si vous utilisez un dentifrice avec une cuillère de cannelle vous en serez très surpris

si vous utilisez un dentifrice avec une  cuillère de cannelle vous en serez très surpris

if you use a toothpaste with
cinnamon spoon this will change your life forever Hi my loves, as usual, I
brings you something spectacular, it will greatly surprise you because I
am sure that many of you do not did not know this simple trick yet
stunning, But as usual, before getting into
the heart of the matter, if you are new, new that you are not subscribers, think about the
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this so that it reaches a maximum of people My loves if you have spots between
fingers of hands or feet,
That you suffer from cracks and calluses , cracks
on the feet or on the hands in addition to fungal infections of the nails then this remedy
it’s for you to have dry and rough feet
or cracked or with mushrooms it’s not nice at all it’s for
this reason that today I want to help you solve
this problem that is attacking a lot of people around the world this is the reason for
which today I am going to teach you to prepare a simple cream yet
very very effective, so here it is, if you currently suffer from split feet, nails
with mushrooms or stains on your hands and for too long
, do not hesitate to share in the comments the tips you use and who
have run up to here, or who n have not help that will prevent others from losing
time to try them Without further ado, we get to the heart of
subject, I advise you to look at this video to the end because in addition to you
give this recipe, I prepared you a big surprise that will greatly
help, indeed, I have 3 other recipes for you who will definitely help you
to get rid of your worries, as usually I will explain why
it happens to you because it is very important to know the most important causes
commonplace why we have these problems in
feet or hands to find out how treat them and avoid the future
complications there are several causes of this condition that goes beyond the
hereditary question This will surprise you, but be aware that
poor diet and a lack of hydration, to walk barefoot, and
diseases of obesity like psoriasis and
mycoses, very unfortunate foot hygiene , poor quality shoes in
which we sweat enormously what creates a warm climate, cold wet, clear
odors For treatment
In recipe number 1 Take a pasta
toothpaste and cinnamon If in addition to mushrooms you suffer from
dry and cracked feet so I advice you to add a spoon of glycerin
Take a spoon of each, mix all right up to getting a
uniform dough, you’ll tell me but pink how does this mixture help us?
, so know that the combination of these three ingredients work from this
way Cinnamon has properties
anti-inflammatory that helps in the tissue deflation, thereby helping
fight against bacteria and fungi glycerin
for its part has a hydrating power incredible that leaves the feet like new
and these two ingredients combined with toothpaste eliminates
foot inflammation leaving them without spots
both on the feet and on the hands before continuing I recommend you to share
this information so that they reach a maximum of people, family, friends For preparation in a bowl mix
all ingredients until you get a paste
before applying this cream, wash well feet, limit make an exfoliating treatment
, rinse cleanly and let dry well before going to the next step in case
where you would apply it on your hands So wash your hands
before gently applying massage Once it’s good let it act between
10 and 15 minutes the time to the product of good enter
then wash with water dry at room temperature and apply
a moisturizing cream two to three
once a week until reaching desired results Think well you wash your hands not to
contaminate the rest of the body with fungal infections and others recipe number 2 is just as simple
and yet very effective: glycerin and salt
With this you will create a thick pasta ,
with coarse salt, a few drops of lemon you heat a little apply the mixture
on your feet for 10 minutes then
Exfoliate the skin with a pumice
Follow this routine twice a week until they are completely healed Now if you suffer from dry feet
the number 3 aspirin recipe is made for you
this homemade recipe for feet hydrated with aspirin should only be
used only by those who do not of allergy to
Aspirin ingredients
moisturizing cream two spoons glycerin 25 ml of hydrogen peroxide
or Hydrogen peroxide at 30% in 25 ml mode
preparation dissolves aspirin a little water and add the cream or
glycerin and mix well add slightly oxygenated water and placed
in a bowl put this mixture on the feet
the night before sleep and put the socks, sleep, when you wake up
feet will be very soft and very hydrated used this recipe once a
week now, you know how to prevent , fight against dry feet
after being healed for that it never happens again
For trouble number 1 wash your feet carefully, after the bath
Exfoliates the heel and hydrates the feet the number 2 woods a lot of water and
decreases the consumption of coffee and alcohol which accelerate dehydration, and as
we saw this is one of the causes of your problems of feet
3 Avoid long and hot baths Avoid spending a lot of time in
pools because chlorine aggravates the situation of
feet infested with fungi and other fungal infections number 4 use the comfortable shoes
and that protect the heel do not stay
always with socks it is important To let the feet breathe
My loves, tell me in the comments which of the 3 recipes you have the most
appreciate You know how your opinion is
very important to me Think again to share this, like
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