Secret of Natural Anti-Aging Skin (‘Younger Skin’ from Within) – Marisa Peer

Secret of Natural Anti-Aging Skin (‘Younger Skin’ from Within) – Marisa Peer

Hello I am Marisa Peer, thank you for listening
to me today. I see people who are very very pre-occupied with aging all the time. Which
is understandable we live in a time were we are judged on the age we look. The age we
look isn’t the age we are. Our body ages on a completely different timetable of its
own. So if you’re a 40-year-old runner your knees will be 50 but your heart and lungs
will be more like 30. You can actually influence the age of your organs and of course your
skin is the largest organ. When you’re happy or in love your skin looks wonderful when
you’re stressed, sad or in mourning your skin will age. But age is very temporary you
can look tired when you haven’t had a good nights sleep, you can look refreshed the next
day. Your Cells in your body have a mind of their
own so you can influence all the cells in your body to slow down. So you can be older
without looking old. I made a CD called Younger Skin from within because it trains, encourages
and influence all the cells in your body to slow down. This doesn’t just look fantastic
for your hair, nails and your skin it also gives you fantastic memory, mental agility
and fantastic concentration because it is not about slowing down the visual aging you
want to have the mental agility and physical agility of a younger person.
Tatler , Men’s health and Women’s Journal voted this the number one way to slow down
aging and looking fantastic. Looking younger isn’t about how many creams you can put
on your skin because you have so many layers of skin. It is about reversing the aging from
the inside out. You will look and feel amazing. So go to my website
and download my CD ?Younger Skin From Within? and within 10 days you will look and feel
younger. Thank you for listening.


  • Quentin Fernandez says:

    One of the most talked about topic these days. Will have to check out that link and follow Thanks for this vid

  • Bonny Allen says:

    I went to this site to download that CD. But It does not come up. Where do I get this CD. please advise

  • Si mon says:

    I am guessing you are about 50-ish when this video was filmed, is that correct? If so you look your age.

  • Emilia Motyka says:

    I totally respect all of your work, your style, attitude and generosity. A highly intelligent, attractive & heart-centred person. Wonderful! Thankyou. 🙂

  • M wardak says:

    I love your videos, thank you

  • Saeyka N says:

    I am 37, I can easily pass for 26. My father is 73, doesn't have a single deep line on his face.
    No fillers no Botox.
    Why not practice what you preach first?
    You have fillers and Botox , (for heaven sakes don't fall me jealous and this and that) asking logically.

    Why not live by example?

    Why do you look 70 something even with everything you've done?

  • Bessie Staton says:

    I work on the inside and outside you have to work at it to stay young and keep your body clean a bath brush will take away dead skin when you shower it becomes more difficult as you age to do things that was once so easy. An effort is needed to accomplish simple tasks. The older you get the longer it takes to perform these tasks and more things deed to be done. Persist is the key . By doing nothing you get nothing. Do exercise when possible

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