Skincare Mistakes That Cause Acne, Breakouts & Inflammation: Sugar & Dairy

Skincare Mistakes That Cause Acne, Breakouts & Inflammation: Sugar & Dairy

Hello beauty cuties~ It’s Felicia and Rowena 😀 So today we’re going to be talking about a highly requested and super important topic when it comes to getting clear skin and it’s: food and Acne. As we know by now, breakouts and acne are not a simple equation We can solve there are so many potential reasons why we get breakouts from genetics, general hygiene, climate, our environment, our lifestyle habits, our precious skin care routines and of course our diet And if our body isn’t happy with what you’re feeding it on the inside. It will definitely show through on the outside. We really are what we eat. Right? Especially when it comes to our skin. So today we’re going to be focusing on the two biggest triggers of acne how sugar causes inflammation in the body, How dairy contributes to hormonal imbalances to signal overproduction of sebum As well as the substitutes and alternatives you can incorporate instead. And for this video we decided to partner with Thrive Market to share healthy food Substitutes and alternatives to fuel our body. They are our go-to Online marketplace to shop for thousands of organic foods and natural products up to 30% below retail prices So now starting off with simple carbs, otherwise known as sugar and how it affects our skin Here’s the thing eating foods high in sugar causes little Interesting reactions to our body which causes our oil glands to produce more sebum and therefore causing breakouts So let’s break it down to start what are carbs and what’s this relationship to sugar? So when we think of carbs we tend to just think of bread or pasta But they’re actually two types of carbs: simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbohydrates a quick burning fuels and there are different types of sugars like glucose, fructose Which is a fruit sugar and they sometimes add it to drinks and candies So complex carbs are foods with starch and fiber which take longer to break down However, the process is much slower and the slower the breakdown the better because this is what keeps us feeling full for longer Today we’re talking about simple carbohydrates Which is sugar because this is where we tend to over consume and this is actually what causes acne And a lot of other problems for the skin and the body, so how does this work? Sugar, simple cards and high glycemic foods are found in a lot of process and manufacture foods Like cake, fruit juice concentrates, breakfast cereals, baked goods, soda, cookies, donuts. Basically everything that I crave, on the daily
(Ro: *cries*) sugar converts very quickly into glucose and this causes our body’s insulin levels to rapidly spike and then this leads to a Bust of inflammation that goes throughout the entire body and remember acne is caused by inflammation So eating a lot of sugar is like pouring gasoline Into a fire it burns Uncontrollably fast and then goes down quickly. Hence sugar crash. Okay. So how does this all link to the skin? so let’s say we have a cake, which is ultimately delicious but made Mainly of like simple carbs aka sugar and white flour. Our body breaks this down into glucose which then floods the bloodstream and then the body reacts to this by producing insulin to counter the glucose spike This leads to an inflammation Producing enzyme that attaches to the body’s Collagen like in your skin through a process known as glycation and glycation also can aggravate Acne and other skin conditions that you have like eczema and rosacea. Yeah whenever I eat too much sweet stuff my eczema is like “Help meee.” (Fel: It flares) This process binds to and breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin Which is what we all need to prevent aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles So with sugar consumption and not only trigger sebum production in the pores, but it’s also eating away at your collagen basically Are you well? so when you have too much sugar the body stores this as fat leading to things like weight gain all in all refined sugar is Definitely the first thing that we should start staying away from in our diet There are a lot of alternatives which is why we decided to team up with Thrive to give you guys some delicious options For sugars as a general rule of thumb Felicia and I like to swap out anything that requires table sugar for natural sugars like manuka honey, raw honey Or even maple syrup in like our coffees or drinks or even like oatmeal’s because these types of natural sugar don’t spike your insulin as much as table sugar would and you can also eat fruits when you’re craving something sweet and I feel like sugar is actually one of the easiest Substitutes, you can first change so like cutting down two teaspoons of sugar to one and then 1 (teaspoon) to natural sugars. So it’s like a slow, gradual process of it that you almost don’t even notice And then eventually you will be able to enjoy things