SCANDAL: 50 Holistic Doctor Deaths/Disappearances Since June ’15

SCANDAL: 50 Holistic Doctor Deaths/Disappearances Since June ’15

Music playing Hello there buddies, it’s Jon here doing an outside video, I’ve come to Coombe Abbey Which is a nature park just outside Coventry Or is it in Coventry technically? I think it is in Coventtry It’s kind of on the outskirts I’ve been coming here my whole life It’s completely familiar to me I know every little nook and cranny We might get people go past because it is quite a popular park Today I just wanted to talk about the scandal of what’s happening with holistic doctors across America There’s actually quite a lot of doctors that have lost their lives in the past two years Looking in to these cases it’s really very strange indeed So I wanted to just go through some of the main ones I have found, it’s a total of 50 doctors that have gone missing or been killed in suspicious circumstances I got a few here just to kind of show you the extent of it It all started off with a doctor called Dr Bradstreet who was killed in June 2015 His field was autism He was extremely well respected These are all doctors that do natural treatments and are actually reversing chronic health conditions He was very well respected and loved by his patients He was found dead in a river with a gun shot wound to the chest Initially it was ruled as suicide Has now been deemed murder, and the family believe it was something to do with his profession That’s kind of a running theme with these deaths the families are very suspicious because the people have shown no suicidal tendencies And their life is as good as it can get it’s really really good and they’re helping people Individual cases are reported in the mainstream media, but not the link between them all Noones really investigating why this is happening to so many holistic doctors In June 2015 also we’ve got two chiropractors were found dead, families of both are very suspicious That was in Florida both of them June 2015 again, busy month for whoever was killing all these doctors Holistic MD Theresa Seivers found murdered in her home So what you will notice there is the MD Wow that’s a noisy child (in response to distant high pitch scream) Which is obviously Medical Doctor, so medically trained Some of these are MD’s and they have left the medical profession in order to go in to the natural because they don’t believe in the medical route anymore Or the pharma route Theresea Sievers found murdered in her home That’s another thing that is quite common with all of these Then, in… it’s not funny I don’t know why I’m laughing It’s awful actually I think it’s because I’m a bit nervous cos I’m outside July 2015 – Dr Patrick Fitzpatrick goes missing I don’t believe he has been found I did try to chase that up but he appears to still be missing Hello (to child passing by) Passer by: Sorry! Jon: That’s alright I’m just doing a YouTube video! Jon: I like the dog hahaha Passer by: Not the kids though haha Jon: It did kind of sound a bit like that didn’t it haha In July 2015 Dr Lisa Riley who was a natural osteopath found dead at home With a gunshot wound, the husband was charged Quite often with these murders, people look at the direct family first But, still people are suspicious Husband has been charged with that murder I don’t know if he has been found guilty or not Also July 2015 Dr Nicholas Gonzales MD dies suddenly Had been recorded as saying Big Pharma wanted him dead His exact words were something like they would like me to get ran over by a bus Same day as Dr Gonzales, Dr Abdul Karim who was a holistic dentist was found dead alongside a road Supposedly suffered a massive heart attack however again family are very suspicious Anybody can have a heart attack at any time I could have one right now! It would be very inconvenient though I did The family say he was in really really good health He is a holistic doctor so that speaks volumes Very suspicious again July 2015 Dr Jeffrey Whiteside went missing over three weeks, was found dead in the woods near a gun I believe The gun wasn’t with him but it was near him which is quite suspicious August 2015 an osteopath called Mary Bovier found dead at her home September 2015 – 29 German holistic doctors were poisoned with a hallucinogenic drug at some kind of conference thing None of them died, however some of them nearly did 29 German holistic doctors all poisoned with a massive dose of a hallucinogenic September 2015 Dr Mitch Gayner MD found dead at home October 2015 Dr Marie Paas found dead at home You can go online and find all of this information I did get most of my info was the website linked below in the description Most of the detail is on there 50 holistic doctors found dead or gone missing in suspicious circumstances I just wanted to highlight that because I personally believe the pharma companies have something to do with it, or the government Just to kind of stop these people doing the work they are doing and actually helping people Cancer is getting reversed, autism is getting helped, diabetes all conditions imaginable completely being looked after properly, and in a good way, by medically trained doctors that had turned away from that industry and they’re suddenly losing their lives Fifty in the past kind of year and a half , that is a lot It’s kind of just to draw attention to it really Also, if I suddenly go missing, investigate please Because you never know I might have a bloody red dot on my back right now I hope you enjoyed the video Welcome to Coombe Abbey I hope you have enjoyed the scenery And I will see you for my next video Hopefully it is a bit more upbeat than talking about people dying And huge condolences to the families involved in these tragedies MUSIC PLAYS UNTIL VIDEO END


