Simple Way to Find Your Skin Undertone – Your Eye Pattern | How To – Color Analysis

Simple Way to Find Your Skin Undertone – Your Eye Pattern | How To – Color Analysis

No talking hey everyone I’m Carol Brailey of in this video I’m gonna help guide you figure out your skin
undertone based on your eye pattern I’m so excited about rolling out this video
just simply because it represents the first of a series of videos I’m gonna be
rolling out focused on looking at your eye pattern to help determine your best
hair makeup clothing and accessory color so like this video subscribe to my
channel share it so that you receive updates on my channel as these new
videos are rolled out so just a quick recap why do we care about figuring out
our skin undertone and finding out our best colors in general wearing our best
colors helps to make us Sparkle our eyes sparkle our skin appears vibrant refined
lifted and then generally feel fantastic so that’s why wearing your best colors
is so great of the reverse of that is when we wear colors that aren’t and
harmony with us we perhaps may look dull washed out and not feel so great perhaps
we feel dull and washed out figuring out your undertone is just the first step in
a color analysis figure out your undertone will help provide the
foundation to figure out what values and intensity of colors work for you so I
encourage you once you find out your skin undertone to also move forward to
figure out what value light or dark intensity bright or soft colors also
make you Sparkle because every color has three aspects to it an undertone is
really just one the other two aspects are value and intensity so what is skin
undertone skin undertone is the underlying quality to your coloring
where a skin tone can change from season to season
perhaps it even change changes in different lighting skin undertone
actually is driven by what’s internally within us so
McLovin keratin and melanin all feed into what ultimately forms our undertone
and coloring and those characteristics also roll out into our hair eyes and our
skin coloring so that’s why I like to look at eyes so eyes patterns
you really can’t dispute whereas you know colors on skin you can look at my
peachy and my porcelain leads to a bunch of confusion specifically if you don’t
really even know what those definitions are is my hair as she is a warm brown
like if you don’t know what those definitions are can lead to a whole
bunch of confusion also the vein tests are my veins blue green I’ve seen so
much confusion over those other tests with an eye pattern
you really can’t dispute it and let me use this piece of fabric as an example
yo this piece of fabric is striped you
can’t really dispute it well hold on if you’re watching this and I’ve had a
couple cocktails perhaps this doesn’t look striped but
trust me this is straight so really you’re looking at with an eye pattern is
something there or not it’s really factual whereas if you aren’t trained
and say color analysis you’re you’re sort of guessing at at you know skin
coloring perhaps hair coloring etc I’m following along with my notes here so
that I keep on track because I’m a massive creative type and I can really
go off on tangents so so where am I here so that is why I love to use eye
patterns and before I move into the meat of this video which is going through eye
patterns I just want to say thank you so much to everybody who donated their eye
patterns to be in this video because I truly believe every eye is unique and
there’s certain common characteristics to eyes that help guide on color but you
know every eye is unique and it’s truly the window to our soul
one of my favorite movies is by origins I’ll put the name on this screen it
really is a great fictional movie into the specialness of each of our eyes
I also before I move into the meat of this video want to say please watch all
three aspects to this video so I’m going to go through warm cool and neutral
because you know if you tuned into warm and then don’t tune into neutral you may
have ruled yourself to be warm without you know also classifying yourself into
the neutral category so please watch all three steps because if you have patterns
in your eyes that are both warm and cool that means you may have neutral
characteristics to your coloring so please stay tuned to this complete video
I think that’s all I have to say so let’s move into the meat of this video
so there are three pattern categories that you want to check out within your
eye pattern the first pattern category is warm and within this category there
are three patterns to look out for the first pattern I’m gonna walk you through
is starburst so here is one example of a starburst around the pupil here is
another example of a starburst and yet another example it’s not about eye color
here it’s about the pattern so here is a starburst pattern in a very different
color than what we saw earlier and then here is another starburst pattern in a
blue-gray color the second warm category element that you want to look for in
your eye is speckling it can be any color but here’s an example of a
speckling or freckling in orange Brown in the blue area in this particular eye