in their natural taste and form Or you’ll be able to appreciate it more and when it comes to snacks and when I’m trying to be very very mindful of what I’m eating I tried to cut out as many processed foods as possible And swap to just whole foods, whole snacks like carrots and hummus And if I really want something that’s crunchy because I’m a texture eater. I’ll go for something like these rice cakes And the reason why I love Thrive is because these are only two dollars If you go to grocery stores in New York especially in the city they’re like three to five dollars For snacks I actually really like dried apples or like dried fruits in general because it’s like that texture element, right and you want something to gnaw on Seaweed is also a really great snack as well as chia seed pudding They’re lowkey, so bomb
(Fel: they are) And there’s also popcorn did you know that popcorns are whole grains? That’s true I mean, it’s like the whole grain of corn that gets popped Yeah, which means it’s a complex carb and it has fiber so air-popped popcorn is best without added fats and salts But don’t get this confused with like butter popcorn because butter popcorn is one of those invisibly high-calorie (Ro: Weigh you down) Yeah, so when it comes to snacks This is actually where you can really start controlling what it is that you eat And also how much. So if you do eat foods that are more complex carbs This will keep you fuller for longer which then means that you don’t have to snack as much but we all like to snack out Again, just to like keep us awake Sometimes just for funsies. But if you are looking to snack on you’re looking for a specific snack So let’s say we want sugar free, We want fat free, oil free, low glycemic When you go out and Thrive You can actually filter the catalog of products by your values and dietary preferences And if you guys haven’t heard of Thrive And want to give it a try you can get 25% off your first purchase, free membership and a free 30-day trial We’re all about saving you guys some money. Cause you’d rather spend it on skincare, right? Alright, so moving on to how dairy affects the skin Dairy is one of those ingredients that I believe is a blessing and a curse. This girl loves her cheese So the link between dairy and breakouts doesn’t apply to everyone and it’s case-by-case Which is why the studies out there may not prove the same things yeah, like Rowena doesn’t break out from drinking milk or eating cheese, but the day after I eat it, I’ll definitely (Ro: *fireworks sound effect*) Yeah, it’s like an explosion on my chin and the issues milk creates when it comes to acne a true main thing So the first is milk is highly insulinogenic And then the second is milk is hormone dense and when we say highly insulinogenic this means that the body Produces quite a bit of insulin when you actually drink milk so our favorite question How does this all work? The milk that we drink contains hormones Because if you think about it milk is designed to like grow things right Like you give it to babies they grow and in the case of cow’s milk, they’re baby cubs. Farmers gave additional Hormones to stimulate milk production to enable the cows to produce more milk There are about 60 different types of hormones in your average glass of milk But in particular milk is a very high in a hormone called IGF-1 It’s insulin-like growth factor-1 which then increases IGF-1 in our own bodies Because you are what you eat, right? And what in the milk is IGF-1 anyway? It’s a growth factor that peaks in our bodies during adolescence like when we’re teenagers and our hormones are raging and out of control and acne is usually at its worse. It can cause inflammation in your body because it reacts to the testosterone in your body and you might think but we’re girls we don’t have testosterone but actually we all have it is just that females have less and it’s also referred to as androgens when we ladies get our time of the month periods We also experience fluctuations in our hormones including the increase of androgen which causes inflammation which leads to acne It’s an uphill battle
(Ro: The same time.) You may think okay, full cream milk or whole milk is a little too thicker or creamy So I switched to skim milk because skim milk is skim But did you know that skim milk actually contains proteins like whey and casein to make it taste less watery But both whey and casein release a hormone similar to IGF-1, which is why in a lot of cases athletes and people who take whey supplements like shakes and protein bars can actually suffer from severe acne because It’s boosting the insulin and triggering oil production in this case Which is why superfoods like tumeric can really help with breakouts because it’s a blood thinner and we actually mentioned this in our natural remedy video. