Skyfruit Review (Swietenia humilis) – Weird Fruit Explorer 295

Skyfruit Review (Swietenia humilis) – Weird Fruit Explorer 295

Hello everybody. So, this is another one that is not edible. Not edible. Not gonna eat it. Can’t eat it. But I’m gonna talk about it because it is interesting, and it is on the red list. It is considered to be a vulnerable species. This is called, it’s got the nickname skyfruit, but it is Swietenia humilis, I think, which is mahogany. You know that wood that you can make tables out of and they’re very expensive? This fruit comes from that tree. Actually, I think that is a different species, but this is a related species that is grown in Mexico. Why it’s called skyfruit, is that the fruits point up when they grow. They will point up towards the sky, and then they will split, actually from this side, and like that, and little seeds will come flying down. So, here’s one that actually came open. You see? It like separates naturally at the seams when it ripens, and then where that stem is, you know– so it’d be growing up like this– these crack open like that. And you see all those like crazy seeds in there? These seeds are winged, so when they fall from the tree they actually will go a distance because of these little wings on it. So, I’m sure you’ve seen helicopter seeds in nature. There are some trees that have that, but this is a very big one. So, I imagine this is probably gonna go quite the distance falling from a very tall tree. Yeah. This is a good idea. Now, these are eaten. They are eaten in traditional medicine. What you do is that you would just crack one of these guys open, like… See if I can get it open. Like so, and this guy, right here. This little white seed is basically like a medicine tablet to some cultures. I believe in Malaysia, not this species but a very closely related species, grows there. And they collect these, and they will take one of these a day to help combat, like a number of different things. Diabetes is a big one. It’s also supposed to like help with like certain like blood issues, diarrhea, like anything. You know, folk medicine, a lot of times like a fruit is supposed to, you know, cure everything. I am NOT a doctor. This is not a medical channel, okay? I am very skeptical about people who use fruit to cure serious issues. If you’ve got serious issues, stop watching this video and go see a doctor. But there is a study that says that this did actually help, anti-hypoglycemic, I believe, for rats. So they gave it to rats and it like didn’t kill them, but it did show like changes in their blood. But, at the same time, these are not anything to mess around with because there’s an alkaloid in this that is considered to be highly poisonous. So that’s why I am NOT going to eat it. The seeds come in different sizes, you know, like one seed might have more of a poison to it than others. It’s very easy to like overdose if you are not doing this properly, so I don’t mess with that stuff. But what is interesting about this is this is actually a super rare fruit, you know. And I found it in the market here and a guy was selling it that seemed to be selling other medicinal things. Whether or not you believe in those claims, it is still a very important fruit for a lot of people, and I think that’s interesting. Hello, I just woke up. It’s the next morning, and– let me fix that eyebrow. Yeah. So yeah, this is exciting. Take a look at this. Yeah, don’t mind my like horrible mess here, but look This is that one that I was talking about before. It just started splitting this morning. Just, even off the tree, it ripens and will split on those little seams there. So you can see, even a little circle forming there, around the stem. So you see like exactly how it’s going to like pop open. Isn’t that fun? I don’t know. It feels like Christmas morning. I woke up and I was like, ah, it’s doing it! So, I don’t know. I thought that was exciting. Alright, thanks guys. Bye. Hey, so before you click out, there’s going to be a preview of next week’s episode at the end of this video, so don’t go anywhere. But, I want to give a very special shout out to Sy, who was a very generous contributor over on Patreon. So, Sy, thank you for helping me out. I also want to thank Smarter Every Day, they’ve been a mega contributor over on Patreon and been helping me out a lot, so, thank you. If you want to check out more about how you can make my channel grow, you can go to the link in the description below. If you don’t want to give any money or anything, you’re liking, subscribing, commenting– all that helps. And other than that guys, I will see you next time. Thank you.


  • Ovechkin8484 says:


  • Amanda D says:

    Helicopter seeds! Oh childhood how I miss you!

  • Buckington Hassleshire says:

    Nice video dude!

  • Dead HospitalSushi says:

    Anyone else remember when helicopter seeds were fun to wear on your nose?

  • AquaMaple Sewaddle says:


  • SinViper says:

    Hey Weird Explorer, I was wondering if you could try StarFruit! I've seen these in some stores i've gone to but never purchased one because i'm not sure what to expect. Thanks! Love this channel and almost to 50K!!!!!

  • boyo says:

    well nearly at 50k now, its flew by since your 25k celebration dont let it go to your head though ;). after watching damn we had these little helicopter seeds when i was a child but about 10x smaller, and never found them inside the fruits/body or never found the fruits/body at all.

  • Justin says:

    I used to pick those seed and squish the seed on my finger to get the oil, and stick into my friends’ mouth because it is so bitter. Best prank.