but it’s again not about eye color it’s about the pattern here is another
example of speckling or freckling and I’m just going to go back to an earlier
photo we had this screen on the screen this person also has speckling freckling
in their eye and the last pattern category that you want to check out to
see if they’re warm elements in your eye is halo so a halo is a circular
structure around the pupil so and it’s always around the pupil here’s one
example of a halo before I move on to the other examples I just also want to
say if you feel like you have a halo only a halo in your eye and feel you
have a warm undertone I want you to ask yourself if your skin feels peachy cream
peachy pink translucent those sort of qualities to your skin because it can be
confused with one of the patterns in I’m going to be covering in the cool section
so just be aware that a halo can easily be confused so if you feel you only have
a halo in your eye and have a warm undertone you typically would again have
clear and warm skin which is like peaches and cream peachy pink and it if
you only have a halo in your eye you typically would not freckle so just be
aware of that here is another halo example and I just
want to open here is another one here is another halo example again it’s not
about eye color this person has a halo that’s quite light
the pupil of their eye and I just want to show you another example of a very
light halo so those are the three patterns within the warm category to
look out for the second category is cool and so you’re gonna want to ask yourself
if there are cool qualities in my eye pattern the first cool element to look
out for is what I call a wheel so it’s almost like lines in the eye running
from the pupil right to the outside of the eye so here’s a great example of a
wheel structure I also just want to go back to an earlier example we saw
another example of a wheel structure is the circling just on the outside of this
eye in almost a white color that illustrates sort of a wheel rim so
that’s another example of a cool wheel structure second cool element to look
out for is what I call flowering it’s almost like the center of a flower where
a wasp or bee nips at so usually this patterning is slightly darker in color
I’ve highlighted it in this particular photo this pictures photo is quite light
but this next one is quite clear so there’s an example of flowering and
here’s another example of flowering to illustrate that it’s not about color the
last cool category element to look out for is what I call smokiness or clouds
picture incense or smoke blowing in the air and looking into it that’s the sort
of patterning you want to look for in the eye so here’s an example of smoky
cloudiness in the eye this particular eye it’s in the blue area here’s another
example of smokey cloudiness in the eye and here
is another example and I just want to go back to this earlier photo this person
also has elements of smokey cloudiness in their eye so that summarizes the cool
category the next category is neutral patterning and this really is just your
eye pattern has a mix of warm and cool pattern elements within it now you may
be neutral warm neutral cool or full neutral and I’m not going to cover it
off in this video it’s actually extremely complicated to get at and
really requires engagement with a color analysis professional to fully refined
but just keep in mind that if your eye pattern has both warm and cool elements
your undertone lightly rests around a neutral undertone range so here’s an
example of a neutral undertone range ISO you see both wheel qualities to this eye
which are cool and the starburst and I also see a freckle in this eye which are
warm so cool through the wheel starburst speckle is warm here’s another example
and I see a starburst speckling in this eye and I also see flowering so the
starburst speckling is warm the flowering is cool here’s a closer look
at this person’s eye and starburst speckling is a little bit more obvious
in this picture and the flowering and then the next example I have is the halo
structure which is warm with both smoky cloudiness which is cool while I have
this one up I just want to go back to this photo this particular person has
the halo with smoky cloudiness as well so halo being warm the smoky cloudiness
being cool and a last example I have on file for a neutral undertone range is a
starburst and I also see a darker orange speckle here with smoky cloudiness which
is cool so there you have it I hope this video has inspired you to look at your
eye pattern and has ultimately helped you to finally figure out what your skin
and her tone is the eye patterns used in this video just offer common
characteristics so your eyes likely will look different from the examples used
because I believe all our eyes are truly truly unique but your eyes will have
those common elements that I’ve highlighted in the previous section to
this video and once again thank you so much to everybody who donated their eyes
really a special gift so please like share subscribe and stay tuned for
future videos featuring your eye patterns


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