product world, so I’m really excited to try this
product. So I’ll be reviewing on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, on 4
different categories that I think are important in the salon or at home. Here
are the four categories: Packaging, smell overall how it treats your hair and how
it feels in your hair, and the pricing versus overall value. So first off,
packaging. So what I really liked about the packaging was it was very
experiential. You opened it and you kind of got absorbed into what this product
is all about. Overall I thought the packaging was 5 out of 5. Okay, next is
smell, and I’m gonna begin with the shampoo. And right off the bat you get
the cypress, the lemon, and the mint. It’s super, super refreshing. I’m gonna
smell the conditioner next. I has almost the same smell, but it’s a little less
fragrant, it’s a little less strong. The only thing I would say is I like when my
shampoo and conditioner smell different. I just like to have that different type
of scent, but overall it smells amazing. I would give it a 4 out of 5 for that. Okay,
so now I’m going to shampoo my hair and let you guys know exactly how I feel! So I just finished shampooing and
conditioning my hair, and after shampooing it and conditioning it the
product actually smelled better. It was a little strong in the bottles, but it’s
like a softer scent as soon as you put it in your hair, so I really like that.
The shampoo itself is.. it’s very cleansing, like my hair feels super
squeaky clean right now. It does have a little bit less of like a foaming action,
so you had to use a little bit more, so if your hair, if you’re like a three-day-er,
which I am, I don’t shampoo my hair for three days, it’s pretty dirty as soon as
I get there, so you have to use a decent amount of product. So for people who do
that you’re just gonna have to use a little bit more than what I showed you
guys on camera. And the conditioner is really velvety smooth, it’s lightweight
which I really like, but my hair does feel pretty moisturized. That’s like my
favorite combination for a conditioner, so I really liked that. Overall product
I’d say 4 out of 5, just because it seems like you have to use a little bit more
shampoo to actually get your hair to lather, but otherwise they both were
really wonderful. So now I’m gonna blow it out and style it and let you guys
know how it feels when my hair is dry! Okay, so I just finished blowing out my
hair and it feels super luxurious and soft, that’s like my favorite part about
what this feels like right now. It also gives you kind of a minty, tingly
sensation on your scalp, so if you’re not into that it definitely does that, but I
kind of like it because it feels really refreshing, especially because it’s so
hot out. So I really like that, but overall it’s a very spa-like experience
when you’re shampooing and conditioning with this, and then a beautiful like soft
blow right after that. So the person I would recommend this product to is
somebody who has had processed their hair or damaged it in any way, it really
brought my hair back to life and gave it a lot of bounce and shine, and also the
conditioner was amazing too. Someone at home who hasn’t really colored their
hair or processed it at all, I don’t think you absolutely need this product,
but if you are looking for a luxury haircare line at home this is a
beautiful investment and you’re really gonna love it in your hair. If you would
like to purchase this product there’s a link below that gives you guys 15% off
your full order, so check the link out below for that. Also if you want to see
more product videos like this let me know in the comments below, I actually
really enjoyed doing this so I would love to hear you guys feedback. Don’t
forget to give this video a like if you liked it and subscribe if you want to
see more, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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  • Thomas Kramer says:

    Great review! I loved that you broke down every part of the product from the packaging to how it feels in your hair!

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