Say “NO” to Pimples | Remove Pimple & Acne Scars | मुँहासे दूर कैसे भगाएं | बेदाग चेहरा पाएं

Say “NO” to Pimples | Remove Pimple & Acne Scars | मुँहासे दूर कैसे  भगाएं | बेदाग चेहरा  पाएं

My today’s video is about pimples Pimples are like uninvited guest we don’t want but still they come Specially in teen age , but you can get it in any age They don’t look on our face and reduces our beauty by creating spots Specially you have an important ocassion to attend like marriage , party etc If you get pimples around this time you may feel strees, what to do You dont like your face & you feel low in confidence I can relate this to young girls which usually gets stressed out I am going to show some home remedies and simple tips using which you canreduce the pimples and remove their spots before starting on the remedy lets undertsand the reasons why we get pimples Excess oil in your skin can clogg the pores and can create pimple stress and harmonal changes can also cause pimples If you dont take care of your skin properly then u hv chances of getting pimples and last is dandruff specially if it falls on your face These were some reasons for Pimples Lets start the video on our home remedy keep watching my video and subscribe my channel Lets start the video I hv taken 1/2 tsp of homey and I am going to add 1/4 tsp of cinnamon powder (you can crush it at home or buy in powdered form) Mix few pinches of cinnamon powder in honey and make a paste You can see a thick paste You have to apply this on pimples and Leave it for 5min till it dry wash your face using plain water after 5 min. Apply this 2 times a day I have taken here 1/2 tsp of baking soda add few drops of water and make a thick paste you can see the paste here Do not apply to full face, just apply where u hv pimples Wait max for 2 min and wash your face. If you have a pimple and you feel there is redness/swell you can take a ice cube and apply directly on the pimple if ice on you face doesn’t suits you then you can put ice in a cloth and apply This will remove the swelling and redness of your pimple some tips about pimple free face Drink lots of water, drinking sufficient water is good for skin do not touch pimples using hand, never scratch or pop it. doing this will make it worst Follow a proper skin care routine e.g daily facewash before sleep and after wake up use moisturizer and facewash according to your skin type if your skin is oily then dont use creamy textured facewash use gel-based face wash as it will help in reducing exess oil These were few tips and home remedies which I shared with you whichever you like you can try and follow it at home in few days you can see considerable difference.
also it will not leave a scare if you follow this How was the video ? do comment see how easy it was to prepare it this has all natural ingredients with almost zero side effect It will take 2 to 3 days to cure it properly Also applying this will not leave a scar after pimple removal. If you like the video thn like share and subscribe I’ll keep posting good & informative videos Till then bye bye……


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