  • Lorna Olivia says:

    I stayed at Coombe Abbey when I visited Coventry

  • Lorna Olivia says:

    It wouldn't surprise me about the scandal it's all about money at the end of the day and there's no money in plant-based nutrition and people staying healthy

  • MsSturbuck says:

    It's freaking crazy…….but crazy interesting too 😐 People should know about it.Thanks for the video.

  • Stuart McRae says:

    I wish a network or journalist would do an investigation/story about these deaths…..
    Has there been any reported in Europe?
    The scenery in the video is absolutely beautiful…would love to be there..

  • rob gor says:

    interesting, but not statistically significant.

  • RVS- Raw Veg Style says:

    Pharmaceuticals : a customer cured, is a customer lost. It's a sickness industry, not a health industry. It's about making money, not saving lives.

  • Mobstar Hipstar says:

    Add Dr. Sebi to the list.

  • GUNSFOREVER1 says:

    Sad, creepy and scary!

  • MeetTheSpirits says:

    A lot of lightworkers are also currently being spiritually attacked. They could all use prayers and positive intentions right now

  • Rapture Angel says:

    On History Repeats Itself channel 'rockfeller medical etc.' (2 weeks ago) said DOCTORS have been killed for using natural cures.  THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER, B17!  Apricot seeds and others have B17!  GREAT VIDEO!  ARMED FDA AGENTS HAVE RAIDED HEALTH FOOD STORES FOR APRICOT SEEDS AND OTHER NATURAL CURES!

  • K S says:

    There's a pill for that! More than 25 years ago, the CEO of Merck pharmaceuticals told an audience of shareholders "Until we start selling drugs to 'well people,' we will not make the profits we want to make." More than $100 Billion dollars later…shyness is considered "Social Anxiety Disorder" and Viagra is now a recreational drug. ("Selling Sickness: How The World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning Us All Into Patients" summarized on: Health Book Summaries Dot Com)

  • lorianna G says:

    I see how they are a threat and once the people see truth, hundreds follow them breaking free from illness.

  • just blved says:

    same reason pharmaceutical bosses are being killed secretly its a secret war for humanity because our country is run by criminals trying to control populations

  • Candyman says:

    Maybe this is a fake conspiracy covering up the true conspiracy. Maybe these "doctors" actually worked for the government in some clandestine program, and for some undisclosed reason, they decided to eliminate their jobs, so they just faked their deaths.

    I also knew a Naturopath in my area that suddenly died unexpectedly. Something about this murder conspiracy just doesn't add up. The interesting thing is that her magical cures only seemed to work fairly well while she was alive, and I was buying the products from her. After she died, I could buy the exact same product elsewhere and it had no effect.

    The US government and its secret societies have clandestine programs taking place all over the country, and if they decide to end these programs, they aren't going to explain the reasons to the public. They just fake their death and close shop, and the supposed doctor moves to a different city.

  • Domdeone1 says:

    Was that another Dr being murdered at 3.50?

  • Ken Smith says:

    Yes anyone can get shot with the heart attack gun at anytime yes i agree, well lets just follow the money see who's getting payed. oh your talking about Satan America oh well that's normal Satan has Demons Doing all sorts of shit in America ya and the fluoride drones will never figure it out, ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa just as long as the Demons gets payed.

  • Martin Hunt says:

    You still alive buddy great video buddy great work 😎

  • bipola telly says:

    I doubt you ARE safe! Maybe clicking the like button makes one unsafe! Maybe just watching this video does! lol
    No maybe about it! It's the main role of social media, it turns out! Willingly or not, we red-light ourselves!