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory Properties in the cooking mint which can help regulate our blood sugar Also improve the insulin sensitivity and reduce the growth of acne causing bacteria Which then reduces breakouts. If you are to drink it, make sure you pair it with some black pepper And that way it can really absorb. Otherwise, it will just flush out and you don’t get a lot of the benefits of it so then this leads us to our Recommendations or alternatives for milk because I love my coffees She loves her lattes and I think personally making the switch from full cream milk into things like what we’re gonna mention has been I think one of the biggest factors that have helped with my skin So the one milk that we both been in love with as with everyone in the world is oat milk Especially Oatley but the thing is they’re always sold out but I feel like it’s especially Oatley that’s good. It’s super creamy It’s super thick even when you don’t froth it or don’t steam it. (Fel: Yeah.) Thrive Market also has oat milk when you order one It comes with four cartons and like it’s very naturally sweet. The only ingredient is oat milk and water Other alternatives that they also have: macadamia milk. Macadamia is pretty high in fats and I love macadamia It’s not as rich as you’d think if you compare like whole milk to plant milk or like nut milk It’s not gonna be as creamy. (Fel: Yeah) Because there’s no such thing as hormone free like animal milk. It all has hormones. But when it comes to like these nut milks it’s definitely thinner but it’s got a taste of its own You know, it’s like earthy that’s why it actually goes well with a lot of things like matcha Because it lets the flavor of the powder come through. So we got like (Ro: complements it and enhances the flavor.) (Fel: Yeah, yeah) So I feel like the consistency
(Ro: Milk Review!!) Is both thin but almond milk has this weird like buttery after taste whereas macadamia just kind of tastes nutty. And then I think out of all of them soy milk is actually the Thickest for me. I think it’s like oat milk, soy milk and then nut milks. So both of these are unsweetened and also dairy free and then they also have the Latte version, which is actually delicious and you can drink this on its own because it does have added sugar (Ro: mhmm. Added sugar) This whole thing has 7 grams compared to an iced tea that you buy or anything Which is like 28 grams of sugar. (Ro: 30, 40 something.) Yeah for even like half of this portion, right? So this is actually not much and a great alternative So I feel like I’ve basically gone off milk for drinking coffees or even teas. But yeah, these are really good So we’ve been talking a lot about coffees and lattes and just drinks in general but Alternative milks can also be swapped into like other parts of our diet So like if you eat it with cereal, if you bake with it, if you cook with it And then to kind of counter the IGF-1 hormone that we were talking about you can actually consume omega-3 fatty acids which helps to kind of counter the amount of like hormones that are fluctuating within your body and things like Flax seed like this or chia seed. So how do you prepare these? Chia seed pudding, right? Chia seed pudding.Chia seeds can be put on top of like if you make toasts with nut butters and then banana and just sprinkle it On top, you can sprinkle it on anything. You can just mix it in water and add some frozen fruits to have a little bit of flavor. Flax seed you can put in anything really like smoothies, oat milk It’s best to get it grind because flax seeds are a seed and then it’s hard for your body to digest if it’s in seed form so for it to be ground it helps your body digest it better It also comes in oil form. And obviously Omega-3 and salmon They can help to lower inflammation in your body and that may help with keeping away like acne and breakouts But let’s be real. There’s no substitute for cheese There really isn’t
(Ro: *laughs*) You might see Instantaneous results like Felicia or it can take even weeks or a month for you to realize that your skin is clearing up Especially if you have cystic acne But still it’s a great place to start if you detect a repeated pattern of milk consumption with acne developing shortly after and you notice a pattern of your skin clearing when you Avoid dairy then you’ve got an answer to your question Superfoods that reduce inflammation and promote gut health. Eat foods high in antioxidants because Antioxidants have shown to be low in people who suffer with acne so Antioxidants helps fight bacteria in and outside of your body. Nuts are great like almonds peanuts and Brazilian nuts all have a lot of antioxidants like vitamin E and these nutrients protect cells from damage and infections. Blueberries help lower inflammation and contain many of the vitamins and minerals known to strengthen our immune system. Also dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, broccoli are high in vitamin C, E and A and calcium. They’re also loaded with magnesium and potassium. Then there’s also a green tea or the more intense version Matcha. And green tea or matcha contains so many antioxidants also polyphenols The antioxidant that’s known to matcha