Scar Revision Treatment | FAQ with Dr. Scott Hultman

Scar Revision Treatment | FAQ with Dr. Scott Hultman

(instrumental new age music)>>Scars are an abnormal
response to healing, either after an injury or surgery, for example, with an incision. Scars, however, may heal abnormally and cause symptoms like itching, pain, thickening, or tightness. Therefore, managing these scars correctly is very important so that we can improve our outcomes for our patients. One of the things that we focus on is how does the skin heal and how can it be rehabilitated after this type of injury or incision. Therefore, the overall
outcome is dependent on interventions that we may do
after an injury or a surgery. (instrumental new age music) Scars can be managed both
surgically, but also medically. It’s important to note that there are many noninvasive ways that we can treat a scar. The simplest, perhaps,
is massaging the scar to remove some of the extra
swelling that is present. Also, scars need to have
moisturizing agents applied, as well as sunblock to help
prevent pigmentation changes. However, scars can become
thicker, as well as tighter, and can contract or shorten. To address this, one of the
first things that we recommend is using silicone sheeting which helps to soften up the scar a little bit. (instrumental new age music) About 10 years ago, we
realized that different lasers could be utilized to help treat scars, especially the abnormal scars that form after injury or surgery. The scars actually target
different components of the scar that are abnormal, so rather than excise
the scar with a scalpel, we have found that the
scars can be rehabilitated. That is, we can actually address some of the abnormal
properties of the scar. For example, a pulsed diode laser is used to decrease the inflammation by, essentially, cauterizing
some of the small blood vessels that keep a scar inflamed. Another technology that we’ve
used for the last 10 years is fractional carbon
dioxide laser resurfacing. This particular laser
targets water that collects within the swollen scars
and vaporizes that tissue. What’s vert interesting is that the scar itself will remodel into a more natural scar than what the patient
may have experienced. The fractional CO2 laser sets the stage for the scar to remodel
and actually regenerate some of the abnormal or
missing elements of the skin. (instrumental new age music) Prior to the introduction of lasers, we would tell patients they would require multiple surgeries to
address their abnormal scars. With the advent of laser therapies though, we are able to modify the skin, sometimes without the need
for any surgery altogether. This is really an exciting new development that has occurred just
within the last few years. Lasers will help us to
reduce the need for surgery and sometimes eliminate
a procedure altogether. A good example would be a
patient who has a contracture over a joint or a shortening of the skin. In the past, we might
have to put a skin graft or even bring other tissue
in to resurface that area. Now, with the use of lasers, we can decrease the need
for that reconstruction, shorten the procedures, as
well as the recover time, and sometimes even eliminate
surgery altogether. (instrumental new age music) One of the great things
about user lasers now for reconstruction is that this has greatly reduced the need for
admission to the hospital. Lasers themselves do hurt quite a bit and we do need to use general anesthesia or some type of deep sedation, but these are very quick procedures, extremely safe, and are
done on an outpatient basis. Sometimes, however, when we combine a laser procedure with a
surgical reconstruction, admitting the patient
overnight is helpful. (instrumental new age music) Recovery after laser treatment depends on the total area that we treat, as well as the type of laser that is used. The pulsed diode laser
feels like a rubber band being snapped on your skin, which, of course, is not very comfortable, but if we have to do
this over a large area, we do need to have some
sedation for the patient. However, afterwards,
the patient feels like they’ve got a minor bruise to that area. The fractional CO2 laser
does hurt quite a bit as this is an invasive laser that actually causes
vaporization of the tissues. One usually has a little bit
of stinging for about 24 hours, but in general, patients can get back to school and work and to social functions within a couple of days. (instrumental new age music) Health insurance does
cover most scar revisions, whether it be through an open surgery or through laser modification of the scar. We look at scar revision as
a reconstructive procedure. We are reconstructing form
and function of the patient. There are some aesthetic
or cosmetic benefits, but there are also a number
of functional benefits that the patient will experience. These benefits include
reduction in pain and itching, but also improved mobility
and range of motion of joints, for example. So, most insurance companies
will cover laser surgeries and other scar revisions, but there is a pre-authorization process that does require documentation that there is a limitation
in form or function. (instrumental new age music) Johns Hopkins is really
an ideal place to come for scar revision and
treatment for many reasons. First, we’ve got a very
caring and experienced team who understand the patients, their needs, and their goals for treatment. Secondly, we have access to a wide array of state-of-the-art laser
equipment and technologies to help us treat these scars. And third, we have many
dedicated professionals who have expertise in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pain management, all of which are combined to
help take care of our patients. (instrumental new age music)


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