Simplification of Rheumatoid Arthritis : Part 1

Simplification of Rheumatoid Arthritis : Part 1

Hello, I am Dr Tanoy Bose, I am a Rheumatologist I would like to speak on Rheumatoid Arthritis today We get lots of patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis in my clinic & they are unaware of the disease, the treatment and the progress. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a type of arthritis and has got no translation in any local language If we explain the symptoms of RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis) it will be easier to understand Pain in small joints of hands, is an important symptom. Interestingly they do not affect the distal most joint of our fingers. They affect both the hands, both feet, also affecting the elbows, shoulders.. …ankles, knees they usually do not affect the low back region but.. ..they can affect the back of the neck ( Cervical Spine) affection of a joint is characterised by joint pain, swelling early morning stiffness of hands inability to make a fist and this is medically known as MORNING STIFFNESS sometimes it takes more than half an hour to be completely mobile as the patient get’s back to his/her work, the pain subsides and joints become more free but there might be a flare of pain after a brief rest definitely they are not able to use pressure with their fingers like.. squeezing, twisting keys, or kneading flour dough or writing and use of fingers become extremely difficult for them It is not very difficult to diagnose this disorder A rheumatologist can diagnose just by looking at the hands of the patient Regarding Blood Tests, the ESR and CRP levels are usually high Rheumatoid Factors and Anti CCP Ab tests are positive in 70% of patients People often google out what’s anti CCP Ab, that’s why I am using these terms If Anti CCP Ab is positive, we often clinch the diagnosis However, even if the tests are negative, Rheumatoid Arthritis is not always ruled out Regarding the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.. .. it is not possible to cure the disease and it is important to know this fact. The patients do well with the treatment and disease remains under control We use 4 types of medicines, of which none are Steroid or Pain Killers They are called Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatoid Drugs (DMARDs) We use Steroid or Pain Killers initially for 2 to 2.5 months.. after which they are stopped and not restarted. sometimes we might restart the steroids or NSAIDs.. case patient is irregular with medicines or there is a flare of the disease Even if they respond poorly to the initial therapy, we often restart steroids for a short duration ..but we never use them for long term.. METHOTREXATE, SULFASALAZINE, HYDROXYCHOLOQUINE & LEFLUNOMIDE.. These 4 medicines are used to treat RA In case you wish to know more detail, please follow the next episode Keep an eye on this channel to know more about rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatological disorders We are trying to explain in detail. Thanks for viewing. Visit for appointment visit


  • Madhab Dutta says:

    আমার বয়স 31 ওজন 58 8-9মাস পিঠের ডান পাশে শীরড়ারায় ও ডান হাত নরা চরা করলে পিঠে ব‍্যাথা করে এখন ব্লাড টেস্ট করে দেখা গেছে ESR 30 , Anti streptomycin 'O' Titre 134.0 , R A Factor 20.0 এটা কি আমার ভালো হবেং?, না সারা জীবন চিকিৎসা করে যেতে হবে ? দয়াকরে যানালে খুবই উপকৃত হব

  • Nitai Chandra Saha says:

    Dear sir ami Bangladesh theke bolci ami 2 basor jabot ghare bethay bhugci. Chikitsha neyar por gharer betha comce but sakale shoulder stiffness thake exercise korle sabavik hoy. Hater dike pain ar nei.but 3-4 month theke amar left side a buttock theke cuff muscles pronto dariye thakle burning sensation hoy. Akhane doctor dekhiye ci doctor babu bollen tomar ghare jemon spodolosis ase komore o spodolosis ase .but medicine neyer poro ta sarcena. Kindly somadhan janaben?

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