  • Bran Gran says:

    Doctor Bovier had been my Doctor for 15 years Smartest doctor I ever seen I.m 59 and have had quite a few doctors.Shewas smarter then most.I do miss her.Dr B also loved cats.She took care of 46of them in her home.She believed pot was good for pain.When I asked if she took any of the meds. she prescribed, she said she didn't take any of that crap.Her exact words.She is missed

  • Petrolosis says:

    Very suspect…

  • Junior Jetseter says:

    On May 01 , 2015 some invisible energy has come to be or come to earth , the origin unknown , but it could be felt . It has a vector , means moves around the earth , amplifying the egocentric tendencies in humans causing extreme greed for money and power and the spike of murders for the sake of money and power.

  • jett888 says:

    You may also want to look up Candace Pert phD- She wrote the book "Molecules of Emotion"
    She worked for the NIH and found a cure to AIDS- but due to politics- they ignored her science
    and worked with another researcher- check her out- she died Sept 2013- she was born in 1946 so
    she wasn't that old- a supposed "heart attack" " suddenly and unexpectedly while at her home in Maryland."
    seems very fishy to me. Look up "Peptide T" THEY don't want us to know.

  • Aman Verma says:

    You can add Ann Boroch on that list!!! R.I.P to all these beautiful souls !! Big PHARMA is winning the war right now…

  • D90Girl says:

    youre adorable

  • Cleo Hope says:

    Mr. Sebi was definitely killed

  • Sara Mattson says:

    Now it's up to 77…we need more info on all these cases… Just so horrible.

  • TLOU and the rest says:

    Word is that the bacteria spirochete is being exposed and healed by researchers in that field
    Sounds logical
    SHTF soon enough , they got plans within plan with dozens of contingencies and apparently want to continuously pound humanity in every imaginable possible way
    Pure evil and vicious nazi Swiss

  • Rarle R says:

    Did he tell that child to be quiet during the pause?

  • Making Dreams Come True says:

    77th doctor killed today in her Arizona home .. Along with their two kids and husband.. A year ago it was 50 now it's 77 a year later

  • Jim Adams says:

    Another holistic doctor is no longer with us. Who would kill their own children over money issues? I would give the kids (baby) to family or friends and then do it if I was going insane or something. Sorry, this does not add up in my head. 77 holistic doctors are now gone and they are the ones trying to cure people without all of the toxic drugs and chemicals. Someone removing the competition? Who is to gain from this? Who is to profit from this? Who gets more patients from this? Follow the money and greed and this might make more sense.

  • Brigitte LM says:

    Scientists, bankers, engineers, medical professionals and the natural health practitioners… many many more.

  • sara jacobson says:

    What about annie fairbanks arizona?

  • InvestigadorTJ says:

    80 holistic doctors now dead

  • Charlton Sears says:

  • Charlton Sears says:

  • Gilbert PHBAL says:

    I KNOW WHO DID IT--> The Medical Mafia! We may still have a chance to save one, who they almost KILLED! After trying to beat him to death … they left him DEATH and BLIND! Find some of the story here: NBC News "…Promised of being Most Effective Treatment for AIDS, cancer, Heart Disease in HIstory!…" and -or Google Dr. Sam Chachoua

  • Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News says:

    Hi Jon. Thanks for reading my series. I truly appreciate people raising awareness to it. Many of the docs were friends of mine and my other half of the last 8 yrs (Dr Mercola) I started writing it days after Dr Bradstreet died and now we are at 83. I notice you use Truth Theory's site (who are my friends and pretty sure they always give me full credit for my series) but the link is broken to their page. so you can always find it on my site with a recap at the end of the url of my site which is Health Nut News. Hope that helps and yes so sad to have lost So many colleagues and friends- MANY here in Florida 🙁 Erin Elizabeth

  • iamJahwill says:

    Another similar video censored by the toob. Just shows "loading" icon forever,while other vids load right up and play.

  • Michel Nadon says:

    a doc that become holistic is like a traitor highest risk i beleive

  • Mark Richardson says:

    They all died of natural causes. Please end this nonsense.

  • Gina2190 says:

    excellent i never watch news so had no idea. came across this looking for a morgellons cure ! evil pharmacy companys dont want natural healing ?