  • pauliethemushroomman says:

    Thought it was a mamey sapote at first

  • Jason Sutor says:

    You didn't actually eat it. This is a first

  • Amy says:

    This video made me feel strangely sad…something about seeing that fruit at the top of the tree and then another in Jared's hand, like that fruit was once at the top of a tree somewhere far away and now it's on a video in someone's hand…sounds weird but it just made me think of how huge the world is and how tiny we all are o_o wasn't expecting an existential crisis from this video XD

  • Gary Cooper says:

    Poison or medicine?

    Most medicines are poisonous if you get too much of them. Aspirin, for example, can kill you. So can vitamin D (if you consume a really tremendous amount of it).

    As the old chemistry professor said, “Poison is too much of something.” Too much of some chemicals might be less than a microgram, while too much of others might be more like a hundredweight. But most substances are somewhere in between.

    Anyway, this is a really fascinating fruit. Thank you for showing it to us, Jared.

  • Daniel Balsamo V says:

    Why are you vegetarian? If you are against animal cruelty, why aren't you vegan?

  • Ma Lu says:

    It would've been cool to see that fruit split on time lapse footage

  • Yagihige says:

    Pretty similar to pine cone seeds in shape and form of dissemination. But pine cone seeds are usually edible and very tasty.

  • Allison Andrew says:

    You look like you had a lot of fun tossing those seeds LOL 🙂

  • arefin azmi says:

    oh no their very very sour

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  • Walter Grimm says:

    Going to 50.000, great deserved it, hope you'll do some cortosion with the hat and blow whisle like at 25000

  • Anthony D'Atri says:

    FYI, seeds with wings for dispersal (maple, ash, etc) are called samaras

  • nvbasedlad _ says:

    We have these in the south. Helicopter seeds, like another viewer called them.

  • Newton's Third Law says:

    looks like a megaseed

  • Daniel Conrad says:

    You can get these fruits? That's crazy! Humilis was once used for boats, instruments, furniture and housing interiors. I've seen some old lamp posts and a bassoon made of humilis. It's very different than Macrophylla(trade mahogay)

  • Aravind Karthigeyan says:

    You know what I’m going to say…. Peppers

  • Max Maidment says:

    anti-hypoglycemic just means sugar

  • Bob Hensem says:

    I eat this seeds a few times,its reduce my high blood pressure,but never consume too much,you will get low blood pressure,now my high blood pressure are normal thanks to this seeds

  • Joynal Miah says:

    You should have nibbled a really, really small bit.

  • MagZu says:

    have you ever had cloudberries? (im not sure how common they are outside of scandinavia)

  • Retrograde Beats says:

    Your videos are so interesting, I get excited when I get that alert! I feel a little bit smarter after watching each one 😂

  • Gh0ztyy says:

    Yup guys remember it's not edible and hes not gonna eat it

  • DaRoflDoflZz says:

    that thing looks like a rock and is poison to humans. how can anyone support this

  • stites outdoors says:

    I really enjoy your channel they plant these trees ornamentally here in South Florida they're everywhere

  • Jen Thompson says:

    Neat! I like that you cover medicinal-only fruit when you find them but mention being skeptical of unfounded claims of these sort of fruit panaceas. Fruit is delicious and good for you when not taken to excess (like anything):, but too many people in developed countries with access to modern medicine rely on things like this to treat serious medical issues when they will likely only make the problem worse, so nothing/near nothing, or give some sort of placebo effect. It makes me so happy to see someone exploring and promoting fruit for the sake of it being interesting and unusual, and not because it’s supposed to change your life and cure everything from Alzheimer’s to Zygomycosis!

  • ThreeQuent says:

    I'm sure you don't mind, but I figure I'd ask if you don't mind me clipping the part where you throw the seeds up at 1:60?
    It just looks like a glorious one-man surprise party with the worst homemade confetti.

  • Theresa Romeo says:

    I really like your videos. A lot of the fruit you review I have never even heard of but now if I find any of that stuff I will know how to eat it. Thank you.

  • Mihai Ilie says:

    Great description and im glad you didnt eated it because it might be deadly poisonous like the related chinaberry tree wich are ,,edible,, and kids eat them but more than 5-20 fruits can kill a human.Even the birds get drunk or high after they eat chinaberryes.This is not an endangered Swietenia but CITES had to ban the whoole Swietenia genus ( like they did with Dalbergia genus) to avoid confussions between wood of similar species.There is one edible mahogany thogh and thats the chinese mahogany ( toona sinensis) .It has pink leaves in the spring ( pink flamingo tree) , the leaves and young shots are perfectly safe to eat and its sayd they taste like onion and garlic.

  • Karen Pease says:

    When I saw this, I was like… wow, I've never heard of a Swietenia that's edible! Then I watched the video, lol. 😉 From the preview, I was thinking it was going to be something like Pangi / Football Fruit (Pangium edule – btw, while most varieties of that fruit are considered poisonous, the version that grows in the Marianas *isn't*, and is actually a very highly regarded fruit)

  • Ahmad Baidrul Hisyam says:

    Here in Malaysia, the trees has been grown along the roadside as ornamental plants and for shade. The municipal will prune the branches periodically to avoid potential damages to overhanging electrical cables as well as hazards to the traffic underneath. The craze for its medicinal properties has somewhat cooled down.

