Rosacea – What is it?

Rosacea – What is it?

Rosacea usually occurs in middle-aged individuals; they’re most often fair-skinned, and they complain of red faces. There are often flushes, so there is a vascular component to this, blushing, opening and closing of blood vessels, and the other component is inflammation. Some individuals will have pimples, pus spots, and red inflammatory bumps. It also is associated with irritation of the eyes, and the eyelids and that occurs maybe 50% of the time, and there are common factors that cause aggravation of flushing of the skin.


  • Brito Squill says:

    It's important to alleviate your itching first in order to avoid the possibility it causes infection, making the skin situation even worse.

  • Jerrey Zimer says:

    I know how unpleasant experiencing rosacea is, I paid thousands dollars on hasty prescription for a bottle of pills with no guaranteed result.

  • Sergey Dzema says:

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