  • Kurt Berube says:

    Anyone who opposes the status quo of a financial system designed to propagate a profit orientated approach instead of actually providing a service to better mankind. Just look at those who have come up with new technology that would threaten the old system or doctors who advocate a different approach to healing instead of treating just the symptoms, these people go missing or die mysteriously. Historically such innovative people have always been either bought out or worse, just look at Tesla to see what happens to entrepreneurs whose inventions threaten the established profit driven status quo of exploiting the masses!!!!!

  • Angela Porisky says:

    Please stay safe!

  • christian nordin says:

    it oviest at they don't want this murder to look like a suicide but they send a message to all in the natural healing that this will be the price… if we don't all wake up to the big scam!!

  • christian nordin says:

    thast meebe be whit chemtrails to do, they don't want are food to be healthy

  • Tasha Johnson says:

    It’s not strange the government has murdered them. Listen when will you people wake up and understand America is corrupt they all work together with the elites of this world which are demons. These demons make billions of dollars killing us medically these doctors that are holistic are not part of the pharmaceutical industry which makes billions off making us sick and disabled so THEY ARE MURDERING THESE HOLISTIC DOCTORS WHICH ARE TELLING US THE TRUTH ON HOW TO GET AND BE WELL. They ARE TELLING US ITS THE GOVERNMENT THE ELITES OF THIS WORLD THAT ARE KILLING US SO THE ELITES WHICH CONTROL THE UNITEd STATES GOVERNMENT ARE HAVING THESE DOCTORS KILLED. Ask yourself all these prominent doctors murdered and no arrests STOP BEING SO GAT DAMN STUPID ITS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ORDERED BY THE ELITES TO KILL THEM

  • ImmortalTrip Jeffrey says:

    this will never stop and this will cause a Massive decline in holistic doctors over time

  • Miss Mutts says:

    The government killing all these doctors.. they have natural cures for diseases & cancer, there was a plane crash filled with holistic doctors, they all died.. yet no news ever covered it. There’s a thing called population control.. diseases made by men to decrease the population.

  • Veronica Bridge says:

    Thanks for making this video, it freaks me out the US press haven't picked up on it. I didn't know about Germany poisings. My head shot up when you said Combe Abbey as l am a Brummie too.😋

  • T2DG QUICKDRAW says:

    the doctors im in have a 10 minute rule,,,i asked for blood pressure to be checked told NO…2 weeks l8r took a stroke,,,sub back please

  • Sid Barr says:

    Check Eric Jon Phelps in you tube and you will trace all the root of all these.

  • Alexandria Summers says:

    What did these Drs have in common? What did they do/treat or say that would have made them a threat to the powers that be? Wish I knew.

  • Qonita BadegesTM says:

    in the U. S. ONLY
    or worldwide 🙁

  • Qonita BadegesTM says:

    What better way to die
    than being killed due to
    being successful at life

  • IamSiela says:

    Vaccines don't work and are being used to deliver nanotechnology into people. Chemo is what kills people who get cancer. Both are entire hoaxes. These naturopathic and holistic doctors and others weren't even saying the above, they were merely healing those who asked to be healed. Some alarmed the dangers of cancer causing elements in vaccines but most killed for their healing abilities or books on healing. Big pharma needs to be brought down. They can be brought down in a week. Just everyone stop buying their medicines, most of which also don't work. Find the natural alternative and other ways to heal do your own research. Everyone needs to detox from nanotechnology this is the current threat to everyone. Stop with C-60! Nanotechnology does not work the same way in our bodies that other size elements affect us. Toxic: Silica, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, c-60, nano silver and nano anything. We cannot utilize nanos for any benefit whatsoever. Check your supplement labels and call your colloidal silver manufacturer make sure not nano sized product. Blessings.

  • john montoya says:

    How much is enough????

  • john montoya says:

    Fda, fbi or as I call it FIB, CIA NSA all crooked it comes down to GREEDY ASSHOLES

  • Maria Amroussi says:

    Absolutely Evident to Those Who can see. Proven True over and over again. Anyone with understanding can see it.

  • Garnett STone says:

    If all of ypu people got together and hired a real investigative firm you may learn something. Seriously

  • Charlton Sears says:

  • Jill Talk says:

    Has anyone ever wondered if the families of people who were treated (and not cured) by these holistic doctors may be responsible? I always try to think outside the box. Say for arguments' sake that it wasn't pharma "hired hits" that were doing it? Who else would want them dead? It would have to be someone who is desperately losing a tremendous amount of money, or else the risk wouldn't be worth it. For instance, what about drug dealers? Is that possible? If there are no holistic docs to go to in a certain area, would drug dealers sales increase? Imagine the type of person going faithfully to holistic docs. Say they're going for various things like aches and illnesses. Who loses money, other than regular doctors? Just food for thought. I'm just now learning about these deaths.

