Skin Rash Leads to Shocking Diagnosis

Skin Rash Leads to Shocking Diagnosis

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised [Applause] [Music] one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime but what if it doesn’t show up on a mammogram in a new story that’s gone viral what started as a small pink and brown rash on one woman’s breast has resulted in a fight for her life it’s called inflammatory breast cancer and doctor funk I would like you to kind of tell the audience and everybody at home what inflammatory breast cancer is so inflammatory breast cancer is one of the most aggressive and deadliest forms of breast cancer that we diagnosed thankfully it’s in less than 5% of the cancers diagnosed each year but what happens is one breast will suddenly and I mean rapidly within days two weeks become enlarged and heavy and have like this burning pain sensation in it oftentimes you don’t feel any lumps at all mammogram 10 seconds ago could be completely normal with you which is scary because you feel like you’re crazy because something’s happening and you’re telling me my mammogram is fine you’re like it’s not fine never never dismiss that intuition the nipple might turn in you could feel a lump in your armpit which would be an involved lymph node but the tell-tale sign is what we call pota wash or peel of an orange the skin lymphatics are actually completely congested with tumor cells and the hue of the tumor cells and the stuck lymph fluid makes this orange reddish brownish color to the skin that’s also thicker and then the pores of your skin are suddenly visible so just like an orange you see all the little pits there if you ever notice this what would often happen is a doctor will say either that’s a rash or it’s an infection or it’s mastitis especially if you’re breastfeeding and they either prescribe a topical steroid cream or antibiotics thinking it’s one of these things give it three days if it is not dramatically improved in three days hightail it to a breast specialist and this is exactly what happened and you know doctors should know better I’m sorry page 956 Robins pathologic basis of disease [Laughter] Prosser and torts do you remember that one yes okay why this was my favorite book how can you miss PO Tyrone and even if it is not exactly like that orange you don’t take the chance if there’s something like that going on on just the skin of the breast especially one side boom you have to work that out I know that there’s some breast cancers that are more aggressive in african-american women is this one of those cancers it absolutely is so the people who are more likely to have inflammatory breast cancer are african-americans obese women and it’s a little bit younger in your 55 to 59 year-old range whereas most breast cancer is 61 it’s a little bit younger and it’s more likely to be triple negative this is a subtype of cancer that could care less about estrogen we always pull out the big guns for inflammatory meaning first chemotherapy then modified radical mastectomy all the lymph nodes in the armpit go and then after the mastectomy you radiate all the remaining skin and the lymph node but it’s very our area gret so we get aggressive if a mammogram shows nothing but you have a rash you have some other symptom how can you get your doctor to escalate that to give you the referral to the specialist because I know from friends of mine and just talking to women it can be intimidating when the mammogram when the test is saying there’s nothing but you want to go because you your intuition tells you it may be something but you have this institution this facility saying no how do you break through that and get the care that you need and get to that second opinion I think you tell them that doctor fonk a breast expert told me [Applause] you’re a writer IVA may involve to fight with you know it’s all about dollars a coupon I’ll set it and then call Arriba cuz I’m gonna sue you if you don’t work and so we’ve had a little bit of fun with this segment but in all seriousness if you feel that something is not right even though your mammogram was normal then you do have to just find that doctor that will you know make sure your your concerns are addressed and in some instances it may not be invasive breast cancer but you know it’s just one of those things go with your gut you


  • Dank Taco says:

    2 comment

  • Cheesey Kake says:

    Oh god this is just terrible!

  • Milly Worrall says:

    Oh my Jesus. I feel bad

  • Kathi Stensland says:

    God bless her, this is what they thought I had, after having an "infection ". I had breast cancer, just not this one thank God! I was blessed by having great Dr's that stayed and worked with me and saved my life.

  • Kelsey Matthews says:

    Ugh now my boobs hurt

  • Sophie Palmer-Doran says:

    hey i saw this on Grey's Anatomy Maggies mother came to Seattle Grace Hospital. the character died in a later episode.

  • Abby says:

    Not getting a second opinion cost my mom her life. The tumor in her breast was misdiagnosed as a clogged milk duct over the course of three years. By the time she was correctly diagnosed it had advanced to stage four.

  • Christel Siebenberg says:

    Excellent story with very specific, good info. I had IBC while pregnant and was misdiagnosed for three months. If one of your breasts get hard or the skin is bumpy, go to a doctor and insist on a fine needle biopsy. Mammogram and UV will not see the disease.

  • The Doctors says:

    For more on how to identify this breast cancer, visit

  • Aseel Abbass says:

    Whatis the color of milk in breasts cancers

  • storm le cat says:

    I had this but my doc refused a mamagram because I was too young at 25 since then the pain left but now at 32 I've had dimopling and a rash and now a weird red Mark, also dunno if it means anything but when in Feb this year my husband was dying of lung cancer I looked after him in the last few months I started bruising massively on my inner top thigh right side weirdly dunno if it was caused by stress at the time but at least I managed to look after him right to the end he was with me and our cat storm when he took his last breaths. Another question can you get a permanent broken heart and why does missing him hurt my heart physically,

  • splendor Inthegrass says:

    crap I have some rash on my boobs.

  • anna blue says:

    So many doctors keep misdiagnosing cancer for other shit. They need to stop dismissing everything.

  • Ghost Queen says:

    Cesium 137 targets soft tissue and organs

  • Lisaa says:


  • daily diary says:

    How can you know if its breast cancer during pregnancy

  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer International Consortium says:

    If you would like to learn more about Inflammatory Breast Cancer contact us

  • weepingz says:

    I thought I had this. On February 8th, 2018, I was in the dressing room at The Goodwill. I saw this huge rash on both breast. I googled: "Rash on Breast". Inflamatory Breast Cancer  came up. I read about it and almost passed out. My breast were itching like crazy.. I was too afraid to go to the DR. I thought about suicide.    Days later, after praying in church, I got enough courage to go to the Dr. .    It was a fungi infection.   A  few days of medicine cleared it up.   (gotta wash my bra's more often…lol) But, I never heard of IBC and this topic should be talked about more.  Itchy breast is also a sign of Breast cancer.

  • Abigail Rose says:

    Can this appear in teenagers at all? I have a really big rash and I really hope this isn’t what I have

  • primcpress says:

    I’m 12 and I have that underneath mine, I think it’s just a heat rash

  • Abigail B says:

    Hey ladies, always get checked out, anything weird etc.. my sister just this week got diagnosed with this, a year ago she thought she had a mosquito bite on her boob and just never did more about it, now she has stage 3.. also look out for inverted nipple, hers got pulled way in, boob skin was firm and there was tenderness, she didn't have the rash but did have itching… hope to god it's not too late for her and they are starting chemo and mentioned all the drugs that are used for this type of cancer as well as all the treatments, as a family we are so desperate for her to be ok but it's hard when you read the prognosis for this particular form to feel positive.

  • mysweetroux says:

    ok but jokes aside, what is really the way to get your doctor to take seriously when mammogram is negative?

  • Mizz Wicked says:

    My doctor is a major bitch. She says I just have blackheads 😡 i clearly show the orange skin holes and dimpling and nipple leakage. Sadly there is no other clinic in the whole county. Just that one shitty one. I'm only 30 so docs don't believe me

  • Changer101 says:

    My neck is hella itchy after, during, and not even it will itch like crazy. Even my arms and middle of my chest and especially the top of my back/part that I can’t reach to itch

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