Skin Cancer: The Before

Skin Cancer: The Before

Hey guys Bonnie here! Today, I want to talk to you about something that’s happening to me That’s a little bit scary and I’m a little bit freaked out about and It’s really important to know about and so stay tuned we’re gonna talk all about the big scary c-word: cancer Okay, so before anybody gets the wrong idea or too freaked out We’re talking about skin cancer and in my case a really really non-lethal none scary kind it could be way way worse, but they did find some and These past few months, weeks I’ve just been trying to wrap my head around it trying to figure out all my options what it means Why I have it etc etc It’s been a whirlwind to say the least and what with all the problems in the world I know mine is so so so small Little teeny thing little tiny spot that needs to be removed and as luck would have it it has to be removed from my face Of course right first time right in the center of my face, but that’s the fact and I wanted to hop on camera here Just eight hours before I go into the doctor to get it removed So you could see a before and so I can tell you a little bit about the diagnosis And how we got here, and I then I will tell you all about the procedure how it went down Feelings pain etc and show you the healing process so here we go, okay so first off How did this even get started well a long time ago I want to say maybe a year ago could be longer could be not so long. I really don’t remember I had a spot on my nose that Took forever to heal it was a little spot a little sore I want to say it was from a pimple or something I don’t even remember Scratched at a piece of skin whatever, so there’s open sore, and I just remember it took forever to heal nothing Catastrophic or groundbreaking. I just remember thinking why is this stupid sore not healing on my face so fast forward maybe a month or so it did finally heal and created like a little Flesh colored bump it wasn’t red. It was an open sore or anything that was totally healed over It was just a bump and every now and again. I would kind of rub it and think what was that? Why did it scar? Whatever didn’t think much about it Something in back my mind though did make me a little concerned I remember having heard in the past that Skin cancers can manifest themselves in the form of sores that don’t heal or take forever to heal so That was kind of niggling in the back of my mind and fast forward about a year And I had noticed on a couple of my favorite blogs That people were coming out talking about skin cancer and their experience with it and all of a sudden I start getting just a little more aware not really concerned But just aware that it was something that could happen to me. I have a pretty strong family history of skin cancer My great-grandma had it, my grandma’s had it several times My mom has had it a ton of times But I was just kind of thought of it as something that happened to people who never wore sunscreen or people who laid out half their lives or People who were old I guess and I was none of those things , I always wear sunscreen, I never lay out I’m not old…yet So after reading these bloggers’ stories, I decided all right It’s time to just go in and get everything checked out You can go to the dermatologist and just ask for a skin cancer screening and some places Do a lot more of these than others so if you’re concerned about it I would just look around open Yelp or whatever and Ask friends for recommendations find a place that specializes In skin cancer and just ask for a full-body screen so I did that and I went in they strip you down put a hospital paper robe thingamajiggy on you and then The doctor came in with a little like microscope and just head-to-toe scanned me. Checked any mole or freckle that looked weird Asked me if I had any concerns etc checked everything out everything looked good She showed me a couple of freckles that said we should keep an eye on and that was about it And then as she was going to leave she asked me if I had any concerns So I just said there’s this one spot on my nose It feels weird to bring up because it’s totally healed now, but would you mind taking a look so she did? Looked at it with a special microscope or whatever said it did not look concerning to her But that if it bothered me, they could do a biopsy so I was like Yeah, sure whatever. Let’s do it, so the biopsy basically Means that they come in with this little circular doohickey thing little Blade slicer thing they put it over the area and just take a little sliver of skin from it now first They gave me a bunch of shots to numb it up so I didn’t feel anything the shots were kind of freaky to get in your nose, but whatever and Sliced up a little piece of skin and I was on my way and it healed in probably two weeks Almost completely, then I get the phone call that hey guess what you were right it is skin cancer The type of skin cancer they found on me, is called basal cell carcinoma Which if you have to pick a skin cancer the doctor said, that’s the one to pick Totally non-lethal nobody dies from it it actually doesn’t ever spread to other organs or to your bloodstream So it can’t kill you, but it does like break down tissue and destroy tissue And so if I were to just to let it go it would eventually spread and cause Weird things I guess I don’t know so in short. I couldn’t leave it. I had to get removed so there were all sorts of Feelings and thoughts going through my mind as you can imagine Number one, how is this fair? I wear sunscreen. I don’t lay out. You know clearly I have the coloring of someone who might end up with some skin cancer, I’m pale and I have freckles but Just kind of felt gypped right. I’m in my 30s still trying to enjoy life Feeling young and now this – lame! In fact when I went back to chat with the doctor about my upcoming procedure I looked around the waiting room and everyone there was at least 70 years old had tanned leathered skin And you could tell he’d spent a lot of time the sun And I just felt like saying why am I here this is not fair. So anyway when I wrap my mind around that and realized Fair or not this was it. I had to figure out what I was gonna We talked to the doctor and Thankfully he had decided that because of my age and because the spot was right in the middle of my face that He is actually gonna be doing the removal of the cancer And then he’s going to send me directly to a plastic surgeon with the wound open I just drive right there And then they close me up because the plastic surgeon has a better skill set and can usually end up with a much smaller scar So that’s the plan. That happens in Like eight hours. I’m about to go to bed and wake up in the morning and go first thing Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take very long because if it takes very long that means that they have to keep digging so The procedure itself is called a Mohs procedure MOHS and what that means is that Go in they slice off a tiny little sliver of skin And they immediately analyze it in their Microscope or whatever and then they can tell if they’ve gotten all the cancer because they look for good margins Which means healthy skin around the cancer if they see that they know there’s no more cancer anymore But if they don’t then they go back and take another sliver of skin analyze it while I wait and back and forth etcetera the benefit to this is that they take the minimal amount of skin because clearly they’re not gonna take more if they’re the cancer is all gone and Also, you don’t have to keep coming back because they analyze it all right there while you’re in the office so That’s good, and then like I said afterwards I drive straight to the plastic surgeon They close it up and then give me instructions on what to expect how it’s gonna heal how long it’s gonna take so yeah There’s some nerves some worrying but here’s hoping that I’m in capable hands and that it hasn’t gone super deep and that I don’t end up with a humongous scar for a super long time so Anyway, if you guys have any questions Drop them in the comments. I’ll try to answer them I’m not an expert But I really want to share my experience because it was because of other people sharing their experiences that made me go in And get checked out and who knows what would have happened if I don’t let go a lot longer So that’s it for now wish me luck. See you later


  • Colleen Holt says:

    Hugs and blessings

  • Colleen Holt says:

    You make me smile

  • Sarah Razzano says:

    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing this…

  • Wens Trends says:

    Hi. Have you had any reoccurrence?

  • randy walsh says:

    Im just healing from MOHS surgery and im wondering how long i have to keep the aquaphor on it.its been 3 weeks and im still doing it twice a day. when do i stop this to let it dry & heal??

  • Miriam Garza says:

    Hi Bonnie. Thanks so much for kindly sharing your story. Can you please let me know the biopsy caused a scar? I read that all skin biopsy's leave a small scar. Also were you given the option of mohs surgery? Based on your research, do you think the better option is what you chose….going to a cosmetic surgeon? Lastly, did the redness from your 2nd video, ever go away? I noticed it was quite red even one month after surgery. I have been scared to see a dermatologist because i suspect i may have skin cancer on nose. Thanks truly for your time.

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