Welcome to Atlantic Dermatology, located in
Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m Dr. Crane. I am a board certified dermatologist and I’m
here to talk about Rosacea. Rosacea is a form of acne or a variant of acne that comes up
often in more mature or older people. Many times its in their forties or fifties that
it will pop up, although sometimes it can pop up at an earlier age or even go later.
The good news about Rosacea, it’s very very treatable. So if you start getting redness
and pimples and acne in your, lets say in the forty plus age group, then think about
Rosacea and then see your dermatologist. Your dermatologist will often treat with multiple
medications. Common treatments include MetroLotion, which is a topical antibacterial lotion and
if you put that on twice a day it helps a lot with these bumps. There is some acid derivatives
from Vanzia gel that could also be used twice a day. There are pills that could be used
for Rosacea, Nicomide, which is a B-Vitamin derivative, one every morning. And Doxycycline,
which is an antibiotic in the Tetracycline family, one a day with dinner. If someone
has a lot of blood vessels from Rosacea, we can typically treat those blood vessels with
a vascular laser and actually go right around and clean up right around all of those blood
vessels and knock down a lot of the redness. So if you’re having a tough time with Rosacea,
lots of treatment out there, you don’t have to suffer with your Rosacea, see your dermatologist.

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