  • JJ says:

    The killers are probably from offshore, foreign assassins; this is the modus operandi ever since JFK's killing, where multiple teams were used; at least one was French assassin banned by De Gaulle to S. America, he was a psychopathic killer from Algerian campaign. These 2015 killers will never be found, after being paid handsomely by Big Pharma via Swiss Banks, etc. These killings occur worldwide, not just in Africa and poor countries; quite the opposite; many drug companies are German, and getting larger by mergers. The Economic Hitman, John Perkins accepted a lunch from a total stranger, and his food was laced with microscopic glass, eviscerating his intestines, losing most of his blood; he miraculously survived, albeit sans most of his intestines removed. All of these that order killings, whether they be lawyers or managers, are psychopaths; there is no other word to describe them. In the end, they shall reap their reward.

  • Optimistic Nihilist says:

    What an evil industry – designs viruses, diseases, then manufactures medicine with hundreds of side affects requiring additional medication. Then hides the symptoms and makes people dependent on medication. Really no one is achieving any benefits only suffering more.

  • tractor says:

    Very true ! Also, cancer patients deserve a miserable death. They are kissing medical drs butts , they are uneducated. Darwin 101. If you try to save yourself from cancer, you can !!!! It's not complicated. Just stay away from cancer clinics. This alone give yo a 30 % chance . In cancer clinics your chance are less than 3 % and 0.16% after 5 years.
    Do it yourself !

  • Jewel Gem says:

    Scientists too are being murdered. Very sad. We must ALL keep talking about this.

  • summerlamkin truthseeker says:

    So sad shared . 👍⏩🌠⏩🌠

  • aadrianlee says:

    If any one thinks there is not a CONSPIRACY. Then they must be BLIND ( ;

  • Wairimu Mutiti says:

    Even during Jesus time, natural based plants were used and there were not so many doctors and people used to heal. How comes now with modern medication and equipment abd technigy, people are still dying from certain diseases. One wonders what's up the sleeves?

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar says:

    Does ne1 kno how 2 contact him. He stopped posting a year ago…

  • Richard Warlock says:

    No perps found. It's just accepted slaughter.

  • Whit * says:

    It is a conspiracy and it is corrupt… Medical America makes more money off of keeping us sick… That’s a fact… I was treated in Mexico with something called Ibogaine…The doctor I saw before the procedure was the best doctor I’ve ever seen in my life… definitely better than any doctor in America. In five minutes, I learned more about my health that I have my entire life here in America. When I asked why this machine wasn’t in America ,the doctor chuckled and said straight out… Because they Make more money off keeping you sick in America… And it’s the truth… I am a massage therapist and I am very big into holistic healing. It is better than pharmaceuticals. The only reason that Ibogaine and marijuana will not be fully legalized …federally… I believe… Is because medical America will lose money… Because marijuana helps so many different ailments…you could get rid of so many pharmaceuticals ….and Ibogaine Literally cures every mental issue there is… There’s no reason for these medicines to not be legal… All it is is Big Pharma and doctors wanting to make sure we stay sick, so they stay in business… Please please people join me in healing yourself holistically… I mean sure you need doctors for when it becomes serious or you need surgery …but other than that, just by changing your diet you wouldn’t believe how much healthier you become… Massage, acupuncture, colonics, there’s so many more…We’ve been lied to since Western medicine started… They had it right the first time… Look at the Chinese… Their treatments are from the beginning of time and they are some of the best treatments still to this day


    My name is Stephen Pugh BA (Hons) I am a political graduate and a targeted individual! I have just shared this video on 10 Targeted individuals advocacy pages on Facebook. You are an extremely brave person for posting this video and i admire you greatly. Thank you for challenging corruption and keep doing the amazing work that you are doing! Have a wonderful day.

  • FaithHopeLove75 says:

    I AGREE! BIG PHARMA AND NWO! They want us sick to make $$$$

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