Seborrheic Dermatitis Tests and Diagnosis

Hi there. Eric Bakker, Naturopath, coming back to you
again. We’re talking about seb derm. Seborrheic dermatitis. So how is it diagnosed? How do you know you have this condition? Are there any specific tests you can do for
it? Can the doctor take a skin biopsy or a skin
sample, and find out? Well, remember, we talked about this yeast
called malassezia. So this is a naturally occurring skin fungus. So there’s no point really taking or scraping
off the skin and checking that. It’s rarely done. Biopsies are not usually done of the skin,
unless they think you have cancer or something like that, but a skin scraping, even that,
is not generally a good idea because you’re going to find naturally occurring bacteria
and yeast that are on the skin anyway, so it’s not really going to serve a good purpose. So, generally the doctor, or dermatologist,
will diagnose the seb derm by the appearance of the condition. Usually by their clinical experience, but
I can tell you guys, I’ve seen so many cases of people that were misdiagnosed with skin
conditions. It’s not funny. Almost to the point where I’m wondering if
some skin doctors know the difference between an apple and an orange. Seriously, that bad. I’ve seen shocking psoriasis cases that were
determined to be eczema. I’ve seen shocking eczema cases that were
determined to be seb derm. I’ve seen people with skin fungal rashes that
were told they had all kinds of bacterial skin infections. So sometimes people get it wrong. Is it the doctor’s fault? No. It’s not the doctor’s fault. Don’t blame people. It’s very easy in a busy clinic to get a diagnosis
mixed up, and also can happen through lack of clinical skill or experience. Doctors try and do their level best with you,
so it’s not a good idea to blame people regarding a misdiagnosis. But if you’re unsure, go to Google, and go
to the Image Search, and have a really good look on multiple different skin websites,
and you’re sure to be able to actually diagnose this condition yourself. You don’t need a skin specialist to do this. Most of my patients I’ve seen with seb derm,
correctly diagnosed it through Google Image Search. So there you have it, you could possibly be
your own skin doctor. Not a good idea though if you think you might
have a skin cancer. You definitely want to go to a doctor, or
a dermatologist, if you have any kind of suspect looking markings on the skin, you know, itch
or color or something strange. The color’s not right, or you get these feelings
it’s not right, or people have told you there’s something wrong with your skin. You should get it checked out by a professional. You don’t diagnose those sorts of things,
but when it comes to flakey skin, oily skin, itchy skin, you know, have a good look on
Google Image Search first, because you may be able to pick out what it is. But that’s how they generally will diagnose
it. We’ll root through the physical appearance
of it. Don’t think that the skin scraping is really
going to give you the answer you’re looking for. Thanks for tuning in.

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