Should I Oil My Scalp? | Benefits, Disadvantages, BEST Oils for Natural Hair, How Often?

Should I Oil My Scalp? | Benefits, Disadvantages, BEST Oils for Natural Hair, How Often?

Hi everyone! Welcome to Discovery Natural. Today we are talking
about oiling your scalp. Is it necessary to oil your scalp? What are the benefits
of oiling your scalp? What is the right oils to use? And why do you even
need to oil your scalp? (smooth rhythmic music) I get a lot of questions about this issue and I said, okay I need
to do a video on it and just give you guys the information about oiling your scalp. Now we all know that our scalp produces what is known as sebum. That is the natural oil that
is produced in our scalp. I think we’re mainly the main
people that oil their scalps. I know that some other
ethnics also oil their scalps and also, well they don’t
use it as much as we all do. So understanding the benefits for our hair and understanding the
disadvantages of over-doing it is very important. So the first thing is, what are the benefits of
using oils on your scalp? Major benefit is like for massages. And massages will promote hair growth. Yeah, when you massage your hair, you promote like the blood
circulation in your scalp. Another benefit is that
with oil in your scalp, some people find that it helps their scalp when their scalp is dry. And it also is good for kind of lubricating that scalp area and also helping your natural oils. As you know, some people actually have low sebum production and some people have
high sebum production. High sebum production can be seen when your hair is overly greasy. We doubt you’re putting oils on it. And those people, they’re no encouraged to oil
their scalp all the time. But we’ll get more into
that little bit later so that you can identify
who has to oil their scalp, who should be oiling their scalp, who shouldn’t be oiling their scalp. I’ll get into that a little bit later. So let’s keep watching. Two other reasons why some people benefit from oiling their scalp is for dandruff. Some people find that
when they oil their scalp, they do not have dandruff as much. Also some people find
that when they use oils, especially in their hair, not necessarily on their
scalp but in their hair, it helps them with improving
the moisture level. And they way they do that is
either by doing oil treatment or when they moisturize their hair, the kind of add oils to it. Doing like the lock method
which is liquid oil and cream or the LCO method which
is liquid, cream, and oil. So they see that it
helps with intensifying their moisture level. So what are the disadvantages
of using oil in your hair? Disadvantages is number one. With using oils in your hair, your hair is prone to get very greasy. And when it gets very
greasy it pulls in dirt. You can attract dirt onto your hair. When you attract dirt onto your hair, your hair can become dull, it can become brittle, it can become not so nice looking. So that’s a couple of reasons. Another reason that some people find that they do not need to
use oils in their scalp is that they find that the oils actually weight down their hair when they use it on their scalp and it weighs down their hair. Now if you’re in that category, if you’re someone that you have fine hair, you might not want to apply too much oils on your
hair or on your scalp. So this is the one that you
guys have all been waiting for. Is it even necessary to
use oils in your hair. Now it has to do with per
case, per case, per case. And what that means is that
it depends on the individual. It depends on you. If you’re someone that
when you wash your hair, you do not need to oil your scalp and it’s working for you, then that’s fine. But some people find that with the kind of scalp they have, their scalp gets overly dry and they have to oil their scalp. If you do that, you have to know the right oils to use for your scalp. If you’re someone that you find that you have low sebum production then you might wanna use these oils that I’ll talk about later in
your hair or in your scalp. If you’re someone that you
have high sebum production where, even if you don’t oil your scalp, your scalp feels really oily and it’s kind of the waxy oil, which is actually the sebum, then you do that. The sebum is good. Natural oil in your scalp is good, that your body produces, is good, but sometimes it needs
some kind of encouragement. And there are a few oils
that actually help out. Oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and also olive oil helps too. If you’re someone that suffers
from high blood pressure, you might not want to use rosemary oil because rosemary oil actually effects the medications that you
take for high blood pressure. So always do your research
before you start mixing oils so that you know how it
will effect your body and how it will effect your scalp, how it will effect
medications you also take. Coconut oil has helped some people but some people find that
they don’t like coconut oil. So if you like coconut oil, and if coconut oil works for you, fine. One thing I want to encourage you guys, try to understand your
own hair, scalp health. Similar to how you understand that your body needs to be moisturized, then let’s apply the same
knowledge to our scalp, okay? So if you find that you can go without oiling your scalp
everyday, which is to me, I think is excessive
on your scalp everyday but that’s just me. How often do I oil my scalp? Well, I oil my scalp when I wash my hair and the middle of the week, which is just twice a week. And that is sufficient for me. So if you like this video, thank you so much for watching our video. We really appreciate you guys. We are so thankful for you guys. And if you guys have any kind of questions or other video ideas
that you want me to do, please comment below. Let me know. And a little shoutout to
the peoples (giggles). Shout out to everyone
that’s been asking me to do videos about oiling scalp. Thank you so much! And thanks for watching our videos. If you’ve never subscribed, please, we’ll love you to subscribe. And we love to give you, ugh. If you’ve never subscribed, please, we’ll love you to subscribe. And thank you so much. And see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye!


  • Hope Nation says:

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  • Natural Goddess says:

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  • BRKLYN 29 says:

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    I have seborrheic dermatitis (SD) and I have to keep my scalp squeaky clean. If I use oil or conditioner on my scalp, it exacerbates the condition, and I experience more flaking, and more redness and itchiness. I know, you'd think that would be dry skin, right? But no. That is why it took quite a while to figure out. I had this as a baby, though (cradle cap) and am 45 now. It took a long time to realize that I needed to see a dermatologist. He prescribed me a medicated shampoo (Nizoral 2%), and from then on it improved. In between flare-ups I can keep it at bay by using a sulfate shampoo (yeah, I know). I tried going sulfate-free or doing CO-washing, but that is just not for me (causes flare-ups). I suppose it's different for everyone, but this is my experience with oil. I do use it on my lengths though (love my oils for that). I also use the LOC/LCO method for styling. I just don't go near my scalp.

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