or green tea is the EGCG. Along with foods that are high in antioxidants, we should also eat foods that are high in probiotics because they’re good for our gut health. So probiotics promote a healthy gut imbalances microbiomes Which is linked to reduced inflammation and a lower risk of acne development. So healthy gut, healthy life, healthy skin It all kind of goes together. Yeah, because like if there’s toxins in here then it’ll manifest on the outside (Ro: Exactly) So what to eat sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, miso soup, coconut or goat cahier Natto, tempeh, kombucha. Basically anything that’s fermented is really really good for your gut Yeah, like when I was in Australia in one of those health food stores I saw in the fridge They sold like a bottle that looked like kombucha, but it was just kimchi juice Yeah, and it had like a bunch of other stuff in there, but I’m like, whoa That must be really good for you because that would be hard to take down Actually, like I’m sure they added a bunch of other like sweetness Like water and stuff like that, but that’s just how good (Ro: You should have tried it in the name of beauty and science) I should have if it wasn’t for the fact it was like $8 And then as well as that you want to load up on your vitamins and micronutrients and these include vitamin A, D, E and also zinc These nutrients play such a crucial role in the development of our skin and also our immune health which ties Always back to our skin and body. And you might think it’s just easier to take some supplements But actually the best way to consume these are in its rawest form like from the ground or from the sea So for example vitamin A is present in red peppers, in spinach, and sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots and all of these are such a good Bursting vegetable like they’ve become so sweet All you need is a bit of oil, some salt and pepper (Ro: You can even steam it) And then vitamin D includes things like fatty fish, Tuna, mackerel, salmon, egg yolk and mushrooms. All of these you can just like toss up as well. And with vitamin E There’s sunflower seeds, almond nuts, spinach, avocado and broccoli. And do you guys see how a lot of these ingredients overlap? They’re just some super foods and powerhouses for vitamins and antioxidants. And by eating these one things you get like a plethora of different Vitamins, minerals and everything you need in one. So it’s good to load up on those. There’s also zinc So things like seeds, nuts, avocado, blackberries, pomegranate, raspberries, apricots, [and] blueberries. So just again anything that is raw and in its most natural form is really good for you. So because now we know all the effects that the foods that we Consume actually have on our body, everything that we say is like more about Moderation. If you can balance how much of it is coming in and out and then I think it’s more once again About knowing your skin. You need to like test one If you’re even the type of person that is sensitive where this happens to you Otherwise, it’s just a great lifestyle change But for those of you who are confused about why you’re breaking out and you seem to be doing all the things right with skincare And seeing a dermatologist, but it still happens. Like maybe you could try . . . (Ro: Turning inward.) So thank you again to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video. The really cool thing is Thrive donates a membership for every paid membership So you’re doing good for your body, you’re doing good for your skin. You’re doing good for other people and doing good for your soul. Yeah, and with that Thank you guys so much for joining us If you guys like this more food internal stuff and how affects your skin Please let us know down below if you have any recommendations, suggestions of videos that you want to see and don’t forget we have many many playlists of Videos we’ve made previously all about skin care, the skin care steps and with that. See you guys next time Byyyeee We’ll help (Fel: *coughs*) We’ll help Ya you’re slaying killigen. Killigen? That’s another one.
(Ro: Killllgen!) sugars, killigen 😀 and there’s also perp- Perpcorn! (Fel: *pterodactyl screech* PERPCOORN!) Both of these are unfreeden… (Ro: *laughs* *laughs* why did you touch your (hair?)… I don’t know, our hair is like . . . okay.


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  • gloria guerrero says:


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    Peace and love to you all.

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    I haven't looked back at dairy milk since. Tea, coffee, smoothies and punches, cereals etc are just as delicious maybe even more delicious. I can't wait to start eating yogurts and ice cream made from dairy free milk.
    I am going to cut out sugar now! I am thinking about stevia as a sweetener because I heard it has a zero gylcemic index which means zero glucose and 1000x sweeter than sugar.
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