Siblings With Matching Skin Conditions | Dr. Pimple Popper

Jesse and Nelda
have skin conditions that they’re both wrestling with. And the fact that
they’re related can narrow down the
possibilities of what this can be, because a lot
of skin conditions can sort of run in families. So if you squeeze really
hard, will something squeeze out of a lot of these? On some, yes. I have some ideas of what
Jesse’s condition may be, but I can’t get past
the fact that he has such a severe breakout
on the back of his neck. That’s pretty rare. This actually looks
pretty calm right now. I bet you can get angrier. And it looks pretty pink,
and not red and inflamed, but you can see where it
was before, because that’s sort of fading out. So it doesn’t really hurt
when I push on this, huh? No. I can tell that the bumps
on the back of his neck are dormant. But I know that if this
area gets inflamed, it gets infected, there’s
going to be a lot of redness, a lot of oozing. Perhaps a lot of odor. And extreme pain, and
just being miserable. OK, so let me see here. Let me see what we
have here on you. OK. That looks like
it’s nice and quiet. Seeing [INAUDIBLE] lesions,
even though they’re dormant, really helps me to
figure out a diagnosis with this brother sister duo. But treatment’s not
going to be easy. You both are
correct in the sense that I think that your
conditions are sort of related. So here goes with
our information here. This is definitely a
hidradenitis suppurativa. We don’t really know what
causes this condition. The bad news is that
there is no real cure.

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