  • Mok the Magic Man says:

    Have you ever considered reviewing different kinds of edible mushrooms? Are those even considered fruits?

  • ScoriacTears says:

    Looks like the Swietenia humilis went the same aerodynamic route of the sycamore. . .

  • Luke Kearns says:

    Would love to see you expand to weird vegetables, fungi, herbs, spices, etc but I understand unlike fruit they be a lot more time and work to prepare

  • EnderGrimm says:

    Episode 300 just review a normal apple

  • Odeun says:

    You should try and use buckeyes for soap like with the soap berries.

  • J.E.M. Hull says:

    The way it splits is so perfect. You couldn't split it more perfect if you were a scientist with a laser.

  • Louise Hamilton says:

    although momiji trees don’t fruit,that is so like the momiji.have wings,flies,lands then only one survives from a couple thousand flights,something like that.i’ve already collected like 7 baby momiji trees that i found in my Grandma’s garden.i’m planning sell them to people who are into bonzai siblings finds my collection funny but people who are into bonzai are rich people,like silly rich people i’ll sell them each tree for a couple of million dollars so i can have my own hospital built.i have to own like 70%of the shares,my Grandpa said so.anyways,momijis like the best tree adapting beautifully to each and every season of the year majestically showing you what season it is already

  • Louise Hamilton says:

    ginkgo biloba or maiden hair tree leaves cures dementia.upgrades memory bytes,something like that.the German have done extensive studies,research and extraction and subtraction and wutevs they’ve came up with the powdered ichou or maidenhair tree leaves that slows down or with high probability chances of curing dementia,alzheimers and wutevs.idk if the tree bears edible fruits but it’s the leaves that gots some serious medicinal available over-the-counter ,no prescription needed at affordable prices ‘tho the German patented ones are quite expensive
    i just called my Grandpa and he said that ginkgo biloba produces the farty smelling when raw nut sized fruit called ginnan but tastes good when boiled or roasted.ginnan is being used as topping for chawanmushi.and i didn’t know that until today.if not for your channel Mr.Wierd Explorer,i prolly didn’t have the chance know where ginnan comes from

  • Ayla S. says:

    I used to play with those seeds when I was young!

  • John Romano LMT says:

    Thanks for this episode.
    We have lots of mahogany trees growing here in south Florida and I always see the shells, in 1/4s, of the fruit laying on the ground but have never actually seen the seeds

  • Throw Away says:

    I hope you keep doing what you do! i love these videos and would love to see your channel grow

  • tohopes says:

    Chico sapote should sue that fruit for trademark or copyright infringement.

    Love the science experiment.

  • Mandrake Fernflower says:

    Alle Dinge sind Gift, und nichts ist ohne Gift, allein die Dosis macht dass ein Ding kein Gift ist.

    All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison.


  • Robb403 says:

    I enjoy your videos. I only ask that during your travels, you leave their fruit there and our fruit here unless it's been specifically prepared and certified for exportation. With all of your interest in fruit, I think you can appreciate the risk of transporting diseases and insects across borders and the damage that has already been done by careless people. Some of our worst infestations have come in fruit from other countries. Thanks.

  • Eblis Dolphin says:

    I would've cut it open thinking it was a mamey

  • Sonofammonite 1 says:

    You’re channels the best!

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    Holy crap it's a butt plug tree…… sorry couldn't resist.

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    Jared love your channel. I'm marathoning your videos. You're great your voice is soothing.

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    I t ‘ s d o i n g i t !

  • Username01 says:

    Please review "red-fleshed apple."
    (If you haven't, I've checked and didn't find it. I hope you find it weird enough to make a review about it.) Thanks!

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    What's the story with your Mighty Taco shirt?

  • Dave says:

    Hey man.. I love the idea of your channel, really enjoy it.
    And i think that you could do much better.. i think you camera quality is okay.. But the audio and the lighting is kinda letting me down. Just tryna help.. Try to buy a cheap Mic for about $50 and it will be a lot better.
    Love your vids man.

  • Lilith says:

    Really like your channel, glad I found it. 🙂 Thanks for not eating that!

  • d hamby says:

    It looks like your going to have to do a top ten fruits in 2018. Only five more to go before you hit 300. I can't wait.

  • elijahpepe says:

    About to hit 300, good man.

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    Fantastic videos! Ive been watching non stop, have you ever heard of the canxandó fruit? It is a native fruit here from Brazil! Allagoptera arenaria! It is very interesting! I would love to see you review it!

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  • Dear subs, plz read description . Thx says:

    Hi. Do not eat this!In Singapore we eat it as a powder. 7 people had liver damage.

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