San Diego Coronavirus Update: March 20, 2020 (night)

San Diego Coronavirus Update: March 20, 2020 (night)


  • Next Level Styling says:


  • PMC05 says:

    RIP Tacos El Gordo 😭⚰️🚧🌮🦠

  • Ejay Agnes says:

    Blame the Chinese government

  • Leo Carlsson69 says:

    this is just really scary

  • John smith says:

    OMG, Officials are mentally challenged and inept for waiting too long to shut the borders thus allowing COVID 19 to spread unchecked.

  • John smith says:

    4:23 OMG, Chuck Schumer is a clown. He should just resign and allow someone with a brain to take over his job.

  • Slick Pickle says:

    rip mexico

  • Greg Grisham says:

    We must March n reinstate The guillotine n DRAG all congressional conartists traitors and ENTITLE them to public executions on public tv until we've purged our planet of these www666ville careered traitors. All comitting TREASON on capital hill for decade's taking BRIBES privatizing everything including all seats of power to the highest bidder every two and four years. MI6 a CIA project to balance the b.s. budget. No such thing as settlers and puritans but mass murderers of Indians. No such thing as soldiers or service men and women or cop's they're trained careered murderer TRAITORS HOLDING us and humanity and nature hostage Revelations 18. So come OUT OF AWHORICA OF BABYLON not America before you share the black hole all careered traitors are going back to a singularity and real eternal JUDGEMENT!!! Mon and dad were and are liars. Walking talking reproducing abominations not just people! !!!

  • Jesse Wilder says:

    What gyms are open in SD???? Please help

  • Greg Grisham says:

    We must March n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us hostage. We shouldn't need the TRAITORS in the foreign owned U.S. government Book The creature from jeckle island details all TREASONOUS www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE government holding Earth hostage Revelations 18 and it's SATANIC treasonous defilement of our people and humanity. We must March reinstate the guillotine n entitle all congressional traitors to a public executions on public tv while reading every BRIBE all in AWHORICA OF BABYLON house and SENATE and TRACK DOWN all who baught our democracy. Watch the best democracy money can buy. The Corporation documents alot of www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE government TRAITORS turning treason into LAWS. Giving rights to corporation's while removing them from the people using the amendment to free black folks from slave owners! !!USA is DIABOLICAL. This pandemic is brought to us via the CIA stooge in China. Marc and save your souls from antichristsviile before to late and you pay for taking part in www666ville

  • Craig Crawford says:

    Thought the southern border was already declared a national emergency and the northern border is closed first? Sounds about right for this pathetic lying criminal president and administration! !

  • felicetanka says:

    Business medicine.

  • Noemi Alarcon says:

    I'm curious what Skidrow looks like, our homeless people how are they being cared for??!!

  • Peter Johnson says:

    She (Marcella Lee)is Chinese. She has a coronavirus and spreading it to people. She should not be on TV.

  • Donna Manning says:

    How is Ca. Handling the homeless mess in LA?

  • Peter Johnson says:

    San Diego must take an action like South Korea as a role model to reduce coronavirus outbreak.

  • Sui Generius says:

    Fletchers the man! People here need to listen to him.

  • J. Montrice says:

    Why not take the same precautions with Air Pollution, with the Flu, STD’s, Hepatitis, Heart Disease. This is a government conspiracy, there’s something not right about all of this.

  • J. Montrice says:

    I don’t trust these clowns

  • H Eck says:


  • olivi333 says:

    We should have treated this like the flu, and offer safe isolation for any whom want it, according to vulnerable health condition… less than 5% have symptoms beyond mild flu….. This is about, developing more CONTROL OF THE PUBLIC!

  • Amanda Sligar says:

    The cash that they're proposing to give Americans couldn't even cover the cost of an actual blood test for somebody without insurance. It's kind of more insult to injury in my opinion.

  • Jr Villan says:

    Smoke some weed

  • Sheldon Miller says:

    Fake News, Mainstream Media ruining the economy with propaganda of Hoax Virus.

  • Sunny Lunasoul says:

    Europeans have been giving natives diseases for many years

  • mirrecords says:

    You can tell how they manipulate the news and want to make you dwell into fear by that shot of the restaurant owner on the street greeting customers but doing the interview with him inside and by phone… DON'T FALL FOR IT!! WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED IN ORDER TO SURRENDER ALL FREEDOM!!

  • Maria Dominey says:

    They want to give you money so they dont loose control!!! But since ppl are so naive and use to this slave life shit just gone go back to the same way .. all they need is to keep telling you shit is okay till they have enough time to pull the military out while they enforce you to stay at home so you dont riot or loot

  • Ron Krikorian says:

    Thank China for this virus! First China killed our Pets! Now they’re killing us! Great job!!!!

  • Drool Alot says:

    I need some bat 🦇 soup

  • Drool Alot says:

    Restaurant reporter had a nice caboose

  • paraconda94 says: one in California is staying home. The beaches parks and trails are PACKED..🤷‍♂️

  • tim dicks says:

    Where these ppl going to other states to spread that sht why let all this movement go on we all going to die!!😯

  • XLR-8 _77 says:

    #BlameBillGatesForCOVID19 spread this like the virus

  • Modest Man says:

    The people are doing a better job at providing help in comparison to the government…..


  • shield707 says:

    People are absolutely clueless… This is like a game of "Risk" like no other… And we're the pawns. The sooner people realize that shit the better.

  • Steveo 007 says:

    This is really gonna affect Mexican Drug Cartels drug profits look like they'll have to rely more on abductions and extorting to make money.

  • Terry Holmes says:

    boycott all commercials on sites that youtube has demonitized

  • Shef Lieshigh says:

    Propaganda pushers. The Fake News is pushing a Fake Virus to foment this communist coup for the One World Order. #Traitors

  • Vintage Electronics says:


  • concrete jungle FX says:

    Trafficker are going to rely on government assistance….😷🤕🤕😜😜or cartels give stimulus package for all their sicarios

  • Juan DontWorryAboutIt says:

    Pero que culpa tengo Yo! Si la China me Comió- murciélago 2019

  • mark galetti says:

    Where is videos of The Grieving families, overwhelmed hospitals, overflowing morgues?
    Sleeping sheeple, wake up!

  • Arnold Lee says:

    When radical libtards run a state, that state goes to shit

  • Baron says:

    Don't you find it odd that the restaurant owner is interviewing through a glass window but cut to the scene where customer are walking in and getting their food?

  • Chris Daniels says:

    Maybe someday the media will tell the truth when talking about President trump. The hydroxychloraquine is proving to be 100% effective. From 4 national studies.

  • Justin Ferguson says:

    Who cares ?

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